Gift an education...Make a life !
Isha Vidhya's English-medium schools provide high quality school education to rural children in India who cannot otherwise access or afford it. The schools adopt a nurturing, holistic approach to education, helping children learn joyfully. 61% of the children get full scholarships while rest pay a subsidized fee. Your donation goes towards critical infrastructure like learning material (including STEM), classrooms, school bus, etc. for 9 Isha Vidhya rural schools & Govt. Schools Support Program.
Stop Violence Against Women's in India
27,933 cases Approx of violence against women are registered in police station yearly in Rajasthan, under this project, in the victim, harassed by domestic violence, will get legal aid, as well as awareness programs against violence will be run at the macro level. So that society may stick together against violence. The attitude of men towards women will be changed from which this male dominated society will respect women. Abuse will be reduced. Women will live respectfully.
Send a Child in India to School for a Year
Seva Mandir's primary schools provide children in disadvantaged tribal areas with access to quality education in an interactive and joyful environment. Children are enabled to join mainstream schools, having become confident, independent learners.
Sponsor food, education, shelter to Orphans India
This orphanage home aims to provide care, support and protection for 40 orphan & street children. This home has 6 Care Takers, One Teacher. All the orphan children are being provided with 3 times nutritious food, one set of books and 4 sets of uniforms. Every child has opportunity for indoor and out-door recreation and play facilities along with training in crafts and hobbies. All orphan children goes to school every day & progressing good in their studies. Children are studying from I to XI Std
Educate after school-underprivilege children-India
This project will promote academic success, pay school fees, school kit to under privileged and to tribal children. This project will ensure the children education without drop-out. 241 child labor tribal children who have been mainstreamed also benefitted in this program. Afterschool program, a safe space that support healthy social and emotional development, and promote academic success. Educating the under privileged ultimately will make a change for whole family and future generations.
Old age home for 300 abandoned elderly women
Vrindavan, a holy town, is home to appx.15,000 widows abandoned & destitute. Abandoned by their families, they end up begging for survival. With your support, Maitri has built & furnished two ashrams in Vrindavan & Radhakund, providing shelter, food, clothing, & healthcare to 150 resident widows & 100 widows living in the neighborhood. Your donation will help provide them with essentials for a dignified & healthy living as well as skill them for livelihood opportunities. You make a difference!
Support for menstrual health for girls in India
Through the Smiley Days project, IDF will help 5000 girls and women in overcoming the social barriers associated with menstruation. By providing them with the right information, products and facilities, we will ensure an equal opportunity for girls across India whilst contributing to reach 4 key Global Sustainable Development Goals.
Rescue,Love,Save-1000's of Suffering Animals.India
Known as the SHELTER WITH HEART. Our dogs/puppies run free and are happy cared for by a devoted Staff of 25 plus 3 full time vets. They're not just in captivity. They have a life. OUR BELIEF IS THAT DEEP HEALING ONLY TAKES PLACE IF A CREATURE FEELS SAFE, CARED FOR,AND LOVED. We use traditional and alternative medicine AND LOVE to lift suffering from over 7000 homeless dogs/puppies,and tens of thousands of others. 1ST-TIME PEOPLE SOMETIMES GET TEARY. THEY DIDN'T KNOW A PLACE SUCH AS OURS EXISTED.
Therapeutic community-600 sex trafficked victims
Over 600 sex trafficked victims who have been rescued from dehumanizing slavery like conditions will be restored dignity through psycho-social support and economic empowerment for a safe and dignified life in the society.
Adopt a Tree; Protect Environment & Earth
This project is prepared to Give Reality on the ground to 5000 plantation for environmental protection. A strong effort will be done in different urban, sub-urban areas and villages by plantation to reduce the dangerous threat of global warming, which would be helpful to reduce air pollution to make healthier environment.
Kill Malaria, Save Human Life
According to Health experts, around 2 million people are dying and 3 billion people are suffering from malaria disease around the world in every year. But it is possible to save the poor patients, living in village areas. The most effective way to protect them has proved as "to use mosquito net". The project has been designed with the major objective as prevention from malaria (Distribution of mosquito net & public awareness campaign) and to stop the number of death occurring from malaria.
Provide Gift & food to 500 Street Children
Under this project, 500 street & poor slum children will be given Nutrition food, Gift, New Dress, Lunch/Dinner, Toys & Happiness. The Program will be quite unique. For poor street & slum children all this is a dream. But will it be possible. A meal & gifts for 500 poor children life will become a golden memory.
Save Abandoned Orphan Destitute Children in India
Bal Asha Trust saves children from one day to 12 years who are destitute and found abandoned children in life threatening conditions. We provide these vulnerable children a safe home, give love, care, Nutrition, Medical & Educational and Developmental support through our project. Many of them are special needs that with HIV, Hep. B. Deaf, CP, Leprosy and other Physical and Medical disabilities. Bal Asha Trust has become home for more than 1400 children. We rehabilitate children in society.
Educate 2000 Underprivileged Children In India
by U&I
U&I Teach impacts 2000 underprivileged children in 15 cities across India. Government-run schools in India are stretched for resources and manpower, leading to poor instructional quality, low learning outcomes and a dropout rate of 90% by high school. U&I addresses these problems by conducting free, high-quality tutoring classes at 44 Learning Centers across India. Thanks to individualized teaching and mentoring, children receive the help and confidence to excel in their classrooms.
Life Saving Treatment to Children in Rural India
Seva Mandir organizes community-based camps to provide Severe Acute Malnourished (SAM) Children from highly-remote areas in Rajasthan with medical care and treatment.
Build Bright future for 250 marginalized Girls
This Project Will provide a Sustainable Livelihood to 250 marginalized Girls of 15-24 age Group & 18-35 (youth) age group by Vocational skill training of Computer Education, Beautician, fashion designing & Sewing, Handicraft and Hand Bag making etc. Bank loan will be providing through the project in order to settle self employment unit whereby the marginalized Girls of Rural area will get Better and Golden future.
Give an Indian Child Home, Food & Schooling
SANTI Child Care Center is a project to support an orphan or a children in need. SANTI provides home, food, clothing, medical treatment and education to the needy children. SANTI will provide them full support till they are grown up and self sufficient. A complete support to a child, never thought of, an ambitious work - SANTI will nurture them, as parents do to their own children.
