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Born Learning Campaign to impact 50,000 children.

by United Way of Bengaluru


Born Learning Campaign is currently reaching out to 250 children in 10 anganwadi centres.

Goals of Born Learning Campaign:

  • Equip children with tools to learn better
  • Working with mothers to ensure healthy growth of the children
  • Provide conducive learning Environment to the children

The Born Learning Campaign across 10 Anganawadi centers is visible impact. In the last quarter, greening of Anganwadi centers, placing of food menu and schedule, charts, intensifying teachers to give quality time and education to children, parents’ time contribution and mainstreaming mothers’ committee meetings successfully implemented. Children now come to the centers with lot of pride, eagerness and interest to learn more. Community people too have come forward to contribute their time and help out in day to day activities.

Updates on Born Learning Campaign:

  • A total of 250 children and 241 mother have benefitted from Born Learning Campaign
  • All 250 children were immunized in the last quarter and were also given de-worming medicines along with a general check-up
  • 70 plants and 40 pots were distributed across seven anganwadi centers in the last quarter.
  • Flooring work was undertaken in one anganwadi center.
  • The mothers’ committee meetings was attended by full capacity.


Hemavathi is a 4-year-old girl enrolled in Kempapura BLC. Her parents Shekar and Lakshmi are both daily wage laborers and have three children-2 girls and 1 boy child. When Hemavathi was enrolled to Kempapura BLC, she was underweight weighing only 9.5kgs when compared to her height which was 87cm and her age. Due to her parent’s negligence and poverty, Hemavathi was suffering from various health issues too. She was found to be suffering from third grade malnourishment as she was not regular in her food habits. Moreover, Hemavathi had not been admitted to any crèche or BLC center.

At a Mothers’ Committee meeting at Kempapura BLC, we identified Lakshmi. We counselled her and she agreed to get her child enrolled to a nearly BLC center. After Hemavathi joined BLC center, the Anganawadi teacher was asked to pay special attention to her. The child was given nutritious food and her mother also counselled to follow the same at home too.

She was also given to regular health check-up by PHC doctors who prescribed her with deworming tablets, vitamin A and other supplements to resolve her health issues. She started responding well and her parents and teachers are happy with her progress.

Hemavathi now comes regularly to BLC center and actively participates in all activities. She has gained weight and now weighs 10.4kg within 6 months of her enrolment. Her language skills, her confidence, her health, her physical and mental development has improved a lot. She interacts and mingles with other children and takes the lead in several activities. Her parents are grateful that their daughter has progressed so well.

We are thankful to all the donors for their support because of which we have been able to successful implement such noble initiatives. We are confident that you will continue to support Born Learning Campaign in the near future too.

Call for action:

  • Volunteer with Born Learning, write to
  • Help us raise more funds from your friends and relatives to scale up the campaign
  • Share the updates on your social media accounts to spread awareness about the Born Learning campaign.
Functional Mother
Functional Mother's Committee

Born Learning Campaign is currently reaching out to 250 children in 10 anganwadi centres.

Goals of Born Learning Campaign:

  1. Equip children with tools to learn better
  2. Working with mothers to ensure healthy growth of the children
  3. Provide conducive learning Environment to the children

A parent who volunteered her services at a center said, “I extended my services to the Ambedkar Colony anganwadi center located under the Marathahalli Zone when one of the assistant teachers was unwell and was not able to teach for one month. It was extremely satisfying that I was able to help out at the center by teaching the little children and ensuring that their studies weren’t affected.”

 Updates on Born Learning Campaign:

New activities were introduced to assess Language, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Creative & Social skills in children such as:

  • Common prayer has been introduced in all centres – To improve social and language skills
  • Welcoming activity by children - To improve social and language skills
  • Studying the weather chart - To improve Intellectual and language skills
  • Date & day chart - To improve intellectual and language skills
  • Class leader selected and designated responsibilities -  To improve social & Emotional skills
  • Studying Colour & Number Charts - To improve Physical and language skills
  • Walking with Bean Bags on head - To improve Physical skills
  • Building of Wooden shapes blocks – To improve creative and Physical Skills


List of new play materials introduced to improve the gross motor skills development of children as a follows:

  • Day & Date Chart
  • Leadership Caps
  • Bean Bags
  • Wooden Shapes Blocks
  • Library Kit
  • Height & Weight Chart
  • Colour & Number Chart


Mother’s committee meetings:

We are glad to inform that Mother’s committee meetingshave been streamlined. Earlier, the mother’s committees meetings were not been held regularly. Presently, the meetings are conducted once in a month. 

 In the meeting the mothers were also motivated to take care of the anganwadi centers and volunteer their time once or twice in a week.


Project has completed a base line study to assess children:

The initial assessment was completed to assess the progress of the 250 children in all 10 anganwadi centers. Presently, we are looking for volunteers support to analyse the data.


Improving the greenery at anganwadi centers:

To make anganwadi centres eco – friendly sapling were planted across seven anganwadi centers during the month of March. The plants introduced have medical values, it would also provide an opportunity to the children to understand the life cycle of plants.

