Educate 200 War & HIV/AIDS-Orphaned Ugandan Girl

by Platform for Labour Action (PLA)

Platform for Labour action with support from Global Giving is currently supporting 46 girls with school lunch, scholastic materials and physiological support in all aspects of their lives and are at school. The girls go to government owed schools of Lira primary school, Lira Modern primary school, Lira police primary school, Lango Quran primary school, Railways primary school, Adyel primary school, Eliaoulet Primary School,Otim Tom Primary School, V.H primary School ,Ojwina primary school, and Ireda primary School . “Educate 200 War and HIV/AIDS Orphaned Ugandan Girls” is a project that has given hope and a better future through education to more than 200 beneficiaries in northern Uganda, despite the hardships endured due to the absence of their biological parents who they lost either to HIV/AIDS or the 21 years long LRA rebel war. The girls have continued to show committed and love for education to attain a better future especially through the support in education and counseling that they are rendered throughout the project. Below is a detailed account of these project activities carried out in the months January, February and March 2016. LUNCH PAYMENT This quarter, lunch fees payment of UGX 2,696,500 (Two million six hundred ninety six and five hundred shillings) was made to the different schools that PLA beneficiaries attend. The payment was made to enable the beneficiaries have lunch at the different schools they go to. Because of this the beneficiaries have concentrated more in their school and are not worried about hunger due to lack offood, reports from the various schools show that the beneficiaries are attending classes on a regular basis. This will enable them realize their right to education. SCHOOL MONITORING VISITS 10 school monitoring visits were made this quarter to different schools that were inclusive of Lira Primary School, Lira Modern Primary School, Lira Police Primary School, Lango Quran Primary School, Railways Primary School, Adyel Primary School, Eliaoulet Primary School, Otim Tom Primary School, V.H Primary School, Ojwina primary school, and Ireda Primary School. The visits were made on a basis where at least the children are met three (3) times in a week to encourage the beneficiaries and monitor their progress in class performance. The visits also involved one on one meeting with the teachers like Head Master and class teacher concerning the children’s welfare and the teachers were requested and trained to support and guide the children majority of whom are girls while at school. The teachers reported that the children are reading harder because the term was for a short period due to the presidential elections in the country that saw schools opening latter than usual The beneficiaries were encouraged to study and work hard and to always do their best to become better people and achieve their dreams. During the discussion with the teachers, it was also realized that some girls come late to class and when they speak to them they end up in tears. This called for more counseling to the beneficiaries and asking them to open up and speak to their teachers in case of help and support.The teachers were also encouraged to make the schools more children friendly though enabling child protection mechanisms and supporting children to remain in schools through using Film, dance and drama and mainstreaming children`s rights in all their programs. COUNSELING 30 PLA beneficiaries were counseled during the reporting period. They were offered psychosocial support through school and home monitoring visits. During the different sessions, both during school and home monitoring visits, PLA has encouraged the girls to share their life experience and seek help whenever they are faced with problems. The parents and guardians were spoken too and encouraged to always support the children under their care despite having limited resources. They were cautioned about engaging children into child labour and making the children miss out on school on the large part of the term. The PLA administrator lira who himself was a former child soldier and having lived in camps and having lost both his parents due the war in the Northern part of Uganda, shared his person life experiences with the girls which encouraged them to also work hard so they can get out of their current situations in future. They children were encouraged and pledged to invest their time in education for a better future. HOMES MONITORING VISITS 3 home visits were made to Akello, Adongo and Obii and it was realized that the welfare of some girls had improved though Akello was still made to work overtime by her guardians. During the home visits, all girls shared that they were engaged in activities like helping their guardians in the gardens and in doing house chores. Beneficiaries Story- Akkelo`s story During the home visit, it was discovered that one of the beneficiaries Akello was having problems with her guardian who required her to work in the garden before going to school has caused her a lot problems and made her performance poor in class. She reported that before going to class, she first has to go to the garden and later to school at around 10:00am which is very late hence missing the first lessons. She added that she did not get time to revise her books or even copy notes for the lessons missed because after school she has to sell alcohol for her step mother. During the interactions with her aunt, she was unrepentant and promise to punish her for reporting by making her to plant all the cassava stems very early in the morning before going to school. She was counseled and cautioned. She was taught about good principles of child protection and she promised change During the second home monitoring visit, Okello`s living conditions had improved with the aunt having stopped to involve her in digging during the week and she reported that she no longer sells alcohol She only digs during weekends and on a small piece of land as compared to before. She was very happy for the intervention and promised to now concentrate on her school and PLANNED ACTIVITIES FOR NEXT QUARTER • Monitor progress and performance of the beneficiaries through conducting school and home visits • Offer physiological support and counseling • Provide scholastic materials. • Provide school lunch. CONCLUSION Despite the trying lives these girls endour they have continued to thrive under their school environment and many are among the best students in their respective schools due to the meals and materials provided. The guardians reported a relief and gratitude to the donors for enabling them get hope for these poor children. The girls reported that without education those around 13 years of age would have been forced into early marriages. .

