Dear Kevin,

Congratulations, you have been identified as one of our most adventurous GlobalGivers! To date, you have generously donated to GlobalGiving projects on 5 continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America) -- cheers to that!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves an act of international intrigue and impact: join other daring GlobalGivers like yourself and try to reach all 6 -- you're so close it's almost not even fair! (Yes, we know there are, in fact, 007 continents, but we don't have any projects in Antarctica... yet.)

Here's some suggestions to get your wheels turning:

Inspire and empower Indigenous youth in Australia
Indigenous youth in Australia are often neglected and receive very little support. Recreational trips with a focus on surfing can act as a catalyst to engage, inspire and...
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Treating patients at our AZ Wildlife Hospital
The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital helps treat and care for thousands of wildlife patients every year. Our motto is save one, save the species. This project will fund...
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Stopping the Violence
Ba Futuru is working to stop the use of violence against children in the classroom in Timor-Leste! Help to support positive learning environments for children in one of the...
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Rest assured, this email will not self-destruct. Or will it...?

Thanks for your generous support,
Diana Jannuzzi and the GlobalGiving Team

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