You've got to watch the video about his story that won the 2018 GlobalGiving Video Contest!
Meet Thembani!
You've got to meet Thembani.

He's a teenager from South Africa who invented a new kind of noise-cancelling headphones so that kids in noisy townships like his can study in peace and quiet.

His innovative design won an award, and this year Thembani's taking his headphones across the globe to a design competition in California. And a video about his storywon the 2018 GlobalGiving Video Contest!

Thembani is undeniably a gifted young inventor, but he recognizes that without access to technology, students like him from disadvantaged townships in South Africa likely wouldn't have the chance to show the world their talent.

Thanks to Afrika Tikkun, a local NGO that runs five computer centers for youth across South Africa, Thembani got his chance. Now Afrika Tikkun is working to expand that same opportunity to more future inventors, coders, and entrepreneurs by purchasing new computers for their centers.

You can invest in the next Thembani— donate to Afrika Tikkun's projecton GlobalGiving today, and make sure to watch their prize-winning video!
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