Competition Overview

The competition will run open at 12:01 am on April 24, 2008 and will close at 12:00pm on May 13, 2007. While the competition is open, participants will compete to raise the donations for their project. At the close of the competition, the two projects with the most donations (dollars) will be declared the winners and will become a part of the GlobalGiving project network. ANY Project that is able to raise a minimum of $4000 and at least 100 donations will be invited to stay on at GlobalGiving. These projects will be eligible to continue receiving donations from the general public, private and corporate foundations through The top two winners will also receive a supplementary cash bonus (to be used in support of project activities as described in the project template) from CGE and GlobalGiving.

Participating in the Competition

  1. The competition is open to all participating CGE delegates if their project will begin implementation within the next 90 days.
  2. Projects must be submitted to the CGE staff for approval and entry to the GlobalGiving website by April 21, 2008.
  3. Projects can be edited after they go live on (April 24, 2008), however, all edits must be entered by the CGE staff.
  4. A Fundraising Toolkit, FAQs, and full contest guidelines will be provided to all contest participants via email.
  5. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to raise money for their project. GlobalGiving will promote the competition in its entirety, but will not promote any particular project or theme.

Winners and Disbursements

Any project that raises money through the GES Project Challenge on between April 24, 2008 and May 13, 2008 may keep the funds raised (minus GlobalGiving's 15% facilitation fee) if, and only if, the project will be implemented as described in the project template

If a project chooses not to move forward with implementation, the donations raised during the competition will be re-allocated to any other project in the GES Project Challenge. The student responsible for the re-allocated project will have sole discretion of which other project will receive the re-allocated funds.

The winner will be awarded a place on as part of the GlobalGiving Project Network. One additional project will be elected by the CGE staff, independent of funds raised. The winning projects will also have access to, the GlobalGiving Project Leader Community.

Donations will be disbursed to projects through CGE immediately following the close of the competition (May 13, 2008). Any project that receives funds through is requested to submit project updates and progress reports within 90 of disbursement. All winners will have to submit due-diligence by June 30. For any questions, please write to Manmeet Mehta at

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