Less Privileged Elders Need Care & Meal Support
The less privileged elders need our love and care. This project will provide meal, medical care and recreation to 57 homeless old age persons. Every day we provide nutritious food to destitute elder, who are neglected by their families. Due to poverty some families not able to feed these older persons. Among 57 poor old age persons, some of them use to beg at neighbor houses, nearby locations to feed themselves. Our little contribution to the elderly make their world healthy and happy
Gift a Happy Childhood to Orphan Children
Sphoorti Children's Home was set up in 2006 with 3 children and over the last 10 years, has grown to more than 200 children. We have children in the age group 6 - 19 (Kindergarten to Undergraduate level). The project will provides basic needs - food, clothing, shelter, quality education and health-care to more than 200 orphan kids and help them grow into responsible citizens.
QualityEducation Matters to the  Most Vulnerable
School based Bridge Centers operated by our organization will ensure quality and need based academic support to most vulnerable children enrolled in school having unique and under defined disabilities. Need based support will help children catch up with the syllabus ensuring their long term retention in schools.
Provide Care for 30 HIV Positive Orphans in India
Dayspring Children's Home provides refuge to children, as young as three, affected or infected with HIV/AIDS. The children we care for are orphaned due parental death, severe poverty, or social stigma that surrounds HIV/AIDS victims. Dayspring Home provides ongoing medical nutritional support, as well as education and wellness therapy to the children intrusted in our care. Together with your help we can combat the isolation and death sentence HIV/AIDS brings to the children of India.
Train Women to Earn & Live. Break poverty.
This project will remove the restrictions and denied right to education against women and girls and We will empower disadvantaged 3000 women and girls yearly through imparting skill training, computer training's, educational scholarships and Self-help groups, which will help to generate an income for their families and give a better chance of survival.
Release Sobbing Daughters from Sexual Abuse
Rescue, rehabilitation of girls, victims of human trafficking sold for forced prostitution. Girls are underprivileged & deprived of human rights. We rescue & reintegrate them in respectable society.
Support an Underprivileged Child in India
This project will help support the growth, education and all-round development of the 40 underprivileged children aged 6-24 that are part of the Bal Sambal family in a well-developed facility. Our mission is to not only provide shelter, nutrition, education but also sports coaching, industrial training and opportunities for these adolescents so they can support themselves and become part of the society in a positive way.
Give a girl a bike: help her to go to school
In rural areas of India more than 60% of children drop out of school after 5th grade. High schools are not available in rural villages and girls need to travel long distance to pursue higher education. A lack of transportation and infrastructure causes parents to drop their daughters out of school. Mann Deshi Foundation gives this opportunity to girls by providing a bicycle and fulfills their dream of going to school. The journey to school will become safer and faster than before.
Rescue Junction Supports Street Children in India
Rescue junction is a 24 hour centre for homeless abandoned and lost street children. It provides shelter food, advice education and support for children in a safe and caring environment.It also acts the only center in the district with a population of 3,000,000 million people that has programmes against child trafficking and child labour. We also have a 24 hour toll free number for children or any concerned adult to call 1098. We have rescued children from all over India, 1000 last year alone.
Support Poor Farmers in India
Seva Mandir seeks to help 5,000 farmers in rural areas near Udaipur by teaching them better agricultural practices and developing the resource base to achieve higher gains and provide greater food security.
Plant a tree: save earth & lives
CHHASE aims to plant 100,000 plants in three years. Preserving the tree is an obligation for everyone without exception, one tree will absorb approximately a ton of carbon dioxide during the course of its life cycle. Tree planting can restore global warming. Bring awareness to children. Protect the planet for our children and grandchildren.
Help Indian Girl Not Work But Go To School
SANTI will provide free training and study materials to teen girls and women from 14 years old, who have dropped out or have never attended a school, from a poor village area near Rajgangpur, Odisha, India.
Educating 200 Children in 4 Slums in Delhi
by Sukarya
Education on wheels [EOW] is an uniquely designed program which prepares slum children for formal education by taking the school to them. EOW is a well equipped bus with computers, TV and other essential education related materials. The idea is to motivate slum kids & their parents by providing good facilities, skilled teachers & innovative curriculum to bring kids up to 3rd grade school level in one year, preparing them for 3rd grade examination & enroll them into local 4th grade school.
Education for 300 Indigenous Children in India
Children in South India live in abject poverty, especially in discriminated Dalit and Tribal social groups. Parents lack education, are illiterate, and work menial jobs for little pay. Their unsupported children fall behind and drop out of school. Our after school Education Centers operate 3 hours a day 6 days a week and are free for students. The tutoring is associated with a 20 point increase in math and language performance. Please visit our website link below for more information.
Increase Profits for 3,500 Poor Farmers In India
Seva Mandir is committed to improving the lives of rural communities in southern Rajasthan. The Dal Mill (lentil processing) project aims to increase the incomes of 3,500 poor farmers and their families by giving them a fair price for their produce. In the process, the farmers are also being trained to become co-owners of the mill.
Home for 50 Challenged Girls in Bangalore, India
Margadarshi is providing Home, with all amenities for 50 neglected girls with disability hailing from the poorest sections of society in Bangalore, India. These girls are are capable of leading their own own life, as every disability is just physical and it is their Mental Ability is what counts. With proper and timely support these 50 girls with disability will be empowered to lead independent life socially and financially. Margadarshi helps them to achieve this.
Education & hope for 50 orphan children in India
This project will give hope to 50 orphans of Reaching Hand children's home enabling them to continue their studies in an English medium school, provide further computer training, life skills, extra curricular activities and career guidance to strengthen their dreams of becoming leaders & productive citizens of India. The goal of the project is to make "Today's Destitute into Tomorrow's Leader". We have a long term plan to reach out to 500 children aged between 7-18 years through this project.
Self-reliance & resilience in slum women's groups
Urban Health Resource Centre strengthens communities of 425,000 slum dwellers in Agra & Indore in India to access to maternal/child health services, address proof, education, improved living environment, Govt services. UHRC forms women's groups in slums and provides technical & confidence building training, enabling them to "pull" govt. resources & services from different departments through negotiation skills they learn, thus steadily developing collective self-efficacy & self-reliance.
Trafficking prevention and victim rehabilitation
Prevention, rescue and rehabilitation of girls and children from human trafficking, forced to sex and exploitation. Human rights, dignity life and reintegrating with community are the aim of programme. Skill training, Income Generation Support, Health and psychological counselling, rejoining with community, school / education rejoining (if suitable and possible) are provided.
