What are Donation Options?

Donation options illustrate the impact specific dollar amounts will have on a particular project. Many donors find that donation options help them get a tangible sense of how their contributions will be used. Keep in mind that you are not required to select a donation option -- we welcome any amount (minimum $10); just enter your desired contribution in the box labeled "Other Amount."

Typically, Project Leaders use a variety of funding channels to raise funds for their projects. When you donate to a project through GlobalGiving, your donation will always be directed to that project and its defined activities. However, depending on the overall amount of funds projects raise, both through GlobalGiving and from other sources, Project Leaders pursue a combination of different value outcomes, allowing the project to deliver a complete suite of products and services to its constituents.

For example, a project provides school meals and uniforms for 25 students in Kigali, Rwanda for a year. Donation options for this project include $20 for a month of meals and $30 for a school uniform. Even though the project is not fully funded, if donors have already given 25 uniforms for the year, incremental funds raised will go towards ensuring a full year's worth of meals for the 25 students - even if a donor chooses the $30 school uniform donation option. What we can ensure is that students will be educated in Kigali when the project finishes raising funds, and provided with meals and uniforms.

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