Akech is a 13 year old girl who goes to Ireda Primary School and is currently in Primary Six.She was orphaned in 2010 when her father Opio died and her mother Ajok followed a suit in 2011 due to HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately Akech herself was born infected by HIV/AIDS. Her father had two wives and when her mother died in 2011 leaving her and her elder brother Andrew living with their stepmother who also have three other children of her own all young than Aketh. She loves school and the learning and studying it accords her. Her best subject is Science out of all the four subjects the she takes including Math, Science, Social Studies and Religious Education.


At the end of the year 2015 examination she was in the 15th position out of 183 pupils in her class During the first monitoring visit this year, her stepmother was requiring her to first help out in the restaurant which she runs before she can go to school. This was making Akech so tired to concentrate on her studies. She had also developed wounds on some of her body parts which require medical attention. Akech was encouraged and counseled to remain strong and endure as with continued treatment she will be pain free. Examples of many young adults were shared with her and a testimony from a 35 year old man who shared with her his own experience of living with HIV/AIDS since he was born encouraged her and told her that with a balanced diet and good hygiene one can live until old age. This was streaming from the fact that she was so scared that she was to die soon because her stepmother had told her that she will soon die. Alot of counseling is still needed to enable her copy with the situation and also counseling to the step mother to enable her respect Akech and support her development.

She smilingly promised to take better care of herself and to study hard to expect her hard life. ‘Akech remains grateful for the support that comes from the donors and she hopes that they continue to support her till she completes her education. “I want to become a doctor when i grows up so I can treat young children who are like me”. Says Akech


“Educate 200 War and HIV/AIDS Orphaned Ugandan Girls” is a project that has given hope and a better future through education to more than 100 beneficiaries in northern Uganda, despite the hardships endured due to the absence of their biological parents who they lost either to HIV/AIDS or the 21 years long LRA rebel war.

The girls have continued to show committed and love for a better future especially through the support in education and counseling that they are rendered with through the project.

Below is a detailed account of these project activities carried out in the months October, November and December 2015


16 school monitoring visits were this quarter made to the different schools that were inclusive of Lira Modern primary school, Lango Quran Primary school, Adyel Primary school, Lira parents Primary School, Sir Samuel primary school, Canon Lawrence primary school and Lira primary school. The visits were made on a daily basis.

This quarter the beneficiaries studied harder as they had to seat for their promotional examinations to the next class, the primary seven girls were very happy to finally seat their primary leaving examinations and were very excited to that they all look forward to scoring first grade so as to get the best secondary schools where they can attain their dreams.

The primary leaving examinations are a gate pass for the beneficiaries to another level of education.

To excel in their examinations, the beneficiaries are consulted with their class and subject teachers as they also revised some of the old examinations papers of mock and past examinations done.

The visits were to also made to encourage the girls and monitor their progress, their class notes and exercises that they have been carrying out

During the visits, PLA program Assistant advised the beneficiaries to study and work hard to become better people as well as have a better life in future.


In the month of November were had over 7 girls that sat their primary leaving examinations, they received encouragement/success cards that were received through their schools.

The cards to the beneficiaries show a sign of love to them from the organization, the girls especially Brenda expressed, I was so happy when my teacher called me out to receive my success card, I thought no one would do that for me, I showed it my friends and held on to it for over 2 days, happily shared Brenda.

As part of support to the beneficiaries, the girls get to share their fears and desires, this was one of the desires fulfilled.


19 PLA beneficiaries were this quarter counseled and talked to by PLA staff and especially PLA program Assistant who pays them visits both at school and at home.

As the year came to an end, a lot was expected to happen especially since there is a long school holidays coming up.

Some of the girls were scared that during the school holiday they would be over worked while others will be forced to get married. During the different sessions both during the school and home monitoring visits, the organizations has encouraged the girls to share how the feel openly.

