Please tell us about the community support activities of some organization or individual.
This can be something that you just saw or heard and not necessarily something that you did.
You can tell about something that you did to help someone else.
You can tell about something that someone else did to help you.
You can tell about some problem that someone or group is trying to resolve.
Q1: Name the organization or group most involved in what happened.
Q2: How are you involved in this story?
Choose only one.
Q3: Give your story a title.
Q4: When did this story begin?
Choose only one.
Q5: Are the events in your story still taking place?
Choose only one.
Q6: Where did this story take place? (city or district)
Where did this story take place? (village, neighborhood, or street)
Q7: The events of your story affect...
Choose all that apply.
Q8: The events in this story...
Choose a point on the line.
Happen often
Are rare
Q9: How do the events in this story influence your decision to take part in a similar effort?
Choose a point on the line.
More inspired
Less inspired
Q10: What type of group was responsible for the events in your story?
Choose only one.
Q11: Your age
Q12: Your gender:
Choose only one.
Q13: This story makes me feel:
Choose only one.
Q14: Which of these relate to your story?
Choose three.
Q15: What is needed to address this problem?
Choose all that apply.
Q16: How much is the story about problems and how much about solutions?
Choose a point on the line.
Q17: At a later date if you would like to hear more about our findings, may we contact you by email? Please note that if you provide your e-mail address, it will not be shared with an other third party, and it will only be used to send you an update by us about our research.

Email Address:
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