GlobalGiving Project Leader Manual

Download the Project Leader Manual

Your GlobalGiving Account

  • Navigating Project Entry (PE): Use step-by-step guides to post projects, reports, etc.
  • Projects: Get the answers to frequently asked questions about managing projects on GlobalGiving.
  • Project Reports: Learn about GlobalGiving's reporting requirements and how to write a compelling project report!
  • GG Rewards: Discover GlobalGiving's GG Rewards Program and how to raise your GG Rewards level! 
  • Donation Information and Thank You's: Access your donation information in real time. Manage your donor relationships through our Thank You emailer.
  • Disbursement and Donor Reports: Find out how often funds are disbursed, what is included in the disbursement report, how to change your disbursement contact and more. 
  • Web Analytics: Measure, analyze and experiment with customized data to learn what works best for your organization. 

GlobalGiving Policies

  • Due Diligence Renewal: Organizations must renew their due diligence documents every two years. Find out more.

Tools for Fundraising

  • Tips for Fundraising on GlobalGiving: What can your organization do to build and expand its online fundraising through GlobalGiving? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.
  • 2016 Calendar: This calendar includes the dates of important fundraising and effectiveness opportunities on GlobalGiving—Bonus Days, contests, academies, etc.—and valuable tips for fundraising online in 2016.
  • Online Fundraising Strategy Worksheet: Use this worksheet to assess your organization’s current fundraising capacity, set challenging goals, and create an effective fundraising strategy for the year.

Maximizing GlobalGiving