Project #12191

Rescuing 9000 Children From the Streets in India

by BOSCO Bangalore oniyavara seva coota

Dear  friends and well-wishers,

 BOSCO has been conferred the prestigious National Child Welfare Award 2015, instituted by Ministry of Women and Child Development Government of India. This award has been presented for its decades – long outstanding service in the field of welfare of marginalized children.

 This award instituted by the Government of India in 1979, in order to encourage and recognize the voluntary sector is perhaps the highest national recognition for voluntary action.  A high profile national selection committee headed by the Minister of State for Women and Children, after going through the applications from the states found BOSCO, the most eligible organization to win the award.

 The award ceremony was held at the solemn function on 14th November, 2015 at Rashtrapati Bhavan ,New Delhi. The award carrying 3 lakh rupees was presented by Sri. Pranab Mukharjee Honorable President of India to Fr. Mathew Thomas Panamkattu, Executive Director BOSCO Bangalore.

The National child Welfare NGO Awards is among the most esteemed event in the arena of child welfare, and it is arecognition for the excellent service done in the past 35 years.  It is an award for the dedicated work of many salesians and other personnel who worked at BOSCO and are now working at BOSCO.

The real back born of our organization is our evergreen well-wishers and sponsors who have been with BOSCO through thick and thin. This would not have been possible without your support and help. We extend our sincere gratitude to all who have contributed in the success of BOSCO. We expect your continuous support which will make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and help create a safer community for them.


With regards,


Fr. Mathew Thomas,

Executive Director, BOSCO Bangalore.

Dear All,

   The phenomenon of street children has long existence in many regions. Appropriate social and economic policies are clearly essential to prevent the inflow of children to the streets. It is also equally important that those children facing the hardship of street need to be given instant opportunities to wean away from the street habits. Development oriented initiatives will enable them to get out of street lives and  to realize and develop  their innate potential so that they can function effectively in both the family and society.

    It is in this context   we had requested you all for rebuilding the lives of rescued street children providing formal education and enhancing employability skills through vocational training. With your support, 2165 children were rescued last 3 months and 1648 among them repatriated back home after sorting down the causes that led children to ran away from home. BOSCO has put in all the efforts possible at the beginning of this academic year to enroll as many children as possible to schools so that ‘they may have life and life in all its fullness’. So far we have enrolled 180 children to various schools and colleges who were identified as having the least possibility of attending school or college. These children were also in situations that had obstructed them in one way or other from attending schools.                            

     Approximately 86 youngsters rescued youngsters from streets of Bangalore have been enrolled for vocational training and also partake in psychosocial and interpersonal skills enhancement programmes that are designed to help them for a healthy social living along with the vocational trainings.  Finally, we were able to look after the educational/vocational training requirements of so many children through the support of our well wishers and friends which, of course, is helping them to realize their dreams. Thank you so much  for the continued support and let us wish all the very best for all the school/college going children and youngsters enrolled for vocational training.

    As you all suggested, a short video documentary has prepared on the socially beneficial interventions of BOSCO for the Street Children in Bangalore. Kindly find the web link  (SURVIVING THE STREET-Video Documentary)     and kindly revert your valuable feedbacks. Once again I remain acknowledging all the generous support you have  rendered.   Your personal commitments were incredibly helpful to reach 2165 children (from June to August 2015) who were languishing on the streets   and were desperately looking for a supporting hand.  We sincerely express our appreciation for your generosity and request you to continue the same.

Yours Truly,

Arun Thomas

Manager-Projects, BOSCO Bangalore 


From the Beneficiary Desk - Nandhini
From the Beneficiary Desk - Nandhini

Dear All,

Warm and affectionate greetings from BOSCO Bangalore! We are once again here to update you with our project progress.

First of all thanks a lot for the continued support/personal feedbacks towards the project- “Rescuing 9000 children from the streets in India”. The generous support of individuals like you made it possible to mainstream 6461 street/ran away children in the year 2014 alone from the transit points of Bangalore city. We are indeed grateful for your passionate support, which helped us to facilitate new opportunities to 5561 boys and 900 girls and bring them back to the lives who otherwise would have been lost their childhood at the street corners.

