YouthSpark & Employability Creation Project

by Children Care Development Organization (CCDO)
The Children Care Development Organization (CCDO) Project was established in September 2013 and
has flourished and developed many initiatives since it was established.
CCDO supports local youths to start and develop their skills to help strengthen their capacity to
improve entrepreneurship. Collectively, the programs CCDO supports are Training in entrepreneurial
skills, vocational skills trainings (metal fabrication, carpentry, tailoring, saloon, ICT), Provision of
credit to those engaged in small scale business, improve the capacity of the staff of local NGOs and
CBOs and youth sport center and to run sport activities.
The project now has seven professional volunteers undertaking the project. The project has a very
experienced team of 20 local adult volunteers and a great team of junior leaders who are between 15
and 24 years.

The project has and continues striving to provide a caring professional service for the young people of
Iringa. The project believes that ‘young people are the future leaders’.

  • Improving young people’s opportunity for participation and governance.
  • Improving the publicity which we gain for the Project and increasing awareness of the Project within the community.
  • CCDO has also managed to engage District Executive Committee to support the project activities in the two districts
  • CCDO has managed to mobilize adolescent girls in two districts to participate in the project activities
  • CCDO conducted a mapping exercise to identify these structures and needs identification was conducted to understand the present capacities and identify critical gaps that require capacity building

Success stories.


Mathias is now getting the most he can out of life since CCDO Youth program helped him map out a path for his future life. Mathias says “I have hope now compared to the time before I joined the program, with ICT and entrepreneurship skills I am now able to run my issues, I managed to run a vegetable garden where I earn about Tsh.120,000 a month, it is interesting. As days keep going I am being encouraged now I plan to extend my business and after two years I will join evening classes for a certificate of business administration” The CCDO Youth program has given Mathias a brighter future by providing him with a new sense of direction and the confidence to pursue his dreams.



Zawadi is on his way to realizing his goal of reseating form four next year. The 18-year-old student was referred to the program by Mtwivila ward office in 2014. “of course I completed Form Four 2012 at Mwakavuta Secondary and I scored zero, I had no way out by then as my parents were in no position to help, I need to be educated but the group I had was not helpful always we were planning to be out of school to have business but no business we started until I was caught by police after I store a neighbors phone, they punished but I was served by ward councilor who paid for my debt and I was recommended to join the program where they have been telling and practically showing the importance of skilled activities I was motivated when I asked them to pay for a fees they accepted my application. I am back to school now, I started Form Three this year by 2015 I will sit for my Form Four exam” Zawadi says.

Zawadi now has more confidence and self-esteem after being back to school and participating in sports
through Youth Social-economic Development Centers. 

Plans for next step include;-

  • Improving our support and development of our volunteers
  • Promote a sense of identity with, for example, T-shirts carrying our logo and program motor
  • Seek to increase our level of core funding
  • Provide an opportunity for a trainee during the year
  • Promote the facility as a quality venue for training courses.

Thank You to our Sponsors & Supporters 

THANK YOU to all our sponsors and supporters who have helped CCDO in the youth we serve through youth Social-economic Development project. Your contributions, small and large have sent a clear message, "youth are IMPORTANT, VALUED, and CARED for members of community." They are truly our future and your gifts are an investment in that future. We are grateful for the interest from the community and know YOU HAVE made a difference in the
lives of youth.

Every gift, no matter the size, has a real impact on our ability to prevent youth being involved in drug use, crime, and other negative situation. It also provides us the opportunity to let youth know they are valued, important members of society, reconnect them with community.


The views of the young people who participated in the Program have reached some of the key people developing policy around young people development. We have developed a way of working with young people which engages them and enables them to build up trust in the consultation process. As part of this we’ve learnt a lot about how much can be gained from involving particularly vulnerable young people in development programs.

The young people who participated have told us that this has been a great experience for them both in terms of the opportunity to influence policy and to develop new skills and confidence and the more immediate opportunities to travel to new places and work with young people from very different perspectives to their own.

This work has helped Iringa youths continue to develop its ongoing focus on youth involvement and further embed it in our future plans. Using our learning we would like to further develop this work by enabling young people to deliver something training and resources which provides solutions to some of the issues they’ve raised.

