Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization,Donors,Amount Raised,Matching,Bonus (USD),Total 68,9881,TX rescued horses in need of medical assistance,Kat Matrician,spirit acres farm equine rescue and sanctuary,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9109,"You give 2, SITAWI lends 20, we change 2,000 lives",sitawi .,sitawi,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14676,Build homes for families living in extreme poverty,Bruno Valdettaro,proyectoPERUANOS,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12358,Support Clubfoot Treatment for 270 Children,Janeen Gingrich,miraclefeet,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10481,ikusi: Storytelling on Latin American Non Profits,Valentina Quagliotti,ikusi,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11094,Education is Freedom for HHA's kids,Debbie Harvey,helping haitian angels,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11305,Send DC High Schoolers to Malawi to Build a School,Skyler Badenoch,buildOn,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14837,After-School Youth Empowerment in Philadelphia,Lizzie Kubo Kirschenbaum,buildOn,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7725,"Educate, Empower and Heal At-Risk Youth",Shari Kircher,ZENBIVA,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13871,Art Studio Asheville | Life Arts for Youth In Need,Shari Kircher,ZENBIVA,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13873,Art Studio NY | CHAI Life Arts for Youth in Need,Shari Kircher,ZENBIVA,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13874,Art Studio Philly | Life Arts for Youth in Need,Shari Kircher,ZENBIVA,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13875,Art Studio LA | CHAI Life Arts for Youth in Need,Shari Kircher,ZENBIVA,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6063,Scholarships for Dominican and Haitian Youth,Amy Porter,Yspaniola Incorporated,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7758,Give a voice to 200+ student journalists worldwide,Steve Collins,Youth Journalism International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14329,Give young journalists a global voice,Steve Collins,Youth Journalism International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14344,Empower 400 Young Women Leaders in the NW!,Alison Driver,Young Women Empowered,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12744,Help marginalized Mexican children and teenagers,Shoshana Grossman-Crist,Yo Quiero Yo Puedo,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14397,Help Children Left Behind in Mexico,Anna-Emilia Hietanen,Yo Quiero Yo Puedo,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15102,Help Mexico's flood victims,Dane Salinas,Yo Quiero Yo Puedo,0,$0,$0,,$0 55,10007,"Present inspiring contemporary art in Portland, OR",Jenny Martin,YU Contemporary,1,$100,$0,,$100 68,13294,Y.O.G.A. for Youth,Krishna Kaur Khalsa,Y.O.G.A. for Youth,0,$0,$0,,$0 67,7107,Feed a Child - Reduce Malnutrition in Guatemala,Anne Kraemer Diaz,Wuqu' Kawoq,1,$10,$0,,$10 68,3477,Diabetes Care for Kaqchikel Maya,Anne Kraemer Diaz,Wuqu' Kawoq,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5585,Support Kaqchikel midwives in Guatemala,Peter Rohloff,Wuqu' Kawoq,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5566,Voices of Our Future,World Pulse,World Pulse,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,3405,Help youth in the Eastern Caribbean region walk!,Treva Thomas,World Pediatric Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14733,STOP Global Hunger!,Erin Wiegert,World Food Program USA,0,$0,$0,,$0 66,14835,Invest in Teacher Training in Mexico,Rebecca Peltier,World Education & Development Fund,1,$15,$4,,$20 68,15175,"Give a Girl a Goat, Keep Her in School",Cathy Herholdt,World Concern,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13297,Radio Theater International,Hal Ryder,World Arts Access,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2164,Cultivating Young Women Leaders in Northern CA,Linda McCrea,Women's Health Specialists,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13599,Create opportunities for families in Haiti!,Karen Sugar,Women's Global Empowerment Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,3825,The Women's Foundation Core Grant Making Program,Ruby Bright,Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6404,Food Justice in Action - 100 Hoops/100 Farms,Anika Walz,Women's Environmental Institute,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2524,Help 80 Women Find Jobs & Financial Independence,Erin Cole,Women's Employment Network,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8972,KEEP GUATEMALAN GIRLS IN SCHOOL,Tracy Ehlers,Women Work Together,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11888,Girls Mentoring Girls in Guatemala,Tracy Ehlers,Women Work Together,0,$0,$0,,$0 55,10736,Help Us Create a World without Violence,Mina Alemzadeh,Women Thrive Worldwide,1,$100,$0,,$100 57,8581,Help Women Feed the World,Mina Alemzadeh,Women Thrive Worldwide,1,$75,$22,,$98 68,2949,First Steps to Cultural Understanding for US Teens,Amy Wiza,"Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americas, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,3828,Lifting up through learning,Amy Wiza,"Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americas, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 23,8538,Mata no Peito: Protect & Replant Brazilian Forests,Chauncey Pettis,Winrock International,1,$975,$0,,$975 68,9563,Support for Women Entrepreneurs in Arkansas,Chauncey Pettis,Winrock International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12079,NGFN Webinars: Sustainable US Food System Models,Chauncey Pettis,Winrock International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12494,Help Give Wildlife a Second Chance,Jennifer Cunningham,WildCare Inc.,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10167,Saving America's Horses Educational Project,Katia Louise,Wild for Life Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5871,Save the Whales Again!,Jeff Pantukhoff,Whaleman Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5895,Gulf Marine Mammal Research & Rescue Mission,Jeff Pantukhoff,Whaleman Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5347,Protecting Land on the West's Outstanding Rivers,Anne Tattam,Western Rivers Conservancy,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2948,Stop Homophobic Bullying in Schools,Lori Nelson,Western Justice Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7737,West Women's and Children's Shelter,Fay Schuler,West Women's and Children's Domestic Violence Shelter,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14618,All About Kids 2013,Fay Schuler,West Women's and Children's Domestic Violence Shelter,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7105,Support BOECKMAN CREEK School Wellness Program,Doug Middlestetter,West Linn-Wilsonville School Disctrict,0,$0,$0,,$0 62,10805,Mentoring 500 Alaskan Youth through Sports,Linda Setterberg,Wellspring Revival Ministries,2,$35,$0,,$35 68,13370,Educating Towards a Better Future in Nicaragua,Kayley Collum,Waves of Hope,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7300,Gamechanger Bucket = Access to Clean Water + Sport,Jon Rose,Waves for Water,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7151,Protect and Restore Free Flowing Oregon Rivers,John DeVoe,WaterWatch of Oregon,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8892,Fix a Rogue River Dam,John DeVoe,WaterWatch of Oregon,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4578,Haiti Water Relief,Wendell Adams,WaterBrick International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10998,Full Water & Sanitation Coverage in Rural Honduras,Emma Pfister,Water For People,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13309,Support Leadership & Visual Art for St Louis youth,Emily Nishi,Washington University (The SPOT),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6559,Invest in Women in the Washington DC Metro Area,Michelle Johnson,Washington Area Women's Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10340,WINGS: Taking Flight Against Sexual Abuse,Megan Chuhran,WINGS Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2394,Family Planning for Guatemalans Living in Poverty,Kirsten Taylor,WINGS,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2501,Prevent and Detect Cervical Cancer in Guatemala,Kirsten Taylor,WINGS,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4620,"Machu Picchu, Cusco, Sacred Valley Disaster Relief",Patti Mangan,Volunteers for Interamerican Development Assistance,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,3284,"Baby formula for HIV+ teen mothers in Lima, Peru",Patti Mangan,Volunteers for Interamerican Development Assistance,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4567,Medical Supplies for Hospitals in Haiti,Patti Mangan,Volunteers for Interamerican Development Assistance,0,$0,$0,,$0 64,15194,Treat Pit Bulls Suffering From Heartworm Disease,Monica Lins,Villalobos Rescue Center,1,$25,$8,,$32 68,7596,Pit Bull Spay & Neuter Mobile,Jamie Miller,Villalobos Rescue Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 64,9303,Reclaim land for buffalo and Lakota lifeways,David Bartecchi,Village Earth,1,$25,$0,,$25 68,14054,Training and Support for Grassroots Organizations,David Bartecchi,Village Earth,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9498,Support bike/youth programs in North Minneapolis,Laurie Beckman Yetzer,Venture North Bike Walk Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13928,Support Youth Empowerment in North Minneapolis,Laurie Beckman Yetzer,Venture North Bike Walk Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14898,Provide Quality Education to 15000 Amazon Children,Lia Jamra,Vaga Lume Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6532,Empowering 300 children in Chile,Natalie Gravel,VE Global,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7769,Urban Tilth's Urban Agriculture Institute,Doria Robinson,Urban Tilth,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9985,"Educate a Woman, Educate a Nation",Ariel Miller,Until There's A Cure Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12524,Tuition-free for everyone - let's open gates,Bev Myers,University of the People,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4025,Give Prostheses to 35 Maimed Colombian War Victims,Catalina Alvarez,United for Colombia,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13176,Educate 1000's in Animal Welfare in Oregon,Barbara Kahl,United Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11243,Girl Up,Melissa Hillebrenner,United Nations Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9270,Provide Free 1-1 Tutoring for Bay Area Students,Nikole Saulsberry,Tutorpedia Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12011,"Inspire 1,000's of LGBT youth & allies in CT & US",Robin McHaelen,"True Colors, Inc. Sexual Minority Youth and Family Services of CT",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7988,Trey Foote Foundation College Scholarship,James Foote,Trey Foote Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10154,Help Reforest the Barren Lands of Haiti!,Erica Sieg,Trees for the Future,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7784,Provide 10 Solar Heaters to Native Families,Molly Geppert,Trees Water & People,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14614,Help Build the Sacred Earth Lodge,Molly Geppert,Trees Water & People,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14120,Support Organic Farming for Native Americans,Molly Geppert,Trees Water & People,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14637,Growing young leaders and trees,Marjorie Alexander,Tree Musketeers,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14696,"Feed 50 Malnourished Children in Medellin,Colombia",Liliana Isaza,Time of Peace Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5284,'Dream' facility in works for Hillsboro youth,Favona Allison,Thunder Softball,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11625,Building a Culture of Inclusion in El Salvador,The Trust for the Americas - OAS,The Trust for the Americas,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10234,Provide hands-on learning to underserved students,Karen Toste,The Tech Museum of Innovation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2956,Nurture 15 At-Risk Atlanta Preschoolers for a Year,Cristel Williams,The Sheltering Arms,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7753,"CONFRONTING HUNGER, HOMELESSNESS AND POVERTY",Swami Durga Das,The River Fund New York,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,3044,Provide medical care to Haitian orphans,Kathy Korge Albergate,The Red Thread Promise,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5904,Give Equine Therapy to Children with Disabilities,Kathy Korge Albergate,The Red Thread Promise,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8012,Nutritious meals for 200 disabled Haitian children,Kathy Korge Albergate,The Red Thread Promise,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5030,Provide All Terrain Wheelchairs in Haiti,Kathy Korge Albergate,The Red Thread Promise,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7079,The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank,Larry Chusid,The Pongo Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12575,A Festival Highlighting West Michigan Theatre,Katherine Mayberry,The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6038,"Spay & Neuter street dogs of Huanchaco, Peru",Matt Webber,The Perros Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7772,The Parent Teacher Home Visit Project,Lisa Levasseur,The Parent Teacher Home Visit Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8755,Parent University,Lisa Levasseur,The Parent Teacher Home Visit Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10066,We Are Not Invisible,Holly Weems,The National Crittenton Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6980,Unleash the Leader in a Girl,Jessica Lawson,The Mariposa DR Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11863,Mariposa Center For Girls,Patricia Suriel,The Mariposa DR Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5639,Help Support the Fight against Blood Cancers,Kristin Hoose,The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12453,Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Haiti,Meredith Hutchison,The Haiti Health Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12900,Community Health Center and Ambulance Service,Meredith Hutchison,The Haiti Health Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12923,Inclusive Sports Center,Meredith Hutchison,The Haiti Health Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 57,8220,Break the Chains of Slavery,RINA LAZO,The GOD'S CHILD Project,1,$75,$0,,$75 64,7067,Rescue a Malnourished Child in Guatemala,Donaciones ANA GUATEMALA,The GOD'S CHILD Project,1,$25,$0,,$25 68,6822,"Change a Life, Educate a Child",RINA LAZO,The GOD'S CHILD Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12401,Homes for Homeless Families in Guatemala,RINA LAZO,The GOD'S CHILD Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12282,Educate 300 Guatemalan Children,RINA LAZO,The GOD'S CHILD Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12487,Educate Street Children in El Salvador,Patrick Atkinson,The GOD'S CHILD Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8356,Early Childhood Literacy & Nutrition in Guatemala,William Cartwright,"The Frances and Henry Riecken Foundation, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14768,"Girls, Women and Tech in Guatemala",William Cartwright,"The Frances and Henry Riecken Foundation, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4120,Better lives for kids with special needs worldwide,Jon Singer,"The Drive For Rebecca, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5971,The Dougy Center peer grief support groups,Mallory Tyler,The Dougy Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13369,Teach meditation to at-risk youth around the globe,Katie Tagarello,The David Lynch Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5835,Uniting Communities to Save Coral Reefs,Dory Gannes,The Coral Reef Alliance,0,$0,$0,,$0 67,11087,Bring Healing To Horses And Humans In Need,Colleen Cheechalk,"The Center for Equine Assisted Wellness, Inc.",1,$10,$0,,$10 68,4077,Strengthening Communities & Families,Carlene Leaper,The Arc Mid-South,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4409,Cerretani: Literacy & Tennis for Boston Kids,Brendan McCue,"Tenacity, Inc",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11017,Global Education Professional Development,Michael Furdyk,Taking IT Global,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11337,Empowering Young Social Innovators,Ryan MacLean,Taking IT Global,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11485,Empowering Youth Environmental Action,Michael Furdyk,Taking IT Global,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11284,Building Youth Media Capacity,Kareen Matushek,Taking IT Global,0,$0,$0,,$0 60,2826,"Take 2: Teaching Children w/ Autism Washington, DC",Lisa Greeman,Take 2: An Innovative Program for Social Learning,1,$50,$0,,$50 66,6740,Protect 250 Immigrant Women Fleeing Violence,Carey Eisenberg,Tahirih Justice Center,1,$15,$0,,$15 68,5672,Sponsor disabled adults to attend work training,Dan Aberg,"TVW, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13423,Enstitute 2013 Program,Kane Sarhan,Sweat Equity Enterprises/ D.B.A. Enstitute,0,$0,$0,,$0 26,8657,Healing Children's Hearts in Nicaragua,Leila Hawken,"Surgeons of Hope Foundation, Inc.",6,$820,$163,,$983 68,10318,Provide Sanctuary for Severely Abused Horses,Lori Rosser,"Sunkissed Acres Equine Rescue and Retirement, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 67,8535,Pediatric Services in Remote Areas of Argentina,Alejandro Itkin,Sumando Manos Foundation,1,$10,$0,,$10 68,13308,Help Thousands of Students Explore the Universe,Hannah Kerner,"Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, USA",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7965,Training for a marathon...training for life,Virginia Gibbs,Students Run America dba Students Run LA,0,$0,$0,,$0 36,15151,STEM plus Arts = Learning Full STEAM ahead!,Arianna Ross,Story Tapestries Inc.,2,$425,$120,,$545 68,9220,"Teach Literacy through the Arts in DC, MD, and VA",Arianna Ross,Story Tapestries Inc.,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,3583,Stop child sexual abuse through global education,Pamela Pine,Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4391,Steve Nash: Quality Early Learning For Little MVPs,Jenny Miller,Steve Nash Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 64,4411,Academic Coaching for Academic Underachievers,Ray Wallander,Start 2 Achieve,1,$25,$8,,$32 65,3400,St. Jude Children's Research Hospital,Elizabeth Ashford,St. Jude Children's Research Hospital,2,$20,$3,,$23 68,7726,St. Juan Diego St Vincent de Paul Food Pantry,Bob Taylor,"St. Juan Diego Conference, St. Vincent de Paul Portland Council",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5464,Using Sport For Social Change,Celia Kalousek,St. John Community Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14849,Hillside Restoration & Pollinator Habitat Creation,Spikenard Farm,Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9823,Day Support Center For Adults With Disabilities,Donna Goldbranson,Specially Adapted Resource Clubs (SPARC),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2574,Support Special Olympics Athletes in Oregon,Arthur Steinhorn,Special Olympics Oregon,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9760,Register for the 2015 Polar Plunge!,Audrey Vejraska,Special Olympics Oregon,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9857,Special Olympics Oregon: 12 FOR 12 IN 2013,Arthur Steinhorn,Special Olympics Oregon,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14318,Empowering apprenticeships for middle schoolers,Rachelle Damminger,"Spark Program, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10356,Give Health & Purpose to a Neglected Horse,Kim Mosiman,Sound Equine Options,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15179,Lets Give Mocha & Shasta A Second Chance At Life,Kim Mosiman,Sound Equine Options,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4609,SNAP! After School,Maggie Russell,Soulsville Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 33,8920,Playing (Soccer) For Change in Nicaragua,Mary McVeigh,Soccer Without Borders,5,$574,$82,,$656 68,7925,Help Dental Hygiene Students Make Bolivia Smile!,Kellie Whitcomb,Smiles Forever,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15212,Send Lucy to Bolivian Hygienist School for a Year,Sandy Kemper,Smiles Forever,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,1883,"Global Educational Empowerment for 100,000 Girls",Angela D. Coleman,"Sisterhood Agenda, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9002,Sisterhood mentoring for 30 girls in St. John,Angela D. Coleman,"Sisterhood Agenda, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12736,SHE: Sisters Healthy & Empowered,Angela D. Coleman,"Sisterhood Agenda, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2910,Camp Everytown - Social-Emotional Learning,Tuyen Fiack,Silicon Valley FACES,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9348,Sierra Club Inner City Outings Youth Program,Ron Silverman,Sierra Club Angeles Chapter,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14958,Prosthetics needed for amazing kids in Texas,Jennifer Hughes,Shriners Hospitals for Children - Houston,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12885,"Sporting & Science for 50 students in Salybia, T&T",Shashamane Sunrise,Shashamane Sunrise,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12887,Reading Center for 188 students in Jamaica,Shashamane Sunrise,Shashamane Sunrise,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12973,Economic Empowerment for 150 Women in Nicaragua,Nora Tobin,Self-Help International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12985,"SHI: Safe Drinking Water for 20,000 Rural Families",Nora Tobin,Self-Help International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13523,Fighting Malnutrition in Rural Guatemala,Suzanne de Berge,Seeds for a Future,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14550,Healthy Kitchens and Cooking for Nutrition,Suzanne de Berge,Seeds for a Future,0,$0,$0,,$0 42,14814,Provide Seeds for Haitians to Grow 50 Tons of Food,Peter Marks,Seed Programs International,2,$290,$27,,$317 68,15277,"100,000 meals for hungry Silicon Valley families",Marcia Silva,Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties,0,$0,$0,,$0 31,9161,Build Healthy Futures: Support Health in Schools,Kyle Taylor,School-Based Health Alliance,5,$670,$201,,$871 68,12691,"Help 3,500 Homeless Children Succeed in School",Sinead Chilton,"School on Wheels, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7256,Save the Children,Lisa Smith,Save the Children Federation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7097,Buy a Goat for a Family in Guatemala,Penelope Crump,Save the Children Federation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15022,Save Syria's Children,Penelope Crump,Save the Children Federation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2815,Help Empower Women Who are Homeless in Chicago,Elizabeth Dunn,Sarah's Circle,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7991,A New Home for Sarah's Circle,Elizabeth Dunn,Sarah's Circle,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14880,Global River Project - for the Children,Jim Petruzzi,"Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10862,Transforming 4000 lives thru technology Venezuela,Marianella Vegas,SUPERATEC A.C.,0,$0,$0,,$0 9,11198,"Sanitation for 3,500 Earthquake Victims in Haiti",Leah Page,SOIL,34,"$2,715",$721,,"$3,436" 67,12750,Safe Drinking Water for 1200 School Kids,Matthias Saladin,SODIS Foundation,1,$10,$3,,$13 68,7089,Develop an indicator for Solar Water Disinfection,Matthias Saladin,SODIS Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9871,Safe Drinking Water for 40 schools in Bolivia,Matthias Saladin,SODIS Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15265,32 girl-friendly schools in Bolivia,Erik Sotomayor,SODIS Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 65,1911,Trees and Education Protect Rainforest in Brazil,Roberto Lamego,SALVEASERRA. Grupo Prot. Amb. Serra da Concordia,1,$20,$0,,$20 68,2239,Provide Vegetable Gardens for Families in Brazil,Roberto Lamego,SALVEASERRA. Grupo Prot. Amb. Serra da Concordia,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8678,Provide respite and end-of-life care to children,Brett Stempel,Ryan House,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12483,Help 5 Rescued Horses Become Therapy Animals,Dawn Schmertmann,"Riding Star Ranch, Inc",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13452,T.R.O.T.T.E.R. (Race horse Rescue & Adoption),Dawn Schmertmann,"Riding Star Ranch, Inc",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11018,Special Needs After School Enrichment and Respite,Lisa Roberts,Richard Rosenthal JCC of Northern Westchester,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15006,Sunrise Day Camp-Pearl River,Lindsay Weiss,Richard Rosenthal JCC of Northern Westchester,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10907,Train 24 Freelance Journalists in First Aid,Chrissy Heckart,"Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues, Inc. (RISC)",0,$0,$0,,$0 2,6791,Helping refugees resettle in Chicago,Kim Snoddy,RefugeeOne,32,"$8,695","$2,200",,"$10,896" 68,13376,Help Refugees from 15 Countries Survive in Chlt NC,Rachel Humphries,"Refugee Support Services of the Carolinas, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8440,Controlling Lion Fish Invasion in the Caribbean,Karen Pannocchia,Reef Check Dominican Republic,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10709,Coral Restoration in the Dominican Republic,Ruben Torres,Reef Check Dominican Republic,0,$0,$0,,$0 24,2187,Entrepreneurs for Fair Trade Benefit Whole World,Donna Baranski-walker,Rebuilding Alliance,8,$850,$208,,"$1,058" 68,12995,U.S. Movement to Safeguard Palestinian Communities,Donna Baranski-walker,Rebuilding Alliance,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12237,Safe House Initiative for Sexually Exploited Boys,Rachel Chapple Bardhan,Real Stories Gallery Foundation 501c3,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2617,Reading Village,Marcella Varley,Reading Village,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6062,Protect Threatened Species in the Tropical Andes,Boriana Ditcheva,Rare,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7336,Support 100 Portlanders escaping domestic violence,Quinn Wilson,Raphael House of Portland,0,$0,$0,,$0 66,8959,Provide Vital Literacy Programs for US Children,Gloria Garcia,Raising A Reader,1,$15,$0,,$15 68,5669,Help community efforts to protect Peruvian