Project #10558

Rehabilitation for burn survivors in Taiwan

by Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation

A young burn survivor is looking for an apartment, but it’s not going so well. As he meets with various landlords, they seem to find excuses not to rent to him:

“Are you sure that you want to live here? I'm afraid that the other tenants will not like it.”
“There are some apartments across the street which have fewer residents, you should go there and ask.”
“Do you have a job? The rent is not cheap.”

When he leaves, the landlords are more frank about their reasons:

“Is it contagious?”
“What will happen if he scares children?”
“If other people see him here, the value of our house will drop.”

To mark Face Equality Day on May 17, Sunshine Foundation produced a short film which captured some of the prejudices and lack of awareness encountered by burn survivors in their daily lives. See the Face Equality film here.

This film is about apartment-hunting, but it also could have been about applying for a job, getting a seat at the restaurant or any other situation in which burn survivors are confronted to subtle prejudice or open discrimination.

The actor in this film is 18 year-old Chi-Hong who was injured last year during the June 27 Formosa Fun Coast Water Park Explosion. Having sustained burns over 80% of his body, Chi-Hong had to interrupt his studies and is now undergoing intensive rehabilitation at Sunshine Foundation.

During the Face Equality Day celebrations held in Taipei, Chi-Hong shared how this issue resonated with him and why it was important for him to be part of this project. Although society is still full of warmth and generally accepting of differences, inevitably, there are still some people who do not understand what burn survivors must go through to return to a normal life. Chi-Hong says: “Some people will say we were injured as a retribution for bad karma from a past life. Others say we were injured because we’re kids who like to party and have fun instead of staying at home to study. We didn’t ask for this to happen to us. We, and any person for that matter, should be treated with more empathy, respect and friendliness.”

As more burn survivors from the Formosa Fun Coast Water Park Explosion like Chi-Hong recover and complete their rehabilitation program, they will return to their normal life in society: to school, to work, among family and friends. It is important that they are treated fairly, with respect and that is why Face Equality Day is held annually on May 17, to raise awareness about the issue of discrimination based on appearance and change people’s attitudes towards facial disfigurement. Sunshine believes that irrespective of facial appearance, every person deserves to be treated fairly and equally. We hope that the value of every person will be determined by their unique contribution to society, and not by how they look.

Your support can help Sunshine Foundation achieve its goal and we invite you to participate in GlobalGiving’s Bonus Day. Starting on June 15 at 9:00am US Eastern time (June 15 at 21:00 Taiwan time), GlobalGiving will be matching gifts made to Sunshine Foundation.

Support Sunshine’s efforts to give burn survivors in Taiwan access to rehabilitation:

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Chi-Hong shares his experience filming
Chi-Hong shares his experience filming
Thank you for making us a top-ranked organization!
Thank you for making us a top-ranked organization!

2015 was an eventful year for Sunshine Foundation...

We have been providing rehabilitation services for burn survivors in Taiwan since 1981 and have built strong expertise in that domain but in 2015, we faced our biggest challenge yet. Indeed, the June 27th explosion at a water park near Taipei City injured 499 people in what was probably Taiwan’s biggest major burn disaster.

In the six months following the disaster, Sunshine Foundation opened 3 new Rehabilitation Centers and 1 new Half-Way House, expanding its service network to help over 400 victims over a five-year period. In the first three years, services for the victims will focus on physical and psychosocial rehabilitation, while focus will shift to career development and employment in the last two years.

Although a lot of efforts have been directed towards helping the victims of the Water Park Explosion rebuild their lives, our services for other burn survivors have not been interrupted and in 2015, we’ve thus been able to help a total of 657 burn survivors.

We would not have been able to do it without your support. Thanks to you, Sunshine Foundation was in the top 20% ranking of partners on GlobalGiving in 2015. Your donations not only keep us going, but also bring attention to our work and in the process, help raise awareness about the needs of burn survivors in Taiwan.

