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Monthly Mobile Library for Albanian Children
Today 1,050 children have monthly access to books, activities and improved learning in isolated and deprived mountainous communities in northeast Albania! The Mobile Library provides a monthly service to improve children's literacy and knowledge and love of reading in 40 rural communities. Kindergarten and school teachers loan books, puzzles and toys to improve and invigorate their lessons and the knowledge of the children. Children and teachers need your support to keep this invaluable service

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Sanctuary helps Suriname's sloths back to jungle
Green Heritage Fund Suriname (2005) rescues sloths and anteaters from urban areas in Paramaribo, Suriname in tropical South America. Professional care in natural surroundings with quarantine and treatment room will minimize trauma caused by contact with humans, reducing rehabilitation time and thus improving survival chances for the sloths and anteaters. This professional shelter will also serve as an educational center to teach visitors about consequences of habitat loss.

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