See how an innovative nonprofit in Indonesia is changing the lives of those who live and work in Jakarta's massive landfills.

Saminah and her children wake up every day in a landfill. The landfill is home. She and her husband might spend the entire day sorting through trash in that landfill to support their family.

This is the reality for thousands of families in Jakarta, Indonesia. Their work is not only exceptionally difficult but it is extremely dangerous. They’re constantly exposed to infectious diseases, hazardous waste, polluted air, and contaminated water. They endure all of this to earn an average of just $4/day.

There’s an innovative nonprofit working to change the situation for Saminah and Jakarta’s trashpicker community. Thanks to this important work, Saminah might not have to continue to raise her family in a landfill.

When you see just how this nonprofit is doing it, you’re going to be blown away.

1110 Vermont ​Avenue NW Suite ​500
Washington​, DC ​20005 USA

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