The year 2014 was a milestone in the project as Ministry of Indian railways recognized our child right interventions and the South Western Railways officially handed over the Child Assistance Centre on the 4th platform of Bangalore City Railway Station. The BBMP also officially asked BOSCO, familiarizing with the good work that we were doing to take up the issues of children in need of care and protection in BMTC bus station and its premises. The Railways also has given a land line phone connection to attend the cases. Following these developments, the Superintendent of Police, GRP had come forward to issue ID cards for all the child rescue officers which has been duly signed from police department, DWCD and railways. We have also promptly responded to 1,64,634 calls landed to the child helpline number. Kindly find the other updates from this link and hope you will be glancing through this annual report and reverting your valuable feedbacks.

I also request your kind attention to our website  and the blog which we are trying our level best to update every day and bringing in professionalisms. Social Medias like facebookyoutube etc are also active. 

As the physical presence of the child rescue officers in 24*7 days   is the prime concern and inflow of children to the streets are on steady, we realize of continuing the same project is significant. The recent early interventions studies also proved the necessities of the continuity of the interventions. Interventions at the source areas are limited at certain extent, But, we can save thousands of such children before street becomes their permanent address, if your support is continued.

Please accept our most sincere thanks once again for the continued support. Your further support would be the greatest vote of confidence to carry on our mission.


Yours Truly,

Fr. George P.S.

BOSCO Bangalore



From the Beneficiary Desk


Sitting here in the hall of BOSCO Vathsalya Bhavana (A transit home for girls), I often wonder about my previous life. How my life would have been if BOSCO wouldn’t have helped me.

 I am Nandini, daughter of an alcoholic father and a house wife mother. My drunken father used to create such havoc in our house that we used to be the victim of his brutality. Abominably, he did not even spare my little three year old brother. We often stayed at my maternal uncle’s house to escape his wrath. I used to attend school till my eith standards: after that, however, my mother asked me to get married , which I could never agree to. I decided to find a job to support my mother and brother

 I heard from a friend that a family in Bangalore needed a house maid. Hope glimmered and I decided to come down to Bangalore to work. Unfortunately, when we reached the house, it was locked. Our hope crushed as there was no way to contact the family: but we decided to wait. My friend has to reach back to Thirupati for her work. So I was left alone in the railway station with nowhere to go to and nothing to do. A lady with a pleasant smile came to me, asking me about my whereabouts and the reason for coming to Bangalore. When I told her my story, she told me about BOSCO, where I can learn a skill and continue with my studies. With my mother’s and uncle’s permission, I joined BOSCO’s vocational training centre for tailoring. Now, I have almost completed my tailoring course and I am writing my 10th examination. Today, when I fix my eyes on the needle point, I see my future ahead.


Dear All,

Today’s children are the citiczens of tomorrow. Since they create the world of tomorrow, they are at the heart of social development. The future depends on how children prepare themselves to enter into the world of education and skill development. Children who are healthy, well-fed and educated grow up to be productive, innovative workers and responsible adults. In contrast, hundreds of children are deprived of age appropriate care and protection across the country and their tomorrow is blur due to the social, cultural, political imbalance and other factors. Many of such children ran away from home and land on the street corners of Bangalore and most of them have done so because they were rejected, beaten or sexually abused. Tragically, their homelessness can lead to further abuse through exploitative child labor and prostitution and many more on the streets. Not only abused or runaway children encounter issues associated with material security, but also leave them emotionally scarred. Many of the abused children are traumatized. To aggravate matters, children often feel guilty and blame themselves for their mistreatment. Such an attitude can take years to recover even in the most loving environments: on the streets it may never heal. Considering the plight of such children, BOSCO has requested the support system through Global giving to rescue and mainstream such vulnerable children from the street /slums to the formal schooling/skill training and subsequently reunifying back to their homes or safer environments. 1830 such children were contacted and brought back to the mainstream in last three months. We place on record our heartfelt gratitude to all the donors’ immense concern and love towards this project and the continued assistance provided to realize this dream of BOSCO is immeasurable.


Yours Truly,

Fr. George P.S.