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Support Sunshine’s efforts to give burn survivors in Taiwan access to rehabilitation:

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Chi-Chin hasn
Chi-Chin hasn't given up on his baseball dream

Six months have passed since the powder explosion at the Formosa Fun Coast Water Park on June 27, 2015. For the burn survivors, the last six months have been the most difficult time in their young lives. They’ve experienced being waken up in the middle of the night by the unbearable pain, yet having to force themselves to go back to sleep in order to build up enough strength to go through their day of rehabilitation. They’ve had to tolerate pain throughout the long process of showering and wound care, which can take between 3 and 6 hours. They’ve had to learn how to accept their changed appearance and cope with the stares of others. They’ve had to dry their tears and learn how to face each new day in a positive, happy way. Six months later, they are getting better and better.

A total of 499 people were injured, and over 60% of the victims sustained burns over 40% of their body. Sunshine has provided services to over 400 of the victims, with 231 young burn survivors who are currently receiving intensive physical rehabilitation services in our expanded rehabilitation network, which now includes six rehabilitation centers and two short-term housing facilities.

One of these young burn survivors is CHEN Chi-Chin.

See Chi-chin's story

What started out as an evening of fun with friends soon became a nightmare, with Chi-Chin sustaining burns over 60% of his body, mostly on his arms and legs. Before his injury, Chi-Chin was the captain of his baseball team and dreamed of playing baseball professionally. Although at first Chi-Chin thought that his injury meant that he would have to give up on his dream, but thanks to the support of his family and the rehabilitation team at Sunshine’s Kaohsiung Rehabilitation Center, he is now using the same determination he put on the baseball field in his daily rehabilitation.

Chi-Chin says: “Pain is a process. It’s the same thing with baseball, hardship is a process. Actually, this applies to anything that you want to do well. The process is very important. For example, after my burn injury, I must do rehabilitation or to play baseball, I must get good grades. In the process, a lot of efforts are necessary. So it’s just a process that I must surmount. My family is very important. They’ve accompanied me and cared for me. I’m really grateful to them and I will use rehabilitation and the effort I put into it to repay them.”

For Chi-Chin and the other young burn survivors, the process of recovery is just starting. Even though there is still a long road ahead of them, with your help, things are getting better and better, because your donations have made it possible for them to have access to timely rehabilitation. On behalf of all the burn survivors, we thank you!

Pain is part of the rehabilitation process
Pain is part of the rehabilitation process
Sunshine's expanded rehabilitation network


The June 27th Water Park Explosion in Taiwan injured 499 people, most of them are in their late teens and early twenties. Suddenly, their young lives were disrupted and as they began to be discharged from hospital, they slowly realized that this wasn't the end of their ordeal, and that in fact, the long road towards recovery stretched in front of them. Sometimes, it feels as if all of their dreams for the future are shattered and that it would just be easier to put them aside...

One of these young survivors from the Water Park Explosion is 19-year old Meng-Hsiu. Meng-Hsiu sustained second and third degree burns over 77% of his body, mainly his arms, legs and chest. Meng-Hsiu says: “After being discharged from the hospital, a social worker from Sunshine gave me a lot of encouragement, so I came to the Taoyuan-Hsinchu Service Center where I can do rehabilitation surrounded by other Water Park survivors. We encourage one another, so the days feel less painful.”

Meng-Hsiu has always loved playing baseball and before his injury, he was the pitcher for his university’s baseball team. Due to his burns, he is unable to raise his arms or his head, scars over his chest also restrict his movements and he has lost much of his muscle strength. Although it seems for now that his baseball dreams are far away, Meng-Hsiu hasn't given up. In order to return to the game he loves the most, Meng-Hsiu began physical rehabilitation immediately after hospital discharge in September. Despite the itching and pain caused by scars, he repeatedly stretches the scars on his chest, practices crouching on the ground and raising his arms. Meng-Hsiu says: “I want to return as soon as possible to school and play baseball with my teammates.”

Meng-Hsiu is one of the burn survivors currently undergoing rehabilitation at Sunshine's new Taoyuan-Hsinchu Service Center, which officially opened on October 16, 2015. The Taoyuan-Hsinchu Work Station was originally set up in 2014, but due to the rapid increase in the number of clients, which almost doubled within a year, the Work Station was expanded to become a full-fledged Service Center. This meant hiring physical and occupational therapists, social workers and a counseling psychologist, and moving to bigger facilities where we can provide physical rehabilitation and psychological counseling services. Currently, there are 45 burn survivors from the Water Park Explosion that have started undergoing rehabilitation at the Center.

