Need a last minute gift?
Email or print a GlobalGiving Gift Card

Spread Joy Happy Holidays

Email or print a GlobalGiving gift card at home to avoid the last minute shopping crowds. You can schedule your email gift card to be sent on December 25 so that there aren't any spoiled surprises. You can also print out a gift card at home to give in person, put in a stocking, or use to cover up that tiny spot where you ran out of wrapping paper.

GlobalGiving gift cards let your recipient give to a cause that they are passionate about. We've heard wonderful stories about families finding a project together that they love and sharing the spirit of the holiday season. If you need a last minute gift for someone, we're sure that they'll love a GlobalGiving gift card.

Give a Gift Card as a Present

We sincerely hope that you have a warm and wonderful holiday season,
Mari Kuraishi and the GlobalGiving Team
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