Forests,Maurine Winkley,Rainforest Partnership,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7080,Goal Card Program,Linda Williams,"RISE Foundation, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8880,Save Up Program,Tangela Morgan,"RISE Foundation, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 17,6928,Change the World through Sustainable Job Creation,Sarah Sandsted,REBUILD Globally,19,"$1,601",$282,,"$1,883" 27,7559,Supporting Haitian Orphans and Families,Sarah Sandsted,REBUILD Globally,6,$780,$234,,"$1,014" 60,11898,Invest in Haiti's Future Leaders,Sarah Sandsted,REBUILD Globally,1,$50,$15,,$65 68,9306,Support 500 LGBTQ Oregon Youth,Barbara McCullough-Jones,Q Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12335,Send an At-Risk Child to Summer Camp,Lance Rougeux,Purple Feet Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9451,Give school to abandoned girls in Mexico,Constantina Robertson,Puerta Abierta IAP,0,$0,$0,,$0 11,9923,Creating Educational Opportunity for Maya Children,Andrew Wilson,"Pueblo a Pueblo, Inc.",19,"$2,460",$280,,"$2,740" 68,7647,School Health and Hygiene for Mayan Children,Andrew Wilson,"Pueblo a Pueblo, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,3666,Help Build School Libraries in Rural Guatemala,Andrew Wilson,"Pueblo a Pueblo, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6982,Improving Maternal-Infant Health for Mayan Women,Andrew Wilson,"Pueblo a Pueblo, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5092,Fight Child Malnutrition in Rural Guatemala,Ana Cabrera,"Pueblo a Pueblo, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14355,Empower Coffee Farming Families through Beekeeping,Andrew Wilson,"Pueblo a Pueblo, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8646,CAMI International Education and Outreach for MPTs,Kathryn Stewart,Public Health Institute,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12203,"Disaster Recovery- Elders, San Antonio Puerto Rico",Idalia Acevedo,"Proyecto La Nueva Esperanza, Inc",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8287,Build a Guest Housing Facility,Kelly Buechler,Providence Portland Medical Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4729,Change the Lives of Troubled Youth & Shelter Dogs,Rena Mahajan,"Project Pooch, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4185,The United Brothers School of Munoz,Caitlin McHale,Project Esperanza,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8329,"Change My Stars Scholarship Fund: Puerto Plata, DR",Caitlin McHale,Project Esperanza,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9836,Educate Haitian Immigrant Children in the DR,Caitlin McHale,Project Esperanza,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10637,Superstar Soccer Team for Haitian Street Kids,Caitlin McHale,Project Esperanza,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14411,Help Give a New Life to Haitian Street Kids,Caitlin McHale,Project Esperanza,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13285,Bee Society: A Global Touring Sound Installation,Luke Clark,Progeny,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6723,Portland Opera To Go Educational Outreach,Jim Cox,Portland Opera,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6631,Creating Scholar Athletes: Tennis & Education,Jorge Fuenmayor,Portland After-School Tennis & Education,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8967,Provide Life Skills for 4000 Rural Mayan Girls,Alejandra Colom Bickford,Population Council,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5995,Improve Outcomes for Pacific NW Kids through Play,Playworks Education Energized,Playworks,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12785,Help youth baseball leagues impacted by Sandy,Meredith Kim,Pitch In For Baseball & Softball,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9430,Breaking poverty cycle for 140 youths in Bogota,Alexandra Tamara,Pintando Caminos Asociacion Para Recrear el Futuro,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14682,Education Program for Youth in Argentina,María Maqueda,Pilares (Fundacion Accion Pais para la Formacion de Liderazgo Social),0,$0,$0,,$0 20,14913,Send 30 Children to Afterschool Nature Program,Karen McCall,Piedmont Wildlife Center,4,"$1,170",$314,,"$1,484" 22,15173,Help Save the Box Turtles!,Sara Marschhauser,Piedmont Wildlife Center,2,"$1,025",$308,,"$1,332" 64,10612,Save the Lives of Shelter Pets in North America,Emily Fromm,Petfinder Foundation,1,$25,$0,,$25 68,7544,Help Students to Save Homeless Pets in the US,Emily Fromm,Petfinder Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8401,Peruvian Hearts - Girls' Education & Empowerment,Danny Dodson,Peruvian Hearts,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14702,Bringing technology to rural schools in Guatemala,Lois Werner,"People for Guatemala, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8020,Use sport to unite children in divided communities,Adam Hirsch,PeacePlayers International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,1990,Help Rescue 500 Battered Women And Their Children,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2828,Danger-to-Safety Relocation for DV Survivors,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10453,Protecting Pets in Domestic Violence Crisis,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8980,Help Stop Military Family Violence,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15156,Help Bring Soho Home With Her Family,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13859,Help American Sexual Assault Victims Abroad,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14421,Help Abused American Mothers with Minutes for Moms,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15157,Emergency Hotel Stays For Sexual Assault Victims,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15158,Safety Net For A Military Domestic Violence Victim,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15195,Help Laura Go Back To School After Escaping Abuse,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15196,Help Us Replace Our Antiquated Phone System,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15197,Holly And Her Daughter Bree Need To Get Home,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15245,Help 30 Victims Call The Crisis Center Every Month,Paula Lucas,Pathways to Safety International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14475,Global Sorority: Education and Community Fund,Tia Kelly,Passion to Lead Society,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2090,Help 500 Rural Haitian Families Fight Hunger,Peggy Carlson,Partners of the Americas,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8672,Vegetable Gardens for Improved Nutrition in Haiti,Peggy Carlson,Partners of the Americas,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11102,Textbooks Needed for 500 School Children in Haiti,Monique P Garrity,Partners for Haitian Children,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13965,Head Start for 230 Pre-School Children in Haiti,Monique P Garrity,Partners for Haitian Children,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2485,Childhood Malnutrition in post-earthquake Haiti,Laura Soucy,Partners In Health (PIH),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4568,Partners In Health Haiti Earthquake Recovery,Laura Soucy,Partners In Health (PIH),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6629,Help PIH Respond to Cholera Outbreak in Haiti,Laura Soucy,Partners In Health (PIH),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7074,"Equip University Hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti",Laura Soucy,Partners In Health (PIH),0,$0,$0,,$0 14,9018,Build a parkour gym - teach to overcome obstacles,Tyson Cecka,Parkour Visions,4,"$1,900",$390,,"$2,290" 6,9380,Save Domestic Pigeons and Doves From Euthanasia,Elizabeth Young,Palomacy Pigeon & Dove Adoptions,21,"$3,575",$609,,"$4,184" 68,7997,Save the Northwest Prairie!,Holly Kress,Pacific Rim Institute for Environmental Stewardship,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6705,Provide Care for a Differently Able Child's Pony,Gail M Schumann,PERSONAL PONIES LTD,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5456,Promote conservation in 15 Caribbean islands!,Anthony Scala,PCI-Media Impact,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14503,Build resilient and sustainable island communities,Anthony Scala,PCI-Media Impact,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5191,Supplemental Food for People Living with HIV/AIDS,Chris McDonald,Our House of Portland,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8361,HIV/AIDS Caregiver Education & Training Programs,Allen Brady,Our House of Portland,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4821,Empowering 200+ Youth Leaders in Honduras,Amanda Hall,Organization for Youth Empowerment,0,$0,$0,,$0 65,4038,Saving Endangered Turtles in the Pacific Northwest,Amber Morrison,Oregon Zoo Foundation,1,$20,$0,,$20 68,4789,Oregon Humane Society's End Petlessness Campaign,Marsha Chrest,Oregon Humane Society,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2567,Increase Food Security in Oregon,Lauren Zielinski,"Oregon Food Bank, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7839,Hunger.Hope.Help,Lauren Zielinski,"Oregon Food Bank, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7082,Oregon Cultural Trust,Christine D'Arcy,Oregon Cultural Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6353,Theater Education for Disadvantaged Students,Ruben Fonseca,Oregon Children's Theatre,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11667,Central PugetSound Marine Mammal Stranding Network,Susan Berta,Orca Network,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14133,Orca Network - Whale Sighting Network,Susan Berta,Orca Network,0,$0,$0,,$0 67,2897,Provide Music Classes for Students in Harlem,Rebekah Harkins,Opus 118 Harlem School of Music,1,$10,$0,,$10 68,8344,Help Nicaragua's Poor Climb out of Poverty,Ian Haisley,Opportunity International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8760,Safe Water for Indigenous Schools & Villages,Joe Bass,Operation Safe Drinking Water,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10750,Better Maternal Care for Adolescent Tarahumaras,Arlene Samen,One Heart Worldwide,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15280,Digital Tools for Youth in Rural Guanajuato Mexico,Elizabeth Kountze,One Global Economy,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13215,HELP SAVE DOLPHINS IN CALFORNIA WATERS,Daniela Maldini,Okeanis,0,$0,$0,,$0 60,14221,ENVISION College & Career Program,Moumita Chakraborty,"Oasis For Girls, a Project of the Tides Center",1,$50,$15,,$65 68,10423,Purple Paw-Helps Domestic Violence Victims & Pets,Kathleen Toth,Nuzzles & Co,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6077,Improve lives of at-risk moms & babies in the USA,Michelle Stapleton,Nurse-Family Partnership,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7843,Do Something Different to Commemorate Mother's Day,Michelle Stapleton,Nurse-Family Partnership,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7490,Keep 100 uninsured Portlanders out of the ER,Dr. Jill Ginsberg,North by Northeast Community Health Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5858,NCSD Elementary Arts Education,Olivia Thomas,North Clackamas Education Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6195,Lunch Buddy Program - North Clackamas Schools,Olivia Thomas,North Clackamas Education Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6793,NCSU Student Aid - Athletic academic scholarships,Danette Chadwick,North Carolina State University (NCSU) Student Aid Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5166,Levantando Chile Fund,Barb Alvarado,Nonprofit Enterprise & Self Sustainability Team,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10030,Save Historic Rail Station and Revitalize Our Town,Josh Stull,Nicholson Heritage Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10595,Support our school for the disabled in Nicaragua,Mona Donovan,Nicaragua Children's Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14083,Empower mothers of disabled children in Nicaragua,Mona Donovan,Nicaragua Children's Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5106,Educate 200 Poor Children & Orphans in Nicaragua,Tim Adams,NicaWorks!,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13141,Help Feed and Educate 300 Nicaraguan Children,Tim Adams,NicaWorks!,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6362,Support of Newberg Animal Shelter,Janet Floren,Newberg Animal Shelter Friends,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4960,Help 95 DC Kids Extend Learning After School,Reshena Johnson,New Community for Children,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8655,Rescue cats from being euthanized at local shelter,Angela Corley,New Beginnings Cat Rescue,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13371,RiverKids Learn Hands-on Conservation,Matthew Starr,Neuse River Foundation INC,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7467,Adopt A Wildlife Acre,Kit Fischer,National Wildlife Federation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2924,Support Art Education and Inspire Young Artists,Tanesha Ferguson,National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8651,Repair 50 homes for the poor in NW Arkansas,Jo McEntire,NW AR Resource Conservation & Development Council,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14334,Transform