During the opening ceremony for the new Service Center, Meng-Hsiu wore his team’s practice uniform to give himself courage, and showed everyone the progress he has made by demonstrating the pitching posture and movements. This was a very emotional moment for Meng-Hsiu, because it was the first time since his injury that he was able to do the thing he loves most, and it's a proof that he is getting closer to fulfilling his dream of playing baseball again. Meng-Hsiu strongly encourages all the burn survivors from the Water Park Explosion to begin rehabilitation: “Don’t give up on your dreams! You must courageously keep on moving forward!”

As a donor to our project Rehabilitation for burn survivors in Taiwan, you are helping Meng-Hsiu and countless other burn survivors move one step closer to realizing their dreams. Thank you for your support!

Meng-Hsiu shows his pitcher move
Meng-Hsiu shows his pitcher move

Rehabilitation will take time, it will be painful, but you are not alone because we will accompany you all the way...

Towards the end of July, survivors of the Formosa Fun Coast Water Park Explosion began to be discharged from hospital (1). As they return home, burn survivors and their families face a new set of challenges: dealing with wounds and scarring, as well as having to do physical rehabilitation.

Indeed, during the skin healing process, burn survivors will still have to deal with wounds, as scar tissue is fragile and is easily damaged or injured, resulting in skin breakdown, small wounds or blisters. Scar care is also crucial, as skin needs to be always kept clean and moisturized. Taking care of blisters on their child’s healing skin or helping their child shower can be a daunting task for parents unfamiliar with the whole process, so that is why Sunshine began holding wound care and scar care trainings for survivors and their family. During hands-on training sessions, staff of Sunshine explain the process of skin healing and scar formation, as well as how to protect fragile skin, how to deal with small wounds, how to care for scars and the importance of pressure therapy to control scar formation.

Furthermore, social workers and therapists of Sunshine began to visit survivors at hospitals to assess rehabilitation needs and plan individualized rehabilitation programs which include exercises, assistive devices and home environment modification. The goal is to ensure a better quality of life for burn survivors after their hospital discharge.

In addition, to address the rehabilitation needs of survivors of the Water Park Explosion, Sunshine has expanded its rehabilitation network. First of all, apart from the two current Rehabilitation Centers in Taipei City and Kaohsiung City, three new rehabilitation centers have been set up and are specially dedicated to serving the victims of the June 27 explosion: one in New Taipei City which opened on August 24, one in Taipei City scheduled to open on October 1, and one in Taichung City scheduled to open in November. Another Half-Way House offering short-term residential services for the victims of the June 27 explosion undergoing intensive rehabilitation has also opened in New Taipei City on August 24. These centers are staffed with teams of physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, counseling psychologists and care attendants dedicated to helping burn survivors regain the ability to return to their active, independent life.

Sunshine was able to quickly respond to the services needs of burn survivors and accompany them as they embark on the long road towards recovery because of your ongoing support. Thank you for making this possible!

And now, during GlobalGiving’s Bonus Day on September 16, you have the chance to maximize the value of your support because GlobalGiving will be matching gifts made to Sunshine Foundation at 30%. This means that your donation of $100 will receive a $30 match!

We invite you to support Sunshine Foundation’s efforts to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to burn survivors in Taiwan by donating to our project Rehabilitation for burn survivors in Taiwan. 

Mark the Bonus Day date on your calendar!!! We encourage you to make your donation early, because matching funds will likely run out before the end of the day.

Taiwan time: from Wednesday, September 16 at 9:00 PM to Thursday, September 17 at 11:59 AM.
US time: from Wednesday, September 16 at 9:00 AM EST to Wednesday, September 16 at 11:59 PM EST

(1) As of September 4, 301 patients have been discharged and 186 patients remain hospitalized. Source: New Taipei City Government website (in Chinese).


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