Improve Lives of 90 Special Needs Boys in India
by U&I
The Institute of Mentally Handicapped Boys is a government-run Home for 90 boys with special needs, most of whom have been abandoned by their families. U&I partners with the State to ensure that each of the boys has access to a hygienic environment and individualized therapy. U&I employs full-time staff, including care givers, speech and physiotherapists and special needs teachers to ensure that these children are given the resources and care to live a productive life.
Empowering 50 HIV+ kids in India through education
by Manavya
Manavya aims at offering a helping hand to socially neglected 57 HIV+ children deprived of their right to become independent contributors in society by teaching English and Computer skills. Support this project that can transform 57 HIV+ children from being viewed as a liability to being celebrated as an asset. Manavya empowers these children to break free from the clutches of poverty and stigma by providing a place to live until adulthood and by supporting their education and healthcare.
'Holistic Development'for 300 Poor Kids in India
We try to ensure all children aged 3 to 14 from poor families get opportunities for their all round development along with education, proper nutrition & health care for a long lasting impact in life.
Green Energy -Solar Light for Tribal houses
Solar lantern with FM radio is provided to 250 Tribe families, who reside in at risk areas (interior forest). By providing a solar lantern, a family gets lights to habitation, free from wild animals attack, children reading, women cooking, radio running and mobile charging. The people have links with outer world and knowledge about flora fauna. 22 tribe hamlets / areas in hills, are provided by solar street light. the Street light gives light and safety to their residences
Sponsor food groceries to old age people in India
SERUDS identified the poor elderly people, senior citizens in & around Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh and providing monthly groceries consisting of sona masoori rice, Tar dal, coconut, cooking oil, soaps, hair oil, biscuits to 20 poor old age persons in Pasupala village, Kurnool. This monthly groceries are delivered at their door step by our volunteers. The destitute elders are happy for this kind gesture & they are able to eat food timely and these elderly persons health has been increased.
Donate Food for 30 Destitute Elderly People India
This project aims to provide nutritious meals, personal care to 30 neglected destitute, old age people who are on the streets. We also provide perspective building on care of old age people among the community. These old age persons living at the grave yards, community halls, neighbours houses, function halls. We identified them and providing daily nutritious meals like cooked rice, Dhal, Sambar, Rasam, Veg Curry, chutney. To eliminate hunger, begging among elderly people we are providing food.
Save the innocent Sparrow Birds
This project has Designed to Conservation innocent Sparrow Bird, which are Rapid Extinct. Along with this, project has prepared to establish eco- friendly Sparrow birds nest (Home) for the protection and breeding of Sparrow. Nest (Home) will be arranged with proper seed and clean water. A public awareness campaign will be organized to Conservation (protect) Extinct innocent Sparrow Bird species.
Educate 25000 Children through Volunteers in India
by Bhumi
With an aim to render quality education, Bhumi provides comprehensive educational support for over 25,000 underprivileged children across India. Bhumi bridges the gaps in formal education and opportunities by providing language and STEAM education, life-skills support, and scholarships for children in orphanages, urban slum communities and low-income (private and government) schools.
Girls Glory - Improve Menstrual Health in India
In India, many young girls lack the adequate solutions to manage menstruation. 88% of women and girls use extremely unhygienic practices such as; old rags, ashes and husk sand and at least 636 million Indians lack toilets, according to the latest census data, a crisis that contributes to school dropouts disease and childhood malnutrition. Hence "Girls Glory" Project. We want to provide toilets and WASH education to all the little girls in the Government Schools to put an end to this issue.
Help rescue wild animals and birds in India
The Mobile Veterinary Service (MVS) is one of Wildlife Trust of India's unique efforts to provide in- situ emergency relief to displaced or distressed wild animals.Animals can be displaced due to natural or man-made factors. Often, affected animals succumb to their situation due to inaccessibility and other challenges like getting trained wildlife professionals armed with essential equipment to the site of the emergency. Our MVS team works around the clock to rescue and treat these animals.
Higher education to 310 remote rural girls
This project will provide quality education support to 310 under privilege girl children from poor remote rural areas & studying V to XII in Govt., Private & Convent schools. These poorest girl children are good at studies but struggling for education support, due to children parents are working as daily low wage labors in agriculture. These children will benefit immensely from CHHASE holistic approach to education & comprehensive support services and also lead to a safe & secured future
Education Support for Underprivileged Children
This project provide high-quality education sponsorship for 250 underprivileged children from poorest slum communities & studying V to X in Govt., Private Convent schools. These deprived children are good at studies but struggling for timely education support, due to children parents are working as daily wage labours in construction sites, scavenging, tobacco making, etc. With this project children will benefit immensely from SERUDS holistic approach to education & comprehensive support services
Transform lives of 85 child laborers in India
HEARDS helps them to provide joyful and activity based learning methodology of education for children who are affected by worst forms of child labor and child trafficking, to enable them recover and regain hope.
Empowerment center for tribal society in India
We are continually constructing the training center that will allow us to run activities for the welfare of the people of Rajgangpur region. Currently in the building we are running in collaboration with the Government of India the following programs: National Child Labour Project (NCLP), Nehru Yuva Kendra(NYK) ,Pradhan Mantri Kushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY),Swaccha Bharat Pakhwada Campaign,Income Generation Program,Creating Bank Accounts and Medical Insurance,Disease Prevention Programs etc
Empower 100 Girls in Asia's Largest Red Light Area
This fundraiser will help girls living in Kamathipura, one of Asia's largest and oldest red light areas, pursue a better life beyond the brothels. In the past 16 years, AAWC has provided 700+ girls with education, extracurricular activities, and career guidance. 100% of graduates have entered respected professions outside of prostitution, including accounting, beauty, BPO, dance, hospitality management, luxury cuisine, medical compounding, nursing, photography, retail, social work, and teaching.
Alternative livelihoods for 500 ragpicker families
This project will help 500 of Kolkata's most vulnerable families to lift themselves out of poverty and provide a better future for their children. Tiljala Shed will provide seed funding, advice, vocational and business skills training for women from rag picker families and others living in the city's most deprived slums and squatter camps.
