Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Donors,Amount Raised (USD),Bonus (USD),Total (USD) 2,22102,Rise Now for the Syrian Refugee Children,Hande Uzun,9923,Bridge to Turkiye Fund,78,"16,270","2,000","18,270" 16,20901,Educate African Children to Save Their Environment,Michele Merrifield,992,DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage,48,"4,745",0,"4,745" 45,22360,Empowerment through Technology Training in Uganda,Deb Plotkin,9833,U-TOUCH,18,"1,970",0,"1,970" 133,10853,Provide Organic Gardens for 20 Indigenous Women,Kay Sweeney,9788,Kateri Tekakwitha Fund,3,150,0,150 116,17671,Empowering Ebola Orphans in Sierra Leone,Sylvester Renner,970,"Develop Africa, Inc.",6,322,0,322 91,9316,Education & hope for 50 orphan children in India,Akshay Sagar,9690,Reaching Hand,12,534,0,534 141,8992,Prevent Trafficking in Women thru Entrepreneurship,Lynellyn Long,9592,HERA (Her Equality Rights and Autonomy),1,100,0,100 36,21991,Washable Feminine Hygiene for Syrian Refugees,Libby Daghlian,9570,Days for Girls International,28,"2,451",0,"2,451" 123,9231,Empower Maasai Girls in Kenya,Heather McKay,9497,Maasai Girls Education Fund,1,240,0,240 160,11254,Care and Support 50 HIV+ Orphan Children in India,Jeyapaul Sunder Singh,9380,Buds of Christ Charitable Trust,0,0,0,0 86,12410,Educate 200children with disabilities in Bangalore,sha nigar,9300,The Association of People with Disability,5,688,0,688 160,5518,Empower Abused and Trafficked Vietnamese Women,Catherine Sherrod,919,"Hagar USA, which supports the work of Hagar International",0,0,0,0 69,9428,Give Clean Water to 1000 Families in Latin America,Ulises Silva,9175,Agua Pura Para El Pueblo,11,"1,000",0,"1,000" 96,17430,Send 110 Children to Nature Camp,Karen McCall,9168,Piedmont Wildlife Center,4,470,0,470 18,22125,Give the Gift of Safe Births this Holiday Season,Arlene Samen,9161,One Heart Worldwide,9,"4,680",0,"4,680" 155,15151,STEM plus Arts = Learning Full STEAM ahead!,Arianna Ross,9128,Story Tapestries Inc.,1,25,0,25 102,5368,Feed & Educate an Orphan Child for a year in Kenya,Lameck Nyandega,909,Juhudi Children in Crisis,11,438,0,438 3,21743,Build a school for 120 children in Timbuktu,Barry Hoffner,9089,Caravan to Class,67,"16,082","1,000","17,082" 104,9133,Change a Girl's Life Through Microentrepreneurship,Njomo Omam Esther,9013,Reach Out NGO,7,416,0,416 68,21979,Creation of Community Mushroom Cultivation Center,Njodzeka Gilbert Njodzeka,8994,Green Care Assocation,11,"1,040",0,"1,040" 131,22058,Meet Aspen! Certified Therapy Dog.,Kelly Vates,8595,"Fair Haven, Inc",3,160,0,160 160,13945,Empower and educate 800 girls in South Africa,CamP Group,840,Cameron Project Group,0,0,0,0 160,9979,Learning & Technology Center for Youth in Jamaica,Nikiki Bogle,8316,"Caribbean Education Foundation, Inc.",0,0,0,0 1,8925,Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions,Emma McEachan,806,APOPO vzw,188,"20,817","3,000","23,817" 152,18716,HELP EMPLOY VULNERABLE GIRLS,Eva Lokko,8004,Totally Youth,1,39,0,39 7,10356,Give Health & Purpose to a Neglected Horse,Kim Mosiman,7901,Sound Equine Options,89,"8,894",500,"9,394" 100,21617,Save children with cancer in Brazil,Tammy Allersdorfer,7891,GRAACC - Support Group for Adolescents and Children with Cancer,11,447,0,447 118,20186,Help Build a Home for a Lakota Family,Molly Geppert,788,Trees Water & People,5,300,0,300 75,8674,Give prosthetics to low limbs amputees in Colombia,Juan Rodrigo Mejia,7853,Mahavir