In-the-Field Program Frequently Asked Questions

Is this position paid?

No, this is an unpaid position and Field Interns are responsible for covering their own travel expenses. Depending on the position, GlobalGiving may provide a small stipend for airfare and communications. See job description for more details.

Does GlobalGiving provide financial support or reimbursement for travel expenses?

This is a self-funded position. Field Interns are responsible for all travel expenses including on-the-ground transportation, accommodations, food, etc. GlobalGiving does not provide funding for these expenses. Depending on the position, GlobalGiving may provide a small stipend for airfare and communications. See job description for more details.

How much should I budget for the field program?

This is a tough question to answer because it really depends on the region and your personal travel preferences. Before applying for a position, we encourage you to take some time to research the cost of travel in the region that you would be visiting. What is the cost of hostels and guest houses? How much does it cost to get from one major city to the next? Come up with a reasonable daily budget and multiply that times the number of days in the country or region. (For example, $30/day for 6 months would cost about $5,500.) Don’t forget to include visa expenses and the cost of vaccines and any necessary medication. If you are participating in our short-term summer program, remember to factor in airfare.

How have other Field Interns funded their trips?

Past Field Interns have funded their trips in a whole variety of ways! Many Field Interns have been fortunate to receive funding through their universities—if you haven’t already explored this option, check it out! Several Field Interns have used online fundraising sites like to reach out to family and friends for financial support (one intern raised $10,000 this way!). Interns who have raised money online have been able to use that experience in trainings and conversations with GlobalGiving’s partners in the field. It’s a great way to get hands-on fundraising experience before going into the field. Lastly, a small handful of interns have been able to fund their trips with personal savings. 

Which countries will I be visiting?

The countries you will visit depend on your field position. Some opportunities already have fixed countries assigned to them. Other positions will be focused on a region (for example: South America) and it will be up to you and your supervisor to map out a list of countries to include in your itinerary.

Will I be traveling by myself?

This depends on the type of position. Our six-month positions are conducted by one individual. Our three-month summer positions are usually conducted in teams of two.

Does GlobalGiving have an office in the country that I will be visiting?

No. GlobalGiving’s office is in Washington, DC. Our sister-site GlobalGiving UK has a small office in London.

What support will I receive from GlobalGiving while I am in the field?

GlobalGiving’s staff is in touch with Field Interns several times a week via email. We check in with field interns at least once a month via Skype and phone. The GlobalGiving team is always available to answer questions and provide support!

Will I have time to see some of the tourist sites?

Yes! We encourage you to take time off and explore the wonderful attractions each country has to offer. Make sure you take some pictures!

Do I need to speak the local language?

We highly prefer that Interns have at least some level of proficiency in the local language. This will greatly improve your contact with local organizations and the people. It will also make your time traveling around the countries a lot easier.

Do I need to have previous experience in the area?

No, however previous experience is a plus.

Will I receive training?

You will undergo an extensive three to four week training in our office in Washington, DC before you leave. You will learn everything there is to know about GlobalGiving, how to conduct workshops, site visits and you will work with the GlobalGiving team to create your travel itinerary. Our goal is to make sure you are fully prepared to answer any questions and meet any problems that could arise while in the field.

Do I need to come to the training in Washington, DC?

Yes, training is mandatory. You will get invaluable knowledge about GlobalGiving, conducting workshops and site visits. Furthermore, you will be planning out your trip during these weeks and making the first contacts with organizations in the country you will be visiting.

How long is the position?

We have short-term (three months) and long-term (three months) positions. Our short-term positions generally take place during the summer while our long-term positions take place throughout the year.

What are the requirements?

Ideal applicants have experience traveling overseas, a background in international development and/or marketing and fundraising, and relevant language skills. Past Field Interns have been recent college graduates, masters’ students, and young professionals seeking in-the-field experience.

About the In-the-Field Program

The In-the-Field Program is a way for GlobalGiving to visit our partner organizations around the world. As a small team in Washington, DC, we work with an incredible group of field interns to help us maintain our high quality projects by monitoring hundreds of projects globally.

GlobalGiving identifies recent college graduates, masters’ students, and young professionals to travel internationally for three to six months in specific countries or regions of the world. Though not required, most interns are fluent in the language of the region they are visiting. Field interns are selected through a competitive application and interview process and participate in an intensive, three to four week training in Washington, DC., where they learn how to conduct site visits and host workshops overseas.

Field Interns are volunteers that commit significant personal time and resources to supporting GlobalGiving’s network of community based organizations around the world. They are valuable members of the team, who bring passion, creativity, optimism, and a good sense of humor to their very important work.  

Site visits

A site visit is a half- to full-day visit to a partner organization to see the projects that they have listed on GlobalGiving. The organization is responsible for organizing the visit which may consist of a visit to a school, clinic, or local business, among other things! In most cases, Field Interns have the opportunity to meet with staff (teachers, nurses, trainers, etc.) and members of the participating community (children, parents, entrepreneurs, community officials, and more).

Site visits are also a great opportunity to strengthen GlobalGiving’s relationship with partner organizations. We take advantage of these meetings to learn more about our partners’ fundraising needs and to provide additional advice and support.

Following site visits, Field Interns complete a brief evaluation form and a blog-style postcard, which is emailed out to the project’s donors.

Short-term Field Interns conduct 15 to 25 site visits over the course of three months. Long-term Field Interns typically conduct 40 to 60 site visits throughout their six months in the field.


Workshops are half-day events organized by Field Interns in major cities throughout the country or region to teach organizations about online fundraising and provide a space for knowledge sharing and networking. Field Interns are responsible for identifying a venue, arranging for light refreshments, creating the workshop presentation and curriculum, conducting outreach, and hosting the event.

Short-term Field Interns generally conduct two to five workshops throughout their three month trips. Long-term interns conduct six to ten workshops over the course of six months.

Strategic Partner Meetings

GlobalGiving works with similarly minded, well-networked organizations around the world to help spread the word about GlobalGiving and online fundraising and provide additional support to our existing partner organizations. Field Interns conduct relationship-building meetings with new and existing Strategic Partners during their time in the field.

One-on-one Fundraising Assistance

Select Field Interns spend several days or weeks with designated organizations providing hands-on fundraising training and support. Field Interns work closely with the GlobalGiving staff to select participating organizations and to design a custom curriculum that meets the organizations’ fundraising needs.

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