the Lives of 21 Students in Nicaragua,Hailey Rademacher,NPH USA,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8532,Teach 5000 kids math and science through rhythm!,Grace Prasad,Music in Schools Today,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12068,Music Workshop Instrument Series -Primary Music Ed,Amy Richter,Music Workshop,0,$0,$0,,$0 29,12773,Help women start small businesses,Jessica Osorio,MuJER,5,$755,$226,,$982 57,10224,Leer es Poder,Jessica Osorio,MuJER,2,$75,$15,,$90 68,1503,Give the Gift of Music to Under-Served Students,Natalia Hernandez,Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10251,Indigenous Youth Achieving Dreams in Brazil,Ottorino Bonvini,Movimento de Saude Mental Comunitaria do Bom Jardim (MSMCBJ),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7590,Help Us Fight Hunger Across America,Adam Lowy,Move For Hunger,0,$0,$0,,$0 60,14935,Educate 30 Young Women Business Leaders in Haiti,Cindy Ballaro,Mothering Across Continents,2,$50,$0,,$50 39,5647,Provide Technology for Haitian Students,Jeffrey Remington,Mortel Family Charitable Foundation,2,$345,$96,,$441 68,10003,Community Conservation of Monarch Forest in Mexico,Monica Missrie,Monarch Butterfly Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6875,150 Child Mobility Carts for most in need,Kathy Maynard,Mobility Worldwide MO - Columbia,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11917,Feed a Guatemalan Child-Improve Grade 6 Completion,Margaret Blood,"Mil Milagros, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11803,New Media and Technology for Philadelphia Teens,Elena Kupchik,Mighty Writers,0,$0,$0,,$0 1,7886,Rescue Unwanted and Abandoned Companion Birds,Pamela Lee,Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue,172,"$17,665","$4,306","2,000","$23,972" 68,8643,Train 4.000 colombian children in peace building.,Melissa Acosta,Mi Sangre Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14549,Educate Honduran Women Living in Extreme Poverty,Janet Hines,Mi Esperanza (The Women of My Hope),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,1841,Empowering Fishing Communities in the MAR Reef,Maria Jose Gonzalez,Mesoamerican Reef Fund (MAR Fund),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8274,Control of Lionfish in the Mesoamerican Reef,Maria Jose Gonzalez,Mesoamerican Reef Fund (MAR Fund),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4596,Relief and Recovery for Haiti Disaster Survivors,Carlene Deits,Mercy Corps,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10588,Improve a School for 600 Children in Haiti,Stephen Higgins,Mercy & Sharing,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11933,Guardian Angel Promise 126 Care to Orphans Haiti,Stephen Higgins,Mercy & Sharing,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15055,Give a Toy This Christmas,Angela Gutierrez,Mencia Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 43,11133,Education for 250 working children in Chiapas,Ayelén Amigo,Melel Xojobal A.C.,1,$255,$76,,$332 68,5872,Haiti: Reduce Cholera and diarrhea in children,Katie Carroll,Medical Teams International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4752,Weekend Meals for Homebound Seniors,Julie Piper Finley,Meals on Wheels People,0,$0,$0,,$0 18,11972,Empower Highly Outcast Children and Their Families,Monica Varela,Mayama A.C.,28,"$1,225",$118,,"$1,344" 68,4245,Microloans Help Guatemalan Women Reach Their Goals,Jeannie Balanda,MayaWorks,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7652,Guatemalan Women's Cross Generational Development,Jeannie Balanda,MayaWorks,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2755,School Yard Garden in Inner City DC,Kimberly Lyons,Martha's Table,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5462,Make Wishes Come True for Kids in Oregon & SW Wash,Jessica Taylor,Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oregon,0,$0,$0,,$0 60,8674,Give prosthetics to low limbs amputees in Colombia,Juan Rodrigo Mejia,Mahavir Kmina Artificial Limb Center,1,$50,$0,,$50 68,14639,Yorladys needs a protheses to play with her kids,Juan Rodrigo Mejia,Mahavir Kmina Artificial Limb Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14681,Beatriz needs a prostheses to work again,Juan Rodrigo Mejia,Mahavir Kmina Artificial Limb Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5952,"Promote health in 100 teens in Portland, Oregon",Cheryl Neal,MIKE Program,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12564,Support Children in Rural Peru Through Education,Nadia Bashar,MEJOR Communities,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13576,Forging links for 5k farmers in Peru & Nicaragua,Linda Whitmore,MEDA - Mennonite Economic Development Associates,0,$0,$0,,$0 40,12881,Non-profit capacity building in Latin America,Camila Urbina,MAKAIA,2,$300,$90,,$390 68,10266,Inclusion for People with Disabilities in Colombia,Comunicaciones MAKAIA,MAKAIA,0,$0,$0,,$0 55,8497,Combat Sexual Violence in Haiti,Yifat Susskind,"MADRE, An International Women's Human Rights Org.",1,$100,$0,,$100 68,1410,Colombia: No Child Should be a Soldier,Yifat Susskind,"MADRE, An International Women's Human Rights Org.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8414,Sustainable Chicken Farm for Guatemalan Women,Yifat Susskind,"MADRE, An International Women's Human Rights Org.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8792,Shoes for Haitian Girls,Yifat Susskind,"MADRE, An International Women's Human Rights Org.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10624,Support Indigenous Women's Radio,Yifat Susskind,"MADRE, An International Women's Human Rights Org.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14301,(B3) Building Better Blocks - Blight Project,Jonathan Demers,MACC Development,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2981,Help Find a Cure for Breast Cancer,Laura Sage,Lynn Sage Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2402,Help kids fight climate change with green building,Matt Paneitz,"Long Way Home, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,1464,Little Kids Rock - Transforming children's lives,Sandi Zellner,"Little Kids Rock, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13615,Launch Five Girls LitClubs For Literacy Worldwide,Dorothy Lee,LitWorld,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11204,Using Technology to Serve Children Who are Deaf,,Listen and Talk,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10323,"Support literacy and learning for 1,900 Maya youth",Leslie Meyer,Limitless Horizons IXIL,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14164,Empower Maya Youth in a Post-Genocide Community,Catriona Spaven-Donn,Limitless Horizons IXIL,0,$0,$0,,$0 67,15190,Sponsor a Student: "Wens",Christopher Shoff,"Life Connection Mission, Inc.",1,$10,$0,,$10 68,15189,Sponsor a Student: Shamma,Peggy Lucien,"Life Connection Mission, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15193,Sponsor a Student: Stanley,Christopher Shoff,"Life Connection Mission, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12451,Lets Be Ready,Fred Zambroski,Lets Be Ready,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14175,Magical Classroom,Fred Zambroski,Lets Be Ready,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8069,Microfinance for Low-Income Entrepreneurs in U.S.,Suhaib Khan,Lending for Evanston and Northwestern Development,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13586,Resources for Rethinking (R4R.ca),Pamela Schwartzberg,Learning for a Sustainable Future,0,$0,$0,,$0 53,15284,Train 16 Minority Youth in Health Careers in DC,Colleen Muse,Latin American Youth Center,4,$120,$9,,$129 68,11098,Help 100 Youth Exit Homelessness in Washington DC,Colleen Muse,Latin American Youth Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14082,Build a Therapeutic Playroom for Children in DC,Araceli Rosenberger,Latin American Youth Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12601,Las Lomas K9 Rescue - General Operating Expenses,Kim Miller,"Las Lomas K9 Rescue & Adoption Foundation, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4619,Help Families in Haiti Get Back to Work,Marie Marthe Saint Cyr,Lambi Fund of Haiti,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4680,Build Latrines in Rural Haiti,Marie Marthe Saint Cyr,Lambi Fund of Haiti,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2084,Help Haitians Grow Food Themselves,Josette Perard,Lambi Fund of Haiti,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4000,Donate an Ox: Help Improve Crop Productivity,Marie Marthe Saint Cyr,Lambi Fund of Haiti,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4571,Contribute to Long-Term Rebuilding in Haiti,Josette Perard,Lambi Fund of Haiti,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4617,Build Community-Run Enterprises in Rural Haiti,Marie Marthe Saint Cyr,Lambi Fund of Haiti,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4618,Help Families Grow their Own Food in Rural Haiti,Josette Perard,Lambi Fund of Haiti,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7060,"Rio Sol Bio Corridor, Maleku Reserve, Costa Rica",Matthew Lee,La Reserva Forest Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8998,38 Hectares of Valuable Resources for the Maleku,Matthew Lee,La Reserva Forest Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10032,"Restoring Forests in Guatuso, Alajuela, Costa Rica",Matthew Lee,La Reserva Forest Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10458,Reforesting the Deforestation in Costa Rica,Matthew Lee,La Reserva Forest Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14848,"Save San Luis Forest, Save This Family",Matthew Lee,La Reserva Forest Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 10,14536,Help thousands get kidney disease treatment,Dorien Faber,La Isla Foundation,35,"$2,510",$336,,"$2,846" 68,12450,English and a chance to live past 35,Katie Stark,La Isla Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 32,15034,The SEA Lab,Brent Scheiwe,LA Conservation Corps,1,$600,$180,,$780 68,9213,Build a Community Garden and Urban Farm in East LA,Tiffany Leung,LA Conservation Corps,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15247,Little Green Fingers,Ruben Aronin,LA Conservation Corps,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13841,Keep Los Angeles Youth Employed and In School,Roxana Aguilar,LA Conservation Corps,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,1007,Supplying Critical Water for Haitian Hospital,Susan Viets,Konbit Sante Cap-Haitien Health Partnership,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13042,Help Send a Container of Medical Supplies to Haiti,Susan Viets,Konbit Sante Cap-Haitien Health Partnership,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15118,Making Births Safe: Haiti,Susan Viets,Konbit Sante Cap-Haitien Health Partnership,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14333,Help 10 Child Migrants Return to Guatemala Safely,Ellen Jorgensen,Kids in Need of Defense (KIND),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7816,Kids Farm,Andrea O'Neal,Kids Corporation II,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4209,Rescuing children from a life on the streets,Sarah Kwok,Kaya Children International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8851,Prevent the next generation of street children,Sarah Kwok,Kaya Children International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8876,Give 100 kids hope for a better future in La Paz.,Sarah Kwok,Kaya Children International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12067,Scholarships & Training for Rural Guatemalan Women,Kay Sweeney,Kateri Tekakwitha Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9862,Provide work experience for 10 Indigenous women,Kay Sweeney,Kateri Tekakwitha Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10853,Provide Organic Gardens for 20 Indigenous Women,Kay Sweeney,Kateri Tekakwitha Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14989,Micro Credit for 15 Women in Guatemalan Highlands,Kay Sweeney,Kateri Tekakwitha Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8317,Hearing Care for Needy Children,Vicki Linnman,KEX Kids Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8247,Vision Care for Needy Children,Vicki Linnman,KEX Kids Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14832,"Empower 3,000 adolescents in violence prevention",Jennifer Ruppelt,Juventud para Cristo,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9369,Bring Well Being & Education to Children Globally,Naomi Spillane,JustWorld International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13624,Wheelchairs for 25 low-income children in Mexico,Andres Lankenau,Juntos Sillaton A.C.,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5845,Between The Lines,Cat Parkay,Junior League of Portland,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8988,Volunteer In Portland,Cat Parkay,Junior League of Portland,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13816,Empower K-12 students in New Hampshire,Annmarie Tanzella,Junior Achievement of Northern New England,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7852,Junior Scientists Restoring Brazil's Rainforest,Binka Le Breton,Iracambi,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15015,Help Valdinei become a scientist!,Binka Le Breton,Iracambi,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12083,Empowering Youth Voices - InternewsNext,Amanda Frankel,Internews,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11515,International Youth Foundation,Rhonda