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Most Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I forgot my password. How do I find it?
    2. Where do I find my receipts?
    3. How do I cancel or change my recurring donation?
    4. How do I redeem a Gift Card?
    5. I am having trouble making a donation. What do I do?

About GlobalGiving

  1. What is GlobalGiving?
  2. How is GlobalGiving funded?


  1. I don't see my favorite charity on GlobalGiving, why not?
  2. How does the money get to the project?
  3. What happens if a project receives only a small proportion of the funding it requests
  4. How do I know my donation is being put to good use?
  5. How does GlobalGiving decide which project appears at the top of various browse and catalog pages?

Security and Privacy

  1. How can I be sure a project is legitimate?
  2. What is GlobalGiving's own privacy policy?
  3. How do I know my donation is secure?


  1. Is my donation tax-deductible?
  2. What are the methods of payment?
  3. Is there a minimum donation?
  4. Can I donate goods to a project instead of money?
  5. Can I donate anonymously?
  6. I just tried to make a donation and my credit card was rejected. Why?
  7. Why are there multiple charges on my credit card when I only made one donation?
  8. Is there any way to keep track of my donations?
  9. What if I'm not satisfied with my donation?
  10. Does GlobalGiving charge a fee?
  11. How do I donate by credit card, debit card, or PayPal?
  12. How do I donate by check?
  13. How do I donate by wire transfer?
  14. How do I donate stock?
  15. How do I donate via a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)?
  16. How do I donate private equity shares or set up planned giving?
  17. How do I choose a project that is right for me?
  18. What is the GlobalGiving Fund?
  19. What are donation options?
  20. What is a recurring donation and how do I set one up?
  21. How do I cancel my recurring donation?
  22. How do I update the billing information on my recurring donation?

Your Account and Password

  1. I forgot my password. How do I find it??
  2. I tried clicking the "Forgot your password?" button several times, but I haven't gotten an email yet. Why not?
  3. Where do I find my receipts?


  1. Can I make my donation a gift?
  2. What if I want the recipient of my gift to choose his or her own project?
  3. How do I purchase a Gift Card?
  4. How do I redeem a Gift Card?
  5. Do I need to redeem the entire Gift Card amount at once?
  6. Can I make a donation for more than the amount on my Gift Card?
  7. Can I use my Gift Card to buy another Gift Card?
  8. Can I use my Gift Card to buy a tribute card in honor of someone else?
  9. Can I use more than one Gift Card for one Giving Cart?
  10. Is there a time limit to use my Gift Card or Gift Certificate?
  11. Does GlobalGiving Guaranteed apply to gifts?
  12. What are GlobalGiving Gift Registries?
  13. I'd like to set up a gift registry with GlobalGiving. How can I do that?


  1. How do I set up a fundraiser?
  2. What link should I send my friends & family to?
  3. How many projects can I attach to a fundraiser?
  4. Can I get in touch with the organization I'm fundraising for?
  5. Can I change my fundraiser's "goal"?
  6. What if I raise more funds than my goal?
  7. When does my project get the funds?
  8. How can I pay by check to a fundraiser?
  9. How long before a check shows up in the fundraiser?
  10. Can international donors give to my fundraiser?
  11. Can I get information on the people donating to my fundraiser?

Corporate Partners

  1. How can GlobalGiving work with corporate partners?
  2. I'd like to start a corporate partnership with GlobalGiving. Where do I start?
  3. What is a GlobalGiving landing page?
  4. What is needed to create a landing page?
  5. What types of gift cards are available?
  6. How do I place a gift card order?
  7. What are the costs associated with placing a gift card order?
  8. How can I use GlobalGiving's API?
  9. What companies are currently working with GlobalGiving?
  10. How much does it cost to work with GlobalGiving?
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