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A Court Of Law

By a female, 31-45 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of A COURT OF LAW A court of law is a process by which people commit crime are taken. people who commit crime are likely to be to end up being tried in a court of law.Their offence could range from pretty crime. for example theft of a chicken, to more serious offences such as robbery with violence, murder drug trafficking or corruption. in the lowercourt cases are heard by magistrates while in the higher courts cases are heard by judges. In Kenya the person who makes the legal complaint against another is referred to as the plaintiff. The accussed that is the person said to have done something illegal, the accused person may also decide to defend himself or herself. In Kenya During the trial, an advocate can interview a witness or cross-examine the accused. The judges are the one who hear cases in Kenya. If a convict thinks that the judge or magistrate was not fair in the sentence or judgment, he or she may appeal to a higher courts. Read more.
Related to project keywords: trial, accused, defend, courts, legal


By a female, 22-30 years old, in Jinja, Uganda
Map of Justice LEGAL AID, is an organisation which deals with defence of the prisoners. They help them in legal affairs and fair treatment of the prisoners They stand by them and there by a divocate for their fair trials in courts of law or wherefore if need be in the courts of appeal. The Legal aid act as Lawyers to the prisoners and ensure fair treatment. Read more.
Related to project keywords: legal aid, courts, lawyers, fair, prisoners

Inmates Appeal For Conjugal Rights

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Nakuru, Kenya
Map of INMATES APPEAL FOR CONJUGAL RIGHTS Prisoners want conjugal rights added to the reform agenda and to be Implemented at the kamiti Prison. Inmate said such a provision would help to ensure a normal life However the office Incharge said it would take an act of parliament yo establish such a sysytem. It was international human rights law that urgent as congestion. We are looking into ways of decongesting the jails then we can consides such amenities. Read more.
Related to project keywords: reform, prison, prisoners, rights, international

Denied Justice

By a female, 31-45 years old, in Kisumu, Kenya
Map of DENIED JUSTICE Angela aged 31 years has knocked on so many offices that she hardly remembers them all. Her case should be a straight forward one and justice should not be that elusive given that she was raped by people she knows but the culprits later allegdely manipulated law enforcers to jail her for the crime. To her horror, she was accused of giving false information to a police officer, and yet it was the police who rescued her when she was unconcious after the incident and rushed her to the hospital when she was confirmed raped. That fateful day on January, 12th last year, she had dashed to a friend's supermarket in Milimani estate, Kisumu to buy sugar and pay off a debt. On reaching there, she did not find her friend instead got her husband(friend's) and another man. It was about 7pm. They started flirting with her but she ignored them, picked the sugar and paid him. But as she paid him over the counter, the men held her hand tightly, she tried to free herself but his friend who was nearby held her from behind. When she smelt a rat, she screamed for help. The two men quickly shut the shop and switched off the light before raping her in turns. She tried to fight them off but gradually became feeble and passed out. she only remembers them hitting her between her eyes. She woke up in the hospital and without her underpants, she stayed in the hospital for two days. Having been told that police rescued her, she went home confidently knowing that the culprits were locked up. but when she went to record a statement, she was shocked when the police promised to arrest the suspects. She was issued with a P3 form, witness who escorted her to the hospital also recorded statements but nothing has been done upto date. She is still waiting. Read more.
Related to project keywords: accused, jail, year, find, case

Changaa And Its Effects In Mathare

By a male, 31-45 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of CHANGAA AND ITS EFFECTS IN MATHARE Changaa is an illicit brew which is made by local brewers.In Mathare slums changaa is brewed along Nairobi.Mostly it is the unemployment women and youths who engage in brewing changaa.Although it is illegal to brew changaa the brewers cannot quit since they have no other means for survival. Changaa has got several effects to the human body but that alone cannot deter its addicts who cannot go aday without it. In Mathare most alcoholics prefer changaa because it is cheaper.A glass of changaa cost ksh.10 so they drink many glasses because the majority can afford to pay the amount.Changaa is also taken aimed to release boredom and to get minds out of the real situation.Consumption of changaa leads to violence and abuse of human rights. Read more.
Related to project keywords: release, go, local, human rights, illegal

Enkighting Citizens On The Law

By a male, 16-21 years old, in Butere, Kenya
Map of Enkighting citizens on the law the center for law and research international launched a campaign in khwisero to enlighten the area locals about the adversary system of justice,criminal and civil procedures in law.They were taught about where to find the application of the law in kenya and how to find it. This campaign left a more legally sound community,since they were able to establish their rights and be able to understand the concept of how that governs them. Read more.
Related to project keywords: criminal, rights, international, find, citizens

God Makes A Way

By a male, 31-45 years old, in Kakamega, Kenya
Map of GOD MAKES A WAY A member of an NGO body called global assistance partner (GAP) came to our church in malava town and shared with us about a bible college school that train church leaders from certificate level in their local churches and later on sponsor them for diploma certificate in their main theological campus situated in Kampala-Uganda.the college name is Africa Resource Ministry.(ARM) The idea was good and many church leaders including me decided to join and we are really benefiting in the studies however God willing it is my desire that after completing this diploma course,i go in for a degree in whichever college offering it.this is because i want to be well equipped as a man of God for the growth of the church. otherwise i thank God for (GAP) together with (ARM) for enabling me enter in a theological college and being my first college in life.secondly it has earned some respect to my family despite of an international college outside Kenya our country without even calling for a fundraiser in the family or in the church. Yes ! "taste and see the lord is good" psalms 34:8. Read more.
Related to project keywords: enabling, go, international, africa, local

Reproductive Rights

By a male, 46-60 years old , in Busia, Kenya
Map of reproductive rights National council for population and development expressed need for reproductive rights for the youth who are infected with HIV/AIDS have the right to recieve health care without being discriminated because of their status,reproductive rights, certain basic rights that are already recognised in kenyan law and international human rights convections and pther consesnus documents have emerged as a seperate area of concern requiring attention including the youth.Those youth who are infected with HIV/AIDShave the right to recieve healthcare without being being discriminated because of their status.denial of reproductive rights to young people negatively affected their general well being. Read more.
Related to project keywords: rights, international, basic, national, population

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