You have made $274.75 USD in tax-deductible donations on in 2015.
Last chance to give this year

Thanks to you, our community of GlobalGivers had another amazing year of changing the world for the better.

I wanted to remind you that tomorrow, December 31st, is the last day to make a charitable donation for the 2015 tax year. It's also your last chance to get your new monthly donation matched by an anonymous donor!

If you're still working toward your 2015 giving goals, we think these projects would be a great choice:

Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
a project by APOPO vzw
Tanzania, United Republic of    Health
APOPO is a Belgian NGO that has developed an innovative system deploying African giant pouched rats (nicknamed HeroRATs) to detect landmines or tuberc...
Make Motherhood Safe for Tanzanian Women
a project by Kupona Foundation
Tanzania, United Republic of    Health
Help to build, equip, and operate a new maternity hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the wor...
Rescue Maasai Girls from Female Genital Mutilation
a project by Global Roots
Kenya    Children
We are raising funds to cover the boarding school costs for 72 Maasai girls who ran away from home to avoid Female Genital Mutilation and early marria...
Young Girls Fight Against Early & Forced Marriage
a project by Feminist Approach to Technology Society
India    Women and Girls
This project will help adolescent girls from socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society to use technology both as a tool and as a med...
Afghanistan Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund
a project by GlobalGiving
Afghanistan    Disaster Recovery
On October 26, a powerful 7.5M earthquake caused significant damage in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Survivors need access to emergency supplies like food...

Want to mix it up? You can support a brand-new earth-changing project each month by joining our Project of the Month Club.

GlobalGiving Project of the Month Club
Each month, GlobalGiving picks an innovative, high-performing project as the Project of the Month. That month's selection receives your donation, and you get an email telling you about the impact that you're making.

If you'd like to see a summary of your past giving, you can  view your detailed donation history at any time.

Your generosity in 2015 has been inspiring. Thank you!

Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2016,
Will Frechette + the GlobalGiving Team
1110 Vermont ​Avenue NW Suite ​500
Washington​, DC ​20005 USA

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