We've been trying our hands at matchmaking this week, and we're pretty excited about the Valentines we have lined up for you!  
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Meet Your Valentines: Wilkenson, Bodlina, Herbie, Marutho, and Hamisi!

Love is in the air at GlobalGiving, and we've been trying our hands at a little matchmaking this week! We're pretty excited about the potential valentines we found for you.
This may surprise you, but neither your best friend nor your beloved made the list this year. Mom didn't make it, either. 
What if you did something a little bit more earth-changing than flowers and dinner this year? We’ve found some potential valentines whose lives could change completely as a result of your love and support on Valentine's Day
Wilkenson had never been to school before 2010, but now he's going to class and he's thriving. Wilkenson wants to be a doctor. But school in Haiti isn't free. Will you help make his dream come true by paying his 5th grade tuition for Valentine's Day? 
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Bodlina is a lovely, energetic girl living in an orphanage in Haiti. She makes friends easily and would certainly get you laughing if you got to meet her in person. Just $378 will buy a year's worth of healthy meals for Bodlina for Valentine's Day - will you contribute?
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South Africa
This little love bug lives at DAKTARI Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage where he helps teach kids about safe breeding of domestic animals. He needs a roof to protect him from wild cats in the area. Helping him is one way to make sure your valentine is a real Babe.
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South Africa
Marutho lives in a part of South Africa where jobs are scarce and adults often resort to illegal animal poaching to earn money. But you could send bright young Marutho to a week-long camp that will inspire him to care for his environment. Your Valentine's Day gift will change his life and protect South African wildlife!
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Born in December 2012, Hamisi is a young, energetic HeroRAT. He's being trained to sniff out tuberculosis! After about five months he'll be able to evaluate more samples in 10 minutes than one lab tech can in a day. Never thought you'd choose a rat for a valentine? This one is destined to be your hero.
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Nobody on this list is asking for a fancy dinner, candy hearts or a romantic poem. They’re simply hoping for healthy meals, access to better opportunities, and the chance to thrive. 

Thank you for considering a new kind of valentine this year!

With much love,
Alison Carlman and the GlobalGiving Team

p.s. To prevent any relationship problems that may stem from giving a valentine to someone you don’t know, we invite you to consider making your donation in honor of your original valentine and printing or emailing a personalized tribute card as evidence of your generosity.
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