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Soccer Programs to Empower 500+ Youth in Cameroon

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After school, many youth are left to roam the streets where they often engage in activities which negatively affect their health and well-being: committing petty crimes, consuming alcohol and drugs, joining gangs, & having sexual relations. High unemployment contributes to excessive idleness and an overall pessimistic outlook. Sports, specifically organized soccer programs, are an amazing way to change their perspective. We leverage their love of the game to integrate health & social education.


Our target youth population, boys and girls age 12-20, live in communities which face obstacles that compromise their economic, health, and personal security. Unemployment, pervasive teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and high crime rates resulting from poverty and corruption are some examples of these obstacles which are exacerbated by a lack of effective recreational and health education programs. Many young people lack critical thinking skills and have little hope for there future.


The educational sports programs create an environment for underprivileged boys and girls which is most conducive to learning. CameroonFDP-trained coaches/leaders become mentors who facilitate guided discussions on a number on issues pertinent to health, social, and personal development. Participants gain access to consistent, organized recreational activities which keep them off the streets and out of trouble. Additionally, they are empowered to take an active role in their own development.

Long-Term Impact

We are striving to keep youth in school and provide a supportive environment where they can grow as leaders and citizens who contribute to a better future in Cameroon. Our innovative approach to community development through sport brings people together around the soccer field and incorporates value-based education right into the match. We are changing the way youth in the developing world play the game of soccer, and using their passion - and that of the community as a whole - to change lives.


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