GlobalGiving is supporting a number of Mexico earthquake relief projects that are responding to the needs of their communities. All of the projects have been thoroughly vetted and are providing ongoing updates about the impact of your donation. Here are some of the recent updates:

Mexico: an urgent school for the children of NPH - Fondazione Francesca Rava Nph Italia Onlus

Rebuilding update #2

Apr 27, 2018   All of our schools suffered damages on different levels. In order to ensure our children’s safety, the first measure we took was obtaining a structural safety assessment for all the buildings, which helped us to define the work that needed to be done.  Based on the structural reports, the first stage began by restructuring the dividing walls. The worst damage we had in the classrooms was the separation of the beams and walls from the columns, endangering the whole structure. The.... Read more

Safe and Reliable Post-Earthquake Education - Amextra, Inc.

7 months and 7 days since the earthquake

May 1, 2018   It has now been exactly 7 months and 7 days since the devastating earthquake in Mexico that affected Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Morelos, and Puebla. While the country has not forgotten the tragedy and especially not the lives lost, for many, daily life has returned to some level of normalcy. In this first trimester of the year, the Community Center in Tultitlán has continued providing academic support to children and adults. 45 children and 8 adults so far, to be exact. The space.... Read more

Temporary School in Xochimilco, Mexico City - Fundacion El Buen Socio Te Apoya, A.C.

Bringing Stability to San Gregorio's Children

Apr 23, 2018   Six months.  The six months since the earthquake here in Mexico came and went in the blink of an eye, but yet it also feels like forever. Life has settled into a new reality in San Gregorio. Things are still well too far from being back to normal, but the community is forming new routines to give some organization to daily life in a town still too filled with chaos. Berenice, the community member who has been with the children since the beginning, taking care of them on the street, has good.... Read more

Help Mexico with earthquake relief efforts - Proforestal A.C

We thank for your help!

Apr 19, 2018   In the first stage, basic necessities were distributed in some affected communities. in this the second stage, after observing how civil and military authorities organized themselves to collaborate in the reconstruction and reestablishment of the work sources of the population, a field investigation was implemented together with the Proforestal personnel in the place, would allow to determine those families that would have had material losses and that at the same time would be affected in their.... Read more

Mexico, Puebla and Morelos Earthquake Relief - International Community Foundation

The aftermath of the Disaster

Apr 6, 2018   In the past September; 5 states of Mexico were shaken by historical earthquakes, leaving thousands of families homeless and destabilizing the economy in these areas considerably. We were able to raise more than $ 600,000USD, with the support of ICF committed donors and foundations in the USA that have seen in ICF as a reliable partner to get their resources to those who need it most in Mexico. To date, we have been able to grant more than $ 250,000 USD to local organizations working with.... Read more

Earthquake Relief for Chiapas & Oaxaca, Mexico - Proyecto Impacto Consultores, AC

The S7 Eathquake Reconstruction Process

Mar 26, 2018   Committed to long-term recovery, NGO impacto keeps working in the Earthquake Recovery & Reconstruction Program. We are coordinating these efforts as a joint force with based-NGO partners to ensure that the families and women artisans have durable homes and safe constructions. Secure spaces lead to economic stability and to empower women to establish their own strength, stability and self-sufficiency. This report aims to show that your donations have been used effectively, and that at the.... Read more

Proyecto Caracol: Emergency Fund - Fondo Unido I.A.P.

Proyecto Caracol Global Giving Healthy Environment

Mar 23, 2018   REPORT OF GLOBALGIVING, PROYECTO CARACOL HEALTHY ENVIRONMENTS General Objective: Better quality of life, based on the universal access of children to optimal child development. Specific objectives: 1. Implement the "Healthy environments" strategy with teachers of the Nezahualcóyotl kindergarten through the delivery of the handbook and a sensitization workshop. Get to know the school physically and interact with the school community. Make a social diagnosis in the education institutions.... Read more

Emergency Earthquake Response in Mexico - IsraAID

Emergency Earthquake Response in Mexico - Update #2

Mar 19, 2018   The IsraAID Emergency Response team has been working across the state of Morelos, Mexico, which was badly affected by September’s earthquake. The team has focused on specific towns, including Jojutla, Zacatepec and Cuernavaca, and identified several key areas of need: Temporary learning spaces: The earthquake affected 1,527 schools in the state of Morelos alone; which is 84% of the state’s schools. 40 schools collapsed entirely, and many suffered severe damage. The.... Read more

Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund - GlobalGiving

Three stories from the ongoing recovery in Mexico

Mar 15, 2018   As we move into the seventh month of earthquake recovery efforts in Mexico, we’re excited to share how your donations have helped local organizations identify needs in their community and achieve key milestones in critical projects. While we have seen significant progress in many projects, some of the work is still just getting underway, and it will require several years to support Mexico in its full recovery and development. Today we’d like to highlight the inspiring work done by.... Read more

Rebuilding communities affected by 8.2 Earthquake - Cooperacion Comunitaria A.C.


Mar 1, 2018   After the diagnosis finished, maps of vulnerability were made, as well as a map that identified houses with partial damages and total damages in Ixtepec, Oaxaca. From then on, meetings with earthquakes victims are taking part in two separated groups.  Due to lack of mason workers in the region, starting to build 70 houses has been slow. The work has begun little by little. Nine new houses are building foundations and 43 reinforced houses have started pulling the plaster down to see the.... Read more

Mexico City Earthquake: Help Children Survivors - Jake's Diapers, Inc.

Diapers for Mexico Earthquake Relief

Feb 26, 2018   I can hardly believe it's been five months since the earthquake. When disaster strikes, most people think of food, shelter, clothing, and water. Diapers are an overlooked, yet basic need that you chose to provide to children in Mexico. Thank you!  Our work in Earthquake Relief has been quite the education in patience and flexibility. The diaper kits we provide are easily handwashable, and have two main parts: the waterproof cover (or shell), and the insert (the absorbent part). Because of.... Read more

Support Grassroots Earthquake Recovery in Mexico - Sociedad Mexicana Pro Derechos de la Mujer, A.C.

Findings from Women Rebuilding their Communities

Feb 26, 2018   The Women Rebuilding their Communities program was designed as a long-term response to the destruction following the earthquakes that occured in southern and central Mexico in September 2017. Now after the immediate aid has ended and much of the attention has been refocused elsewhere, we are getting ready to fully implement our reconstruction program, based on a complete stakeholder mapping and needs assemssment with concrete data and information from the affected areas. In order to understand.... Read more

Habitat for Humanity: Mexico Earthquake response - Habitat for Humanity International

Feburary 2018 Progress Report

Feb 22, 2018   FACTS: According to UN (OACHA) • 337 deaths • 153,545 damaged houses (of which 24,526 were completely destroyed) • Almost 10,000 schools affected • More than 32,000 people live in temporary shelters   RESPONSE PLAN: HFH Mexico takes actions in 4 states of the country (Chiapas, Morelos, Oaxaca and Puebla) in addition to Mexico City, which involves around 26 municipalities and one delegation (district) in Mexico City. Main criteria: Population located in the localities of.... Read more

Safe and Reliable Post-Earthquake Education - Amextra, Inc.

Building Community Through Education

Jan 29, 2018   Within hours of the September 19th, 2017 earthquake, reports of damages in nearby schools began to spread around the town, and the staff at the Amextra Community Center knew immediately that this would change the community in Tultitlán forever.  They heard reports of damaged stairways, collapsed walls, and fallen ceiling panels in schools. Repairing the damages to the buildings and the confidence of the parents and children was going to take a while. In the days after.... Read more

Mexico: an urgent school for the children of NPH - Fondazione Francesca Rava Nph Italia Onlus

Rebuilding update #1

Jan 23, 2018   In its first stage, the rebuilding force of NPH Mexico focused on defyning the priority needs for the children's daily lives: housing and schooling. Two sets of actions took place: immediate repairing of the structures that were only lightly damaged by the quake and assessment of those structures that needed to be demolished and rebuilt afresh. The works ultimated as of December 31 include interventions on some of the dorms and all the school buildings. Middle school.... Read more

A new Mexico is possible - Un Techo para mi Pais Mexico A Roof for my Country

We continue bulding houses

Jan 24, 2018   In the first stage of reconstruction, carried out between October and December, 314 emergency homes have been built in five states affected by the earthquakes: State of Mexico, Mexico City, Morelos, Puebla and Oaxaca. We continue to build homes in this first half of 2018, with the help of donors from companies and individuals, we will be able to build 221 more emergency homes, adding the State of Chiapas to the list. Thanks to the help of your donations, we will be able to reach more families,.... Read more

Temporary School in Xochimilco, Mexico City - Fundacion El Buen Socio Te Apoya, A.C.