Street to School - Mainstreaming Street Children
'Street to School' is the first step of bringing children into education. This is where the magic happens. The program transforms the begging, rag picking and working 'Out of School' street & slum children into confident, happy children who can read and write. The aim of this program is to mainstream children into formal education. Our after school remedial classes reinforce their concepts and provide them support to thrive academically. WE ARE A VEHICLE FOR EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION.
Support Abused Women in India
Many women in rural India suffer violence and harassment at the hands of their families. There is a dire need of shelter for abused women who otherwise receive no support. For the last 11 years, Seva Mandir has been running a refuge, the Short-Stay Home (SSH), for abused women in Udaipur. This home provides shelter to women in distress and their children, and also offers legal and financial counseling to empower these women and help them rebuild their lives.
Salaam Baalak Trust - working for street children
Salaam Baalak Trust (SBT) has a vision to create a nurturing environment that can foster normal physical and mental growth of street and neglected children. The programme would help In latent talent development and skill enhancement of children. Participation in arts would result in improvement of overall life pattern of children, through reduction of stress and negative emotions; using untapped mental and physical energy and strengthening the feelings of team building and team spirit among them
Be the lifeline of a 1000 children in India
This project will ensure nutritious food, quality education and desired health to 1000 children, through our 7 Children's Homes for the orphaned,neglected & abandoned children in the streets, 3 Day Care shelters & 4 community centers in the poorest sections of the society for the children of the slum dwellers to have a fair chance in life to grow out of the crude hands of exploitation.
Save  Women & girls from Violence-India
Violence against women & girls are of gender relations that assumes men to be superior to women. It gives the subordinate status to women; gender violence is considered normal and enjoys social sanction. Physical aggression, such as blows of varying intensity, burns, attempted hanging, sexual abuse and rape, psychological violence through insults, humiliation, coercion, blackmail, economic or emotional threats, and control over speech and actions. In extreme, death is the result.
Empowering Villages in Rural India
Seva Mandir helps rural villagers come together to address the issues they face in their day-to-day lives. Village Development Committees collect and channel funds for the overall development of the village.
Sponsor Food for the Poor &orphans in Old age home
Now a days aged parents undergoing great difficulties lacking and logging in love & affection and always are subjected to mental stress & strain for this reason we established a "Home for senior citizens with total free of cost" with a tingue and humanity and service to catter to the need of such unlucky people. In this we provide boarding & lodging facilities with delicious and nourishing breakfast and nutritious food, 24hrs Medical and Doctor facilities, T.V ,Yoga, Physical excersies etc
Support U&I at the World 10K Run
by U&I
U&I helps educate and inspire 1500 underprivileged children across 13 cities in India. We work one on one with these children, motivate students to stay in school, and provide a community that encourages them to work toward their dreams. The World 10K Run is Bangalore's premier running event with over 25,000 participants. U&I is running to spread awareness and raise funds to help educate over 1500 underprivileged children across India. Give these children the opportunity to succeed
Ensure Education for 100 Child Laborers
Envisaging educational opportunity by financially supporting (for three years) 25 children who were once upon child labourers after organising functional literacy to 100 child laborers. The aim is to help the children have access to education, health & equitable wages in future. The project aims at supporting the ex-child labour children who studied in our special schools and are continuing their high school and college education. 25 children are successfully supported each year since 2014.
360 Widow's Children Need Educational Materials
300 children of widows and destitute women are being provided with educational materials. The widow mother megare earning and multiple exploitation are not allowing children education. But in this support, children are freed from school dropout and education breaking. Hence the children are continuing in studies and the victim of education dropout is averted
Help Educate Poor Slum Children In India
AROH Foundation plans to improve learning outcomes of poor and underprivileged children in slums. These children suffer from extreme disparity and deprivation and are engaged in rag picking, waste picking or other small jobs. These children are not attending school regularly and are likely to drop out of school. The project aims to provide care and education facilities to 500 such children in the age group of 6-10 years and remove them from shackles of child labour and poverty.
Providing Life Skills to 300 Girls living in Slums
The project is for training minimum 300 poor girls from slums in important life skills in Mumbai and in other districts through a resource center. They learn computer use, spoken English, photography, speech making, social networking and more. The project provides training in leadership and encourages girls' participation in community life through learning opportunities and assuring they complete school education for a productive and useful life. Our permanent center commits to do it every year.
Sponsor a child for education in Day Care Centers
We run 3 daycare centers for 1-6yrs age 90 children of working poor women. Day Care Centers for Children started in 2006 with 10 children now we are supporting 90 children in slums of Kurnool. These children come from poor families where both parents work in construction sites, scavenging. During working hours of parents children play in hazardous fields. Now Children in a safe environment from morning till evening. Our care takers keeps the children engaged in learning education & provides food
Send 500 non school going children to School
The Organization is working in community need based issues in the target area for a long time . During the working in the area felt that there is problem of non school going of poorest of the poor family's children is a big problem of the area . For knowing the fact the Organization conducted household survey and we know the present scenario of non school going children in the area.
Make Women in Rural India Financially Secure
Seva Mandir seeks to help women in rural areas attain financial freedom by adopting a habit of saving and inter-loaning through Self-Help Groups. The programme also aims to strengthen livelihood-generating activities.
Community health Programme in Sundarban
Sabuj Sangha intended to improve health condition of the people of remote Sundarbans; South 24 Parganas to ensure safe motherhood by providing Ante Natal & Post Natal care and reducing maternal and infant mortalities. Initiatives are taken to make people aware about common ailments, especially geriatric; through this project we would ensure quality health services with all facilities namely X-Ray, ECG, USG, Pathology & Surgery with affordable costs for reducing IMR & MMR & control blindness.
Give Them a Future: Educate a Tribal Girl in India
Quality education is a fundamental non-negotiable to overcome poverty and deprivation. Yet thousands of tribal girls grow up unable to read or write. Agragamee helps girls from tribal and other deprived communities read, learn and excel through an innovative, fun and child centred approach. We also reach out to the parents helping them understand the importance of educating girls and quality school education
Sewing Machines for Girls for Self-Reliance
Azad India Foundation is running stitching center in Kishanganj where 25 girls learn cutting and tailoring .A sewing machine to needy girls will help them to achieve economic self reliance and lead life of dignity.