Parents have taken the responsibility of maintaining the plants here by undertaking watering and de-weeding tasks.


Community Contribution:

  • There were few antisocial activities taking place close to a anganwadi centre, this was affecting the children. Born Learning campaign staff approached the local police and they helped in sorting out the issues. They ensure regular visit to the centre to keep a check.
  • The local elected representative helped in getting the electricity line drawn to the centre. This help to provide lighting at the centre.


Call for action:

  • Volunteer with Born Learning, write to
  • Help us raise more funds from your friends and relatives to scale up the campaign
  • Share the updates on your social media accounts to spread awareness about the Born Learning campaign.


United Way Bengaluru 

Greening the centres
Greening the centres
Volunteers at the centre
Volunteers at the centre


Makkala Habba - Children
Makkala Habba - Children's Carnival

Born Learning Campaign Goals, 2016 

Campaign Highlights:

  • We are pleased to share that we have initiated our partnership with Women and Child Development Department, Government of Karnataka to work with Anganwadi (Government run day care) centres. 

  • Makala Habba (Children's Carvinal) was organised on Children's Day in partnership of Government of Karnataka.

United Way Bengaluru launched Born Learning Campaign in 2012 to address the issue of Holistic Childhood Development for children under six years of age. The campaign concentrates on addressing the issue of malnutrition and early learning development requirements of children from the lower economic section of our community. 

Working on this campaign for three years has helped United Way Bengaluru to develop a model around holistic early childhood learnings. In 2015, United Way Bengaluru partnered with the Government of Karnataka to scale-up the Born Learning Campaign. Under the new strategy, 10 Government run day care (called as Anganwadis) centers were identified after creating detailed project reports. Gaps were identified in the Anganwadis and the following steps are being taken to address these issues.

Improving Infrstructure of Anganwadis

United Way Bengaluru undertook the infrastructure improvement as a first step to ensure that children feel happy at the centre. The following activities were undertaken to improve the infrasturcture:

  1. Painted the Anganwadis.
  2. Build new shelves in the kitchen to stack and store various food provisions
  3. Refurbished the latrines and replaced old water taps and pipes with new ones
  4. Provided rice cookers, plates and drinking cups to the centers
  5. Provided new story books and charts

Mothers Groups Formation

A total of 10 mothers groups are being formed, in each group there are 20 - 25 mothers. The mothers groups meet on a monthly basis at the centre to discuss issues about child development. During the meetings the mother are also oriented and trained about best partices to take care of thier young toddlers. 

Makkala Habba – 2015 (Children’s carnival)

This year United Way Bengaluru joined hands with the Government of Karnataka, the Department of Women and Child Development and one of the city’s leading NGO to organize Makkala Habba-2015. This unique children’s carnival aimed to reconnect youngsters to the traditional and leisure lifestyle of their parents in the form of games, activities and cuisine. People from all walks of life and all ages eagerly participated in this event. Our Born Learning Campaign Stall was promoted here and we are pleased to say that it was the most visited stall over the two day event. Identification of colours and shapes, block building, checking growth charts and charts, painting on dry leaves were some of the activities conducted here. Click here to read more.

Our Journey in 2016

United Way Bengaluru will scout and identify new Anganwadis to work with in order to reach out to more underprivileged children. We want to reach out to an additional of 50 Anganwadi centers in Bengaluru thereby bringing more than 1300 children under our Campaign.

We would like to thank Global Giving and our donors for their support towards are Born Learning Campaign. These centres which have been given a facelift in terms of infrastructure, educational materials and most importantly moral support have uplifted the spirits of the many children studying here. We hope you will continue to support their early learning development so that they witness tremendous growth and accomplishments in their future lives.



Born Learning Kiosk
Born Learning Kiosk
A child building the tower blocks
A child building the tower blocks
Mothers at a meeting to discuss children
Mothers at a meeting to discuss children's issues



Working on this campaign for 3 years, have helped United Way of Bengaluru develop a model around holistic early childhood learning. In 2015, United Way of Bengaluru has partnered with Government of Karnataka to scale-up the Born Learning Campaign. Under the new strategy, 10 Government run day care centers will be identified (called as Anganwadis). A need assessment survey will be carried out to identify the infrastructural, educational level, parents involvement level and other relevant requirements. As planned, a detail report of each Anganwadi will be prepared as part of the monitoring and evaluation strategy. The program will concentrate on awareness building initiatives for parents especially mothers, conduct regular health-check-ups in the community and provide additional learning aids to the children to enhance their early learning skills.


The aim and objective of the Born Learning Campaign in 3 years time is:

  • To work with all the Anganwadis of the city which constitutes approximately 1500 centers
  • To impact the holistic childhood development and to make the children school ready.

Some Facts:

How United Way of Bengaluru measures the development in children? Or, what is 126 grading point?

We work with children between 3-6 years of age.

The child assessment is done through the following skills:

Social –cognitive-gross motor – fine motor- language – emotional

Under each skill area, the teacher conducts 12-13 activities to measure their levels. A total of 63 activities are conducted for each child every quarter.