Lack of Education Bigger Than We Thought

Jan 26, 2018   “Are you guys open today?” said Manuel eagerly, zooming across the busy road on his bike to catch us before we went inside the Campamento de Niños de San Gregorio.  We had arrived on a Saturday morning with plumbers to expand the available bathrooms, and Manuel had been watching us patiently from across the street as we opened up the large metal gates sprinkled with colorful handprints of the children who spend time in the Campamento.  We were curious to meet such an.... Read more

Help Mexico with earthquake relief efforts - Proforestal A.C

Update from the Isthmus

Jan 19, 2018   Last December we started the reconstruction of the economy, with the evaluation of kitchen´s damages, bread and comixcales ovens, a very important productive infraestructure. We visit communities to verify the damages of these infraestructure to start suplying comixcal ovens and bread ovens to reboost the economy. We visited  San Blas, 20 Comixcales (clay ovens) were fabricated to help families which primary income is the sale of totopos; In Santa Rosa we deliver 20 telares.... Read more

Helping families affected by Mexico Earthquakes - World Vision

Final report

Jan 19, 2018   Thank you for your support of World Vision's disaster relief work in Mexico after the devastating earthquakes last September. Here is a brief summary of all that was accomplished.  Through the support of more than 400 volunteers and 60 institutional allies, World Vision Mexico was able to serve 10,229 children, 7,858 adults and 2,389 families.  World Vision (WV) support included: Protection of children with friendly spaces. In total, 42 Child-Friendly Spaces (CFS) were opened,.... Read more

Mexico, Puebla and Morelos Earthquake Relief - International Community Foundation

Mexican Earthquake Relief Overview

Jan 10, 2018   As of December 2017, ICF has granted over $270,000 to support local organizations who are addressing urgent basic needs and community-driven rehabilitation efforts. We are in regular communication with our grantees and trusted partners on the ground in order to identify critical needs in the medium to longer term rebuilding phases. Phase 1: Short Term Objectives ICF's short-term objectives were to support immediate needs of affected children, in order to get them back to school as soon as.... Read more

Earthquake Relief for Chiapas & Oaxaca, Mexico - Proyecto Impacto Consultores, AC

The reconstruction of hope has begun

Dec 27, 2017   Fifteen weeks had passed since the devastating 8.2-magnitude earthquake strucked the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico. Approximately 2.3 million people were affected with 90 deceased. The results of the official census revealed that the earthquake caused damages in more than 12,000 houses in the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, close to 4,000 with total damage and more than 8,000 with partial damage; besides the psychological consequences suffered by the population, mainly children and.... Read more

Proyecto Caracol: Emergency Fund - Fondo Unido I.A.P.

Proyecto Caracol

Dec 27, 2017   Actions we have implemented until December 2017 1.    Mapping of actions and actors in the face of emergency by territories. 2.    Immediate actions: Donations in kind and temporary spaces.  3.    Diagnosis of local needs with community involvement.  4.    Prioritization of needs and opportunities according to established criteria that guarantee investment.  5.    Planning and execution of projects with.... Read more

Emergency Earthquake Response in Mexico - IsraAID

Update from Mexico

Dec 20, 2017   On September 19th, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit near Puebla, Mexico. The earthquake struck approximately 140km south-east of Mexico City, just two weeks after the last lethal earthquake, magnitude 8.1, hit Mexico’s southern coast. The destruction, from the most powerful earthquakes to hit Mexico since 1985, was immense. There were over 230 confirmed fatalities and thousands of houses and buildings, as well as key infrastructures, were damaged, including: public buildings; churches;.... Read more

Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund - GlobalGiving

The recovery continues in Mexico

Dec 19, 2017   This September, Mexico was struck by two of the most powerful earthquakes the country has ever experienced. On the 7th, the first earthquake hit off the southern coast and rumbled through the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas. Just two weeks after, on the 19th, a second temblor struck central Mexico causing widespread damage across Mexico City, Puebla, and Morelos. The loss of life and the destruction of buildings, infrastructure, and livelihoods have put many communities in vulnerable states in the.... Read more

Rebuilding communities affected by 8.2 Earthquake - Cooperacion Comunitaria A.C.