BOSCO Bangalore



1. Project highlights

  • 1830 children (1581 boys 249 Girls) who would otherwise have ended up their lives at street corners were rescued through the community empowered street presence strategy during last 3 months.
  • Out of 1830 children contacted, 1345(73%) of them reintegrated back home after rooting out of the negative impact of the street life and building their resilience through psycho social interventions and counselling services.
  • 396 children were produced either before Child Welfare Committee (judicial magistrate to deal with the children cases) or Juvenile Justice Board abiding Indian law and juvenile justice system.
  • 89 children out of 1830 contacted currently make use the centre facilities in which 48 street children were re enrolled this academic year back to the formal schooling, 25 to the bridge education and 16 to vocational training.
  • 8 street youth admitted earlier to the vocational training course completed their training and are placed in various shops/companies for jobs.
  • One girl child who was an inmate of Vatsalya Bhavan who underwent advanced computer training in BOSCO Mane was selected in the Job fair organized by Empower Pragathi and Aircel+ on 6th July 2014. She is the first girl job placed from the newly established girl’s home.
  • 2346 parents/relatives were provided with counseling services which opened their eyes to the faulty system of upbringing their children and the possible ways of overcoming such problems in the future.
  • 107 children were provided with medical assistance from the centre: 02 were admitted in the hospital as inpatients, 21 were referred to the Outpatient Department and 84 were checked and provided simple treatments from the centre . Many of the children rescued by BOSCO were physically, emotionally and mentally sick. Coming from very poor families or having spent time on the street, they are often malnourished and were living in adverse conditions. Additionally many of the children rescued have suffered some kind of abuse either at home, where they worked or on the street.       Due to the inaccessibility to health care and lack of care provided to them in their own respective families, their sickness was not handled properly and BOSCO had to look into the health issues of these children in detail after they were rescued.
  • A child assistance centre to help and rescue runaway children was officially inaugurated at the Bangalore City railway station platform number 4 on 9th July abiding Government standard operating procedures and NCPCR guidelines in protecting and safeguarding the rights of children at the railway platforms. A fresh children study to know the inflow of children to the city railway station and thereby understand in detail the trends in the daily inflow of children to the city and related issues was released in the same venue by the Chairperson of theKarnataka child protection commission amidst other dignitaries. 514 children were rescued from the railway station in the first month after the inauguration of the Child assistance centre and the consecutive months too had more or less the same number


2. Beneficiary Desk:

Sumati was contacted by BOSCO six months ago from the city railway platform. Now she is all set to change her destiny. She is our proud child being the first girl job placed from the newly inaugurated girls centre of BOSCO Vatsalya Bahvan.

Sumati was all alone and battered when she was found in the railway station platform. She came to Bangalore in search of a job and BOSCO provided her more than she aspired. She was from a lower middle class family in Kolar District, 100 kilometers away from the city of Bangalore. Her father is a farmer and mother, a housewife. The family was a happy one until Sumati’s father lost all their property in litigation with his brother. This incident very adversely affected her father and he became addicted to alcohol. Gradually Sumati was forced to discontinue her studies due to her family’s financial constraints.

Sumathi at the age of 16 was forced to take up family responsibilities as she was the elder one and started going for daily wage work to meet the day to day requirements of the family. Her earnings were not sufficient to feed all the mouths which forced her to move to Bangalore city along with one of her friends in search of better jobs. After alighting from the train, within seconds, her friend disappeared and she was left alone at the railway station. When the girl child was sitting all alone at the railway station with a desperate look, BOSCO staff on duty at the railway platform noticed her and offered her all possible help. Knowing about the intention of her coming to Bangalore, she was informed about BOSCO’s vocational training centre for girls where computer and tailoring are taught. Along with it, BOSCO staffs made efforts to trace her family and informed her present condition to the family members. At the interest of the child, she was enrolled for skill training as she wanted to acquire a skill and to earn a rather decent salary to support her family. Counselor at BOSCO discovered Sumati’s exceptional interest in computer and she was enrolled for the computer training at Bosco Mane, one of the rehabilitation centers of BOSCO where advanced computer taught to interested and poor children of the locality. Though she had initial difficulties in grasping the lessons taught, especially copying with the English language, she gradually picked up with the help of instructors. During her stay in Vatsalya Bhavan BOSCO’s counselor could understand her behavioral problems which were of course a hindrance to her interpersonal relations and through many counseling sessions, the counselors helped her to come out of it. BOSCO staffs at the Vatsalya Bhavan accompanied Sumati in realizing her dream and stood with her in dealing with adversities.

