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You were young once, weren’t you? Maybe it wasn’t even that long ago when you were dreaming of becoming a teacher, or a scientist, or a Software Engineer for Good. Hopefully, you’ve been lucky enough to make your way to those dreams, or something even more exciting.

Imagine, though, that you’re a teenage girl in Sierra Leone named Dolly. She’s smart and excels in school, she’s active on the debate team, and she’s a “people-person;” she even helps mentor other girls just like her. She dreams of completing her education so she can become a banker, and she’s on track to do just that.

The one thing she’s missing? A computer, an important piece of the puzzle towards her future in finance.

Recently, folks at an organization called Develop Africa, Inc., met Dolly and they recognized her ingenuity, confidence, and drive. By asking donors to step in and send her a fully-loaded computer (complete with training classes), they’re working to make sure she has the tools she needs to turn her hard work and leadership into the career she deserves.

Think of someone who came alongside you to make your dreams a reality. You could be that person to come alongside Dolly and show her that you believe in her potential. 

This is why we’re excited to announce that we’re working with Microsoft to empower young adults and children to change their world. By supporting, a Microsoft YouthSpark program in partnership with GlobalGiving, you can give Dolly (or Li, or Guillermina, or Erick...) the tools they need to focus on their futures and be the spark of change in their worlds. 

Thank you for helping fund the dreams of young people around the world. Be the spark of change!

KC Ellis Sledd

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