Knowing the consequences of disaster

Nov 20, 2017   After the earthquakes of September 7th and 23th, that caused lots of  damages and affectations to hundreds of communities in the country, Cooperación Comunitaria visited different communities in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca, evaluating the degree of emergency.In two months  thanks to you generous donations we have being able to carried out the following activities: - Work meetings with social production organizations, to coordinate the social habitat´s.... Read more

Helping families affected by Mexico Earthquakes - World Vision

One month after the earthquakes in Mexico

Nov 3, 2017   Last September Mexico was shaken by two earthquakes of 8.2 and 7.1 degrees on the Richter scale, claiming the lives of 440 people in the most affected states: Chiapas, Tabasco, Puebla, Morelos, Guerrero, the State of Mexico, Oaxaca and Mexico City.  World Vision Mexico responded immediately, helping to date to more than 6950 people. The focus was the protection of children, the provision of food, the provision of hygiene items and clean water and the supply of tools and protective.... Read more

Help Mexico with earthquake relief efforts - Proforestal A.C

Relief efforts in South Oaxaca

Oct 24, 2017   Hi, We still continue helping victims of the eartquake in Oaxaca, We visited two more places to give blankets, tents, and cots. People is still recovering from the stroke, and are grateful for the help. And We have another problem, heavy rains started and this is making trucks to have a difficult time reaching these areas.  Proforestal staff and volunteers have deployed where possible to assist with debris removal and coordinate with other response agencies (Army) to provide aid to affected.... Read more

Mexico, Puebla and Morelos Earthquake Relief - International Community Foundation

ICF has been responding to earthquakes in Mexico

Oct 17, 2017   We have been in regular communications with our grantees and advisors/partners in all of the affected regions to identify relief, recovery and longer-term rehabilitation opportunities. Most of our current and potential grantees are still assessing needs and taking time to craft longer term reconstruction strategies, so we will be continuing to work with them on those. Our short-term objective is to address the immediate needs of affected children, to help normalize their lives and get them back.... Read more

Earthquake Relief for Mexico - Global Vision International Charitable Trust

The first necessities delivered to Mexico

Oct 9, 2017   Dear Supporters,  On the 4th of October two of our Mexico field staff have been on the go, they flew out to Oaxaca State to start with the relief program set out to aid those affected by the Hurricane that hit on the 7th of September.  "Today was a hard day, we saw front line te disaster caused by the continuos Earthquakes in Oaxaca communities. We drove for hours and met many families and saw first hand what their needs were. Tonight we will sleep a little bit better knowing that.... Read more

Help Mexico with earthquake relief efforts - Proforestal A.C

Preliminary evaluations undertaken in Oaxaca.

Oct 6, 2017   Another eartquake struck the region of Oaxaca, Mexico on Saturday, September 23, unlike the national and state capital cities, the region does not have a seismic alert system. For many in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec Saturday´s shaking was the strongest of thousands of aftershocks that have been rocking the region for weeks now. Just yesterday, October 4, there were 4 strucks that hit the region. Proforestal send a team to start helping the communities giving shelther supplies. The team.... Read more

Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund - GlobalGiving

Your donation at work in Mexico

Sep 25, 2017   Last Tuesday's 7.1-magnitude earthquake in central Mexico struck a country and people still reeling from the 8.1-magnitude quake that devastated Oaxaca and Chiapas on September 7. Thanks to the generosity of more than 10,000 of you who've raised nearly $1 million already to support our nonprofit partners in Mexico hard at work assisting survivors of both earthquakes, the first round of funding from the Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund is already on the ground. Your donations are supporting: Un.... Read more

Emergency Response to the Mexico Earthquake - International Medical Corps

Final Report on Emergency Response to the Mexico Earthquake

Sep 12, 2017   After careful consideration and initial assessments of the impact of the 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Mexico, International Medical Corps has decided not to deploy its disaster response teams. We were ready to respond to the health care, water and sanitation, and other immediate needs of the earthquake’s victims, but have decided to stand down because the Government of Mexico has not yet asked for international assistance beyond those groups already working in-country—a decision we.... Read more

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