After School Tutoring Program

by Bosana Foundation


After School Program Report

October – December 2016

Number of volunteer instructors: 15

Average number of participants/beneficiaries: 60

Number of workshops held: 3 times a week for two hours  

Type of classes held: Intro to Math, English, German, Bosnian, physics, chemistry, Agro & Eco math and extracarricular activities such as handcrafts and jewelery making.

Program Summary:

During this reporting period, the instructions were geared towards helping beneficiaries prepare for the end of the first semester exams while also providing them some fun extracurricular activities to balance the stressful period. The attendance was higher than usual due to exams. This posted a bit of a problem managing all beneficiaires to make sure that everyone received the help that they needed; however, the results were very good based on beneficiaries final grades.

Instructive lessons

During the months of October, November, and December there was a huge interest from the beneficiaries to focus the instructions on mathematics. Five instructors worked with primary and secondary school beneficiaries. High school students were the most interested in this because the majority wanted to improve their grades in order to be accepted to the university. The most active was Sofija, high school senior, whose plan is to continue her education at one of the universities in Sarajevo. She had low grades in math because she didn't have anyone to explain it in more detail. Sofija was dilligent and overcame all the obstacles and improved her grades. Besides math, beneficiaries also had issues with subjects like physics, chemistry and English language. Our volunteer Adisa worked with beneficiaries who have issues with the English language. She worked twice a week with grammar and spoken English.

Creative workshops and IT

From October do December we included IT workshop where they learnt how to work with programmes such as Adope Photoshop, then how to programme with C++, JAVA and htmls and how to create their own web pages. The participants were highly interested in workshops where they could learn interesting things about different IT languages.

Aside from the IT workshops, like every other quarter, we also organise classes on sewing, how to make their own jewlery and decorations. At the sewing course, we had 5 girls learn how to work with a sewing machine and sew some simple items.

Pastime, social events and holiday shows  

Part of the afterschool program was to prepare a fun party in preparations for the New Years,. All the volunteers and beneficiaries were invited to have some fun together over refreshments and fun interactive games.                                                                                    

Achievements in this quarter:

  • Thanks to this program, children from the orphanage spend less time on the streets and more time in the classroom taking part in productive and fun activities.
  • High interest of children to regularly do homework, study and learn
  • Some of our high school beneficiaries are now much close to being college students
  • Free time used productively through creative workshops
  • Talents were exposed in workshops
  • Boys and girls showed great interest towards IT
  • Children are now apt to perform hands-on work skills they acquired in the workshops

Plans for the future month:

  • Instructional lessons, following the success of the children in school an assisting them
  • Foreign language learning
  • Children acquiring the skills to be self-sufficient
  • Educational and strengthening the children's home children
  • Creative workshops, quizzes

Project: "After school program" in JU "Dom porodica" Zenica

User: 6 - 24 year

Instructors: 15


Instructive lessons

Aside from our regular instructions with our beneficiaries in the afterschool program, mostly middle and high school students, we would like to highlight for the month of July, August and September that we worked also with college students. One particular success story of our After School Programme one of our beneficiaries was successful in entering the second year of studies at the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials. He had 13 subjects, 6 in the first semester and 7 in the second. Edin was very diligent and present at all the instructional classes and he even requested further constructional classes for some subjects. The most difficult for him were the subjects of Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Physics and Chemistry. We worked with him four times a week for three hours each time. He mastered integrals and other higher mathematical operations. Edin was very diligent with his homework and studies besides our instructive classes. Edin graduated from a high school that did not prepare so well their students with background knowledge that would assist them in college so his story is a success not only for him but also for us. He was very energetic in his studies and he asked for explanations of everything unclear to him. There were 4 volunteers working with Edin and he had a special instructor for Mathematics 1 and 2, Physics and Chemistry. His college professors also praised Edin. Edin was considered an average student in high school who did not stick out. When he decided to apply at a faculty everybody was sceptic of his success. Due to his diligence and hard work and our help through this project Edin is now in his second year of studies. Edin states that he is most satisfied with the courses we provide and he also suggest to other children from the home to participate in the classes who are interested in learning. He is a role model. (attached is Edin's index (report card) with scores that serve as a true testament to all the tens (A's) he has received).

