Last Chance to Give in 2012

Your 2013 Giving (So Far)

This is just a friendly reminder that Monday is the last day to make a charitable donation for the 2013 tax year.

As of today, you have made $X USD in tax-deductible donations on in 2013.

If you're still short of your 2012 giving goals, would you consider giving to one of these projects?

Rescue Children Suffering From Severe Malnutrition
Fifty percent of Nepali children under five-years-old are malnourished. Among the consequences of malnutrition are stunted growth, increased susceptibility to disease and...
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500 Girls off the Street & Into School in Liberia.
We help get girls off the street and into school in one of the world's most notorious slums in Liberia, West Africa. We started just trying for one year, but now we are...
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Jobs for Youth in Urban Slums
LivelyHoods creates jobs for youth in urban slums. To do this, we've successfully developed a direct sales network that employs youth to distribute life-changing products in...
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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund
The north coast of Japan was hit by a horrible tsunami after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred 80 miles offshore. This fund is supporting organizations providing relief...
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Lifesaving Diabetes Education for Ecuadorian Youth
AYUDA educates and empowers Ecuadorian children with diabetes to better manage their disease in order to prevent serious complications, by learning from other youth with the...
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Send DC High Schoolers to Malawi to Build a School
Give 6 DC inner city high school students the transformative opportunity of a lifetime! Help the DC Chapter of buildOn send 6 DC high school students and a teacher to Malawi...
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You can also view your detailed donation history at any time.

Want to try something new? GlobalGiving has thousands of great projects on our site that may resonate with you.

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Thank you for your generosity this past year. It means the world to the people and communities you've supported.

Wishing you a healthy and happy 2013,
Kevin Conroy and the GlobalGiving Team

Fine Print You Might Need for Preparing Your Taxes
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