Open Challenge

Raise money, expand your donor base, experiment with online fundraising!

Since 2008, GlobalGiving's Open Challenge process has helped more than 2500 organizations raise over $8 million from thousands of donors.

To secure a permanent spot on GlobalGiving, interested organizations are invited to participate in an Open Challenge. Open Challenges are not contests! GlobalGiving works with participating organizations to help them develop and execute their online fundraising goals. We host regular trainings leading up to the Challenge.

How It Works

Participating organizations are challenged to raise $5,000 from 40 donors for their GlobalGiving project by reaching out to existing supporters and prospective donors. The thresholds create a specific goal and call to action - to raise $5,000 from at least 40 donors. And the one-month deadline creates a necessary sense of urgency that allows you to encourage donors to give now and persistently follow up. See the results of the previous Open Challenge.

GlobalGiving Support

Before, during, and after the Challenge, GlobalGiving offers training, tips, and support to participating organizations. We know that a lot of organizations are new to online fundraising with specific outcomes in mind. So, we specifically designed tools and trainings to help you succeed!

Experiment with Online Fundraising

We think online fundraising is great! But it is not right for every organization. So, the Open Challenge is, in a sense, a 1 month trial version for your newly developed online fundraising strategy. We give your organization access to our online fundraising platform, complete with a donation manager, fundraising tools, trainings, and resources, and give you the chance to try growing and engaging your networks online. During those 4 weeks, you assess your network, internet access, and the feasibility of maintaining an online fundraising strategy.

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