CCDO Youths Against their Rights Violations
CCDO Youths Against their Rights Violations

The Children Care Development Organization (CCDO) project of “YouthSparks and Employability Creation has been implemented along Iringa district of Iringa Region in Tanzania by training unemployed youths coming from destitute families in which poverty is vivid. The implemented project objectives were to increase household income, reduce malnutrition in children and improve living conditions along Iringa districts and isolated communities of Nduli and Mkimbizi areas, cut of their sources of employment and social services, through the empowerment of youth as wage-earners and the creation of jobs. Other objectives were to provide youth with vocational training in tailoring, managerial and technical capacity building to enable them to run a business, provide youth with basic equipment to start a job and support them to become organized in community based working units of effectively manage and run their businesses, establish youth associations in tailoring, cultural heritage business, and ICT to represent youth’s interests, provide them with technical, administrative and logistical support and promote their products in the formal market.
Activities Carried Out
A series of meetings with direct and indirect beneficiaries were conducted at community level. At the very beginning of the project - preparation stage- CCDO outsourced experienced staffs staff to carry out field visits and meet with direct and indirect beneficiaries in the field. The Project Manager, together with other CCDO staff, conducted meetings with local councils, community-based organizations, women’s centres, community leaders, and women activists. The field meetings with beneficiaries were designed so as to survey and target each village in the cluster in order to present the idea of the project and involve local communities in the process of selecting participants according to the criteria identified in the project. During such meetings, beneficiaries were offered complete information about the project’s goals and objective. Moreover, such meetings strengthened the cooperation with governmental bodies like the Ministry of Local Authorities, which later sent a letter of support to CCDO indicating its appreciation of the project’s contribution to poverty reduction and the generation of income for needy families.
64 Participants were exposed to training techniques mainly designed to develop their skills and performance in Tailoring, cultural heritage and ICT entrepreneurship skills. Training topics set out to meet their training needs and to overcome their difficulties. The training was comprehensive and included all necessary topics in the mentioned subjects. After sewing training, women became able to sew clothes for themselves and their families. Others managed to sew clothes for their community, as illustrated by the example of some women that went on to design and sew school uniforms and bridegroom dresses.
As a result of the training courses, committees of five participants that involve the most active participants were elected at the end of the training. The five participants, who represent their villages, were expected to take part in the coming project activities and, as active members of the general assembly of the, youth’s associations were planned to be established by the end of the project. Project staff conducted a series of meetings with the committees to clarify their roles in future project activities with CCDO. They will take part in capacity building training in the field of management, networking, marketing and fundraising. They will be the members of CCDO Change Agent aiming to organize youth and to identify their priorities and meet their needs.
Expected Results
(a) Targeted youth have developed skills in tailoring, cultural heritage and ICT skills matching standards to satisfy market demands, as well as managerial and technical capacities to run a business
(b) Targeted youth have been provided with equipment and, organised in community-based working units which cover all fields of production and marketing, are able to effectively manage their businesses; (c) Two CCDO Change Agent associations have been established and have taken over the overall management of the working units representing their interests, offering them technical and administrative support and marketing their products; (d) Businesses have been established, are sustainable and generate a basic income for the families of the beneficiaries.
Despite the achieved mentioned objectives above, many youth participants requested to be supported sewing machines after the end of their training for their self-employment sustainability. This is a serious challenge for CCDO management on how to raise money for purchasing sewing machines for our loved most vulnerable youth living under poverty and unemployment. The donated money would help us to buy 20 sewing machines if this project is supported by donors. While the others said that, they want to be supported small revolving soft loans fund for manufacturing traditional bamboo cultural heritage products so as to be engaged into informal sector business for tourism business ventures.


Reducing youth poverty photo
Reducing youth poverty photo

Children Care Development Organization is very happy to acknowledge and appreciate all donors who donated their funds to our project of YouthSparks & Employability Creation Project. Their donation helped us to train 231 unemployed street youth on cloth making fashion and design where now they are getting money through making and selling batik including welding clothes, making welding cards, making sweeter for school children. They also was trained on entrepreneurship skills relating to ICT business activities where many of them has been employed in self business activities as such burning CDs, recording music, making business invitation cards, secretarial activities, binding research documents and photocopying different types of educational materials. While, we offered also small enterprises business activities relating to horticulture (tomatoes, onions, vegetables etc) and other business activities relating to small shops, groceries and poultry keeping.

However, as we the Organization we are still facing a problem on how to obtain enough funds that could enable us to reach a large number of unemployed youth who are in street and they don’t have any support from their surrounding environments. If we could be empowered, we could managed to extend more availability of small capital to those formed 23 youth groups and enable us to provide a small revolving soft loans fund and meet our objectives to reach a target of 9300 identified unemployed street youth within the Iringa Municipality of Iringa Region in Tanzania. Therefore, we still request your humanely small donation to us.

Tailoring youth photo
Tailoring youth photo
Entrepreneurship girls photo
Entrepreneurship girls photo
Youth in tailoring training activities
Youth in tailoring training activities
Unemployed youth in entrepreneurship discussion
Unemployed youth in entrepreneurship discussion


Iringa Youth in war against poverty
Iringa Youth in war against poverty

The YouthSparks and Employability Creation Project report is intended to thank all global donors who participated fully to support us and allow meeting our project objectives being are; to have many unemployed youth being employed because of the employability skills acquired from the training, to have many small business enterprises being setup by the unemployed youth because of possession of entrepreneurship skills, the capacity of the youth with small and medium sized enterprises to deliver professional and high quality services and products strengthened, youth empowered with sales and marketing and good decision making skills to market their products and services effectively, a database driven website developed to add more learning material and also allow youth to lodge in their experiences after the training.

