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Children face starvation in Darfur now - urgent

by Kids for Kids
Alawya, goat beneficiary has 14 goats in her flock
Alawya, goat beneficiary has 14 goats in her flock

“During our recent Programme Meetings when we assess our projects, learn lesson and, most important of all, hear how things are for families in Darfur, I was saddened to hear how the drought has caused immense suffering to families living out of sight of the world.   Village after village is reporting desperate problems, including their worry that mothers have had no protein at all to give their children.   They are begging for goats, so the children have goat’s milk, and for donkeys to help them collect water. But our animals help in many more ways than that.   Here are first hand stories from two beneficiaries who were the poorest in their villages.   If only we could help more mothers like them and transform their lives too.” 
Patricia Parker MBE


News from Hillat Hassan -

47-year-old widow, Alawya has five kids, two of which are less than five years old.
She received her five goats on 15th November 2014 and one male donkey. She worked hard to look after her animals.   She has “made a shelter (rakuba) out of the stalks of millet and grasses she dried so that the pregnant ewes and their kids had shade.  Her donkey helped her to collect hay and to make ‘Tabana’ to feed her goats over the dry hungry months of summer.  “I had never looked after animals” she said “so this was all new to me.   I was able to get drinking water for my family from our new Kids for Kids hand pump, just outside the village so we are all less thirsty.   I was really excited when our first kids were born.   I now have 14 goats and am selling surplus milk to other mothers so it is not just my own children who are benefitting.  My children have goat’s milk to drink and I have even been able to grow more vegetables and millet because of the donkey plough we were given, which I share with two other families.   Having animals has transformed our lives.”


43-year-old Maryam is married with seven kids, two of which are less than five years old.
She received five goats and one female donkey, who is now pregnant.   Maryam said “If the foal grows up to be strong it will make a huge difference to our lives.  A donkey costs more than we can earn in a year.   If there is an emergency, we could sell it but I would like to save up and buy my husband a donkey cart so he can collect things for our neighbours and supplement our income.” 

It takes more than just one growing season for a family to recover from drought, which means next year too will be extremely difficult.    Many families have little seed to plant for next season’s crops.  Those families who have been able to diversify with the help of animals have been able to survive so much better.  

Please help us to equip families and the community to stop the suffering of children

$30 buys a donkey plough to help a family grow more food

$42 provides a blanket, to keep children warm at night 

$62 will provide one goat to give children nutritious milk

$75 buys 20 fruit tree seedlings to provide food and shade

$95 buys a donkey for transport and to help carry water

$372 will provide 6 goats for a family to give them milk and income from selling excess dairy product.

$7,000 will provide a simple handpump for the whole community, so that children won’t have to walk miles for fresh clean water.

Thank you so much for your support.

Maryam, goat beneficiary has 14 goats in her flock
Maryam, goat beneficiary has 14 goats in her flock
New goats mean new hope for a family
New goats mean new hope for a family

 It's worse than we feared, animals dying already  

 “I was shocked when I met with my Darfur Team for Programme Meetings this spring.  Animals were already dying of thirst, and we know this means that vulnerable children will be next this summer.  Reports are coming in already.  We simply must do all we can to help.”  Patricia Parker MBE – Founder Kids for Kids

You may already have seen the news on our website.  Conditions in Darfur are the worst we have ever known.  No sooner do we work out how much money we need to help the poor families who are taking refuge in our villages, and trying to provide permanent homes for their children, than yet more come and the sum needs to be doubled.  We have now had the March monthly report, and we are sad to see that in one of our older villages there are 30 malnourished children – this is a direct result of an influx of new families who have left home or left the vast IDP camps, with nothing. 

This sobering news means we must do all we can to help.  The world is has forgotten Darfur so please may I ask you to tell your friends and colleagues?    We know we can make a difference.  Children need goat’s milk because of its valuable protein.  We need as many goats as possible.   But we also need fodder to keep our little goats alive because of the failed harvest.   The goats in turn will keep children alive with their nutritious milk.  Goats are tough little creatures and work miracles in keeping starvation at bay.  Water too is urgently needed.    Our help includes not  just handpumps but donkeys to carry water, and water carts when the source is far away,  and we need ‘Essential Family Packs’ for displaced families arriving in our Kids for Kids villages. 

