GlobalGiving Holiday Gift Guide

The World's Best Cyber Monday Deal

This is probably the world's best Cyber Monday deal. Why? Because each of these gifts is FREE when you make a donation to an earth-changing project on

We've got something for everyone! Your foodie friend? Check. Your crafty mom? You betcha.  Make a donation in honor of anyone on your list and one of these "Gifts for Good" will be shipped to whomever you choose.

Gifts for Good (for everyone!)

Your Favorite

Your Generous

Your Crafty Mom
Your Dad Who Has Everything (except for this club membership!)
Your Foodie Friend
Your Fashion-Savvy Aunt

No matter which gift you choose, GlobalGiving Gifts for Good are sure to inspire your friend, family member, or even your office secret santa. What better gift can you give someone than the knowledge that an earth-changing impact has been made in their honor? Hurry, though -- this offer is only valid while supplies last, and you'll need to leave ample time for shipping!

If you'd rather let your recipient choose the project they'd like to support, try GlobalGiving gift cards

You pick your favorite card.
The lucky recipient will pick their favorite project.

Free Shipping

GlobalGiving gift cards make great, meaningful gifts this holiday season, and we'll even ship 'em for free! (You can also send ecards or print your card at home.) And don't forget, for every 500 gift cards we sell, something AMAZING will happen...

Wishing you a warm and happy holiday season,
Alison Carlman and the GlobalGiving Team
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