Your donation to fight the spread of Ebola will be matched for a limited time.

Ebola Epidemic Relief

Today our community is presented with a unique opportunity to make an impact at a time when the Ebola outbreak is worsening.

For a limited time, your donation to fight the spread of Ebola will be matched thanks to a generous grant by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

Donate to the Ebola Relief Fund

Your donation will fund projects that are providing vital medical supplies, equipping aid workers with life-saving protective gear, and educating the public about how to prevent the spread of Ebola. As always, you'll receive updates about the impact of your donation.

Thank you for helping our project partners maximize this matching opportunity and for your commitment to stopping this outbreak. 

With gratitude,
Will Frechette and the GlobalGiving Team
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Top photo from: Doctors Without Borders
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