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Mexico Earthquake Relief and Recovery:
What's Happening and How to Help


On Sept. 19, 2017, Mexico City and surrounding states, including Morelos and Puebla suffered devastation from a 7.1M earthquake. This followed an 8.1M quake in Oaxaca on Sept. 7. Each of the projects below will support relief efforts in Mexico led by our vetted nonprofit partners. You can donate directly to a specific project, or you can give to GlobalGiving's Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund.

Donations to GlobalGiving's Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund will be divided among our vetted nonprofit partners on this list relative to where the need is greatest. This list of responding organizations and their recovery projects will continue to grow as our partners in the affected areas have the capacity to post projects and updates.

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We believe organizations that are deeply rooted in local communities are often in the best position to provide long-term support for disaster victims. By funding the relief efforts of locally driven organizations, donations to GlobalGiving's Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund have the potential to build stronger disaster-response capacity so that our nonprofit partners in the affected areas are better equipped to face future disasters. Read more about our approach to disaster relief here.



Mexico Earthquake Relief and Recovery:

Education & Health for 250 children in Tultitlan
In this project, 250 children become agents of change in their families and communities. Children and their parents have access to formal education, tutoring, Values for Non-violence workshops, urban gardens, nutrition counseling, psychological accompaniment, and have a space where they can believe in their ability to learn and lead. The Community Center where this project takes place is less than 1 mile from the municipal landfill, and many families make a living by separating garbage.
Women economic empowerment for earthquake relief
We offer an impact evaluated training in managerial and personal initiative skills for women entrepreneurs in earthquake affected areas. This project aims at the economic recovery of earthquake affected areas through women's entrepreneurial activities and transformations of ideas into enterprises. This project intends to fund the training of 35 women, aiding them to contribute to their communities recovery through their economic empowerment.
Rebuilding communities affected by 8.2 earthquake
After a magnitude 8.2 earthquake in the south of Mexico, more than 60,000 houses were damaged in Oaxaca state. In response, we developed a project with communities of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec region, that includes reconstruction of housing, kitchens and ovens; constructions of new housing, school-kitchens, and a center of arts and crafts. All of these, recover traditional characteristics and techniques that are added to a reinforced system against earthquakes and strong winds in the region.
Earthquake Recovery for Chiapas & Oaxaca, Mexico
Last September 7 a devastating 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico. Approximately 2.3 million people were affected and the number of deaths increased to 90. In addition, the tropical storms and hurricanes that have impacted this area have complicate the situation. Thousands of people have lost their homes and are living with no roof in raining, with high health risk.
Restoration of habitat and home in Rio Pachine
The Mixe indigenous community of Rio Pachine suffered severe damage from the September 2017 earthquakes. In addition, the dirt floor on which the houses, streets and courtyards are located, has been deeply cracked. Due to its geological formation, this land accumulates risks of collapse, destroying new or rebuilt houses. In order to safely rebuild the houses on the same area, it is necessary to adapt the area for any other natural incidents, such as heavy rainfall or other earthquakes.
Support Grassroots Earthquake Recovery in Mexico
Following the recent series of earthquakes in Mexico, Fondo Semillas created the "Women Rebuilding their Communities" Fund to provide grants and technical assistance to local women's groups working on recovery efforts in their communities. The spirit of collaboration that emerged in response to the earthquakes makes this an ideal time to not only re-build, but also promote sustainable development and better living conditions in communities throughout Mexico.
Rebuilding lives of Mexico's earthquake victims
Impulsemos un nuevo modelo de reconstruccion eficiente en Mexico! Hagamoslo a traves de una politica publica de derechos humanos y autogestion que responda a las diferentes necesidades de las 180 mil familias en viviendas danadas por los temblores de 2017. Let's promote a new model of efficient reconstruction in Mexico! Let's do it through a public policy based on human rights and self-management, able to respond to the different conditions and needs of the 180,000 families in damaged homes.
