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Nepal Earthquake Relief - GlobalGiving

To date, 44,714 GlobalGiving donors have raised $6,204,727 in support of 95 locally-driven partners for the recovery effort.

On April 25, 2015, a powerful 7.8M earthquake struck Nepal near the capital of Kathmandu. On May 12, 2015, a second powerful 7.3M earthquake struck southeast of Kathmandu near Kodari. The damage from both quakes is widespread and an estimated 2 million people have been impacted. Aid groups are mobilizing to provide support and emergency supplies to the people impacted by the earthquake.

The projects listed below are providing emergency supplies and support to Nepal. All have been thoroughly vetted and will provide you with ongoing updates about the impact of your donation.

Safe Water for Healthy Nepal
A devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25 April 2015 and 7.3 magnitude on 12 May claimed life of around 9,000 people in Nepal and directly affected above 8 million people. Due to the destruction of houses, people were forced to refuge in open space and many lost their belongings. Around 24,000 classrooms and other school facilities have been damaged. With the limited water supply and the probability of using contaminated water, there is a high risk and increase of health and hygiene issues.
A Clean Solar Alternative to Kerosene Lamps, Nepal
A devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25 April 2015 and 7.3 magnitude on 12 May claimed life of around 9,000 people in Nepal and directly affected above 8 million people. Due to the destruction of houses, people were forced to refuge in open space and many lost most of their belongings. At many places, electricity distribution infrastructure has also been damaged and people are using kerosene lamp. This project aims to provide solar powered lamp.
Relief rebuilding to 25 communities in Nepal
by Tewa
Women and children are hard- hit in Nepal earthquake. Tewa is supporting community based women's organisations working in 14 severely affected earthquake districts to rebuild communities and lives, enabling grantees to use their local skills,knowledge in supporting pregnant, postnatal, physically challenged, indigenous,marginalized and most vulnerable communities. Peace and philanthropy centres as a pilot initiative,with psycho social counselling, barefoot volunteers/grantees will be mobilized.
Nepal Earthquake Appeal: Three Years on
There is a vast amount of unspent funding available for physical reconstruction in Nepal and almost none to stop the evil of child trafficking, which according to a recent Child Rescue Nepal survey has increased in the years since the earthquake. Help us to stamp out the sale and exploitation of children in Nepal.
School Environment Improvement Program - Nepal
ECCA initiated School Environment Improvement Program in the year 2000. Experience has shown that enrollment of students increases and is maintained when facilities (toilets, water, greenery) are improved. Training teachers is also required to effectively manage the classrooms, develop positive relationship with children and community, and facilitate curriculum that leads to better knowledge of sustainable living. A common vision for the development of school is also required.
Community resilience in Nepal
Since the 2015 earthquake, BRAC's work in Nepal has transitioned from providing immediate aid relief to building resilience in affected communities. Through programs that invest in the livelihoods of community members and integrate disaster preparedness components, including community health, girls empowerment, and skills development, BRAC aims to strengthen communities' capabilities to withstand future shocks and catalyze sustainable development.
Ama Ghar Displaced Children Fund
Many children were orphaned or displaced by disastrous 2015 earthquakes in Nepal. Ama Foundation is working with anti-trafficking organizations and the Nepal government to help find these children a safe home. We have already taken 15 of them into our Ama Ghar home, which can house 75 children - but we currently only have funding for the 50 children who currently live there. Please help us to raise the funds to take in more children and give them a loving home, an education and a future.
Bring Light to Isolated Villagers in Nepal
Many villagers in remote Nepal have no electric sources and rely on kerosene lamps and wood fires that pose fire and health hazards. Household solar electric systems are a simple solution. They provide clean electricity and opportunity for women to be bearers of light in their communities. With your help Karuna-Shechen will train and empower women to install 104 solar home lighting systems in isolated villages.
Girls: Better after quake
A 9 months mentorship program aimed at unleashing the social leadership of 15 adolescent girls of earthquake affected area of Nepal. This project will reach out to the girls in an individually tailored, empowering them with diverse skills. Nuwakot is a district with one of the highest destruction caused by earthquake in 2015, labor migration among adults and highest rate of girls trafficking. Hence, the need to enhance the leadership of adolescent girls is not only necessary but imperative.
"Support-A-Child" Help Child Go To School & Study
In Nepal, there are still many parents who do not send their children to school because of financial hardship. School enrollment and attendance need to be increased through care, support and building up child competency. Students need to be encouraged through hands-on practical learning, which will make learning interesting. Through an integrated approach with the curriculum, students will be trained to understand and gain deeper insight on various environmental issues affecting our daily life.
Nepal Earthquake : Support for remote communities
Last year, a powerful earthquake caused devastation in many areas of Nepal. Remote regions, such as Gorkha and Sindhulpalchok, were among the worst-affected, with some people losing everything. PHASE had been working in these areas for many years, and within days was coordinating an emergency response to hand out relief and keep essential services running. Now, PHASE is supporting permanent rebuilding and long term recovery of these communities so they can again become self-sustainable.
