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This Holiday Season, Take Take Take. 

We know the holidays are all about giving. But this year, in honor of your friends and family, go ahead and take all you want. Take as much as you can. And then take more. prevent the spread of AIDS; fund "Circle of Love" HIV Testing in Cameroon.

...that you can change a child's life; transform the lives of former child laborers in Ghana.
TAKE TIME to find a project that will really mean something to your friend or family member, and TAKE COMFORT in the knowledge that when you make a tribute donation to a project on GlobalGiving, we'll send an elegant personalized card as evidence of your earth-changing gift. 
Sending a tribute card is easy:

1)   Think of someone incredible. (Your mom comes to mind.) 
2)   Pick an earth-changing project to give to in that person’s honor or memory.
3)   Click on “make this donation in honor of or in memory of someone” during checkout.
4)   Choose how you would like to notify the recipient(s):

And if that's not enough give and take, we're also excited to announce that we're holding a Tribute Card Challenge this month. This means we’re giving away $10,000 in bonus grants to the top 15 projects with the most tribute donations. Help your favorite projects take the lead on our leaderboard today!

Thank you for your generous giving. We hope your friends and family are thrilled with their gifts. 
Nahal Tavangar and the GlobalGiving Team

p.s. TAKE it easy! Can't decide on a project? Go with one of New York Times writer Nick Kristof's recommendations, or give to a project that is eligible for matching money from the Safer World Fund. In the case of total indecision, a GlobalGiving gift card may be your best way to go. 

p.p.s. But don't TAKE too much time! If you want to mail a paper tribute card or physical gift card, you'll need to make your donation by December 13 in order to ensure delivery by December 24. 
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