Each activity has a has a maximum weightage of ‘2’ and a minimum of ‘0’

Therefore, each child is graded for a total of 126 points i.e 63*2

Some News update:

22nd July, the President & CEO of United Way Worldwide Mr. Brian A. Gallagher is visiting United Way of Bengaluru. He will launch the new 10 Anganwadis under Born Learning campaign!

Watch this space for more information about our new upcoming initiative on Born Learning. Hope to feed you with more news update about the new centers and introduce few of our new Born Learning kids……….

Building blocks to improve the motor skills
Building blocks to improve the motor skills
A teacher in the middle of her classroom session.
A teacher in the middle of her classroom session.
Learning Shapes.
Learning Shapes.


Progress of 240 Children
Progress of 240 Children

Our heartfelt thanks to all the donors for their support to our Born Learning Campaign!

In this quarter, we would like to stress on three important aspects besides the regular updates.

  • 2015, we have an ambitious plan to initiate partnership with Government run Anganwadis - Government Anganwadi is a government sponsored child-care and mother -care center in India. It caters to children in the 0-6 years of age group. The word means "courtyard shelter" in Hindi.
  • A guide to our Born Learning Campaign and it’s importance in India
  • United Way of Bengaluru is championing for Born Learning Campaign in World 10K, marathon to be held in Bangalore on 17th May, 2015.


We would like to share an excerpt from an article written by Mr. Manish Michael, Executive Director – United Way of Bengaluru(  The know-whys for our incessant effort to reach out to many children below the age group of 0-6 years through our Born Learning Campaign.

With the percentage of school enrolment staying at 96 percent or above for six years in a row as of 2014, it is encouraging to note that India is close to achieving universal enrolment for children in the age group of 6-14 years. While reaching universal enrolment is a significant milestone, the daunting reality is that there are immense unmet challenges.

The recent Annual Status of Education Report has found that, children who are enrolled in Standard V across India cannot read Standard II books.  The children in our city are not better off too, a survey done by the municipal corporation of Bangalore (BBMP) found 3800 children being malnourished.

According to World Bank research, children in the age group of 3 – 6 years develop very critical skills which determine their overall development & performance for the rest of their lifecourse. These facts induce the urgent need to shift focus and work with children below 6 years in ensuring their holistic development

As such, United Way of Bengaluru is striving towards addressing the issue of Holistic Childhood Development for children under six years of age, since 2012.

The areas of intervention are

 (i) Enhance early learning skills of children

(ii) Educating parents (esp. mothers) on early child care

(iii) Provide fresh, hot, wholesome nutritious food

(iv) Mainstream Born Learning Centers with Government Anganwadis 


Activites that were carried out this quarter:

Web preparation:  It is a theme based teaching methodology adopted for the BLC centers. This being an interactive method, children enjoys and retains more knowledge. For this quarter, they learnt about the harvest festival  called ‘Makar Sankranti’ which is celebrated across India.

Nutrition Mela: Nutrition Mela is an awareness building exercise conducted at different BLC centers. The parents are sensitized on the readily available nutrition rich ingredients and its importance in our daily lives.

They cooked all different local nutrition food  such as Ragi roti, herbal rasam, Kosambari, etc, and shared with parents to create awareness.

Preparation of Education Play Materials: A workshop for preparation of play materials at one of the center was organised. They prepared early learning materials such as shapes made out of wood and paper, charts to teach the children alphabets, numbers, concepts of colour, shapes etc.

 PTA Monthly Meetings: Quarterly parents and Teachers Association meeting was held in all 9 centers. The objective of the meeting was to share the progress and concerns of the children. To encourage the parents to enroll their children in primary schools under the Right To Education Act. 


Success story:


Raziya is the second child born to Mr.Al-Bakash and Mrs.Reshma who live in Hosur Bande. They have four children one elder son, Rihan studying in 1st standad and  a pair of twins ( two boys). Al-Bakash works as  a driver and his wife is a home-maker. Due to family burden, they did not enroll Raziya to pre- nursery. When Raziya was noticed by one of the field workers, she was malnourished and lacked social skills. After  routine sessions of counselling with the parents, Raziya was enrolled in a Born Learning Center.

Her intervention started soon after getting enrolled to the center. The teachers gave her special attention and was also referred to a Primary Health Center. Today,  after 10 months  she has an improved height and weight.  Moreover, she interacts with her fellow mates and is physically active too.


 World10K, 2015 Marathon

United Way of Bengaluru is participating in World 10K, 2015 Marathon event – the largest fundraising platform for Non-Profits in South India. We would like to encourage our donors and supporters in Global Giving to help spread awareness on Born Learning by sharing it with friends and families. If you or your relatives & friends are in Bangalore, you can participate with us for W10K event. Or, help us raise funds for Born Learning Campaign!

 To know more visit us on:

Children Learning shapes and colours
Children Learning shapes and colours
Parents at Nutrition Mela
Parents at Nutrition Mela
Volunteers painting a BLC center
Volunteers painting a BLC center
Raziya - Featured in the success story.
Raziya - Featured in the success story.



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