Apart from Edin, we also held instructional classes in Mathematics, the English and German language, Physics, Chemistry and IT for primary school children of the 8th and 9th grade and also for high school students of the first and second year. The instructional lessons held in September included about 80 beneficiaries, which showed the need and interest for our afterschool program, as well as its success.


Creative workshops and IT education

Apart from instructive lessons in the orphanage through our Afterschool program we have also provide the beneficiaries with educational and creative workshops. Since the beginning of their summer break, we directed our efforts towards teenagers who were active but not productive, hence we included them in our activities. We included them in our IT lessons where it was our aim to have them have the largest possible number of children from the orphanage receive IT education which will be of use to them in their lives. In July and August we educated them in the Adobe Photoshop programme, C++ programming, Java and html web design where they could manage their own websites. The children were quite interested for this kind of education. The improvements in school were visible from the very beginning of the school year. Two girls and one boy also made a website for their school. Apart from the IT focus we also included handmade jewellery and manufacturing from old furniture, which was interesting to the children since they could perform some hands-on work. We decided that we wanted to include more workshops of this sort to make the beneficiaries able to use their skills to perhaps make some additional income.

Pastime, social events and holiday shows

Apart from the regular lessons, we have also provided beneficiaries with creative and educational workshops that included many fun activities. In June and August we organised excursions to Smetovi and Bistricak. During the month of Ramadan we organized two dinners to break the fast, as well as the celebration of the two Eids for 25 beneficiaries. We also celebrated two birthdays and we organised one summer soccer tournament. The beneficiaries are very happy with all the activities included in this programme and they are only hopeful that we will continue with the program and adding new creative workshops.

Achievements worth mentioning in this quarter:

  • Beneficiaries spent more productive time away from the streets and potential troubles.
  • High interest among beneficiaries to regularly do homework, study and learn.
  • We have one high school student who will start college in September.
  • Some new talents were discovered in workshops
  • Boys and girls showed great interest in IT sector.
  • Some beneficiaries have built great hands-on skills that they acquired in our afterschool program.

Plans for the next quarter:

  • More of our regular afterschool instructional lessons
  • Foreign language classes.
  • More workshops that help beneficiaries acquire skills to be more self-sufficient.
  • Creative workshops, quizzes.

Beneficiary at his middle school graduation
Beneficiary at his middle school graduation

Afterschool Program Zenica Orphanage

Quarterly Report

April – June 2016

Instructional classes

The month of April was geared towards helping children master the curriculum in various subjects to get them ready for end of the year exams. Close to 80 beneficiaries in elementary, primary and high school benefited from the instructions in mathematics, English, German, physics, chemistry and computer science. One of beneficiaries even completed his primary school with honors and received praises from his teachers. He was one of our regular attendees of the afterschool program from 5-8 grade where we worked with him four times a week for three hours on various subjects to help him reach this success. He had problems with various subjects so we feel a hugh accomplishment as well as the need for programs like our afterschool program when successes like these are made obvious.

This student is one clear example of the success of the Afterschool program.

Creative workshops and programming for girls

In addition to instructional classes, the beneficiaries at the orphanage also had the opportunity to attend other educational and creative workshops. From April to June we gave special attention to girls to educate them in the field of information technology. We included them in the global action for girls in information and communication technologies where the aim was to get as many girls educated in the field of information technology and to continue to apply this knowledge in their private lives. Only in April, we held 20 workshops for 2 hours each where the girls learned graphic design (how to work in a graphics program Adobe Photoshop, then programming C + +, Java and HTML, Web design where they could make their own real websites). There was great interest from children and particularly young women and girls from this type of instructions. The success and the results could be seen already in the month of May, where the girls alone in a graphic design program edited photos, began with the development of their own web pages, etc. Approximately 30 girls attended these workshops in small groups of maximum 8 girls. 

Entertainment, and events for the holidays

In addition to instructional classes, educational and creative workshops, we have also afforded to have fun. For the month of April and May, we organized excursions and educational trips to the Parlamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Vispak company and the EU Info Centre where the beneficiaries had the opportunity to get acquainted with a large local company Vispak, and also to see what it looks like inside the room of the Parliamentary Assembly where important decisions are made. In June during the month of Ramadan, we organized Iftar for 25 beneficaires who fasted during the month.  