LightUp Lives Early Ed for 75Marginalized Children
Freedom for You runs a Child Learning Center 'Bal Niketan Vidyalay' in slums of Rabale, Navi Mumbai provides crucial early education to tiny-tots, age 2-5 years, of rag-picker/daily wage-earner parents. For these parents struggling to make ends meet, sending their kids to school takes second priority, able to feed them being the first. CLC provides mid-day meal; Infra cost of additional room, play equipment, educational aids, one-set uniform/shoes and first year operational cost totals USD7500
Help 30,000 Children Play & Have a Happy Childhood
'It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.' Toybank envisions a world where all children are empowered through healthy play. It provides secure and happy childhoods for children who are at risk, so they are empowered to experience an equitable adulthood. Toybank believes that qualities like passion, enthusiasm and goodness are qualities which are planted at the root level. A happy Childhood defines so many aspects for children and thus the society at large.
Setu Shiksha Jyoti Kendra - ( Formal School)
a) To educate the underprivileged children in Nithari (Village) b) To create a better environment for the weaker section of the society c) To develop a sense of Humanity.
Education to Poor Rural Indian Child(One year)
This project emphasizes on giving Value Added Formal School Education up to class 8 std. to Poor Rural Indian Child who cannot afford education expenses. Along with Formal Education, School provides training and skills to boys, girls and women to generate extra income which adds up to their family income for better Living. After passing out from the school, the students go for higher studies and have skills to generate funds to sustain their educational expenses.
Old Age Home for 20 Abandoned Elderly Women
Abandoned old aged undergoing great difficulties lacking & logging in love & affection and always are into mental stress, strain for this reason we started "Old Age Home for Destitute Elders" with a humanity and service to cater to the needs of such unfortunate elders. In Happy Old Age Home, 20 old aged persons are living & getting food, shelter, love, proper care, other basic needs. In this we provide boarding & lodging facilities with breakfast, lunch, dinner, Medical care, T.V for recreation.
Empower girls in rural India to be Champions
Mann Deshi Champions empowers rural girls in India to redefine winning: equipping them to be successful through nutrition, education and athleticism. With unprecedented access to sports facilities, equipment and nurturing coaches, our Champions build communication and leadership skills, practicing dedication and teamwork. Altogether, they are encouraged to be brave and bold no matter the arena or opposition their future presents: police officer or gym coach, nutritionist or professional athlete.
Give A Gift That Counts
by U&I
In this season of giving, gift different by gifting an education to an underprivileged child. A donation of $15 will help educate a child for a month.
Aged Home Needs Support for 26 neglected elders
26 neglected elderly are provided by food, nutrition, health, recreation, safe accommodation and counseling. It gives safe accommodation, food, health and free of isolation and mentally they are freed from the burden and isolation. Till death they are cared and then funeral is done in their religious belief in death.
Bringing livelihood to 1200 poor rural youth
This project focuses on providing vocational skill training to 1200 poor, rural youth who belong to women headed families in Trichy and its surrounding districts in Tamilnadu, India.
Setu - Women Empowerment Program
Women Empowerment Skills aim to achieve, create and contribute to Improved employment / self employment opportunities for young girls and women between the age of 18 to 24 years.
Help Thalassemia Child get Blood -  Their Lifeline
by Aarohi
Aarohi Blood Bank ( ABB ) has undertaken to pursue and provide Blood Components free of charge to 200 children affected by Thalassemia every month throughout the year. In India, every year 10,000 new cases of Thalassemia are added. Of these, about 80 to 90 % of the babies born die within a few years of birth. A child with Thalassemia needs Regular Blood Transfusion every 3 to 4 weeks throughout its life to survive which is provided by Aarohi, located in Hyderabad, India, Free of Charge.
Model School in Sundarban
Sabuj Sangha intended to ensure quality education of the underprivileged children in Sundarbans; . The school is affiliated by the Government of West Bengal, but un-aided. Total 187 children are presently reading in pre-primary to upper primary classes up to class VIII and the students are taught by 13 teachers (male 8, female 5) . Proper teacher pupil ratio (1:25), Use of TLMs is aiming at creation of a positive fun that is imperative of modern scientific approach of joyful learning.
Ending violence on Tribe Women and girl
This project for 12000 tribe women and girls in Tamil Nadu is providing Training and Counseling on prevention and escaping from violence. Legal support/action and rehabilitation support for victim girl and women. Skill training to risk and victim girls and women for self business and earning is provided. Tribe girl and women are first / direct beneficiaries of the programme.
Plant a Tree - Save the Earth
Tree plantation in sea shore, Hills, Forest and territorial eco system. 1 million tree plantation and survival by environment values tree saplings (matured) through rally long marching campaign, student training, 100 herbal garden, 100 biodiversity garden, 500 environmental garden formation with students, youth, farmers, and women motivation, is being planted all over Tamil Nadu.
Support and give hope to Village Women in Bihar
Bihar is a state in the North of India. If it were a country it would be the sixth poorest in the world. Women in village communities have a low social status and often suffer social isolation.
Improved Care and Protection of Girl Children
Salaam Baalak Trust is an Indian non-profit and non-governmental organisation which provides a sensitive and caring environment to street and working children in Delhi, India. Children who live in our residential homes are inked with education, skill building, and medical services. In order to ensure increased accessibility to better quality care, we urgently require a vehicle to ferry the children in a safe and efficient manner...protected from traffickers and accidents.
Tech On Wheels For Night School Students In India
by Masoom
Masoom as part of its "Night School Transformation Programme" partners with schools where students study from 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM. The students (around 4000) are aged 14 to 30, who work during the day to support their family & study at night to complete their education. They mostly live in slums & from a poor socio-economic background where the total family income is between INR 2000 to 5000 per month. Masoom provides the students with critical educational infrastructure & resources
Shape the future of 70 orphan children in India.
Orphan children also have a dream for love, motherly-care, education and to have bright future. Realizing these needs of orphan & abandoned children, NBJK has established an orphanage named LBHC in Bodh Gaya-Bihar. There are 70 children in 7 houses in LBHC, one "mother" in each house taking care of 10 children. We need support from kind hearted people for continuing our efforts to provide them quality food, best education, health care and making future of these orphan children very bright.
Give A Girl A Bicycle - Help Her To Go School
Each year these projects provide 150 bicycles to girls in rural coastal Gujarat so they can continue their education. Otherwise they are unable to visit the school because there is no school after 7th std in the village and they have to go nearby villages where higher standard is available which is too far away.