This project has managed to reduce youth poverty through practical ICT solutions based on employability creation and youth opportunities since the project was a community of practice and knowledge exchange online resource developed by and for the CCDO youth dedicated to: (i) connecting and sharing knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned; and (ii) exchanging the latest resources, jobs, and funding opportunities impacting the Tanzanian young people.

In this project we achieved various outcomes where many youth have been trained on how to use internet services to market their agricultural and wood crafts made products, they trained on the need of entrepreneurship skills based on their potential inherent resources and how to utilize them accordingly to their environments, youth was trained on better practices of small enterprises business and business management practices while 83 youth have been employed in different projects initiated by our Iringa Municipal Council.

However, the CCDO believes that if this project will be supported and donated automatically more youth will be empowered and let them to shift from criminal and unsafe business activities to better way of doing things for their future life improvement and our community at large. They will become our resourceful to our global world and productive to our Nations as whole. Therefore, we still need your global donation to our project irrespectively your biases, culture, jealous, races, tribalism, political differences, identity and nationality.


CCDO Training Photo
CCDO Training Photo


Children Care Development Organization (CCDO) is involved in capacity building of rural poor women and youth group and extension of Revolving fund to them.  We help the poor rural communities help themselves.  The overall objective of this project was to empower women to fight against poverty and HIV/AIDS and enable them involve fully in development activities to meet the millennium development goals before the year 2025. Where the specific objectives of the project was to empower women and young girls economically and educationally to enable them participate in development activities, initiate the community to advocate for support and education of girls, to increase the enrollment of girls in the school, to change the life of poor women and their families through revolving fund provision and empower their households economically.

Performed Activities

The raised money enabled us to conduct community mobilization workshop for different community members within Iringa District of Iringa Region in Tanzania and forming/strengthening harmful traditional practices avoiding committee at all levels of government structure, educational support to poor in school girls where 10 most vulnerable girls benefited school fees amounting 60$ for each student and to make the total cost to be 600$, we provided micro-credit revolving fund to 90 formed microfinance groups in each group obtained 1000$ while each group is made up with 6 women, we also formed 2 VICOBA groups which are made up with 30 members  for each group and to make the total number of VICOBAs to be 60 members and each group was provided a start up capital amounting at 500$ as a revolving fund and to make the total amounting of 1000$ for all two VICOBAs groups.

Project Contribution to the Reduction of Women Unemployment Crisis

This project has contributed to reduce the women unemployment activities and now they are busy and supportive to their AIDS families’ households as result many women are coming daily at our CCDO offices to ask our services for membership application since registration for membership is free from charge. Many supported women are engaging them in different income generating activities as such handcraft tourism products, glossaries, hotels, selling old clothes, food ventures, cafe and M-PESA/ TIGO PESA / AIRTEL PESA business activities including small horticultural businesses. Therefore, the project has employed 812 women in different microfinance activities within a period of 5 months.  


The project has achieved to inspire the management of Iringa Municipality to offer free 2 plots of land for the establishment of satellite conservation centres within Iringa Municipality and 1 plot of land within Ruaha National Park. The established cultural heritage and satellite conservation centres shall be considered as a future sustainable cash flow for CCDO microfinance project since we have inspired the Government of Tanzania to assist this project of capacity building and women empowerment in Tanzania after realizing the rigidity of external donors to support us financially. We have participated in rural identification, collection and management of cultural heritage resources, we designed educational programs to raise attention to preserve the culture and conserve biodiversity in this landscape, we conducted participatory village survey to identify cultural heritage products for tourism exportation products made by CCDO microfinance groups, we provided training on hotel and hospitality management and other related entrepreneurship business skills so as to employ many women in these tourism industry sector for more jobs creation and enable them to send their girls in schools with full school kits equipment.


Children Care Development Organization is still facing various problems that are caused due to the low level of technology based on online money donation to our project from our clients within the country, and lack of financial capital since many donors are reluctant to assist us as we are serving the group of people living with HIV/AIDS and most vulnerable children coming from their helpless and AIDS families due to their stigmatization to people living with HIV. Because many donors has shown interest to help people who are well-off and not coming from poor rural marginalized households like CCDO where we have a serious burden of having a large number of most vulnerable orphans who depend on our little resources we have for education and feeding them. It was identified that many donors are saying that they are helping poor while practically are not.


It was recommended that CCDO project has great impact to the transformation of community mindset from ways of doing business to modernized microfinance revolving fund towards to the poverty alleviation, job creation and HIV /AIDS prevention strategies if donors are willing to donate their funds in this project.

CCDO Women Photo
CCDO Women Photo
Orphans Photo
Orphans Photo
School orphans photo
School orphans photo
Training photo
Training photo



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