Hurricane Matthew Relief: What’s Happening and How To Help

Hurricane Matthew:
What’s Happening and How To Help


Q: When and where did the hurricane hit?

A: Hurricane Matthew hit the vulnerable nation of Haiti on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016. The hurricane is also expected to strike parts of Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, and the U.S. southeastern coast.

Q: How powerful is the hurricane?

A: Hurricane Matthew has been described as the most powerful Atlantic storm in nearly a decade. Media outlets have already reported several hurricane-related deaths. The storm was classified as a category 4 hurricane on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016, and hit Haiti with winds of up to 145 mph. Hurricane Matthew has already displaced hundreds of people in Haiti and left many without electricity. It is expected to cause catastrophic flash floods and mudslides.

Q: How are aid organizations responding?

Vetted, high-impact GlobalGiving partners are already supporting the people in the storm's path. Their efforts include:

  • Delivering food and clean water, providing shelters and household essentials to families in need.
  • Provide survivors with safe access to lifesaving medical aid and healthcare.
  • Working with local agencies to restore and rebuild homes damaged or destroyed by the storm.

How you can help

  1. Donate to GlobalGiving’s Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund. You can support the full range of immediate rescue and refugee support work with one donation to the Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund. Based on our past experiences with disaster relief in Haiti, we anticipate that the Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund will support more than a dozen vetted locally-driven nonprofit organizations committed to providing support displaced citizens and their families.
  2. Tell your friends and family. Share the Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund on social media to spread the word about the thousands of people that need support.
  3. Start a fundraiser to support relief. You can mobilize your friends and family to donate to support Hurricane Matthew Relief by using GlobalGiving’s free peer-to-peer fundraising tool.
  4. Choose a project that speaks to you from the list below. GlobalGiving has a number of partners working on the ground to provide support in various ways. You can support any one of them today.

Projects Supporting Hurricane Matthew Relief

PIH Hurricane Matthew Response in Haiti
Hurricane Matthew was the most severe storm to hit Haiti since 1966, dumping massive amounts of rain accompanied by fierce winds. The storm caused not only acute illness and injury, but also flash floods, mudslides, and loss of infrastructure, as well as exacerbated the threat of cholera. Partners In Health and our Haitian sister organization, Zanmi Lasante, continue to be on the ground responding with health care and social support for those in need now and for the long-term.
Support Disaster Resistant Construction in Haiti
Since the October 2016 Hurricane Matthew, Peace Winds has been working in Haiti in the area of Saint Jean du Sud. We helped rebuild homes and replace school roofs. We provided teaching kits, blackboards, and provided school supplies to 2,000 students. We are now training carpenters and masons in disaster resistant construction to ensure future disasters will not devastate communities.
Healthy Farms, Healthy Children - Growing in Haiti
Colorado Haiti Project has been committed to the Petit Trou community in Haiti for almost 30 years. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated crops and killed nearly all livestock. Since then, CHP has worked with local leaders to strengthen agricultural systems. Help us invest in agriculture to nourish and empower Haitian communities today and tomorrow.
Repair/restore food producing gardens in Haiti
In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, that left ravaged gardens, destroyed houses, Lambi Fund with 20 years of experience working with farmers in rural Haiti, will develop an immediate response to meet basic needs of farming organizations at the onset; and repair/restore food production gardens, improve top soil to maintain food production. This will be done within already established partnership that are actively contracted to develop specific projects within their respective communities.
Haiti Hurricane Matthew Emergency Response Fund
Hurricane Matthew could have devastating impacts in Haiti, as the country has not experienced a storm of this magnitude since 1954. CARE is coordinating with the government to help people evacuate from areas at extreme risk. We are providing meals and supplies such as water bladders to provide clean drinking water, hygiene kits, tarps and blankets to people in shelters. CARE is appealing for immediate funds to ramp-up our emergency response and support the longer-term recovery of Haiti.
Vison for Haiti- Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund.
After the Hurricane Mathew the farmers in Meyer asked vision for Haiti to help them to create a seed bank ( they lost all their seeds during the hurricane) ,to strengthen their food production and to introduce new crops to the area. This project objective is to improve the quality of life by increasing food production, introduce new type of vegetable to the area. To start the program Vision For Haiti will start to cultivate three lots of display garden one in Meyer, Viola and Baudin .
Hurricane Matthew Relief -- Micro Loans for women
Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 storm, hit the south of Haiti on October 3rd through 4th, wreaking havoc in the region. Many people lost their roofs, rendering them homeless. The micro loan program will offer loans to women who were hit by Hurricane Matthew. Each will be able to borrow up to $100 for repairs, livestock purchases, etc. If 100 women borrow $100, this program will cost $10,000. This money, once paid back, will remain in a revolving fund that can be lent out again.
Hurricane Ties -- a project to secure roofs
This Project will assist the people of Fond des Blancs,Haiti to secure roofs to their homes. We propose to accomplish this by conducting an existing building and construction practice survey and based upon this survey, devise a simple method and supply the necessary hardware to train the community on how to secure 50 roofs.
Disaster Relief for Hurricane Matthew
Many families in Haiti have been left on the edge of despair. Your funds will go directly to relieve their suffering. We have people on the ground who are reaching the worst effected areas.
Hurricane Matthew Relief: Help Haiti Rebuild
Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 storm and the largest in the region since 1966, struck the nation of Haiti on October 4, causing immense damage. This project will help the Haitian people rebuild their homes and lives while increasing their resilience to future disasters.
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