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Today, more than 600 million girls live in the developing world. They are also the world's greatest untapped solution to global poverty. In many countries, however, girls are seen as an economic liability.

But when girls in developing countries are allowed to control their education, their bodies, their futures, a disruptive force of social, economic, and cultural transformation is unleashed.

See how this transformation occurs through the new Girl Effect video.

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The Power of the Girl Effect

Who will your donation support? Girls like Juthika.

Juthika owns ducks. Juthika also tends a vegetable garden, tutors schoolboys, and embroiders handkerchiefs. She earns $37 a month and invests her income in her and her brother's education and supports her parents. Juthika is only 15 and lives in a small village in Ishwarpur, Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, 67% of the country's 11.7 million girls aged 15-24 are jobless. Marriage is the likely future for millions of girls. Not Juthika. Why?

Juthika, and 30 girls from her village, is a member of a weekly microfinance program run by BRAC. BRAC provides the courage for Juthika to challenge gender stereotypes in her village, the confidence to communicate to her peers the risk of HIV/AIDS, and the credit to create her own business.

Juthika and her fellow members have thriving businesses and support their entire families. Juthika's village used to be poor and went in to debt to buy rice. Not any more.

Juthika's life is now full of hope, possibility, and ducks.

This is the power of the girl effect. Please consider donating $25 or what you can afford.

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