A case in point is that of Awino who shared that at one point one of her uncles came home and told her guardians that there is a rich man in the village who is interested in marrying her, she cried a lot when she was asked what her thoughts were, she then shared her story with PLA program Assistant who called both the guardians Mr. and Mrs. Alunga. The guardians did share that the offer was tempting since they have over 9 children to take care of; they were advised at PLA office to take into consideration Awino’s decision and future.

Awino is still continuing with school and the guardians have too promised to support her as she studies.

PLA is to continue talking to both the guardians and the girls with more emphasis on the need for the girls’ education.


In the year 2016, we continue to ask for your continuous support to the girls to make them better people in life, the education that the girls receive especially because of your support, has prevented them from evils of early marriage and exploitation.

As 2016 continues, we will continue to monitor the progress of the girls, provide them to physiological support, scholastic materials and school lunch at the different schools within Lira district in northern Uganda.



13 years old Obii has been promoted to primary seven 7 in Omito Primary School, she was born to the late Omara and Akot their father died in 2002 and left her 15 year old bother in charge of the now family of 4.

Obii is in a child headed family.

Despite the hardships associated with child headed families, her dream is to become a nurse and science is her best and favorite subject.


“I love going to school because I get to learn new things and also meet my friends”, shared Obii

Obii’s brother Nelson was trained by a certain Organization welt hanger on how to make charcoal stove, this is what the family is now depending on for survival, “my brother makes the stove and after selling them, that’s when we can have money and get food to eat, but the main challenge is that he never has more money to buy materials to make more charcoal stove since all the money is always finished in buying home necessities, that’s when he starts to beg again for us to have something to eat”, narrated Obii.

Obii`s other brother and sister are not in school because there is hardly money to take care of them so all they do is play at home with assistance from well-wishers for survival.

Obii hopes to one day complete school and support her family as she is the only who was lucky enough to get scholarship.

“I will help my young ones and also support my elder brother when I finish school, I am their only hope” mentioned Obii.

Obii is happy for the support that she continues to get from the donors and she says she will continue to pray so that God will provide through them.






“Educate 200 War and HIV/AIDS Orphaned Ugandan Girls” is a project that has given hope and a better future through education to more than 150 beneficiaries in northern Uganda, despite the hardships endured due to the absence of their biological parents who they lost either to HIV/AIDS or the 21 years long LRA rebel war.

As the project continues to support girls in Lira many have through the organization’s connection and physiological support managed to have successful lives, as they got scholarship to higher levels of education while others have been enrolled in vocational institutions around lira district.

Many girls still need the support of the organization for a basic foundation in education that will help them become better citizens with a brighter future



16 school monitoring visits were this quarter made to PLA beneficiaries. The girls were visited in their different schools of Lira parents, Lira Police primary school, Lango Quran primary school, Sir Samuel Joe primary school, Adyel primary school, railways primary school, Ireda primary school and Lira modern primary school among others.

The girls have continued to actively participate in the school activities such as playing netball and joining the debate club. In preparation for the end of year sports day, the girls have also in their different colors participated in athletics, They Girls continue to portray good behavior as reported by their teachers and some of the guardian that PLA has interacted with



ALL the current PLA beneficiaries were this quarter counseled and talked to by PLA staff and especially PLA program Assistant and the administrative volunteer who was once PLA’s school beneficiary, He has also been sharing his experiences as a beneficiary of the project and what he did to make him successful today.


The girls have been encouraged to study hard because then it’s easy to get for them support for especially the different schools in Lira who especially provide support based on a student’s performance in either class or sports.



Many girls are still out forced to marry at an early age, forced to work beyond their means, because there is no one to support them into a better education, some of the girls continue to visit the office of Platform for Labour action to get into the program but Limited support is provided hence not all of them can benefit from it.


I therefore call all the well wishes to support these girls’s education; it will make their better future.



As the primary seven beneficiaries prepare for their primary seven examinations, there is need to plan for how they will continue to receive support in secondary school, the girls have worked hard to improve their performance so as to join secondary school.


PLA will continue to support the girls in providing them with physiological support, scholastic materials and school lunch. Monitoring visits to both the schools and homes will be carried out to analyze the progress of the girls in their performance at home and at school; this will ascertain what more support the girls will need.


More girls are going to be identified and introduced to the project to with the support from Global Giving donors and well wishers.


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