Kids for Kids will keep going and keep helping, but we need all the support you can manage please, and please ask your friends and families to help us.  There used to be over 1,000 NGOs, Charities and Aid Agencies here in Darfur, Sudan and now there are only 8.  Please tell everyone you know that Darfur needs help.  We must not give up on these precious children. 

$62 buys a little goat to provide nutricious milk for children

$372 buys 6 goats for a family, and they will pass on 6 goats to a new family after 2 years - the best micro finance ever! 

$95 provides a little donkey to carry water

$42 provides a double blanket to keep children warm at night

$25 provides 2 mosquito nets - malaria is so dangerous

$30 provides a donkey plough, so families can grow more food

$21 provides 3 laying hens and a rooster to provide nutricious eggs 

$875 repairs a handpump

$8735 provides a handpump to supply a whole community

$460 provides a water cart to help communities plant trees and grow more food

$75 provides 20 drought resistant trees to hold back the desert 

Thank you for your support.  

A flock of goats means income for the first time
A flock of goats means income for the first time
Collecting emergency fodder for the goats
Collecting emergency fodder for the goats


Darfur children are suffering serious malnutrition
Darfur children are suffering serious malnutrition

It’s 2016 and children in Darfur are starving

It is hard to comprehend that in these enlightened times of a globally connected society there are still children dying because they do not have enough to eat.  Kids for Kids has been helping children in Darfur since 2001 and in all that time we have never seen quite such deprivation as they are facing now.  This is an urgent plea for help. 

The knock-on effects of terrible violence, huge inflation, prolonged drought and a succession of meagre harvests mean that in some villages the latest crop is only 30% of what families know they will need to survive until the next harvest.  Last year as you know, although disappointing the  harvest was closer to half of what was needed.  You can see that families are facing the prospect of not being able to feed children already malnourished and weak due to the hardships of last year. This makes them even more vulnerable to diseases such as measles or chest infections, which would normally be curable.  UNICEF reported in November 2015 that 38% of children were malnourished in Sudan.  We know that it is the children in remote villages, who are hit the hardest, because they are out of reach of help.  Despite the UN's urgent appeal for help, no major programme of aid has yet launched.  Imagine yourself in these parents' place - hungry, thirsty, nothing to eat, nothing to buy, no help from the UN, .... how will they save their precious children?  Quite simply, they can’t. 

Kids for Kids has been helping children like these since 2001.  Thanks to your donations, Kids for Kids's Goat Loans work miracles, because rather than handing out food for one day at a time, these little creatures provide nutritious milk, and - in time once the flock has grown - the opportunity to earn an income for the family.  Mothers prioritise food, healthcare, education, so the family has real hope for a better future.  And remember, after 2 years the family that received their 6 goats passes on 6 little goats to another family, and the miracle starts all over again. 

To give families (and our goats) the best possible chance, Kids for Kids does not stop at Goat Loans.  In every village we adopt, we deliver a whole package of changes which we have developed in partnership with village leaders.  This ranges from blankets, mosquito nets and food trays to keep food clean and weak children healthy, to longer term projects which create a sustainable food supply.  Our tree planting, farm tools and seed grain, donkey ploughs, water projects and training are all designed to help entire villages become self-sufficient.  Joanna Lumley, star of ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ and  Patron of Kids for Kids, said “a healthy animal means a healthy child” and of course we provide veterinary care by training paravets, providing veterinary drugs and teaching beneficiaries how to look after their animals. 

As one little shepherd told us “We were all so hungry.  My baby sister was very weak, and I was afraid for her.  Now that we have goat’s milk she is full of life again.  I always check our goats every day to make sure they stay healthy and keep giving us milk”. This is real, meaningful change, and it saves lives.   

With your help we can stop starvation in its tracks, one family at a time.  Please be part of this miracle today, before it's too late.   