Support Earthquake Victims in Nepal
This project has been created by CDC Nepal to support those children of tremor stricken families in Kathmandu valley its surrounded districts of Nepal to continue their school education.
Holistic Rehabilitation for Post-Earthquake Nepal
by IsraAID
This project aims to anticipate and respond to the many food security, health, shelter, education, and trauma/protection-related challenges that will affect earthquake affected communities in Nepal in the coming months, focusing on the impending arrival of the monsoon.
Help a Nepali child remain with a loving family
The "Kinship Care" model covers educational as well as living expenses for children. Children in this program either have parents who cannot afford to care for them or who have been orphaned by the 2015 earthquake. NYF finds the child's nearest kin and provides support for the family to cover the child's education and upbringing.
Providing Free Health Services to 10,000 Villagers
Before RMF opened a health clinic in January 2016, the villagers of Arupokhari, Gorkha had to travel 4-5 hours to the nearest hospital for proper medical attention. Now through our initiative, the people of Arupokhari and nearby villages have access to 24/7, free health services, including medicines at a highly subsidized rate. One year later, in March 2017, the RMF Health Clinic has treated 7,568 patients, averaging 504 patients a month.
Support Nepal Earthquake Relief
A devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25 April 2015 and 7.3 magnitude on 12 May claimed life of around 9,000 people in Nepal and directly affected above 8 million people. Due to the destruction of houses, people were forced to refuge in open space and many lost most of their belongings. Around 24,000 classrooms and other school facilities have been damaged. After conducting immediate relief distribution works, now, ECCA is focusing on recovery, rehabilitation and rebuilding works.
Rebuild a Secondary School for 250 Kids in Nepal
The Shree Bhumimata secondary school was forced to close its doors after being badly damaged in the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Its 250 students, most from disadvantaged families, were forced to attend class in a temporary space which is crowded, cold and ill-equipped. This project will rebuild the village school, providing quality education in a safe space to a community which is in dire need of an opportunity to rise out of poverty and combat gender inequality and discrimination.
Help Rural Nepal Villages Rebuild and Recover
This program is a multi-faceted approach to helping earthquake survivors effectively and sustainably rebuild their communities. A key aspect of our work is to involve beneficiaries in their own self recovery by listening to their priorities and providing training in build-back-better principles. Current initiatives: complex demolition and rubble removal to free up scarce build-able land; building earthquake resilient homes and schools; and providing permanent, private toilets for families.
Safe to Grow, Protecting Nepali Children after EQ
by Kidasha
The devastating Nepal earthquake in 2015 destroyed families and livelihoods, and pushed one million into extreme poverty. While many are able to recover, thousands of children have migrated to cities, forced to live and work on the street. Without the support of their families, they are extremely vulnerable and exposed to trafficking and exploitation. Kidasha is directly supporting children in crisis: street & working children, victims of abuse and children living in urban slums.
Earthquake Relief Fund: Rebuild Chanaute's Clinic
Three years ago this April, Nepal was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. At the time, we had a volunteer on the ground. Fortunately, she and clinic staff were safe, as well as the villagers. However, the clinic itself caved in, destroying medical supplies as well as staff and volunteer possessions. Funds are urgently needed to rebuild the Chanaute clinic and replace equipment and supplies so that we may continue treating patients in need. Please help us to reach our goal!
Shelters for 60 Earthquake (EQ) Survivors in Nepal
This project will build earthquake resistant shelters in Kavrepalanchowk District, central region of Nepal for 60 earthquake survivor households. The implementation of this project is envisaged for creating the shelter to enhance their lives and ease to withstand on secure livelihood options on safety means for the earthquake survivors in the project area.We will support the poorest of the poor households who have not able to prepare the shelter, and impose to stay in the open sky.
Help us rebuild schools in Nepal
The Santi School Project has years of valuable experience reaching deep into the mountainous corners of Nepal, helping to shape lives for the better. This project will support rebuilding of schools and classrooms damaged or destroyed in the earthquake, both in villages where we have long-lasting partnerships as well as villages that need to restore their schools after the earthquake. 100% of funds we receive will be spent in Nepal.
Building 10 classrooms for 500 students in Nepal.
On April 25, 2015 a 7.8 & May 12th with 7.3 M. earthquakes struck Nepal. The both earthquakes destroyed over 36,000 classrooms leaving 1 million children unable to return to school. The Small World working communities in Solukhumbu district destroyed 1045 classroom. We immediately built 20 learning temporary shelter benefits over 1500 children & 15 permanent classrooms which benefited over 700 children. But we need your urgent help to build 10 more classrooms to keep 500 children in schools.
Earthquake recovery in Sindupalchowk, Nepal
The earthquake in Nepal on the 25th April, 2015 has shattered the lives of millions of people destroying homes, fields and livelihoods. Sindhupalchowk district, to the north of Kathmandu, has suffered more than other areas. Statistically there have been more deaths than anywhere else, whole villages have disappeared, yet it is still not receiving much government support. The Nepal Trust will support agriculture development and the livelihood of local farming families in this area.
Disaster Relief for Nepal
