GlobalGiving Instant Mother's Day Gift Cards

GlobalGiving's instant Mother's Day gift cards
don't scream "last minute"

A personalized GlobalGiving e-card or a print-at-home card will sublty whisper, "way to go, mom. I turned out to be kind, generous and compassionate, just like you taught me to be."

Let's be honest, some of us still haven't figured out our Mother's Day gifts yet. You may have changed your Facebook profile photo to a picture of her, but is that enough to honor her decades of dedication?

Email card      Print at home

Give your mom a GlobalGiving gift card and the message will be clear: rather than filling your mom's world with more stuff, you've have chosen to help her make a world of difference for someone else on the planet. She can use the gift to feed an orphan chimpanzee, establish a recycling center, or help a new mom prevent the transmission of HIV to her baby.

Print a gift card at home and bring it to her at brunch
Schedule a perfectly timed e-card delivery if she lives far away

We'd like to help you honor your mom well this year. And don't forget to show some love to your grandmother, your wife, and your sisters who are mothers, too!

Have a great weekend celebrating the amazing women in your life, and if you're a mom, Happy Mother's Day to you!

Thank you,
Alison Carlman and the GlobalGiving Team
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