Our friends in Nepal need your help today: make a donation to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.

For the second time in less than three weeks, a major earthquake struck in Nepal today. This time it was 7.3 magnitude tremor, centered 50 miles east of the capital in Kathmandu. 

Reports of new casualties are streaming in, and a series of aftershocks is driving many Nepalis once again to spend the night outdoors. 

Our friends in Nepal need your help today. With one donation to our Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund, you have the power to help survivors get the emergency aid they need now and help them rebuild and recover in the months and years to come.
Let's Help Nepal
Our Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund provides you with a unique opportunity to have a profound impact for earthquake survivors — your donation today will support a holistic approach to disaster relief by more than 60 of our vetted, locally driven nonprofit partners.

With the support of more than 28,000 GlobalGivers in 107 countries, our partners in Nepal are deploying a wide-range of relief, from providing urgent medical care to survivors and leading search and rescue teams to distributing emergency supplies and rebuilding damaged homes and schools. 

To ensure our partners have the long-term support they need, a generous donor is matching the first installment of all new recurring monthly donations to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. Start yours today.  

Thank you for your generosity, 
Will Frechette + the GlobalGiving Team

P.S. We know that every donation has a story. It represents compassion, kindness, and sacrifice. This story of a group of women in Liberia who fought Ebola and are now giving to earthquake survivors in Nepal will inspire you, and underscores the true power of our global community.
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Top photo from: Athit Perawongmetha, Reuters
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