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Cambodian HIV/AIDS Education and Care
Location: Cambodia | Theme: Health | Project Leader: Dr. Kasem Kolnary, Director | Web: | Contact: chec at
Project Goal: Orphaned Vulnerable Children (OVC) in 3 Operational Districts in Cambodia are given the best opportunities for welfare, health and education within their communities.
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Peer Youth Educators (FHOK)
Location: Kenya | Theme: Education | Project Leader: Joseph Murage | Organization: Family Health Options (FHOK) | Web: http://www/ | Contact: jmurage at
Project Goal: To increase significantly the numbers of youth accessing services and as a percentage of the total population attending VCT.
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Reviving of a dead village (Al Tamba)
Location: Sudan | Theme: Economic Development, Education | Project Leader: El Bashier Sallam | Organization: Islamic Development Bank | Web: | Contact: ebsallam at
Project Goal: To build a school of eight classrooms to serve villages in Sudan with a population of 1,500 and lies in the center of a group of six villages hosting around 3,500 people.
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Supporting Personnel for Orphanage
Location: Thailand | Theme: Children | Project Leader: Merekaraka Caesar | Organization: Wahine Maori of Queensland Inc. | Web: | Contact: merecaesar at
Project Goal: To give children a better start in life. To encourage a well educated future with University Studies and guide them out of poverty and self destruction and abuse.
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The Mosaic Project
Location: South Africa | Theme: Gender and Equality | Project Leader: Marieta de Vos | Organization: Mosaic Training, Service & Healing Centre for Women | Web: | Contact: mdevos at
Prediction Market 20   Project Goal: Prevent and reduce domestic violence; provide a range of support services to abused people; enhance self-reliance of abused women, empowering them to stand for their human and legal rights and so contribute towards the building of sound communities; to advocate and contribute to law reform.
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Women, Youth, & Rural Development
Location: Nigeria | Theme: Economic Development | Project Leader: Edna Udobong | Organization: Partners for Freedom | Web: | Contact: eudobong at
Project Goal: To develop and empower youths and women in developing countries, provide opportunities for rural families to improving their living, and strengthen civil society organizations in the region.
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