We are establishing a fund to help with the relief efforts for the devastating earthquake. Money will be given to charities that we are working with and local communities that were affected by this tragedy. Global Reach International has local contacts from Nepal that will get the funds directly to the people in need. Money will be used to buy food, medical supplies, construction material for re-building, and other necessary items needed for relief.
Restore Schools-Restore Lives
There are 450 students in 5 primary schools without school supplies and proper classrooms. We will provide: *60 desks for 1st graders that are relegated to doing school work on bare floors. * book shelves and area rug for library * art supplies and sports equipment to enhance educational experience and promote attendance. Restoring educational opportunities will enable these children to avoid child labor and child trafficking with hopes of a brighter future.
Nepal Earthquake Recovery
On Saturday, April 25, a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, followed by powerful aftershocks in the coming days. Destruction is widespread throughout the country and it is going to take a long time to recover. The American Himalayan Foundation has created an Earthquake Disaster Recovery Fund to help with long-term rebuilding and recovery as the people of Nepal struggle to put their lives back together in the months - and likely years - to come.
Build educational center for 100 children in Nepal
HimalayanLife is building a regional school in Yangri, one of the hardest hit areas of Nepal in the 2015 earthquake. After substantial assistance in relief and rebuilding, the key to the future of the area is education. Only if good schooling is available to their children, families will reinvest themselves in the region and truly rise from the ashes, rather than migrating abroad and facing the uncertainties of migrant workers in India or the Gulf countries.
Restore Home-stay run by 10 farmer women in Nepal
This project will help 10 farmer women to resume a home-stay program that was abandoned due to the damage of their houses by the 2015 earthquake. These women were supporting the community-based orphaned and abandoned childcare program by providing 10 % of their income-ensuring sustainability and allowing the children to gain a sense of family and community belonging. They are in dire need of financial assistance and technical support to reconstruct their houses and resume the home-stay program.
Nepal Earthquake
The remote villages in which we work were hit hard by the recent earthquake. All infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed. Aside from dZi, no other aid organizations work in these remote areas. We are focusing our funding on helping to rebuild these and the neighboring forgotten communities.
Joining Together to Rebuild Nepal
Edge of Seven's mission is to support sustainable, earthquake-resistant buildings that build better access to education in rural Nepalese communities for girls. This project is directly connected to our efforts to help rebuild Nepal today and into the future as the communities in the Solukhumbu recover from two earthquakes. By building classrooms, toilets, water supplies and everything related to a successful school system, we will help girls attend, graduate and continue their education.
Disaster Support for Families in Nepal
The earthquakes and aftermath continue to wreak havoc in Nepal. Global Family Village is partnering with the CHHATRAPATI FREE CLINIC (CFC), HIMALAYAN HUMAN RIGHTS (HIMRIGHTS) & GLOBAL FAMILY VILLAGE-NEPAL (GFV-N) to assist victims that are without proper shelter or sufficient food, and are becoming more vulnerable and at-risk. The 3 organizations have created a comprehensive program that is empowering & sustainable, helping the families to heal and become strong.
Earthquake shocks Nepal
On April 25, 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal; estimated 8100 people are confirmed dead. Unknown number of people are injured and displaced in remote part of Nepal. Government and the other big international aids groups are still trying to reach remote area villages. However JHF has sent team of volunteers on foot carrying supplies on their back to many villages. Please visit our Facebook page for up-to-date info!
Restore School Libraries in 5 Village Schools
It is now 1 year after the April 25, 2015 earthquake and schools are still waiting to be refurbished. Improving schools will encourage attendance and promote safety for the children while parents are busy in the fields. A child in school is safe from child traffickers and child labor. Our goal is to provide a good education, safety, relief from poverty and a window to the world through books..
Empower Nepal to Rebuild Safer Houses and Schools
Nearly two years after the 2015 earthquakes hundreds of families are living in dilapidated temporary shelters. Thousands of children are learning in temporary spaces, many of which are open to the harsh Himalayan elements. They do not need to. Even unsafe houses may be salvageable through retrofitting, which is much faster and cheaper than rebuilding from scratch. We want to get families back in safe houses and schools now. Our Board and supporters will match your donation 100%, up to $45,000.
Rebuild School for 479 Nepalese Children
PSD is working with community leaders in Harmi, Gorkha to rebuild a school that was damaged beyond repair in the recent earthquake. This school serves 479 children in grades 1 through 10. Getting these kids back in school not only keeps their education on track, but also helps restore a sense of normalcy after the trauma of the earthquake and its aftermath. While construction is underway, we will support the children with temporary classrooms, extracurricular activities, and counseling services.
Rebuilding & aiding mountain communities in Nepal
The recent earthquake has caused catastrophic destruction, injury and death in many outlying communities of Nepal that are located in remote and mountainous regions.

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Impact on Nepal Relief

To date, 44,714 GlobalGiving donors have raised $6,204,727 in support of 95 organizations responding to the Nepal earthquake.
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