Wings of Doon - An After School Support Program
Children graduate from the Street Smart program to Wings of Doon (after school support classes). These are children we found in the streets & slums. They come from illiterate families with no means to go to school; inducted gradually into Street Smart through counselling, basic literacy classes and finally sponsored into school. These children need after school conceptual and curriculum support to bring them up to speed with their counterparts in school. Mentor ship & guidance is imperative.
Special Initiative for Girls No Abuse for Life
Another NGO working in Patna, the Bihar State Capital here in India reported that 90% of female street children disappeared from the local streets after 13 years of age. Our Staff have 15 minutes from a missing or lost girl arriving at the station to find them before someone else does. This totally new initiative aims to give female street children support and a skill they can use to earn a living by providing high quality craft training and special support to female street children.
Nurture 75 vulnerable children in the RedLightArea
Children growing up in Mumbai red light area often stay under the bed or found lurking on streets unattended. From a young age they witness drug peddling, gambling dens, sexual acts and other illicit activities while their mothers engage in sex work. They're always at the risk of getting physically and sexually abused. A daycare & night shelter facility for these children would help them to grow in secured space with care and protection through healthy lifestyle, diet and hygienic conditions.
After School Programme for Underserved Children
Of the world's poorest 1.2 billion people, India is home to 33%. It largely affects the already vulnerable populations of children and comprises of a lack of resources especially education and extracurricular activities.This project is a two stage - poverty alleviation programme that aims to provide 200 underserved children of all ages from the slums of New Delhi, India with with a range of after school services.
Support for HIV/AIDS children in India
We provide Nutrition and medical support for 120 HIV/AIDS infected children for every month by this donation option. In Khammam district, Andhra Pradesh the HIV/AIDS infected children are more in number and those children family background is very poor. For them this Donation options helps to serve their life for some more days by nutrition food and medical support.
Build a Group home for 200 Indians with Autism
Action For Autism (AFA) will set up group homes called Ananda for persons with autism spectrum conditions & developmental disabilities (ASC&DD). The homes will also provide respite services for families who require short stay provision for their children during times of crises. Located in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR), this model project will provide supported living and employment opportunities to enable about 200 individuals with ASC&DD lead lives of dignity and security.
Support HIV+ teens for Jr. College in Pune, India
by Manavya
Since 1997, Manavya has been working diligently for the rehabilitation of born HIV +ve orphaned-destitute children and women. We believe that Education, nutrition and medication are the effective agents of change for HIV children. The toddlers, who came to Manavya at very young age, have entered adulthood. Due to this the needs of the children over the years changed with the growing age..
Empower 5000 drop out Adolescent Girls in Lucknow
Condition of adolescent girls in slums of Lucknow is dire.51% girls are married before 19 years and 30% before 18 years. It shows extent of risks associated with their life pattern and aspirations. Gender disparity on education is by 20%. The project will directly impact on 5000 adolescent girls through integrated slum planning, behaviour change communication, life skills, non traditional vocational skills, mainstreaming with government services and feed back system for quality services.
Value Based Skills Oriented Quality Education
Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT) provides a three part curriculum for rural and tribal children of Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh and enabling them to pursue technical higher education. With the best of the teaching and learning methodologies, these children are able to gain knowledge much better than their peers around while becoming leaders in their villages, creating a better future for everyone around. This project aims at increasing the number of children to be educated.
Help Women by Providing Tailoring Training
This project intends to give skills training in tailoring, embroidery, and fashion design courses for sustainable livelihoods to 200 women. With this vocational skills training, women will live with dignity by earning money themselves. During this training, women will learn and develop skills in tailoring & embroidery to work on sarees and blouse pieces. We provide sewing machines and tool kits to survive on their own and live with dignity.
Sponsor a HIV/AIDS pregnant woman with Medicines
PSM believes lack of education and awareness is responsible for the spread of HIV/AIDS. In order to provide proper awareness among people, PSM conducts HIV/AIDS camps and community meetings in different villages and mandals of Khammam district to make people understand the basics of AIDS and how it spreads. The pregnant women are tested in that meetings & the ones with HIV/AIDS are identified. We provide service to pregnant women with medicines to the born baby also after the delivery.
Donate for a Leprosy & TB Patient in Bihar (India)
There are 290 Leprosy and TB affected persons are completely neglected by family and society. There are deep rooted myths misconception and touch ability and the rural community in Bihar. It is due to high level of unawareness.They don't have respect and support at family as well as community. They leads a miserable life and even don't get support of cloths, blanket and emergency health kits i.e. lotion, bandage etc. They don't live a respected life and heavily depends on the out side support.
Engage&Empower girls & boys for Girl Effect-India
The project will provide training to 300 young girls & boys on gender equality & sensitize them on the deteriorating sex ratio & its long term implications. 30 youth leaders will be engaged in peer education. The Project will also create opportunities for marginalized girls for their self development through anemia control program, sponsorship support to continue education in high school, health & nutrition awareness, family life education & training for employability enhancement.
From grinding poverty to graduation
The trust has some academically gifted students who come through our village schools from very poor backgrounds who work hard , pass their exams and gain college admission.
Sustainable Incomes for 3945 Young Organic Farmers
The rural areas of Tamil Nadu are home to some of the poorest Indian communities with few employment opportunities. Voice Trust has pioneered, through education and training, grass roots organic farming to change the lives of over 16000 families since 1996. Our communities are embracing the organic, eco-friendly way of farming and the empowerment of self sustained family incomes. With your kind support we plan to carry on this work with the next generation of youth aged from 18+ in Tamil Nadu.
Donate Nutrition to Poor Patients in Govt Hospital
This project intended for the rural pitiable patients suffering with illness like TB, Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid, HIV/AIDS, neurological & pregnancy diseases, who joined in the Government Hospital from isolated places of Rayalaseema of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. They do not have enough money to buy medicines. We helping contemptible patients by giving nutrition Milk, Breads, different Seasonal Fruits, Biscuits. With this nutrition poor patients health have been improving & recovering from illness
Life Transforming Services for Special Children
In India, 1 in every 20 children has some form of developmental disorder. Aashwasan offers its unique path breaking assessment, treatment and counseling services to children with developmental issues such as Autism, ADD, ADHD, Mental Retardation, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy etc. and their families from the underprivileged segment of the society in order to enable them to become independent.
