Celebrate International Women's Day by supporting women and girls and get your donation matched!
Today is International Women's Day — Empower Women + Girls Around the World
In the midst of the burgeoning global movement demanding justice for women and girls facing sexual harassment, discrimination, and violence, International Women's Day challenges us to build on the momentum of the past year by investing in those working toward equality.

That's why we want to share a special opportunity with you: donate today to support women and girls and your gift will be 30% matched, while funds remain.
Your donation today will also help the participating organization of your choice get closer to earning a year-long place in the GlobalGiving Girl Fund, which provides ongoing funding to highly effective nonprofits dedicated to empowering women and girls everywhere. That means your gift today could result in a year of additional funding for your chosen project!

In order to ensure that as many donors and nonprofits as possible can benefit from this matching offer, there are a few terms and conditions that apply.
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