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A seed to change Lives for 200 women in Gulu

by Volunteer Action Network
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Many of our clients in Northern Uganda missed the opportunity to go to school as majority are formerly abducted child soldiers, victims of sexual terrorism and horrific violence and poverty, but are now recovering and rebuilding their lives. Provide literacy education for 200 women for 8 months in Gulu is one way through VAC-NET can plant a seed that can change lives for women to secure future!


Northern Uganda is recovering from a 20+ year brutal insurgency, where for over a decade 1.5+ million people lived in IDP camps, facing violence, poverty and hopelessness. VAC-NET provides micro credit loans & literacy training to our clients, many of whom are formerly abducted persons, child soldiers, sex slaves, all having suffered unimaginable violence, many missed the opportunity to receive a basic education. This project trains 200 women every year in Literacy


This project provides an 8 month literacy training, every year, giving women the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to improve livelihoods, build self esteem & empower women. It includes: employing trained instructors, supplies, child care, lunch.

Long-Term Impact

Basic literacy and primary school education are universally recognized as being a human right; our clients, because of the conflict, they missed out this opportunity to attain basic reading and writing skills, our program focuses on building skills, restoring hope and empowering women to determine their future.


Organization Information

Volunteer Action Network

Location: Gulu - Uganda
Project Leader:
Bukenya Muusa
Gulu, Uganda