Successes of the quarter:

• Approximately 75 beneficiaries improved their grades.

• Great interest from beneficiaries to complete homework and to learn new material.

• Middle school students graduated with honors and entered the high school

• We utilized beneficiaries free time in a useful way, through creative workshops.

• Various beneficiaries displayed their talents in making various creative items

• The girls have shown great interest in computer science and programming.

• Children and young people acquire the competence to work alone on decorating, items, etc.  

Plans for next months:

• Classes during summer holidays: educational excursions, foreign language courses and programming.

• Continuous instructional classes for beneficiaries who did not pass all of their classes (must attend summer school).

• Training beneficiaries to provide for themselves through various means. (creative workshops).

• Education and empowerment for children living in orphanages.

• Creative and fun workshops, quizes.


Project: "Afterschool program" in Zenica orphanage

Beneficaires:  6 - 14 years old

Instructors: 13


Instructional classes
During the first part of this quarter, the beneficiaries were on their school recess but a lot of them still attended our afterschool program to complete homework that they were given over the break, writing essays, and other various projects to fill up their days. The month of january recorded the visits of some 50 beneficiaries eventhough it was their school vacation. The beneficiaries were keen to learn new materials that they did not understand, but also to do their homework. For the month of february and march, the program received even greater number of participants to the afterschool program because the beneficiaries went back to school and so they had more exams to prepare, written assignments, etc. The largest number of the interested children were out of high school who wanted to achieve good results and have good grades in order to enrolled in college next year. This is one of greatest indicators for this program because the interest of the bneeficiaries to attend collage has greatly increasted over the years since our program started. We are certain that this is thanks to our continous work with the beneficiaries because we helped them improve their grades and increate their interest in school. For this reason, our goal was always to include as many high school students to receive the best possible lessons that would improve their grades. In some of the beneficiaries it is already evident that their interst and potential to further their studies and attend university has increased. In particular, its great to point out to two beneficaires who are perfect exemples of high school students who wanted to attend collage after finishing high school. Through our afterschool program we helped these two students master problems in classes that they did not perform as well. Currently, we have seven afterschool program participants who wish to go to college next year. Statement from one of the beneficiaries: «I am very grateful that this type of afterschool program exists in our orpahange where we can receive help with our school work, especially to students who wish to enter university. Without your help, I would not be able to cope with all the materials that I have in school and I'm very grateful for that»

Creative workshops , theater workshops and basic programming
During this reporting period, we have organized creative workshops and basic programming, as well as creative drama workshops conducted by three volunteers. The orphanage lacks extracurricular activities; therefore our goals through this program is to fill up their time with constructive activities and workshops. When we started with drama workshops, we received a large response from beneficiaries, especially in regards to basics of acting. Thirty five beneficiaries were interested right a way in this workshop. A large number of them were shy to participate in acting classes but after few workshops they were able to relax and get really into it.

In january, we also launched a workshop on basics of programming. Our goal is to given the participants another opportunity to take advantage of their leisure time in a useful way. Basics of programming in its three months of existance has attracted 25 beneficiaries. Besides programing, the participants were also given an opportunity to take apart computers and service them.

Furthermore, every weekend in March, we have organized educational and creative workshos for children where each time we gathered around 50 participants. They had the opportunity to draw and express their creative abilities and to work on their decoupage techniques. An extra bonus with this creative workshop was that the participants made a variety of pendants that they were able to sell for allowance.

Entertainment, and events for the holidays

To celebarte March 1 – BIH Independence day, we organized a fun filled yet commemorative day for the children from the orphanage. We organized a social gathering, education quiz aimed to teach the participants more about their homeland. The event we put together lasted for over five hours. Through our program, we also celebrated Easter. First, we painted about 100 eggs at the creative workshop, all part of the After school program. On the first day of Easter, the eggs were divided and then we organized a competition with the Easter eggs.

Successes in these months:

A large number of high school students who are now seniors and who have regularly attend our afterschool program have decided to enroll in college next year.

• Great interest of children for completing their homework and learning.

