Nominate Your Organization

We are excited that you are interested in raising money for your project using our website! Please see below to learn more about GlobalGiving, how it works, and how you can fundraise on Then, take the time to tell us about your organization and why you want to raise money on GlobalGiving's site.


How does GlobalGiving help organizations raise money?

We are an online fundraising platform that works with registered organizations to raise money and organize donors for their work in communities all over the world. Unlike a traditional foundation, GlobalGiving does not provide grants. Instead, we offer organizations a unique set of online tools, strategic support, and the opportunity to connect with our vast network of individuals and corporations. Learn more about GlobalGiving.

How do I start fundraising on GlobalGiving?

  1. Nominate your organization to join GlobalGiving.
  2. Once you have submitted your nomination form, we will ask you to complete the application process, in which we request additional information and documentation about your organization.
  3. Organizations that successfully complete the application process will be invited to participate in GlobalGiving's Open Challenge, which usually lasts about 4 weeks. This is a great opportunity for your organization to test out GlobalGiving's site to see if you are able to use our online platform and fundraising tools to meet certain fundraising thresholds.
  4. Open Challenge participants that successfully raise at least $5,000 from 40 unique donors will be invited to become long-term members of the GlobalGiving community


Just want to recommend a project? Don't work at the organization or project that you want recommend?

No worries! Use this form to recommend a organization or project that should join GlobalGiving and we'll get in touch with someone who works there to get all of the information that we need.