Give More Get More

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Why Give?

In this challenging economic environment, we know you are thinking carefully about how to spend your donation dollars to have the greatest impact possible. Take this opportunity to make your donations to GlobalGiving projects around the globe go further with $250,000 of available matching funds!

What’s the Challenge?

From November 10 through December 1, the Give More – Get More Challenge offers matching funds for your donations – the more donations a project receives, the more matching money they can earn. Additional cash bonuses will be awarded to the top three projects that generate the largest amount of money and solicit the greatest number of unique donations.

Give More Get More Matching Table

The three projects that raise the most money will receive additional bonuses of $5,000, $3,000, and $1,000. The same goes for the three projects with the greatest number of unique donations – they will also be awarded bounty funds of $5,000, $3,000, and $1,000. In the event that multiple projects competing in the Give More Get More Challenge are "tied" as far as number of unique donors, the project with the most funds raised will be considered the leader.

Who's participating?

All projects who were in good standing on as of 9/21/09 have been included in the Give More – Get More Challenge. This includes successful Global and American Open participants from previous challenges, but not current Global Open (Nov-Dec 2009) participants.

How can I participate?

Donate to your favorite GlobalGiving projects and follow the Give More – Get More Challenge Leaderboard in real time! You can also become a fundraiser and evangelist for your favorite projects by getting the word out and asking others to give during Give More – Get More.


The Give More – Get More Challenge will run between Tuesday, November 10 (12:01 am Eastern time / GMT-5) and Tuesday, December 1 (11:59 pm Eastern time / GMT-5). All donations received through the site (but NOT – will be eligible for the matching and bounty awards. 

Donations will be matched according to the schedule above.

Projects are encouraged to raise as much money as possible to get the most out of the Challenge. However, in order to prevent a few individuals from using up all the matching funds, donations from an individual donor will only be matched up to $500 per project. If a single donor makes a donation in excess of $500, the project will receive the entire amount, but only the first $500 will be eligible for the match.

This individual donor limitation is only applicable per project. If the same donor makes a $500 donation to two separate projects, both of those donations are eligible for a match.

Checks received through November 30, 2009 will be included in the Give More – Get More Challenge and will count towards the number of unique donors for each project. Checks received after November 30 will be applied to the indicated project, but will not count towards the bounty. Checks should be made payable to the GlobalGiving Foundation and should clearly indicate the project to which the funds should be applied. Please note that we are not able to accept cash donations. Two checks issued from the same bank account will be counted as one unique donor. The same credit card may be used for multiple donations however this will count as one unique donor. Please be aware that we will be monitoring activity to assure fairness for all participants. Similarly, online donations are considered unique if they are made from separate email addresses. Please note that GlobalGiving maintains the right to make a final decision on all matters concerning the adjudication of unique donations and final results of the Give More- Get More campaign.