Kmina Artificial Limb Center,6,855,0,855 149,22281,Support Innovation in Vulnerable Schools,Victor Morales,7677,Educacion 2020,1,50,0,50 34,1877,Send a Child in India to School for a Year,Ronak Shah,764,Seva Mandir,33,"2,488",0,"2,488" 108,21256,Adopt-a-Rescuer!,Shawna McMahon,7622,EMPACT Northwest,5,369,0,369 72,8482,Free Counseling for Military Families across U.S.,Sally Charney,7593,Give an Hour,8,926,0,926 14,16371,"Education/Arts Orphan, Disabled Children Cambodia",Catherine Geach,7568,Khmer Cultural Development Institute,40,"4,967",0,"4,967" 127,17170,Educate slum child in Kenya,Jeremiah Mzee,7493,Progressive Volunteers,5,195,0,195 81,20418,Digital Natives,Michael Clemons,7490,Living Dreams,3,750,0,750 31,8535,Pediatric Services in Remote Areas of Argentina,Alejandro Itkin,7484,Sumando Manos Foundation,59,"2,803",0,"2,803" 12,20108,Save Lives with Emergency Care in Uganda,Tom Neill,7428,Global Emergency Care Collaborative,4,"5,375",0,"5,375" 27,21838,Save hungry children in Ugandan schools,James Malinga,7306,Mountains of hope childrens ministries,3,"3,131",0,"3,131" 64,10651,Mayan Power and Light,John Barrie,7267,Appropriate Technology Collaborative,13,"1,145",0,"1,145" 5,9630,Cure 250 Children with Burkitt Lymphoma in Africa,Melissa Adde,7265,The International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR),36,"11,400","1,000","12,400" 120,15415,A Safe Place for Kids in Deheishe Refugee Camp,Yasser Alhaj,7220,Karama Organisation for Women and Children's Development,9,285,0,285 160,15531,"Youth 4 Youth: Building Skills, Transforming Lives",Vasylyna Dybaylo,7174,Partnership for Every Child,0,0,0,0 38,4660,Atlas Corps: A Diverse and Inclusive Community,Abby Robinson,717,Atlas Corps,11,"2,320",0,"2,320" 160,21670,Train Aracely: Give Dental Care to Bolivian Miners,Sandy Kemper,7146,Smiles Forever,0,0,0,0 58,7886,Rescue Unwanted and Abandoned Companion Birds,Pamela Lee,7061,Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue,27,"1,490",0,"1,490" 10,7887,Protect 300 Girls from Child Domestic Work in Peru,Blanca Figueroa,7030,Asociacion Grupo de Trabajo Redes (AGTR),63,"7,015",0,"7,015" 160,22341,Women Empowerment in Sierra Leone,Isabel Guzman,6953,IBREA Foundation,0,0,0,0 122,13517,Orphans into foster families in China,James Paul,6883,Care for Children,1,250,0,250 141,8029,Equip deafblind children with skills for life!,Daniel Aik Bin Soon,6872,"St. Nicholas' Home, Penang",1,100,0,100 160,15638,Christmas gift to 200 needy families in Kenya,James Waruiru,6679,Fountain of Hope Youth Initiative Group,0,0,0,0 155,13660,Help a Child: Provide Access to Water in Nigeria,Samirah Faruk,6631,Serendipity Healthcare Foundation,1,25,0,25 160,8049,"Care and educate slum kids in Guntur, India",Joseph Anthony Arogyanadh Chukka,6602,The Bharath Abhyudaya Seva Samithi,0,0,0,0 37,22047,Provide Hands-On Music for Homeless Students,Jessica Baron,6576,Guitars in the Classroom,11,"2,445",0,"2,445" 160,22201,Digital literacy to empower urban slum children,Shivani Narang,6515,Humana People to People India,0,0,0,0 41,8594,Make Motherhood Safe for Tanzanian Women,Abbey Kocan,6450,Kupona Foundation,26,"2,201",0,"2,201" 55,14468,Reduce Suffering in Kenya Via Health Care Services,SHARON WREFORD-SMITH,6423,Communities Health Africa Trust,4,"1,655",0,"1,655" 136,7871,Fight Poverty: Educate Women in Panama,Hildegard Vasquez,6413,Fundacion Calicanto,2,122,0,122 63,22098,Forests4Water Brazil: Community