Training for self-construction and self-management
Since the earthquake occurred in Mexico in September 2017 Investigacion y Soluciones Socio Ambientales A.C. supported by Mexico Une trained members of San Pablo Hidalgo, resulting in 6 self-constructed temporary shelters like bamboo yurts. Currently, the Instituto Tecnologico de Zacatepec supports in advising the inhabitants of the community to build permanent homes and strengthen the social fabric. Your donation facilitates the continuation of counseling and training.
Afromexican Women in Reconstruction of Stoves
Mexico Earthquake Trauma Relief & Youth Training
Ten days of extensive Youth Leadership Training will train 80 youngsters, who have already gone under second stage Trauma Relief program from Earthquake affected communities, to become leaders, and will continue working with the earthquake victims in their area, teaching them tools and skills to overcome trauma, anxiety, stress, intense fear, helplessness, relationship breakdown, reduce violence and strengthen the community links. 20 teams of these leaders will benefit 3,000 people per year.
Tamakepalis: Rebuilding their dwellings in Puebla
The objective of this project is the reconstruction 16 houses in the community of Santa Cruz Cuautomatitla that were affected by the earthquake of September 19, 2017. These houses have severe, medium and minor damages, so they can not be inhabited. The repair process involves the affected inhabitants and encourages community participation for the development of livelihoods and the territorial management of their home.
Emergency Earthquake Response in Mexico
by IsraAID
This project will provide humanitarian aid and emergency services to communities affected by the devastating September 19th earthquake in Mexico
Recovering Huejotengo's identity
In September 2017, Huejotengo was one of the villages heavily damaged by the earthquake. Ayok has supported this community since the emergency, implementing projects of bioconstruction and empowerment. Now, we teach a soil-based paint and screed technique to families in Huejotengo so they can continue not only the reconstruction of their houses, but also strengthen their ties, and reduce some labor costs, in addition to rescuing the identity the community had before the earthquake.
Mountain women rebuilding life
We work supporting with training and advice for the development of local capacities in the reconstruction and in processes that allow to create resilience capacities in front of the affectations caused by the earthquakes of 2018, in indigenous Ayuk mountain communities located in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.
Supporting Human settlements throug the breakout
As you know, the principal purpose of TECHO is purchase community development in slums working together with families and volunteers. But with the arrived COVID19 to the world, life in slums becomes harder. They cannot stay at home or have minimal hygiene because they do not have basic rights covered, like housing or services. Our work is harder now too, we keep supporting those slums to maintain our programs active in a remote way.
Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund
On Sept. 19, 2017, Mexico City and surroundings, including Morelos and Puebla, suffered devastation from a 7.1M earthquake. Hundreds were killed and countless homes, schools, and community buildings were destroyed. This followed an 8.1M quake in Oaxaca and Chiapas on Sept. 7. This fund was created to provide immediate relief to survivors in the form of food, shelter, water, and medicine. In addition, it is now supporting longer-term assistance to help residents recover and rebuild.
Mexico: an urgent school for the children of NPH
On September 19th 2017, an earthquake of 7.1 devastated Mexico and shook the foundation of our NPH Mexico family. Although our children and staff are thankfully safe, the earthquake permanently destroyed or damaged an unprecedented number of NPH Mexico properties. Casa San Salvador (Miacatlan), home for 430 children has been damaged. The school needs urgent repair in order to provide our children a safe environment and programs for their future!
Mexico, Puebla and Morelos Earthquake Relief
ICF has been working consistently with local organizations to provide disaster relief to communities affected by the two earthquakes that greatly damaged central Mexico last year. Currently we are seeking to improve the longer term resilience of communities to rebuild themselves, including capitalizing on the opportunities to improve community enterprises.
Rebuilding their kitchens in Oaxaca, Mexico
This Project aims to redesign and rebuild 20 kitchens with their respective ovens for 20 out of 105 women from Niltepec, Oaxaca, who produce corn totopos (tortilla chips) for a living. Due to the devastating earthquakes in Mexico in 2017, they lost their kitchens which led them to extreme poverty and to lose their main income and support for themselves and their families.
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