Greenway,International Youth Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14959,Defending the Maranon River in the Peruvian Amazon,Monti Aguirre,International Rivers,0,$0,$0,,$0 67,4559,Provide medical care to Haiti,Davis Nordeen,International Medical Corps,1,$10,$0,,$10 52,15057,Give Kristelle a year of nutritious food!,Emma Taylor,International Disaster Volunteers (IDV),1,$125,$0,,$125 60,15229,Job Skills for Louis,Emma Taylor,International Disaster Volunteers (IDV),1,$50,$0,,$50 63,14624,Make a Haitian Orphanage Self-Sufficient!,Emma Taylor,International Disaster Volunteers (IDV),2,$30,$0,,$30 64,6235,Provide a safe home for Haitian Orphans,Andy Chaggar,International Disaster Volunteers (IDV),1,$25,$0,,$25 64,14769,Light for 150 Students,Emma Taylor,International Disaster Volunteers (IDV),1,$25,$8,,$32 68,7101,Break the Cycle of Poverty with Education,Emma Taylor,International Disaster Volunteers (IDV),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8911,Change Lives with English Education,Andy Chaggar,International Disaster Volunteers (IDV),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14623,Give 30 Orphaned Children a Sustainable Income,Andy Chaggar,International Disaster Volunteers (IDV),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15178,A Year of School for Diana,Emma Taylor,International Disaster Volunteers (IDV),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10321,Give Voice to Child Brides,Sheridan Marfil,International Center for Research on Women,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6628,Combat Haiti's Spreading Cholera Crisis,Zach Brehmer,International Action,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8349,Help De-worm and Nourish Haiti's Children,Zach Brehmer,International Action,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8369,Ensure the sustainability of clean water in Haiti,Zach Brehmer,International Action,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7917,Prevent 100 people from becoming homeless,Joseph Marmora,"Interfaith Neighbors, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7817,Primeros Pasos,Jamie De Guzman Pet,Inter-American Health Alliance,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14786,Shape the vision for education in emergencies,Kerstin Tebbe,Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE),0,$0,$0,,$0 3,10274,Build a Brighter Future for 80 Kids in Guatemala,Mick Quinn,Integral Heart Foundation,11,"$6,335","$1,563",,"$7,898" 28,13203,Provide a Critical-Thinking program for 40 teens,Mick Quinn,Integral Heart Foundation,7,$765,$222,,$987 68,14636,Empower Angelita's dream for Guatemala,Mick Quinn,Integral Heart Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 38,11899,Educate teenagers about sexual health in Bolivia,Edgar Valdez,Instituto para el Desarrollo Humano,2,$350,$105,,$455 68,6900,Help reduce US youth suicide,Michelle Walker,Inspire USA Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4314,Connecting Children to Nature,Lori Kiesser,Inside the Outdoors Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9163,Learning and Achieving Through the Arts (LATA),Sharyn Church,Inner-City Arts,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15014,SOS - Help save species & sustain livelihoods!,Simon Bradley,IUCN - Internat. Union for Conservation of Nature,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13562,Support 7 Weeks of Full-Day Summer at CAMP IMANI,Bisi Ideraabdullah,"IMANI HOUSE, Inc",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7094,Provide a Safe Motherhood Kit,Christopher Glass,IMA World Health,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9368,Biodigester social environmental economical impact,Ricardo Hermanny,IDDEIA - Instituto de Defesa e Desenvolvimento do Inteiro Ambiente,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7983,Help children in El Salvador overcome trauma,Isabel Guzman,IBREA Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13351,A new home for 20 poor Andean families in Ecuador,Maria Giovanna Speltini,IBO ITALIA,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12181,"Safe, Energy Efficient Cookstoves in Guatemala",Rachel Zelon,Hunger Relief International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14567,Save Pets From Euthanasia in South Mississippi,Brittany Chowske,Humane Society of South Mississippi,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14000,Bringing Healthcare to Mothers in Haiti,Samantha Daggett,Hopital Albert Schweitzer Haiti,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13612,"Give Life-Saving Care to Mothers, Infants in Haiti",Samantha Daggett,Hopital Albert Schweitzer Haiti,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15232,$1 Million Campaign to Save Lives in Haiti,Samantha Daggett,Hopital Albert Schweitzer Haiti,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6593,End Homelessness in DC - One Family at a Time,Lynn French,"Hope and a Home, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2229,Run a Maternity and Pediatric Service in Haiti,Carwyn Hill,Hope Health Action,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4583,Haiti Rehabilitation Centre,Barry Mann,Hope Health Action,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2230,"Children's Respite Home & Outreach Project, Haiti",Barry Mann,Hope Health Action,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2158,Help women leave gang life at the Homegirl Cafe!,Stephen Lucasi,Homeboy Industries,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14573,Home at Last Humane Society's Animal Care Project,Elizabeth Polehn,Home at Last Humane Society,0,$0,$0,,$0 58,5710,Provide electricity to 500 students in Belize,John McHenry,Holy Cross Education Foundation,2,$70,$0,,$70 68,12129,Medical Services / Medicine for Abuse Children,Jennifer E. Ramos,"Hogar de Ninos Regazo de Paz, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12624,Let's rescue our children for a healthy future.,Brenda Cortes,"Hogar Infantil Jesus Nazareno, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12489,Give poor kids in Salvador & Honduras a chance,Helene Salomon,Hilda Rothschild Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6825,Empower 400 Youth to Make a More Peaceful Tomorrow,Tenaya Schnare,Hidden Villa,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8945,Change the Trajectory of Our Youth,Sofia Pablo-Hoshino,Hidden Villa,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9956,Growing Healthy Families,Daniel Chmielewski,Hidden Villa,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9302,Help older people fight food insecurity in Bolivia,Alexandra Williams,HelpAge USA,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,3399,Education & Career Openings for Women of the Andes,Rosita Raffo,Help for the Andes Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9251,Help Orphan Puppies - Special Needs Dogs in the US,Christina Francis,"Help Orphan Puppies, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11160,Provide heart surgery to international children,Diane Morgan,HeartGift Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 5,7940,Heal One World: Inner-City Preventative Healthcare,Skye Kelly,Heal One World,4,"$3,850","$1,155",,"$5,005" 68,6800,Horse riding for 68 people with disabilities,Nicole Budden,Happy Trails Riding Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12416,Teach Social Justice. Empower Youth. Bridge Gaps.,Riana Nolet,Hands for a Bridge,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14766,Help Build a Student Computer Center in Haiti,Courtney Rothharpt,Haitian Connection Network,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6078,Employ 100 Rural Women: Create a sustainable Haiti,Ferry Cadet,"Haiti Projects, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7985,"Help Start Construction on Simple, Decent Housing",Tracy Matchett,Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6125,Energy assistance for low-income Oregon families,Ron Bannister,HEAT Oregon,0,$0,$0,,$0 13,15246,Songs in their Hearts & Strings in their Hands!,Jessica Baron,Guitars in the Classroom,24,"$2,285",$598,,"$2,884" 68,7953,Infuse Learning with Music in PreK-8 Classrooms!,Jessica Baron,Guitars in the Classroom,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10437,Give Preschool Children a Musical Head Start!,Jessica Baron,Guitars in the Classroom,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11868,Lift Hearts and Shape Young Minds Through Music,Jessica Baron,Guitars in the Classroom,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14647,Change the lives of 100 Mayan Families,Nancy Wynne,Guatemala Housing Alliance,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10742,Revitalize Rural Entrepreneurship,Martha "Pati" Ruiz Corzo,Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda I.A.P,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6421,Help Build Iron Street Farm on Chicago's Southside,Erika Allen,Growing Power - Chicago,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6402,Farm Fresh to Urban Communities in the Midwest,Cassie Brayton,Growing Power,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2970,Schoolyard Gardens Program,Groundwork Somerville,"Groundwork Somerville, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,3892,Green Team,Groundwork Somerville,"Groundwork Somerville, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,1965,Green Maps for a more sustainable future!,Wendy E. Brawer,Green Map System,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7514,Electricity for 135 people in Colombia,Andrea Johnson,Green Empowerment,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6868,Help hungry families afford the food they need,Laura Wall,Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9622,Help Rebuild 12 Homes for Birmingham Families,Cassie Brooks,Greater Birmingham Habitat for Humanity,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14651,Gray Whales Count - The 2014 Count,Michael Smith,Gray Whales Count,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14909,"Good Beginnings for 25,000 Children in the US",Justin Rattey,Good360,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15165,Get America through the Shutdown,Justin Rattey,Good360,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9174,Provide Clean Water for 55+ Children in Haiti,Chelsie Bickel,God's Littlest Angels Inc,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10554,Provide Specialty Formula for Babies in Haiti,Chelsie Bickel,God's Littlest Angels Inc,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13281,Build a School to Educate 140 Orphans in Haiti,Chelsie Bickel,God's Littlest Angels Inc,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14937,Send 200 kids in Haiti to school!,Chelsie Bickel,God's Littlest Angels Inc,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13367,Empower Youth in 9 Peruvian Neighborhoods,Jacob Marling,GlobeMed at University of Rochester,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12263,Help Peruvian TB Patients Start Microbusinesses,Amanda Wiesler,GlobeMed at UChicago,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12364,Well-baby Care Vaccination Program in rural Haiti,GlobeMed at Truman,GlobeMed at Truman State,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13543,Provide Water Filtration to Families in Nicaragua,Sarah Morris,GlobeMed at Rhodes College,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12135,Empower the Youth Development in El Salvador,Ricardo Ortiz,GlobeMed at Penn State,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12423,Child Nutrition Workshops,Kokaale Amissah-Aidoo,GlobeMed at Amherst College,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10345,"Laboratory Clinic for 2,100 Adolescents in Ecuador",Kristen Archibald,GlobeMed - Cornell University,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11182,Develop 21st Century Leaders for Global Health,Elizabeth White,GlobeMed,0,$0,$0,,$0 48,5607,GlobalGiving Project of the Month Club,Britt Lake,GlobalGiving,6,$170,$0,,$170 54,554,GlobalGiving Fund,Britt Lake,GlobalGiving,6,$110,$0,,$110 68,7504,R.O.A.R. Fund - Reach.Out.Act.Respond.,,GlobalGiving,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4561,GlobalGiving Relief Fund for Haiti Earthquake,Britt Lake,GlobalGiving,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7481,The GlobalGiving Innovation Fund,Mari Kuraishi,GlobalGiving,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2572,Technology for Education Fund,Kevin Conroy,GlobalGiving,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10487,Bricks for Good Fund,Justin Rupp,GlobalGiving,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10451,Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund,Britt Lake,GlobalGiving,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14069,Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund,Britt Lake,GlobalGiving,0,$0,$0,,$0 61,13115,Provide a Safe Environment for Children in Mexico,Carly Kruyer,Global Vision International Charitable Trust,1,$40,$12,,$52 67,5928,Protecting Marine Ecosystems in Mexico,Daniel Sitarenios,Global Vision International Charitable Trust,1,$10,$0,,$10 68,8348,Support Crucial Conservation in Costa Rica,Carly Kruyer,Global Vision International Charitable Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5673,Establishing a Recycling Centre in Mexico,Sophie Birkett,Global Vision International Charitable Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5866,"Educational Support in Mal Pais, Costa Rica",Kate Robey,Global Vision International