forest restoration,Alielle Canedo,6395,Iracambi,17,"1,190",0,"1,190" 160,8776,Community Fruit Tree and Medicinal Herb Nurseries,Yossef Ben-Meir,627,High Atlas Foundation,0,0,0,0 4,15563,The Amazing Project - Stepping Back to Burma,Pam Rogers,6210,DARE Network (Drug and Alcohol Recovery and Education Network),93,"11,620","1,000","12,620" 71,7067,Rescue a Malnourished Child in Guatemala,Donaciones ANA GUATEMALA,6056,The GOD'S CHILD Project,10,965,0,965 121,16793,Take a stand with LGBT Voice Tanzania,James Wandera,6026,LGBT Voice of Tanzania,5,265,0,265 17,14114,Old age home for 300 abandoned elderly women,Maitri India,6002,Maitri India,33,"4,733",0,"4,733" 160,8321,National Scholarships for Disadvantaged Youths,Daniel Sitarenios,591,Global Vision International Charitable Trust,0,0,0,0 97,21869,Save a child's life this winter 2015 appeal,Deepak Kumar,585,People First Educational Charitable Trust,7,460,0,460 39,11863,Mariposa Center For Girls,Patricia Suriel,5766,The Mariposa DR Foundation,24,"2,225",0,"2,225" 44,1384,Providing education for 150 children in Armenia,Silva Vardanyan,552,Zartonk-89,4,"2,050",0,"2,050" 48,5279,Post secondary Education for Girls in Burkina Faso,Suzanne Plopper,537,Friends of Burkina Faso (FBF),22,"1,835",0,"1,835" 129,18624,Simple Surgery to restore Sight to Ethiopians,Aine Dolan,5255,Orbis Ireland,4,169,0,169 80,6241,Educate and Empower Street Children in Kenya,Janelle Larson,5220,Zawadi Fund International,18,766,0,766 148,17832,Protect Unique Ecosystems in the Gulf of Honduras,Julia DOrazio,5213,Creative Action Institute,1,55,0,55 59,8959,Provide Vital Literacy Programs for US Children,Gloria Garcia,5202,Raising A Reader,19,"1,430",0,"1,430" 107,18132,Menstrual Hygiene Management in schools of Nepal,Prachet Kumar Shrestha,518,Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness,4,370,0,370 94,6187,Project Mosquito Nets,Alka Subramanian,5119,Power of Love Foundation,6,510,0,510 46,6066,Help Cancer Patients Find Bone Marrow Donors!,Marina Ouano,5086,Advita Fund USA,17,"1,890",0,"1,890" 54,6311,The Child Brides: Send Them to School instead,Safeena Husain,5054,Foundation to Educate Girls Globally,24,"1,665",0,"1,665" 141,20892,Help US Youth Advance Justice and Sustainability!,SustainUS: U.S. Youth,4884,SustainUS Inc.,1,100,0,100 65,5708,"Conserving 250,000 Acres of Tanzanian Rainforest",Namasha Schelling,4821,African Rainforest Conservancy (ARC),4,"1,105",0,"1,105" 98,1116,Stop deforestation and restore community lands,Aman Singh,468,Krishi Avam Paristhitiki Vikas Sansthan (KRAPAVIS),2,452,0,452 141,20991,Safe Shelter for 16 Children and Woman in Thailand,Alinda Suya,453,DEPDC,1,100,0,100 113,6357,Help Bring Clean Water to 5000 people in Twifu,Matthew Aidoo,4481,Twifu Rural Youth And Women Concern,1,345,0,345 154,14480,"Lifeskill,Sexuality Education for 1000 girls-India",K. R. Renuka,437,Center for Women's Development and Research,1,30,0,30 160,10374,DESIRE Society for HIV/AIDS Children in India,Ravi Babu G,3984,DESIRE Society,0,0,0,0 153,7376,Building leaders using education & local projects,Angie Gust,3966,PATHWAYS Leadership for Progress,2,35,0,35 15,921,Afghan Institute of Learning Empowers Afghan Women,Sakena Yacoobi,372,Afghan Institute of Learning,35,"4,898",0,"4,898" 50,898,Provide Education to AIDS Orphans in Rural Uganda,Twesigye Kaguri,349,The Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project,14,"1,778",0,"1,778" 77,4168,"Educate