Bishnu and his village of Richet Gau lost everything when the earthquake struck. Help them start rebuilding today.

Just after 1​1A​M on Ap​ril 2​5, Bishnu Karki stepped away to take a break. He’d been putting the finishing touches on a dormitory in Richet Gau, Nepal that would enable students from rural areas to attend school safely. Without this dorm, 60 kids had been walking four hours each day or sleeping out in the rain just to go to school.

You can guess what happened next. The earth shook violently, he heard a loud crack, and the entire dorm—and months of Bishnu’s painstaking labor—was in ruins

Not only did the dorm collapse, so did the schools and everything else in the village. The need for safe places for children to learn is greater now than ever before.

But Bishnu and the Nepali people are resilient. Himalayan Healthcare, a local nonprofit, has plans to rebuild 30 earthquake-resilient schools in the area. You can help them get started today .


It’s overwhelming to think about the scale of the recovery effort. But if we work together and support people like Bishnu, we can make a world of difference for thousands of families still recovering from the quakes.


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