• Participants utilized their free time in a useful way, through creative workshops.

•Great response to the basics of programming and very quickly learning new materials.

• Launched awareness to learning about programming and made the first stand-alone application.

• Participants acquired the competence to make their own handcrafts and then had to learn to convince clients to purchase their products through convincing presentations.   

The plan for the following months:

• Instructional, afterschool classes to help with homework

• Preparation of beneficiaries who are seniors in high school to enter universities

• Organizing a celebration for high school graduates

• Training beneficiaries to provide means for themselves by producing various handcrafts.

• Education and empowerment of children from orphanage

• Creative workshops, quizzes, games and competitions.

Independence Day, March 1
Independence Day, March 1
Easter celebration
Easter celebration


Quarterly Report October – December 2015

"Afterschool program" at Zenica orphanage

Instructional classes

October month has been very active because the children went to school and had a big problem with mastering the curriculum. For most, there was a need for instruction in mathematics, English, German language, physics and chemistry for students in 8th and 9th grades of elementary school and for secondary school students. Instructional classes in October, November and December were attended by 75 children from the orphanage. We consider this a great success because 50 children fixed and/or improved their grades. In particular its worth mentioning that one beneficiary had such terrible grades in mathmatics that he was ashamed to go to class. After few months of intensive instructions several times a week the beneficiary received a B in his math class. This is to show the persistancy of our volunteers to help our beneficiaries master the classes and gain better knowledge.

Statement by one of our volunteers: “I'm glad I joined the team of volunteers helping children at Zenica orphange to achieve better results as each of them do when they receive enough attention and time. So many of them are really smart and after a short while improvements are clearly evident. For the two months I volunteered, a large number of children with bad grades drasticaly improved and even received higher ratings as proof of quality and good work with them, and of course their interest in working with us. I am proud of this and it's beautiful to work with the children and thus help them and to see them happy and satisfied.”

Creative workshops and learning foreign languages
The children in addition to instruction in October, November and December have had the opportunity to attend educational and creative workshops and courses in foreign languages. In early October, we formed a group of 15 girls and 10 boys, which met twice a week where they were able to make a variety of decorative gift items for the New Year holidays and the holidays that are nearing. This workshop was conducted by four volunteers and each of them worked with 6 students. This is very interesting for children as it gave them the opportunity to express their talents, be creative and see their work at the end. For three months we also held courses in English and German which was of great interest among children especially older high school students. Beneficiaries also participated in the “Hour of code” in the month of November and December and had the opportunity to learn programming. Since we do not have computers in the orphanage, we organized an educational trip for 25 children from the orphanage to travel to Sarajevo where we had an hour of programming to the CSPC. The children were delighted with this journey and they had an opportunity to learn something new from programming. With this we would like to encourage more children to learn and fight for themselves.

Entertainment, and events for the holidays

In addition to instructional classes, educational and creative workshops for the beneficiaries, we also treated them to some fun by celebrating the holidays and the New Year. In December, we organized Christmas celebration, New Year and a karaoke show where the children were enthusiastic and many children attended these parties. Christmas was celebrated in the club house where we bought them sweets, cakes, and the girls who participated in the creative workshops brought cookies that were made by them and the volunteers at workshops. The greatest joy for them was when we had prepared New Year's party, which lasted about 5 hours where children with the volunteers had a great time. They had a chance to demonstrate their talent with karaoke and about a dozen children sang and competed who is better at singing, and the best ones have received well-deserved awards. At the end of the party, children were delighted and wished that the party lasted longer.   They told us that no one so far has made such a good and nice New Year's party.

Success in these months:

• About 50 children drastically improved their grades.

• High interest of children for regular homework, learning and adopting new materials

• High school students improved their grades in mathematics.

• Utilized free time in a useful way through creative workshops

• Displaying talents in singing and playing music

• Launched the world to learn about programming and made the first stand-alone application

• Beneficiaries have acquired the competence to work alone on decorations, objects, etc ..


Plan to do in the following months:

• Winter Break (educational tours, language courses and programming)

• instructional classes (for students who have problems with learning)

• Education and empowerment of the beneficiaries

• Creative workshops, quizzes.

• Starting the music workshops and the establishment of a band.


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