and Feed 85 At-Risk Kids in Kibera, Kenya",Lucy Kayiwa,3353,St. Vincent de Paul Community Development Organization,5,828,0,828 128,21976,Give the Gift of Education in Nepal,Andy Chaggar,3243,International Disaster Volunteers (IDV),1,180,0,180 101,16185,Give An Education To A Trash Picker's Child,Retno Hapsari,3234,XSProject,6,445,0,445 78,7470,Solar Electricity for an African School,Marianne Walpert,3158,TanzSolar Ltd.,2,800,0,800 43,15580,Low-cost Sanitation For Typhoon Haiyan Survivors,Cora Sayre,3157,"Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development Foundation",12,"2,118",0,"2,118" 40,4308,Help Care for Rescued Animals in Cambodia,Jessica Knierim,3110,Wildlife Alliance,9,"2,208",0,"2,208" 21,21417,Fund 1000 Scholarships in Rural China for a Year,Dawn Luo,30576,The SOAR Foundation,36,"3,880",0,"3,880" 84,4011,Goats and Donkeys Transform Lives in Darfur,Patricia Parker,3016,Kids for Kids,6,704,0,704 144,21423,Add Marrow Donors: Eliminate Leukemia Worldwide,Yuri Ioffe,29942,Karelian Registry of unrelated donors of hematopoietic stem cells,3,80,0,80 133,21199,"One Girl,One Pad, One sucess story at a time!",Alice Aluoch,29830,Mfariji Africa,2,150,0,150 160,21288,Educational Center to Empower 500 Rural Ugandans,Rebecca Skala,29815,S.O.U.L. Foundation,0,0,0,0 11,20727,Young Women's Center,JAHA DUKUREH,29442,Safe Hands for Girls,20,"6,717",0,"6,717" 160,20824,Help families end Domestic Violence in India,Hannah Surabhi,29289,My Choices,0,0,0,0 160,22270,Train 50 vulnerable Girls in hairdressing.,Proscovia Nalwadda,29280,Child Care And Youth Empowerment Foundation,0,0,0,0 109,22350,Improving HIV Treatment with Nutrition Support,Heather Zimmerman,29233,Alive Medical Services,14,368,0,368 110,20702,Drug Prevention for 300 Ecuadorian Children,Ana Maria Leon,29178,Israel Foundation - CDC Community Development Center,9,365,0,365 149,21051,Clean Water For 50+ Rescued Kenyan Infants,Pam Amundsen,29159,New Life Home Trust,1,50,0,50 70,20804,Expand health access in 13 rural villages in Peru,Keri Baker,29134,Sacred Valley Health,11,990,0,990 146,20423,Protect 500 Vulnerable Women and Children in Nepal,Iain Guest,29023,The Advocacy Project,3,70,0,70 160,21198,Model School in Sundarban,Ansuman Das,28912,Sabuj Sangha,0,0,0,0 160,20662,Community health Programme in Sundarban,Ansuman Das,28912,Sabuj Sangha,0,0,0,0 73,20425,Dance Scholarships for Youth,dwana smallwood,28891,"Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center, Inc.",10,900,0,900 114,20771,Empower Children with Disabilities in Bulgaria,Elena Simeonova,28853,The Cedar Foundation,6,330,0,330 160,20795,Engage 100 Out-of-School Nigerian Youth in farming,Elizabeth Adebanjo,28814,ANTOF RURAL RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT CENTRE,0,0,0,0 87,20377,Keep poor kids educated in school in China,Tonghai Yang,28728,Hometown Education Foundation Inc.,2,650,0,650 122,22068,Improved Cookstoves for 25 Liberian Village Homes,LeRoy Boikai,28669,"Village Improvement Project, Inc.",5,250,0,250 28,4915,Seeing is Believing,Bhushan Punani,2847,Blind People's Association (India),12,"3,016",0,"3,016" 26,22297,Bridging the Technology Gap in Kenya and Denver,Diedre Pai,28461,Technology Partnership,28,"3,155",0,"3,155" 143,20290,Justice for Women & Girls in the Pacific,Hansdeep Singh,28431,International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination (ICAAD),3,85,0,85 76,5255,"Replanting Rainforest in