Save a School with Ashwini Charitable Trust (ACT)
ACT's mission is to send underprivileged children of unskilled and impoverished laborers to school. ACT facilitates and empowers the children of government schools to bring them on par with those in private schools. ACT adopted two government schools, in July 2013 and September 2016, and has undertaken the 'renewal' and 'repair' of the existing school buildings and premises and improve the existing utilities such as toilets and water tanks which are in ruins.
Help 30 First Generation Tribal Girl's Education
This is first generation tribe is provided by education, safe accommodation, coaching, food, recreation and health. Tribe girl children were interior forest with their parents, who are migrating in to the forest. By the home program and home building construction/extension gives safe accommodation, continue education and sustainable running of hostel
Digital Empowerment Of Poor and Challenged Girls.
SUGAM JAGRITI is continuously working with unemployed youth particularly with dalit girls & Needy Youths who are literate with skill of reading and writing Hindi and English. For employment they need skill training best suit them i.e. computer training.Further they will be supported in getting employed . It improve their income generation opportunity.The organization has made employed 500 youth after training in computer education . It has strengthened the economic status of the families.
Empowering 280 Women for Employment
Setu Women Empowerment and Employability Program - Empowering Women with vocational skills so that they can be employed and earn to raise their families. The idea is was to cater to the illiterate, Semi- literate and Literate with Tailoring, Health Care and Basic IT Skills to make them employable and Corporate ready and there after place them into Jobs. We plan to skill 400 women each year.
Steering 500 Women Away from Prostitution, Mumbai
This fundraiser will seek to empower women living in the Kamathipura red light area of Mumbai by providing them necessary resources and tools to develop long-term skills so they can leave prostitution. In past 18 years, AAWC has provided more than 2200 women with vocational training, financial & adult literacy sessions, assisted them to obtain essential documents for availing government benefits and schemes, which has helped them to gain skills for generating income from the alternate resource.
Janani Home: Help Underprivileged Girls in India
Help transform the lives of underprivileged young girls living at the Janani home by providing for their needs that range from food, shelter to an excellent all-rounded education.
Training Space for  600 Poor Girls in Mumbai
A recent Gender Equality report has placed India at no. 132 in the world. Our project empowers 600 poor girls a year and thousands more thru outreach by training in life skills to become strong and active. Girls train in English, computers, photography, leadership and community work. They complete school and engage in social work . We need space for a permanent place for training, coordination and expansion to more slums. We are seeking 10% of the total cost, having collected 90 % already.
Home Building for 100 Neglected aged
At present 26 Neglected aged persons are cared and provided by food, nutrias, health, recreation, safe accommodation and counseling. But hundred of aged people as orphan are requesting us to join in our home and our care and support. So a building 2000 sqft is required and being constructed for sustainable running of the home with facilities and increasing of inmates.
Provide therapy to 50 disabled children in India
In the last one year we Identified 145 children through house to house surveys and provided relevant therapy to 50 children with intellectual & multiple disabilities by a multi disciplinary team of professionals covering Medical, Speech, Occupational and Special Education assessments and Psychological therapy. Behavioural counselling for parents/caregivers from a low socio economic community, Delhi. Research guided set up and services are available and affordable within the community.
Empower 40 Orphans with Computer Skills Training
This program providing computer skills training through skilled trainer to 40 abandoned orphan children in Joy Home Orphanage. Training in basic computer skills provides essential job-related skills and empowers orphans, Street Children through this innovative program. Data entry typing & Desktop Publishing to give job security & self employment opportunity to destitute children and a secured life to them. Computer competency or proficiency is a vital skill in today's computer connected society.
Gift of Sight to 1000 needy people of rural India
The aim of this project is to provide free cataract with IOL implantation surgery to 1000 patients from remote rural and tribal regions of Southern Rajasthan in India. This project will aid in reducing the backlog of blindness through identification and treatment of blinds at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. It will help patients regain their vision leading to a better quality of life.
productive 500 skilled youth for young india
Continuation of higher education became challenge for orphan and vulnerable youth. Hence sponsorship for 500 youth for continuation of education by providing support services like tuition fee and study, education supplies will place them better in life. VMM regularly monitors their education performances through recording annual and semester marks and update their performances to the donors. Contribute for Sponsorship @ INR 10000 for higher education give an educated youth for better India.
Appeal for Hope - Help us Transform one more Life!
Around 70% deaths globally are caused by non communicable conditions which are actually preventable. India happens to be one of the leading countries of this situation. To address this situation, Aashwasan Science offers spiritual technology that holds hope for the world as it connects people to their innate resources and unravels the root cause to bring cure, management and most importantly prevention - prevention not only in their lives but also for the coming generations.
Spay and Neuter 2000 Cats and Dogs in Chennai
This project will spay/neuter 2000 cats and dogs in Chennai and surrounding areas. Every year, hundreds of thousands of unwanted kittens and puppies that are born in Chennai and surrounding areas die in accidents or succumb to starvation or deadly diseases. Spaying/ neutering homeless cats and dogs helps prevent these unwanted births and promotes the health of adult cats and dogs.
Support  to 500 Most Needy Senior Citizens , India
The organization has identified 500 old age persons who are neglected. They are seriously lacking daily uses clothing, grocery items, Health check up, medicine and nutrition for sustained and respected living. Through the project the organization would provide daily uses clothing items, daily uses grocery items and nutritious food and also provide emergency medicine. By this process the organization will motivate, facilitate and support the old age persons for sustained and respected living.
Support Education of 40 Children in Rural India
This project would provide educational aid to 40 children from poor families in a villages of Vagra block, District Bharuch. It will ensure to look after the educational needs of the children that they do not discontinue their studies. A base line survey by Gram Vikas Trust shows that all the children score and perform well in class.The families of these children are involved in daily wages labor work in agriculture and industry. This project would help them to complete their education.
Help start a micro-credit program for 50 women
Empower 50 women start or expand small businesses of their own by providing micro-credit loans or grants.
Support a disable for Education and Entitlement
SUGAM JAGRITI focus on streamlining disabled with education, ensure disability certificates and disability pension . At present the Organization is making community sensitization for education to disability and convergence of disability with govt. schemes and programs i.e. disability pension etc. In the meantime the project will focus on sensitization to parents and community decision influencers. The project will focus on 150 disabled at Islampur Block of Nalanda district, Bihar.
