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Here's a $25 gift certificate to GlobalGiving.

Thank you for your generous support for the projects on GlobalGiving. This year we've raised over $22 million for over 1,700 projects from over 53,000 donors like you.

Numbers and statistics are great, but we think a heart-felt thanks means a lot more. All of us here at GlobalGiving, along with our project partners around the world, wanted to thank you for all your support throughout the year, so we made this video:

Watch our 60 second thank you video from projects around the world

Since you have been such a generous supporter of the projects on GlobalGiving this year, we want to do more than just send you an email. So, here's a $25 gift certificate to use to support a project of your choice.

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You can use it to redeem towards a project you've supported before, or to find a new project to support. From India to Haiti, Pakistan, and Uganada, and over a hundred other countries, your generosity has spanned the globe and had an impact on countless lives. Thank you for making the year 2010 the best year yet for GlobalGiving.

We hope you'll join us in 2011 and help us reach even greater heights.

Together, we're changing the world, one little earth-changing idea at a time.

Thank You and Happy New Year,
Mari Kuraishi and the GlobalGiving Team
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