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Tragically, for a rescued animal, their time spent in a shelter may well be the last days they will ever know. Most are housed in kennels w/cold, hard concrete floors (often soiled). This causes added anxiety for these already stressed animals and can challenge the adoption process. A pet bed can help relieve anxiety and give a rescued animal a better chance of being adopted, but shelters simply don't have the funds to provide this simple, yet necessary comfort unless they are donated.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The sad truth is, the majority of shelters and animal rescue groups across the United States are unable to provide a comfortable pet bed for each animal in their care, because the retail (and even the discounted) cost of a pet bed is simply prohibitive. They struggle with old blankets and sheets and have difficulty keeping them clean and still the animals are resting on hard concrete - so there is little relief for the injured, aged or even pregnant animals.

How will this project solve this problem?

Animal Rescue Aid purchases these pet beds directly from the manufacturer so we can offer them at cost and we also arrange for them to be delivered to the shelter or rescue group at no cost to them. That way they can give their rescues "a hint of home, while they wait for theirs(TM)". Without our National Pet Bed Donation Program the majority of shelters would be unable to offer this simple comfort to their rescues.

Potential Long Term Impact

We would like to send a min of 25 shelters/rescue groups 20 pet beds (total: 500 pet beds) at no cost to them. Marion Misch (Brown County Animal Rescue/OH) wrote to tell us: "The beds are incredible! I can't even begin to tell you how much the dogs LOVE them and what a good feeling we get knowing that they're up and off the cold concrete floor. Thank you for making them available at such a reasonable cost. We couldn't have done this otherwise". We would like to help other groups in this way.

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