Wait, Mother's Day is this Sunday?
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We understand. You were just about to run out to pick up a present for Mom, right? Uh-huh. We've been there too. Instead of a rushed trip to the mall, we’d like to invite you sit right there and breathe a huge sigh of relief as you get her a gift that shows you are the kind, compassionate, and responsible person she always knew you were. 

After all, your mom is the greatest. She can do anything. Make your favorite food, break the glass ceiling, or simply be there when you need her. So honor her innumerable talents by letting her do what she does best: change the world!

Give your mom a GlobalGiving gift card and she can feed an orphan cheetah in Namibia, replant a forest in Brazil, or help other moms in Rwanda establish a career to support their families.


Enjoy the weekend celebrating the amazing women in your life. And if you're a mom yourself? We wish a very special, very Happy Mother's Day to you!

KC Ellis and the GlobalGiving Team

p.s. We understand that not everyone has a mom around to celebrate this Mother's Day, and we realize that can make this time of year very hard. You can still honor the amazing person that your mom was, or even someone who stepped in when your mother couldn’t, by making a donation in honor or memory of an important woman in your life. If you’d like, you can even print or mail a tribute card as evidence of the gift.
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