Sumatra, Indonesia",,2840,Sumatran Orangutan Society,11,855,0,855 132,20779,"Help feed hungry kids in Denver, Colorado",Jeane Larkins,28278,Food For Thought - Denver,3,155,0,155 57,20051,Help UPO Help the DC Homeless,Mervyn Myers,27999,United Planning Organization,7,"1,565",0,"1,565" 160,19978,Train 3 to 18 year-olds Against Sexual Abuse,Laila Risgallah,27933,Not Guilty Inc,0,0,0,0 160,20492,Help Women Survive Childbirth in South Sudan,Alice Caisley,27871,Anglican International Development,0,0,0,0 119,19896,Help Provide Access to Education for Survivors,Edith Okupa,27856,Restoration Project International,7,290,0,290 95,20567,Give a Music Magician to Developmental Delay Kids,Wen Hung,27640,Taiwan Fund for Children and Families,7,480,0,480 160,20147,"Provide healthcare and medicines in Oyo, Nigeria",olusola oriniowo,27428,Access to Basic medical Care (ABC medical) Foundation,0,0,0,0 63,19780,Save Georgian Babies with Critical Heart Defects,Kiija Manty Miller,27311,Rostropovich-Vishnevskaya Foundation (RVF),12,"1,190",0,"1,190" 156,19842,"Help 30,000 Children Play & Have a Happy Childhood",Shweta Chari,27208,The Opentree Foundation,1,23,0,23 88,19744,WASH: Healthy Safety for children post Ebola,Jassie Senwah,27191,Senwah Foundation,11,575,0,575 145,19023,Help Secure Permanent Emergency Shelter,Mary Open Doors,26761,Mary Open Doors,1,75,0,75 160,19055,Girls2Pioneers,United Women Singapore,26745,United Women Singapore,0,0,0,0 29,18842,"Help 50 Maasai girls get education, not husbands",leonard mpoke,26718,Nenkashe Education Centre,4,"2,920",0,"2,920" 133,19143,Establishing Legal Aid in Post-Conflict Countries,Jennifer Smith,26708,The International Legal Foundation,1,150,0,150 24,18964,Shape the future of a child in rural Romania!,J Soleani,26693,Teach for Romania,36,"3,336",0,"3,336" 105,18741,Diminish Food Waste by Rescuing Excess for Hungry,Robert Lee,26617,"Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, Inc.",12,400,0,400 22,18668,Making shoes for barefoot children in Mozambique,Mitch Lewis,26584,Arts To End Genocide,38,"3,564",0,"3,564" 151,21396,Free education for 60 deprived children in Peru,Stephen Elliott,26475,Globalteer,1,40,0,40 138,18728,Long-Term Food Security for 4000 Samburus in Kenya,Aviram Rozin,26454,Sadhana Forest Kenya,5,113,0,113 139,21018,Help Veterans Who Struggle with Fireworks,Shawn Gourley,26394,Military with PTSD,5,110,0,110 115,19103,Appeal for Hope - Help us Transform one more Life!,Ravi Ramamurthy,25645,Aashwasan Foundation,4,325,0,325 130,18908,Prevent Sexual Abuse by Educating Girls,Nikole Lim,25633,Freely in Hope,4,163,0,163 30,17778,WeOwnTV Filmmaker Fellowship,Banker White,25441,Mirabel Pictures / WeOwnTV,18,"2,815",0,"2,815" 112,18615,"Help 1,600 Nicaraguan Farmers Rise Out Of Poverty",Jeanne Duffy,25434,"Working Capital for Community Needs, Inc.",5,350,0,350 149,18648,Build More Literate Communities in Rural Honduras,Amanda Blewitt,25430,Un Mundo,1,50,0,50 83,12500,Help Fund Scholarships for Afghan Students,Toc Dunlap,254,Creating Hope International (CHI),3,736,0,736 160,21964,Girls Fight Against Early & Forced Marriage - Ph 2,Gayatri Buragohain,25334,Feminist Approach to Technology Society,0,0,0,0 8,18693,Educate and Nourish 50 Students in Rural Malawi,Carly Anderson,25253,EKARI Foundation,62,"8,495",500,"8,995" 141,18011,"Build a Classroom, Save the Amazon",Colleen Ebken,25198,YACHANA Foundation,2,100,0,100 135,20754,Help Cure Childhood Blindness