Charitable Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5933,"Feed and Educate Children in Salvador, Brazil",Kate Robey,Global Vision International Charitable Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8413,National Scholarship Program in the United States,Steve Gwenin,Global Vision International Charitable Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9219,Upscalling the Community in Costa Rica,Carly Kruyer,Global Vision International Charitable Trust,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12054,Hurricane Sandy Relief for New Jersey Residents,Bill Sansone,Global Reach International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13564,Help 50 innercity youth help 5000 villagers abroad,Global Potential,Global Potential,0,$0,$0,,$0 34,12012,"Hurricane Sandy Relief for Santiago, Cuba",Angela Garcia,Global Links,2,$550,$165,,$715 68,12724,Provide 200 Doctor Kits for Med Students in Cuba,Angela Garcia,Global Links,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14386,Breathe Hope - Provide Nebulizers that Save Lives,Angela Garcia,Global Links,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13343,Develop Global Youth Leaders in NYC and DC!,Evie Hanzopoulos,Global Kids Inc.,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13984,Emerging Leaders Program,Samantha Ducey,Global Impact,0,$0,$0,,$0 25,13817,Pay a Haitian midwife's salary for one year at MN,Jim Grant,Global Birthing Home Foundation,3,$837,$240,,"$1,077" 68,9496,Help At-Risk and Homeless Children in Portland,Emmanuelle Jarmon,Global Backpack Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8482,Free Counseling for Military Families across U.S.,Sally Charney,Give an Hour,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4946,"Deliver Yoga to 10,000 Prisoners",Rob Schware,Give Back Yoga Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2940,Academic Support & Mentoring for Underserved Girls,Patrica Foster,Girls to Women,0,$0,$0,,$0 66,14828,Girls Who Code: Bring CS to Girls Across Country,Isabel Baylor,Girls Who Code,1,$15,$0,,$15 68,5283,German American School Financial Aid Support,Julia Matschukat,German American School of Portland,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8226,Supplies for GOOD+ Fatherhood Initiative,Laurel West,GOOD+ Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12131,Baby Buggy Hurricane Sandy Family Assistance Fund,Katherine Snider,GOOD+ Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 15,6737,GlobalGirl Media Training Academy & News Bureaus,Amie Williams,GLOBAL GIRL MEDIA,12,"$1,875",$40,,"$1,916" 68,10617,English course for 200 Mexican aspiring scientists,Angela Aguilera,Fundación Proacceso,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10428,Access to Technology and Education in Mexico,Surely Gonzalez,Fundación Proacceso,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13319,Empower single mothers in Mexico,Angela Aguilera,Fundación Proacceso,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5526,"Conserving the Ridgway's Hawk in Punta Cana, DR",Jacob Kheel,Fundación Grupo Puntacana,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10567,IMPROVE SCHOOL FOR 700 DOMINICAN STUDENTS IN NEED,Paul Beswick,Fundación Grupo Puntacana,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13255,Fuentes de Vida Community Water Project,Jacob Kheel,Fundación Grupo Puntacana,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12905,Emergency Unit for a Communitarian Health Center,Paul Beswick,Fundación Grupo Puntacana,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9447,Sports for 5000 Colombian kids' dreams,Tiempo de Juego,Fundacion Tiempo de Juego,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9377,Funding an Ecuadorian School Through Recycled Art,Alexandra Hoeneisen,Fundacion Tangare,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14706,Youth singers transform lives by teaching others,Elisa Escobar,Fundacion Sirenaica,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14149,Build a Roof for 150 Animals in Cartagena Colombia,Andrea Morante,Fundacion Rescate para Animales Desamparados (FRAD),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13239,Support 12 kids with hearing loss in Medellin,Social Area,Fundacion Patronato Maria Auxiliadora,0,$0,$0,,$0 65,2548,"Empowering Poor, Rural Girls in Paraguay",Luis Sanabria,Fundacion Paraguaya,1,$20,$0,,$20 68,8460,Help Poor Rural Girls in Paraguay go to University,Luis Sanabria,Fundacion Paraguaya,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8614,Restore Hearing to 100 Children in Panama,Giovanna Troncoso,Fundacion Oir es Vivir,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11246,Give at-risk Colombian children a safe home,Patricia Gonzalez,Fundacion Ninos de los Andes,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12600,Climate change adaptation-Panama rural livelihoods,Rosa Montanez,Fundacion Natura - Panama,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10707,New books and children's library in Chicoana-Salta,Patricia Mejalelaty,Fundacion Leer,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14343,Micro-credits for Baru Island young entrepreneurs,Ana Milena Ordosgoitia,Fundacion Hernan Echavarria Olozaga,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14118,"WE BELIEVE IN LEARNING! Quindio, Colombia",,Fundacion Escuela Nueva Volvamos a la Gente,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,3788,Help 455 At-Risk Children in Mexico Stay in School,Fundación EDUCA México,Fundacion EDUCA Mexico,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8384,Reduce Violent Attitudes in Marginated Children,Fundación EDUCA México,Fundacion EDUCA Mexico,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13820,Harness kid's creativity into social actions,Fundación EDUCA México,Fundacion EDUCA Mexico,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14652,Access to technology and education in Mexico,Fundación EDUCA México,Fundacion EDUCA Mexico,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4357,Give Argentine Youth a Chance,Maria Hilaire,Fundacion Cimientos,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14420,Online coaching for Argentine Youth,Maria Hilaire,Fundacion Cimientos,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12699,Help us fight malnutrition in Argentina,Relaciones Institucionales,Fundacion Caminando Juntos,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7871,Fight Poverty: Educate Women in Panama,Hildegard Vasquez,Fundacion Calicanto,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8753,At Risk Children Dance for Social Change,Keyes Hardin,Fundacion Calicanto,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12448,Protecting the Health of Colombian Orphans,Camila Leyva,Fundacion CRAN,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13771,Helping orphans to receive education,Gonzalo Gutierrez,Fundacion CRAN,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10085,Support labor rights in gold mining in Colombia,María Villa,Fundacion Amigos del Choco - AMICHOCO,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14399,Fruit Tree 101,Cem Akin,Fruit Tree Planting Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7474,Preserve the Wonders of the Columbia Gorge,Kevin Gorman,Friends of the Columbia Gorge,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9092,Year of mentor activities for 50 vulnerable youth,Karin Zimmer,Friends of the Children,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5277,Create next generation of environmental stewards,David Cohen,Friends of Tryon Creek,0,$0,$0,,$0 41,12447,Break The Cycle Of Poverty Through Education,Zita Tangel,Friends of Ninos de Guatemala,9,$295,$21,,$316 68,10652,Fresh Start Women's Foundation,Jennifer Wagner,Fresh Start Women's Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11825,Fresh Start Domestic Violence Campaign 2012,Jennifer Wagner,Fresh Start Women's Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12996,"Help empower more than 25,000 women a year!",Jennifer Wagner,Fresh Start Women's Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6196,Support for DC's Previously Incarcerated Youth,Tara Libert,Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8648,Book Club for Youth in Federal Prison,Tara Libert,Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6983,Feed 500 members of Tampa's HIV/AIDS Community,Joy Winheim,"Francis House, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5480,"Building a Women's Shelter in Cotacachi, Ecuador",Rachel Storm,Four Walls and a Roof Cotacachi Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10131,Give 2300 Colombian Children a Reason to Smile,Connie Freydell,Formula Sonrisas Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14089,Bring Back Bees to Mexico's Degraded Farmlands,Eric Holt-Gimenez,Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7814,Help Local Leaders Save the Mesoamerican Reef,Maria Eugenia Arreola,"Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza, A.C.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10660,Save the Golden Eagle and Protect its Habitat!,Francisco Ehrenberg,"Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza, A.C.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10663,Sustainable Rural Life,Francisco Ehrenberg,"Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza, A.C.",0,$0,$0,,$0 56,12914,School trips for children in Latin America,Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,1,$90,$0,,$90 68,1769,Education & food for 600 children in Guatemala,Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,1766,Education & nutrition for 100 children in Ecuador,Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,1768,Education & nutrition for 60 children in Peru,Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,1770,Education & nutrition for 166 children in Honduras,Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5931,Education & food for 200 children in Nicaragua,Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,1757,Elderly Support in Latin America,Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11927,The Massie Family supports Guatemalan Education,Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11929,"Free education for 1,000 children in Latin America",Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11981,Fund a teacher and teach a class in Latin America,Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11973,"Food & fruit for 1,000 children in Latin America",Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13187,Constructing the future in Latin America,Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12913,Celebrate over 1000 children in Latin America,Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12915,Education materials for children in Latin America,Dom Williams,Fly The Phoenix,0,$0,$0,,$0 52,12338,Assist 250 Remote Medical Care Clinics in Panama,Sky LaBrot,Floating Doctors Inc,2,$125,$0,,$125 68,14866,2 Meals/Day for 35 Disabled Cubans in Havana 2020,Jorge Pardo,First Hand Aid,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6054,FCCO Spay/Neuter Clinics for Feral and Stray Cats,Devon Jahn,Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9275,Fellow Mortals--Compassion Changes Everything,Yvonne Wallace Blane,Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8771,Fighting Hunger In America,Kathryn Lyons,Feeding America,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7145,Summer Camp for Homeless Kids,Shana Carignan,Families Moving Forward,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8257,From Homelessness to Stability,Shana Carignan,Families Moving Forward,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4402,"Working to End Homelessness in Durham, NC",Shana Carignan,Families Moving Forward,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9400,Project Anchor- for adolescent victims of abuse,Kelly Vates,"Fair Haven, Inc",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9367,"Primary Education for 11,000+ Nicaraguan Youth",Adam Carrico,Fabretto Children's Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14605,Rural Secondary Education for 742 Nicaraguan Youth,Kathy Baczko,Fabretto Children's Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7550,Rethinking Down Syndrome in Colombia,MARTHA ROBLES,FUNDOWN CARIBE,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14963,"Help 2,000 at-risk youth in Colombia build peace",MONICA LOPEZ,FUNDACION SOLIDARIA LA VISITACION-FSV,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12538,Giving Kids a Smile Like Yours In Colombia,Pilar Echeverri,FISULAB - CENTRO DE REHABILITACION PARA NINOS CON LABIO Y PALADAR FISURADO,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14751,Empowering Citizens in Nicaragua,Jose Antonio Peraza,FIBRAS/MpN,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4249,Safe Passage: Help 150 Girls Survive Trafficking,Andrea Powell,FAIR Girls,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6571,Camperships for Ecological Wilderness Camping,Beverly Stone,Expanding Opportunities,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14498,Empower Bolivian Women to be Local Health Leaders,Pennye Nixon,Etta Projects,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14299,Training At-Risk Youth in Post-Earthquake Haiti,Eric Nurmi,Equipping Leaders Internationally,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6949,Bridge to Self Reliance 2000 refugees San Diego CA,Elaine McLevie,Episcopal Refugee Network of San Diego,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10908,Better Safe Than Sorry - Medical IDs for