'HOPE' home away from home for 30 grannies
The grannies are neglected by their children and as they become unproductive at that age they do not have shelter, food and medical aid. Hence the project will support 50 grannies in residential care with balanced diet, clothing, medical aid with nursing care, recreation above all commune living for sharing and caring staff. Youth exposure visits to these old age homes will help in sensitizing the youth on aged issues and to respond to these. Document the stories and report to concerned.
Access to Knowledge through Computer Education
Sabuj Sangha intended to ensure quality education of the underprivileged children in Sundarbans; . The school is affiliated by the Government of West Bengal, but un-aided. Total 167 children are presently reading in pre-primary to upper primary & 300 in the teachers training programme and the students are taught by qualified teachers. Proper teacher pupil ratio, Use of technology aiming at provide facility of computer education that is imperative of modern scientific approach of joyful learning
Health on wheels - Mobile health camp for poor
Improve overall health status of people living in target communities in an around shipyard ensuring access to basic health care services. Improve maternal health status, increasing the number of pregnant women receiving pre and post natal cares as well as increasing institutional delivery through advice, medicinal support and referral services and basic health and hygiene practices to reduce the common ailments among 100,000 populations in poor and needy people
Girls who are studying in primary school, high school as well as dropped out girls has been surveyed to identify their needs and obstacles that they facee while persuading higher education. View of parents had been taken to know what they think of education for children. Based on this the project will lead us to know the major gaps in education for girls in backward villages. This project aims to reduce those gaps by providing educational tools to continue their higher education.
Support required for Maintenance of the Vehicle
We are running Child Labour Rehabilitation Centre in Chittoor which consists of around 240 children and in order for their transportation we have a vehicle donated by our donors. We desperately need maintenance of this vehicle in order ferry children from their home to the rehabilitation centre and vice versa.
Coaching 100 school children in studies in India
Many children living in Trichy slums drop out of school before completing their education. This project supports at risk students in grades 4-12 by giving them coaching classes. The classes give students the individual attention they lack at school & the guidance they lack at home. Specially trained teachers help students improve in subjects that are difficult for them, which are identified by tests. The students are also counseled to help them cope with emotional / psychological stress.
Computer literacy and English language training can make a big difference to employment seeking girls. Computers can transform their lives by ending their marginalizing. It is our dream to provide these young girls with free Basic Computer Training with English language training which will be instrumental in furthering their chances of finding dignified jobs. It will make them a part of the mainstream global youth along with the feeling of empowerment.
Give A Girl A Future
"When you educate a man, you educate an individual and when you educate a woman, you educate an entire family." This declaration is multi-faceted an educated woman has the self-confidence, skills as well as intelligence to understand the need to be a better daughter, sister, wife and mother and make a progressive family. Education is the only tool with which a girl or a woman can empower herself and eventually her family. India holds a strong determination in educating all children, especiall
Help start 5 new evening schools for 200 children
Educate and empower the children in slums and rural areas of Puducherry by offering evening remedial classes, counseling services, awareness and community-sensitizing programs.
Ensured childhood to 40 deprived children in India
The project aims to support 40 poor children between 2-6 years in the Kajapettai and Kodappu areas of Trichirappalli for a year. A creche will be run in each area and the children will be provided with quality education and care. Nutritious food and affection will be given to the children which is being deprived off to them. The project aims at developing the health and skills of the children in their formative years.
Para Teacher in Govt school for Child Education
The term 'para teacher' covers a wide range of incentive based appointment for teaching in schools where no of teachers less are and alternative learning centres or support education training centre. In a broad sense, any appointment, that is a deviation from the past practice in that state, is referred to as a para teacher. This broadly refers to teachers appointed by Gram Vikas Trust in association with school management committee including school principal, on incentive of Rs.2500 to 3000.
Support 500 Students to Pass Year 10 Examinations
by Masoom
The students part of this program come from an economically poor background and are forced to work during the day in order to support their families. They attend night school in order to obtain their education. Masoom is supporting beneficiaries through Material Distribution Drive - a provision of extra classes and study materials to prepare for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams to enable them to complete their basic schooling with good grades that can help them in building a good future.
Homeless Project Pondicherry
Let us help those living in the shadows of society in Pondicherry. We aim to establish a centre for the homeless and offer them services to improve their quality of life. Our project will provide empowerment, counselling, de-addiction and vocational training to help these individuals transition from a life of poverty to integrated members of our society.
Gift an education...Make a life !
Gram Vikas Trust support Government primary schools to provide high quality school education to tribal children in Bharuch district of Gujarat state who cannot otherwise access or afford it. The schools adopt a nurturing & holistic approach to education, helping highly irregular and irregular children to attend school regularly, children to learn joyfully. The tribal children are supported through educational aids.
Transforming a  Government Primary School in Delhi
This LLF initiative aims to bring about whole school transformation in a South Delhi Municipal Co-operation school. The school is battling with a steep fall in enrollment and high dropout rates. Established in the year 1986, the school has just 60 students across grades 1 to 5. The students come from the poorest families in the locality. LLF will work towards improving the school physical and emotional environment, pedagogy, leadership and teacher effectiveness and engage with community
The project aims to mitigate the heavy loss of lives and the properties of the communities belonging to the slums of Chennai city of India and to quicken the process of recovery through Disaster Preparedness. The focus is on the most vulnerable sections of senior citizens, the people living with disabilities, women and children. Strategy: Training on Disaster Preparedness to senior citizens, disabled, children, women. overall 10000 community members and 1000 lead volunteers will be trained.
Help Blacky Walk Again!
Blacky was rescued with a broken hind leg and other fractures. He was found lying by the side of road, weak and unable to move. He needs surgery to make him walk again.
Help students experience their potential
Some youngsters who are educated dream & innovate less and are more concerned with survival. The acquired skills are many a time not relevant to the context. In India this can be seen in rising levels of unemployability, number of psychosomatic conditions, mechanical way of life & much more. Aashwasan brings forth an innovative program to help students experience their potential through long term engagement which helps them bring out their potential, imbibe people skills and become change makers
Help create awareness about 'Breast Cancer'
CANCER is the most deadly word a patient can hear from the doctor. Among different types of cancer, women suffer mostly from cervical and breast cancer. India is experiencing an unprecedented rise in the number of breast cancer cases across all sections of society. We can definitely detect it early and treat adequately. ONLY with early detection, can we achieve a longer survival. The project aims to empower women, spread awareness and ensure a cancer free society.
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