$62 provides a goat for nutritious milk

$372 provides 6 goats - an entire Goat Loan for a family in Darfur

$95 provides a donkey to carry water and firewood

$45 provides a set of farm tools so they won't have to dig by hand to grow the next crop

$600 provides a paravet - there is no other animal care - we need 2 in every village

$25 provides veterinary drugs and worming treatments

$45 provides training for beneficiaries to teach them how to care for their precious animals

$75 provides 20 tree seedlings, another food source for the future

Thank you for your support

PS - Please will you also share this report with family, friends, colleagues, clubs, schools - anyone who might support us?  Kids for Kids has no advertising budget, because we keep costs to a minimum and spend the maximum in Darfur.  We need to alert the world to this crisis before it is too late.  If you would like leaflets to distribute please contact us Thank you.  

Goat Loans save lives in Darfur
Goat Loans save lives in Darfur


Please help - Goat loans save lives
Please help - Goat loans save lives

Urgent help for children needed in Darfur

As you may already know, the situation in Darfur is desperate and we have just had reports that there is a renewed emergency call for help, as tens of thousands of children in the region are acutely malnourished – far exceeding the normal levels when disaster relief is called for from the international community.   "It fills me with dread to think how many children will have died by Christmas" says our CEO Patricia Parker.  

Kids for Kids are doing all we can to help.  Having adopted 8 villages this year, 3 more than originally planned, we are also in the process of supplying what basic help we can to the 36 villages who applied to be adopted but were not selected.  All of them had reported children dying of malaria last year.    It is the little ones who succumb first.    Children in every village are malnourished and have little resilience to withstand high fever.   We have already started ordering mosquito nets for every one of those villages.  If only we could do more.  

Our Goat Loans are game changers - having 6 goats for a family makes an immediate difference, as the children have milk to drink, which is full of essential vitamins and minerals.  The miracle doesnt stop there - as the flock grows, the family has the chance of an income, and after 2 years they pass on 6 goats to the next family, and so on.  This stops starvation in its tracks, no wonder we love goats!  

We are doing all as we can in the face of unimaginable need.  The more support we have, the more help we can give.  Please do not delay.  For some of these children it is already too late.  

$62 provides a goat for milk, to save a starving child 

$42 provides a blanket, to keep children warm at night 

$25 provides 2 mosquito nets, to save children from malaria

$95 provides a donkey to carry water

$372 provides 6 goats for a family - a chance of survival and hope for the future 

Thank you for your support. 


Babies in Darfur are severely malnourished
Babies in Darfur are severely malnourished

The Hungry Months, goat loans and praying for rain

It is hard to grasp the fragility of life in Darfur unless you have lived it.  The Hungry Months, as our beneficiaries call them, mark the seeming eternity that stretches from the day last year's crop runs out, to the day the next crop is harvested.  One of our village committee leaders tells us:  "We know that our seed grain must have rain to grow, and so we have to wait, not knowing when we can plant, and when there will be food again." 

These are harsh times in Darfur, where inflation means families cannot afford to buy food, and the risk of attack makes it very dangerous to go out and forage.  Children all over Darfur are going to bed hungry.  They are malnourished and weak.  Some have already starved.  Parents need urgent help to save their little ones.  

Kids for Kids is helping.   When the rains do come, we will see only a few precious minutes of rain, and it will sink into the sand, but for a few short weeks it is enough for basic crops like millet to grow.  Our farm tools and water harvesting training help villagers to be prepared, and make the most of the opportunity when the rains come.   In the mean time we wait, and with no other protein available it is our little goats and their precious milk that save lives.  With your support we can provide goat loans for milk to feed starving babies and nourish hungry children right away.  We have adopted 8 villages in 2015, and we are going to need 1,992 goats to help the poorest 15% of families with a goat loan.  Will you help us please?  

$62 provides a goat for milk to feed hungry children

$372 provides 6 goats - a goat loan for a family (and they pass on 6 kids to the next family after 2 years)

$45 provides water harvesting training 

$45 provides a set of farm tools so they don't dig by hand 

$75 provides 20 hardy tree seedlings for a new food source close to home 

$45 provides training to care for the animals (we only give goat loans after training)

$600 trains a paravet - there is no other animal care

Thank you for your support.  

A Goat Loan means milk - no more hungry nights
A Goat Loan means milk - no more hungry nights
A loan of 6 goats can transform a family
A loan of 6 goats can transform a family's life



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