and Vision Disorders,Fran Goldstein,24952,Vision of Children,2,130,0,130 149,18160,Educate HIV Orphans in Kenya,Jennifer Hughes,24933,Springs of Hope Foundation,1,50,0,50 6,17782,Basketball Clinic for 500 school kids in Nigeria,Jonathan Kolo,24891,Timeout for Africa Education and Sports Foundation,62,"9,603",500,"10,103" 103,22225,New Anti-poaching dog for Assam,Karen Botha,24866,David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation,12,420,0,420 117,21955,Empower Deaf Women to Build a Business in Mexico,Sharon Doherty,24795,Escuela de Educacion Especial de San Miguel de Allende AC,5,320,0,320 158,21863,LET'S SEED THE FUTURE,Francesca Moratti,24783,ALEIMAR - Voluntary Organization,1,10,0,10 25,17229,Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program,Jacqueline Audige,24467,"AUMAZO, INC.",35,"3,305",0,"3,305" 160,22104,Breaking Chains of Poverty through Dance.,Elie Mandela,24387,Rwanda Village Concept Project(RVCP),0,0,0,0 155,17386,Raising Public Awareness on Waste in Armenia,Serda Ozbenian,24297,Armenian Environmental Network,1,25,0,25 105,22295,Provide Clean Water in Northern Uganda,Sabrina Brown,22842,International Lifeline Fund,3,400,0,400 20,17127,Beat Ebola By Building Accountability in Liberia,Jean Scrimgeour,22187,Accountability Lab,29,"4,320",0,"4,320" 153,18196,Ending Child Marriage in the Thar Desert,Arvind Ojha,18687,Urmul Trust,2,35,0,35 160,16808,Micro-business & Entrepreneur Activation - Phetoho,Dudu Nxele,18498,Future Families,0,0,0,0 137,18750,Empower 5000 drop out Adolescent Girls in Lucknow,Akhilesh Tewari,18421,Sarathi Development Foundation,3,120,0,120 160,19498,Education for children in need,Renee Schreurs,18304,My Name is Kumar Foundation,0,0,0,0 158,20334,Empower Nepal to Rebuild Safer Houses and Schools,Build Change Nonprofit,18026,Build Change,1,10,0,10 134,17555,"Clean Water for 1,500 People in Rural Senegal",Paulomi Battacharyya,17947,Center for Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technology for the Environment (CREATE!),3,140,0,140 155,17690,Feed 2000 Meals to Homebound Elderly,Patricia Osage,17798,LIFE ElderCare,1,25,0,25 33,22055,Bring healthcare to children in rural South Africa,Nicola Atherstone,17564,Starfish Greathearts Foundation,6,"2,525",0,"2,525" 160,21091,Support 50 elder adults abandoned in Argentina,Florencia Salvador,17441,Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina,0,0,0,0 32,22208,"Help Us Plant 10,000 Longleaf Pine Trees in 2017",Anna Sampson,17243,We Are Neutral,20,"2,725",0,"2,725" 89,19906,Safe care and adoption for 80 Indian Babies,Joyce Connolly,17235,Snehalaya 'Home of Love',10,542,0,542 9,18256,"Improve the education of 2,000 students in Kenya",Moses Bomett,17228,Hopeful Africa,40,"8,105",500,"8,605" 149,15365,Build a Community Centre for 300 Ugandan Youth,Enoch Magala,16938,Centre for Youth Driven Development Initiatives,2,50,0,50 122,22217,Puberty Education and Sanitary Kits for 350 Girls,Jenni Lipa,16874,Cambodian Community Dream Organization Inc.,3,250,0,250 160,15314,Help Complete Zambezi Sawmills Community School,Memory Mundia,16752,The African Impact Foundation,0,0,0,0 105,14672,Educate 25000 Children through Volunteers in India,Vaishnavi Srinivasan,16515,Bhumi,2,400,0,400 99,19699,Give Childhood a Chance and Keep Youth Drug Free!,Anja Tuchtenhagen,16052,International Blue Cross,2,450,0,450 147,15428,Give Healthy Food to 462 Colorado Families in Need,Kristina Welch,16017,Jovial