Epilepsy,Holley Moseley,Epilepsy Society of Northwest Florida,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10973,Engaging with Congress on Climate and Resilience,Daniel Bresette,Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14296,Protect Baby Seabirds in the Caribbean,Natalia Collier,Environmental Protection in the Caribbean,0,$0,$0,,$0 12,9939,2014 Emerging and Innovative Environmental Leaders,Errol Mazursky,Environmental Leadership Program,16,"$2,360",$159,,"$2,519" 50,9943,Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders (EWCL),Errol Mazursky,Environmental Leadership Program,4,$135,$0,,$135 68,3658,"Help Provide Clean Water to Corail Lamothe, Haiti",Kevin Friedman,Engineers Without Borders South Central Florida Chapter,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6014,"Clean Water for over 4,000 people in Honduras",Robert Williams,Engineers Without Borders South Central Florida Chapter,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5032,Provide clean water to 500 children in Guatemala,Jennifer Klich,Engineers Without Borders - Jacksonville Professionals,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4783,Garabato artistic workshop,Mario Raimondi,El Desafio Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7483,Help underprivileged children code their future,Mario Raimondi,El Desafio Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13946,Public Mini Libraries,Mario Raimondi,El Desafio Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 8,2803,Give In-School Music Classes to Los Angeles Youth,Victoria Lanier,"Education Through Music-Los Angeles (ETM-LA, Inc.)",11,"$2,938",$716,,"$3,654" 49,10585,Give In-School Music Education to NYC Youth,Katherine Canning,"Education Through Music, Inc.",1,$150,$45,,$195 68,11249,Music Instruments & Supplies for NYC Kids,Katherine Canning,"Education Through Music, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12295,Estes donde estes. Chilenos por la educacion.,Aintzane Lorca de Urarte,Educacion 2020,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12472,The Future is Calling - Empower 150 youth today!,Jessie Ferguson,Edu-Futuro (Educacion Para Nuestro Futuro),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2703,800 Fuel-Efficient Stoves for Guatemala,Barbara Vallarino,EcoLogic Development Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9071,Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods in Guatemala,Alexa Piacenza,EcoLogic Development Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9083,Community-led Reforestation in Totonicapan Forest,Alexa Piacenza,EcoLogic Development Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9091,Train Forest Guards to Protect Guatemalan Forests,Barbara Vallarino,EcoLogic Development Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9618,Clean Water for Rural Honduras,Barbara Vallarino,EcoLogic Development Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9629,Clean Water for Coastal Panama,Alexa Piacenza,EcoLogic Development Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10286,Provide Vet Care to Abandoned Animals,Kasey Joyner,East Mississippi Animal Rescue,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15111,Earthwatch's Tracking Sea Turtles in the Bahamas,Heather Wilcox,Earthwatch Institute,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12440,Eradicating Energy Poverty in Haiti,Allison Archambault,EarthSpark International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6794,Support 116 environmental nonprofits!,EarthShare Oregon,EarthShare Oregon,0,$0,$0,,$0 21,10783,Can You Make A Horse Smile? You Bet! Here's How...,Lynn Coakley,EQUUS Foundation,3,"$1,125",$300,,"$1,425" 68,9148,Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.,Armadeus Davidson,EMPACT Northwest,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9761,Make Rescue a Reality For Millions of Underserved!,Jake Gillanders,EMPACT Northwest,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9766,EMPACT Northwest Empathy in Action,Jake Gillanders,EMPACT Northwest,0,$0,$0,,$0 60,9150,Buy a Dream for a Student at EARTH University,Linley Branham,EARTH University Foundation,2,$50,$8,,$58 68,9238,Empowered to Stand,Ouida Duncan,Duncan Tree Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13037,Change a Woman. Change the World.,Stephanie Macias,Dress for Success Worldwide,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5497,Save Thousands of Animal Lives in Oregon,Chris McDonald,DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5578,Give Medical Care to Stray Animals and Wildlife,Chris McDonald,DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital,0,$0,$0,,$0 55,10273,Global Collaboration Project,Zayn Abaakil,Dounia Project,1,$100,$0,,$100 68,13401,The DREAM Music Program,Emily Wolynski MacDowell,Dominican Republic Education And Mentoring (DREAM) Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9508,Give 30 HIV+ people training to become leaders,Brandy Svendson,Does HIV Look Like Me? International Society,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13488,DoSomething.org Social Action Boot Camp,Muneer Panjwani,DoSomething.org,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14070,Relief Fund for Survivors of Oklahoma Tornadoes,Schlene Boundy,"Do Your Part, Inc",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15039,Relief Fund for Colorado Flooding Survivors,Schlene Boundy,"Do Your Part, Inc",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2865,Give the Gift of Sight,Judith Delgado,Discovery Eye Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 23,8000,KIDS/Fashion Delivers -Essentials for Kids in Need,Sabrina Echegaray,Delivering Good,9,$975,$30,,"$1,005" 67,14129,K.I.D.S. Oklahoma Relief Efforts,Cristina Morais,Delivering Good,1,$10,$0,,$10 68,12048,K.I.D.S. Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund,Sabrina Echegaray,Delivering Good,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13226,K.I.D.S. Against SIDS: Safe Sleep Campaign,Sabrina Echegaray,Delivering Good,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4582,Safe Water & On-going Relief in Haiti,Steve Bostian,Deep Springs International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7968,A Residential Shelter for Adolescent Drug Addicts,Susan Parma,Dance To Live,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10222,DOGPAW's Happy Dog Campaign,Lenice Shaw,DOGPAW,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9478,DESGUA: Training Educators in Mayan Communities,Anna Grewe,DESGUA Sustainable Development for Guatemala,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10083,After School Dance Programs for Youth at Risk,Jill Roberts,DEA Educational Foundation Youth Dance Program,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4440,"Inspire DC Youth Through Soccer, Poetry & Service",Amy Nakamoto,DC SCORES,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5094,Identify/understand all Alzheimer's-related genes,Laurel Lyle,Cure Alzheimer's Fund,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9918,Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary Rescues MorePets,Beth Randall,Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2893,Teaching Photography & Advocacy to D.C. Youth,Adam Levner,Critical Exposure,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13161,Give Johanna and Sara a Voice for Peace,Frances Salles,Creativity for Peace,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13509,montessori preschool for 20 low income children,Gloria Marshall,Creative Montessori Learning Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7047,Save Mayan Conservation Practices,Louisa Trackman,Creative Action Institute,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6985,Theater Advances Gender Rights in El Salvador,Louisa Trackman,Creative Action Institute,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14511,"Drug prevention for 2,400 children in Colombia",claudia patricia agudelo escobar,Corporacion Surgir,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14745,"PLAYROOMS: to play, learn and have fun!!!",Ana Lucia Palacio,Corporacion Superarse,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9938,Help Eradicate Child Labor in Colombia,Alba Inés Zapata Gálvez,Corporacion Juntos Construyendo Futuro,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14037,Help 1200 vulnerable children in rural Colombia,Alba Inés Zapata Gálvez,Corporacion Juntos Construyendo Futuro,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12350,A New Beginning for 71 families in Colombia,Marcela Marin,Corporacion Interactuar,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13102,"Bringing Hope to 10 Families in Medellin, Colombia",Daniel Marulanda,Corporacion Interactuar,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7861,Sea Turtle Conservation & Environmental Education,Alejandra Foundation,Corcovado Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10748,Osa Community Support Fund,Alejandra Foundation,Corcovado Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14330,Santa Juana Community-Based Rural Tourism Program,Alejandra Foundation,Corcovado Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5572,Educate 160 Colombian orphans and conflict victims,Martina Cocco,Conexion Colombia,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5296,Help Colombian Children with Chronic Malnutrition,Martina Cocco,Conexion Colombia,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9921,Build a Design Studio to Prevent Human Trafficking,Linda Tribbett,Compassion Connect,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6365,Provide beds for 300 kids sleeping on the floor,Anna Kurnizki,Community Warehouse,0,$0,$0,,$0 7,6258,Teach healthy living skills to adults with autism,Ashley Chatneuff,"Community Support Services, Inc.",13,"$3,215",$638,,"$3,852" 68,8277,Summer Recreation for Kids with Autism,Ashley Chatneuff,"Community Support Services, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 49,14868,"Plant 30,000 native trees Costa Rican owned farms",Jennifer Smith,Community Carbon Trees- Costa RIca,3,$150,$8,,$158 68,10717,Help Empower a Young Girl Today!,Cynthia James,Community Bridges Inc.,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9378,"Common Threads, Cooking Skills & World Cuisine",Kristen Baxter,Common Threads,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5205,Education for Impoverished Guatemalan Youth,Lizz Peterson,Common Hope,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7599,The New Orleans Citizen Participation Project,Keith Twitchell,Committee for a Better New Orleans,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14673,A School in Haiti- changing 300 children's lives!,Teresa Henry,Colorado Haiti Project,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14555,Children / Pathfinder club - Desbravadores,Flavia Aquino,Clube de Desbravadores,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2680,Healthcare for Pregnant Women in Nicaragua,Susan Dix Lyons,Clinica Verde,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4398,Clifford's Gift/Kristine Lilly help the homeless,Elizabeth DeRosa,Clifford's Gift,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15159,City of Hope,Megyn Byrnes,City of Hope,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14767,Hands-on Technology Experience for Low-Income Kids,Yarice Hidalgo,Citizen Schools,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14315,Educate a Poor Mexican Child,Bobbi Bosch,Christel House International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15152,Educate a Marginalized Inner-City Child,Bobbi Bosch,Christel House International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6748,Bring healing art to children in medical crisis,Children's Healing Art Project,Children's Healing Art Project (CHAP),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8340,CERI Child Relief and Support Program (Mexico),Gretchen Lange Baumgarten,Children's Emergency Relief International (CERI),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4194,MyMusicRx Delivers Music Medicine,Children's Cancer Association,Children's Cancer Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5315,Chemo Pal Mentor Program Delivers Friendship,Children's Cancer Association,Children's Cancer Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8877,Prescribe Joy to Seriously Ill Kids and Teens,Children's Cancer Association,Children's Cancer Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8615,Children of the Night With Out Walls - WOW!,L Lee,"Children of the Night, Inc",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12623,"Health for 34,000 low-income children in Colombia",Diana Natalia Londono Velez,Children Hospital of San Vicente Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 46,13129,Educate 130 Girls in Cusco for Economic Survival,Diana Rae Lewis,Chicuchas Wasi,4,$190,$4,,$194 68,6050,Empowering Young Men In Ending Sexual Exploitation,Shalini Mirpuri,Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE),0,$0,$0,,$0 64,9264,Seizure-Response Dogs for those with Epilepsy,Julie Hutchison,Chelsea Hutchison Foundation,1,$25,$8,,$32 68,12369,Movement Monitors for Epilepsy Patients in Need,Julie Hutchison,Chelsea Hutchison Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 30,10495,The Lunch Box Expansion Project,Ann Cooper,Chef Ann Foundation,8,$685,$158,,$842 44,14707,Tools to Connect Schools to Local Food,Ann Cooper,Chef Ann Foundation,1,$250,$75,,$325 68,9485,Empower Students to Become Social Innovators,Anjali