The Global Open Challenge is a great opportunity to join the GlobalGiving community – so you can leverage our donor networks, technology, and partner relationships to raise funds for your projects online.

You have to be registered as a nonprofit in the U.S. (i.e. a 501 (c)3) or in your country to be eligible to participate in the Global Open Challenge. 


In order to be considered for the Global Open Challenge, you must fill out a nomination form and submit Due Diligence documents to the GlobalGiving team to verify your credentials by February 22, 2010.  You can nominate your own organization or any organization you are familiar with.

Nomination form

You will be notified by March 1, 2010 if your project is selected for the challenge. For other key dates see the frequently asked questions below.


The Global Open Challenge runs from March 25, 2010 - April 25, 2010.  Through the Open, projects have the opportunity to earn an ongoing spot on the GlobalGiving website if they can mobilize supporters to raise US $4,000 from at least 50 unique donors during this time period.

If you are an organization that is registered as a nonprofit in the U.S. (i.e. a 501 (c)3) or in your country, you are eligible to participate in the Global Open Challenge. 

Projects meeting the minimum requirements of raising $4,000 from at least 50 unique donors automatically earn a spot on GlobalGiving, and they can also compete for additional funding. The three projects receiving the most funding will receive additional awards of $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000, respectively; the project receiving the greatest number of donations will receive an additional $3,000.

Unlike a traditional foundation, GlobalGiving does not directly offer grants to charitable organizations. Through its website, GlobalGiving connects individual and institutional donors directly to projects like yours all around the world. Participating in the Global Open Challenge Provides the following benefits:

Exposure to a new community of online donors.
The GlobalGiving website is a destination for online donors interested in furthering causes and communities all around the world. The GlobalGiving Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and provides tax receipts directly to US donors who give through our website. Individual donors can make donations as small as $10 so anyone can make an impact.

Training from GlobalGiving's expert online fundraising team.   Every day GlobalGiving works with hundreds of charitable organizations to help them raise money online to support their causes. We have a lot of collective knowledge and are experts in fundraising and giving. We provide training, tools and tips during the challenge to help you learn how harness the power of crowdsourcing and online fundraising to further your cause.

Full online giving capability and fundraising tools.   A personalized landing page on the GlobalGiving website for each project you post, Viral communication tools, Personalized widgets, Email templates, Ability to communicate directly with donors through the GlobalGiving website.

If you gain a permanent space on GlobalGiving their are even more benefits. These include: Opportunity to participate in regular/ongoing marketing and fundraising campaigns and challenges, many of which offer matching funds or bounty awards; Alternative gift options such as gift cards and donating to your project “in honor of” someone; Opportunity for you to engage your donors in different ways, for example gift registries and fundraisers for your project; Ability to list multiple projects on GlobalGiving after you qualify for a spot on www.globalgiving.com; Potential to list projects and raise funds on GlobalGiving UK, a sister site (only after you qualify for a spot on www.globalgiving.com); Access to GlobalGiving Rewards benefits; Reduced administrative costs; Benefits from GlobalGiving's branding marketing and public relations efforts.

What kinds of organizations are eligible for Global Project Challenge March 2010?
Organizations must conform/agree to the following terms and conditions:
•    The organization is a registered non-profit organization in the US (i.e. 501(c)3) or its home country;
•    The organization is committed to updating donors at least every three months on the progress of the project it lists;
•    The organization's staff must have the ability to communicate with GlobalGiving in English, including translating documents;
•    The organization does not discriminate in selecting its staff, board, and beneficiaries;
•    The organization must satisfy GlobalGiving's due diligence requirements;
•    The organization acknowledges that listing its project on the GlobalGiving website is not guaranteed; in order to qualify for an ongoing spot on the GlobalGiving website, the organization must meet a donation threshold, i.e. generating a certain number of donations and raising a certain amount of donations within a defined time period.



What does the organization need to do to get started?
Once you nominate your organization (or somebody nominates you), you will receive an email within 48 hours explaining what to do next.


What are the important dates I need to remember?
February 22, 2010--Nominations and Due Diligence are due

February 25, 2010--Project leader training session

March 1, 2010--Qualified projects are notified about the challenge

March 17, 2010--Project submissions must be complete

March 25 - April 25, 2010--Global Open Challenge Dates

May 3, 2010--Global Open Winners are announced                                      

Is there a project proposal template? How do I write the project?
You will enter details about your project online via GlobalGiving’s project entry system. We suggest you start collecting photos and background information/documentation about your project, and think about how to present your project to potential donors in an engaging and compelling way. Look through other projects on our website to see the information that is presented.

How do I “win”  (secure an ongoing spot on GlobalGiving)?
You must mobilize supporters to raise at least $4,000 from at least 50 unique donors during this time period in order to secure a “permanent”  spot on GlobalGiving.

What’s the minimum dollar amount someone can donate?
The minimum online donation is U.S. $10.

Can donors donate by check?
Yes, but all checks must be received by GlobalGiving by April 23, 2010. In addition, check donors must specify the name of your project on the check in order for it to be properly attributed to your project.

What will happen to the funds raised if I don’t succeed in getting 50 donors and $4,000?
In January, the funds will be disbursed to your project, but you will not remain on the GlobalGiving site beyond April 25, 2010.

What is the fee for participating on GlobalGiving?
GlobalGiving does not charge a listing fee. However, we do have a transaction fee of 15% of donations made to cover the cost of providing your organization with an online fundraising platform and training services. Donors will have a clear option to make a separate donation to the GlobalGiving Foundation in the amount of GlobalGiving’s 15% fee, or a higher amount if they desire.  When a donor chooses this option, you will receive a full 100% of the funds designated to your project.  If the donor chooses not to make this donation, then GlobalGiving will deduct the standard 15% from the funds designated to your project.

Has GlobalGiving run similar “open” competitions in the past?
Yes, we have. You can view our November 2009 Global Open Challenge here

Do you have suggestions for how we can get the word out once we post our project?
You can post news about the challenge on blogs, on your Facebook or MySpace page, on Twitter, on your organization's website, and on your friends’ sites. Write an email to your friends and supporters asking them to spread the word through their websites and emails to other friends. Tell them about the benefits of donating through GlobalGiving, for example they can donate in honor of someone and make a gift!

Prior to and during the challenge, GlobalGiving will send out additional fundraising ideas and tips. We will also make available an online kit that will include tools to help you in your efforts.

Who can I talk to for more information?
Contact Manmeet Mehta

Good luck!


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