Concepts,1,60,0,60 73,21722,Let's Help Syrian Refugee Children in Serbia Now!,Donka Banovic,15789,Pomoc deci,2,900,0,900 60,20626,Send 200 Low-Income Kids to Daycare & Preschool,Hayden Huffaker,15754,Centro Infantil de los Angeles,9,"1,424",0,"1,424" 160,20165,Nutrition & Fitness for Immigrant Community,Mastora Bakhiet,15708,"Darfur Women Network, DWN",0,0,0,0 111,20999,Help 500 Filipino Children be Literate in Computer,Riene Tagupa,15674,"Children's Joy Foundation, Inc.",4,360,0,360 23,16466,Social Health Care for Healing Syrian Refugees,Steve Olweean,15662,International Humanistic Psychology Association,25,"3,474",0,"3,474" 160,15238,Kenton Miller Award Programme,Valerie Batselaere,15657,IUCN - Internat. Union for Conservation of Nature,0,0,0,0 62,14344,Empower 400 Young Women Leaders in the NW!,Alison Driver,15528,Young Women Empowered,5,"1,290",0,"1,290" 35,14455,Helping medical students become better doctors,Vasumathi Sriganesh,15277,QMed Knowledge Foundation,42,"2,470",0,"2,470" 133,14915,A Better Future for the Children of Ushpa-Ushpa,Christian Ruehmer,15219,Bolivian Charity Foundation,2,150,0,150 49,18237,"Support the Education of 38,000 Students in India",Merlyn Fernandes,15110,Teach For India,3,"1,780",0,"1,780" 160,14101,Legal Aid & Support for 450 Women in Sierra Leone,Simitie Lavaly,15052,AdvocAid,0,0,0,0 160,3643,Teen Mother Empowerment in Cameroon,Suliaman Turay,1496,Social Development International,0,0,0,0 90,21601,The VIIO Child Eye Care Project,Krishna Murthy,14940,Vittala International Institute of Ophthalmology,3,539,0,539 159,18271,Fighting The Outbreak of Ebola in Liberia,Karrus Hayes,1487,Vision Awake Africa for Development,2,4,0,4 93,14505,Educate 100 Rescued Girl Child Labourers,Joy Nedumparambil,14756,Bangalore Rural Educational and Development Society (BREADS),4,520,0,520 126,22338,Give a Gift to Children Living in Poverty & Crisis,Rebecca Haverson,14752,Concern Worldwide US,1,200,0,200 92,18735,Empower 200 Students to Own their Economic Success,Mariana Furchi Sly,14686,Junior Achievement of Greater Miami,2,525,0,525 118,14296,Protect Baby Seabirds in the Caribbean,Natalia Collier,14620,Environmental Protection in the Caribbean,2,300,0,300 19,13498,Restoring Healthcare to Women and Girls in Liberia,Theophilus Kollie,14502,"Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia!",11,"4,630",0,"4,630" 135,19961,Cervical Cancer Screening in Ethiopia,Sharon Ransom,14407,International Partnership for Reproductive Health,2,130,0,130 52,13543,Provide Water Filtration to Families in Nicaragua,Sarah Morris,14296,GlobeMed at Rhodes College,4,"1,720",0,"1,720" 56,22252,Educate Cambodian Kids Impacted by AIDS 2016,Barbara Rosasco,1404,Kasumisou Foundation,4,"1,610",0,"1,610" 66,22591,What's Under the Tree in Wamunyu 2015?,James Musyoka,13958,Kenya Connect (KC),10,"1,075",0,"1,075" 51,13129,Educate 130 Girls in Cusco for Economic Survival,Diana Rae Lewis,13805,Chicuchas Wasi,17,"1,755",0,"1,755" 157,5759,Train 25 Women to become Birth Attendants,Iftikher Mahmood,1373,HOPE Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh,1,21,0,21 160,4893,Provide Education Opportunity for Fifteen Children,Andrew Martin Niwagaba,1359,Ngoma Aid Foundation,0,0,0,0 127,12539,Project: FLIGHT,Raymond John,13584,12 PLUS,4,195,0,195 141,20363,Provide food for 100 elderly people in Nepal,Mohan Kumar Kafle,13550,"Community Development Center Kathmandu, Nepal",1,100,0,100 85,4027,End