 It was in the month of June that her long time dream was actualized. In the Job fair organized by Bosco in collaboration with Placement agencies like Aircel and Empower Pragati, she was selected out of many candidates interviewed and was immediately appointed as voice call processer in a call centre at Wilson Garden, Bangalore. The flame that kindled in her at the grooming stage from the Vatsalya Bhavan showed the way to the life. Sumathi is all set to change her destiny forever. “I know nothing would have happened without the help of BOSCO.I am really proud of what I am today. I got a good job and now earning good salary”, said Sumati with a deep smile that spreads her face with light. BOSCO is also equally delighted in her achievements and wishes her all the success in all her future endeavors.



Dear Friends,

THANK YOU for your continued support. Your unconditional support in rescuing children from the streets has been appreciated by each one of us in BOSCO. We couldn't do our work without you, and we are so, so grateful for your generosity.

As you might already know, all over the world street children lack access to basic necessities and rights.  Perhaps more importantly, they lack a healthy environment in which their worth and dignity can be affirmed.Children end up on the streets for a number of reasons, many of which are rooted in family instability and poverty.  In Bangalore children most often leave home because they have been rejected and abandoned by their families for various reasons. Many of the children we have worked with have left their homes to flee domestic violence, abusive relatives, peer influence or neglectful families. Some others have done so because their families live in severe economic distress, and are unable to care for them.  During our interaction with the rescued children we have noticed that it is not uncommon that parents in extreme poverty will encourage the children to leave home to find ‘work,’ which may include begging, selling scrap materials. It’s important for BOSCO rescue these children who flee extreme poverty to join street life.

During the period of (MARCH/ APRIL / MAY) BOSCO rescued 1658 Children from Bangalore Railways station with help staffs, volunteers, and other stakeholders. We also conducted 12 numbers of awareness program and other 12 numbers of C.S.G ( Civil Society Group) meetings to capacitate & to reach out more people. 

From March 10 to March 16th in association with the Women and child Development and railway Authority BOSCO conducted a drive to check the inflow of runaway children at the Bangalore city railway station. Round the clock rescue work with the help of 50 volunteers helped us to rescue 202 runaway children in the span of 7 days. This drive clearly shows us the need to strengthen the rescue team by hiring more staffs to reach out more vulnerable children.

Here are details about the rescue work during the month of March, April & May.




MONTHS          MARCH            APRIL               MAY


BOYS               519                   456                   438      


GIRLS              62                     90                     93


TOTAL             581                   546                   531




HOME PLACED                                                1110


COUNSELED AND SENT                                  61

UNDER BOSCO CARE                                      125



Infant rescued from disabled beggar at City railway station.

Cleaning staff at the Bangalore City railway station on Saturday helped child helpline volunteers rescue an eight-month-old baby boy from the custody of a man with disabilities, who had arrived from Mumbai and was allegedly found making use of the child for begging. The man, who was identified as Devanand, admitted that he had found the baby boy at the Mumbai railway station three months ago and had decided to make use him for begging.

The incident came to light when the sweepers at platform no. 10 noticed the baby boy lying next to a beggar with disabilities and crying incessantly. Based on the information, a team of volunteers from BOSCO childline rushed to the spot and took the child and the man to the BOSCO shelter at Chamarajapet and fed the child, and made the man to take bath.

The BOSCO counsellors tried to extract information from Devanand to ascertain whether it could be the case of a child trafficking racket, but he reportedly feigned ignorance and behaved as if he was mentally challenged, a staff member of BOSCO Mane said. The child was later referred to the Child Welfare Committee and shifted to Shishu Mandira, while the man was provided with the address of the helpline and asked to report for any help, Executive Director of BOSCO Father P.S. George said.

It may be recalled that on April 7, a taxi driver at the City railway station helped the child helpline volunteers to bust a child trafficking racket, which led to the arrest of a 45-year-old ragpicker, who had abducted a 15-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy. The girl and the boy, who were allegedly forced to beg for him for the past one-and-half years, were freed from his captivity. The accused was charged under child trafficking and other sections while the boy and the girl have been referred to State home for boys and girls.




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