Malnutrition for 600 Children in Ghana,Nora Tobin,1355,Self-Help International,8,690,0,690 160,13102,"Bringing Hope to 10 Families in Medellin, Colombia",Daniel Marulanda,13531,Corporacion Interactuar,0,0,0,0 150,21648,Higher education to 310 remote rural girls,Vincent paul Bellamkonda,1342,"Community Health, Housing and Social Education (CHHASE)",2,45,0,45 53,22254,Addressing Health Disparities for Kachin Women,GlobeMed Dartmouth,13417,GlobeMed at Dartmouth,25,"1,700",0,"1,700" 137,15432,Combat Health Disparities for Kachin Women (2),Hae-Lin Cho,13417,GlobeMed at Dartmouth,4,120,0,120 74,12440,Eradicating Energy Poverty in Haiti,Allison Archambault,13118,EarthSpark International,3,875,0,875 160,11518,Training for Youth with Disabilities in Brazil,,12781,The Trust for the Americas,0,0,0,0 125,10973,Engaging with Congress on Climate and Resilience,Daniel Bresette,12769,Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI),6,225,0,225 61,13030,Surgeries and Medical Care for Moldovan Children,Marina Balan,12752,Save Life,7,"1,319",0,"1,319" 123,13246,Send Children to School in Uganda,Kay Helm,12701,Tributaries International,1,240,0,240 42,11258,Legal Aid for Victims of Domestic Violence in SA,Lindsay Henson,12662,Lawyers Against Abuse,3,"2,200",0,"2,200" 141,2803,Give In-School Music Classes to Los Angeles Youth,Victoria Lanier,1252,"Education Through Music-Los Angeles (ETM-LA, Inc.)",2,100,0,100 47,14643,Rehabilitation for 50 Children with Disabilities,Loonibhah Chitrakar,12389,Patan Community Based Rehabilitation Organization,9,"1,855",0,"1,855" 118,10838,Cure poor kids with heart disease in rural China,Robert Detrano,12059,China California Heart Watch,4,300,0,300 82,14516,Gift an education...Make a life !,Venkat Ramakrishnan,11912,Isha Education,9,742,0,742 119,15452,Help an orphan in India receive an education,John Sparks,11855,India Partners,5,290,0,290 155,22157,Access to maternal health services in Liberia,Jon Hillery,11555,Americares Foundation Inc.,1,25,0,25 124,14260,Provide food for 35 elderly people in Nepal,Tejanath Pokharel,11312,Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF),6,232,0,232 140,18692,Sustainable Water Filtration in Guatemala,Olivia Winokur,11300,GlobeMed - Cornell University,3,106,0,106 79,10291,Provide women and girls education in Cambodia,Pisey Khim,11272,Women's Resource Center,10,776,0,776 13,11182,Develop 21st Century Leaders for Global Health,Elizabeth White,11083,GlobeMed,53,"5,142",0,"5,142" 160,16678,Digital Empowerment Of Poor and Challenged Girls.,Shailendra Kumar,10905,Sugam Jagriti,0,0,0,0 67,10010,"Lifeskills for 2,587 Children in South Africa",Louise Batty,10871,Keep The Dream196,7,"1,057",0,"1,057" 106,13951,Early Childhood Development Initiative,Sierra James,10868,Ba Futuru / For the Future,9,380,0,380 153,2524,Helping Women - Employment & Economic Independence,Women's Employment Network,1061,Women's Employment Network,2,35,0,35 122,13175,Restore the Rhythm of Life for 500 Rwandan Youth,Matthew Matola,1041,Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village,1,250,0,250 115,2450,Help America's Premature Foster Care Infants !,Linda West-Conforti RN,1037,Angels In Waiting,3,325,0,325 150,17788,Support Liberian Family Health Care and Education,Bisi Ideraabdullah,1021,"IMANI HOUSE, Inc",3,45,0,45 142,13272,Empower millions in Mozambique through Bicycles!,Lauren Thomas,10096,"Mozambikes Social Development, Inc.",2,95,0,95