Bhatia,ChangeEducate,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7099,Present inspiring chamber music in Portland OR,Leslie Tuomi,Chamber Music Northwest,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11174,End animal suffering in KCMO urban core,Kate Quigley,Chain of Hope KC,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9990,Freedom Collaborative,Tania DoCarmo,Chab Dai International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14617,Casa de los Angeles - Feed 150 kids for a year!,Donna Quathamer,Centro Infantil de los Angeles,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6919,Protect Native Wildlife in Maine and NH,Kristen Lamb,Center for Wildlife,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8849,"On the Wings of Research" Owl Transmitter Project,Kristen Lamb,Center for Wildlife,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9694,Build a Wildlife Medical Clinic/ Education Center,Kristen Lamb,Center for Wildlife,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,624,Making Learning Joyfully Rigorous for Students,Caitlin Wolf,Center for Inspired Teaching,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12948,Empower residents of Rio's favelas through ICT,Diego Junqueira,Center for Digital Inclusion,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12952,Community Development Through IT Training In Rio,Luisa Gockel,Center for Digital Inclusion,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13291,Empower Arab American Youth Through Philanthropy,Chelsea Liddy,Center for Arab American Philanthropy,0,$0,$0,,$0 50,12229,Support native artisans & rainforest in the Amazon,Campbell Plowden,Center for Amazon Community Ecology,2,$135,$33,,$168 68,10334,Move 10 Families Out of Poverty in Pitcairn,Cynthia Bloise,Center Avenue United Methodist Circles (TM) Initiative,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,3872,Enriching Lives of Elders,Michele Seligman,Cedar Village,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,4370,Opening Minds through Art,Carol Silver Elliott,Cedar Village,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6633,Making Dreams Come True,Stew Bromberg,Cedar Village,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9837,Serve the community by expanding health services,Stew Bromberg,Cedar Village,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9910,Ensuring the highest quality end of life care,Carol Silver Elliott,Cedar Village,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9679,Keep victims of elder abuse safe,Stew Bromberg,Cedar Village,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13887,Senior Volunteers Making a Difference,Stew Bromberg,Cedar Village,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6903,Send 100 Students to High School in Belize,Joni Miller,Caye Caulker Ocean Academy,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12394,"Danny Michel Ocean Academy Project, Belize",Joni Miller,Caye Caulker Ocean Academy,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11943,Girls Rising Empowerment Club - Ocean Academy,Joni Miller,Caye Caulker Ocean Academy,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14165,Ocean Academy Volunteers' Scholarship Fund,Joni Miller,Caye Caulker Ocean Academy,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10045,Homes for Paws: Loving homes for homeless cats,Rachel Loseke,Cat AdopTion Service,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7589,Casting 4 A Cure- Help Us Cure Rett Syndrome,Bill Farnum,"Casting 4 A Cure, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14048,Dry Fly Distilling Ride for Rett Syndrome,Bill Farnum,"Casting 4 A Cure, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,1112,"Casita Linda, A. C.",Kerry Trull,"Casita Linda, A.C.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6425,Cascade AIDS Project's AIDS Walk Portland,Jennifer Narron,Cascade AIDS Project (CAP),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11077,Feed the minds and bodies of 300 kids in Guatemala,Maritza Ortiz,CasaSito Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9406,"Keep 53 children out of night clubs, Oaxaca Mexico",Sophia Zaia,Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14662,China Leadership Summit,Katrina Wertz,Carolina China Network,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8694,Send a Child to High School in Jamaica,Nikiki Bogle,"Caribbean Education Foundation, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9979,Learning & Technology Center for Youth in Jamaica,Nikiki Bogle,"Caribbean Education Foundation, Inc.",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13479,Invest in Outdoor Learning Gardens & Health,Leesa Carter,Captain Planet Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 37,5156,War Vets Heal With the Help of Shelter Dogs,Cathy King,Canines With a Cause,4,$420,$38,,$458 68,5848,Canine Companions Assistance Dog Team Sponsorship,Bob Bunger,Canine Companions for Independence,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7895,Books in sign language for deaf children,Silvana Veinberg,Canales Asociacion Civil,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8465,Puppy Mills = Puppy Cruelty,Derek Rumboldt-deLouché,Canadian Federation of Humane Societies,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8473,Humane Treatment of Farm Animals,Derek Rumboldt-deLouché,Canadian Federation of Humane Societies,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9826,Animal Cruelty Legislation,Barbara Cartwright,Canadian Federation of Humane Societies,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8458,Are you ready to join the fight?,Yolande Usher,Canadian Cancer Society,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13290,Camp Shout Out: Youth Who Stutter,Julie Raynor,Camp Shout Out,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2955,At-Risk Youth Build Resiliencey in the Wilderness,Leah Damon,Camp Amnicon,0,$0,$0,,$0 35,6974,"Planting 1000 trees, Saving 100 acres",Robin Van Loon,Camino Verde,2,$510,$150,,$660 68,7287,Turning carbon footprints into healthy soils,Robin Van Loon,Camino Verde,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13982,Enriching At-Risk Students' Lives with Art in MD,Heena Genti,CREATE Arts Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11919,Sponsor the Care of a Latin American Burned Child,Carolyn Schuetz,COANIQUEM Burned Children Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 60,1810,Prevent Youth Involvement in Drug Trafficking,Thais Corral,"CEMINA (Com., Edu. and Info. and Adaptation)",1,$50,$0,,$50 68,9924,"SINAL for Children, Inspiring Love for Nature",Thais Corral,"CEMINA (Com., Edu. and Info. and Adaptation)",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14650,Give 200 Youth Access to Reproductive Healthcare,Jessica Wilson,CCI Health & Wellness Services,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13347,"Save a book, support a child",Jodi Walker,Burning Through Pages,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9553,Holiday Gifts for Teens,Barbara Howell,Burbank Temporary Aid Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9554,Emergency Shelter Program,Barbara Howell,Burbank Temporary Aid Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9555,Food for Homeless Lunches,Barbara Howell,Burbank Temporary Aid Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9562,Food for Low-income Families and Individuals,Barbara Howell,Burbank Temporary Aid Center,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13039,Help At-Risk Girls Graduate High School,Lindsay Moreau,Broome Street Academy Charter High School,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5681,Christmas in July,Sharon Hitzman,Brookings Harbor Redshirt,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13287,Alternative Breaks Support Educational Leadership,Sam Giacobozzi,Break Away,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11115,Build a school for rural students in Brazil,Brazil Foundation,BrazilFoundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6422,Boys & Girls Club-St Char MO - STEAMbotics Academy,Karen Englert,Boys and Girls Clubs of St. Charles,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7623,Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada-Support Young People,Bernadette Arreola,Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9793,Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada - Homework Help,Bernadette Arreola,Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2561,Saving Lives through Youth Guidance & Development,Stephanie Lindstrom,Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metropolitan Area,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2577,Expansion of Literacy Programs,Daniel Laruendeau,Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metropolitan Area,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10625,Build a Boys & Girls Club for at-risk kids in CA,Laura Portier-LaLumiere,Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11756,Sponsor a child at the Boys & Girls Club,Laura Portier-LaLumiere,Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,11964,"Develop Leaders in At-Risk Communities, Costa Rica",Kim Hackbarth,Boy With a Ball,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13109,Helping BWAB Global Match a Grant for New Website,Jamie Johnson,Boy With a Ball,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14915,A Better Future for the Children of Ushpa-Ushpa,Christian Ruehmer,Bolivian Charity Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 60,14957,Cause 10000 Bold Leaders,BRADY RHODES,BoldLeaders,2,$50,$15,,$65 68,14851,Drinking Water for Poor Schools in Rural Honduras,Blue Planet Network,Blue Planet Network,0,$0,$0,,$0 59,10282,Engaging Kids & Adults in Art in Public Places,Jim Walker,Big Car,2,$60,$0,,$60 68,6583,ready-for-life youth initiative,Karen Shawcross,Bienestar,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10901,Los Angeles Pup My Ride,Myla Burns,Best Friends Animal Society,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9931,Rejuvenate Pastures for Rescue Horses to Graze,Lora Bertell,"Bertell Farms, NFP",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12869,Beat Making Lab,Stephen Levitin,Beat Making Lab,0,$0,$0,,$0 19,13583,"Spay/Neuter 2,000 Stray Dogs & Cats in The Bahamas",sarah kennedy,Baark!,5,"$1,220",$357,,"$1,577" 68,15220,Operation Potcake - Nassau Bahamas,sarah kennedy,Baark!,0,$0,$0,,$0 43,12717,Give quality education to children in Piaui Brazil,Renata Granato,Ayrton Senna Institute,8,$255,$40,,$296 68,6406,Empowering Women Through Design in Rural Peru,Mary Kennedy Leavens,Awamaki,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8796,Teach to Teach: Training Women to Teach Spanish,Mary Kennedy Leavens,Awamaki,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10415,Capacity-building for rural women artisans in Peru,Mary Kennedy Leavens,Awamaki,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12306,Give kids a voice: iPads for Autism,Susan Byram,"Autism Pensacola, Incorporated",0,$0,$0,,$0 4,1859,Scholarships for Outstanding Students in Argentina,Gabriela Mondino,Atrapasuenos,6,"$5,510","$1,113",,"$6,623" 14,4660,Atlas Corps: Fellow Support,Abby Robinson,Atlas Corps,7,"$1,900",$195,,"$2,095" 68,651,Job Training for poor mother- sick children Brazil,Saúde Criança,Associacao Saude Crianca,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9374,Train 360 youths for the workplace in Sao Paulo,Maria Dalla Bona,Associacao Danyann - Aprender e Evoluir,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13344,Education for Children with Learning Difficulties,Rafael Sanabria,Asociacion Vivamos,0,$0,$0,,$0 47,13692,Empower Indigenous Brazilians to Save their Amazon,Astrid Puentes,Asociacion Interamericana Para La Defensa Del Ambiente (AIDA),4,$175,$52,,$228 68,7887,Protect 300 Girls from Child Domestic Work in Peru,Blanca Figueroa,Asociacion Grupo de Trabajo Redes (AGTR),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14103,Changing lives of child domestic workers in Peru,Andrea Gandolfi,Asociacion Grupo de Trabajo Redes (AGTR),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10215,"Educate a child, Empower a mother in rural Peru",Guillermina Sanchez,Asociacion Civil Yachay Wasi Casa Cultural Ollantaytambo,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13342,Higher Education Access & Success for AAPIs,Boosaba Pananon,Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF),0,$0,$0,,$0 16,14773,"Provide Free Theatre to 2,500 In-Need NYC Children",Anna Roberts Ostroff,Arts for All,3,"$1,795",$0,,"$1,795" 51,4508,"Art programs for 3,500 in-need New York children",Anna Roberts Ostroff,Arts for All,3,$130,$0,,$130 62,13300,Support Music Scholarships for Mexican Youths,Christopher Davis,Arquetopia A.C.,1,$35,$10,,$46 65,7735,Help Mexican Youths Fight Violence Through Art,Francisco Guevara,Arquetopia A.C.,1,$20,$0,,$20 68,4605,Earthquakes Dont Kill; Buildings Do: REBUILD HAITI,Cameron Sinclair,Architecture for Humanity,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12137,Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction,Architecture for Humanity,Architecture for Humanity,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12509,Help Us Green America's Schools!,Cameron Sinclair,Architecture for Humanity,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14080,Resilient Oklahoma & Rebuild Moore,Yuko Okamura,Architecture for Humanity,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,10651,Mayan Power and Light,Monika Goforth,Appropriate Technology Collaborative,0,$0,$0,,$0 45,14373,Praises for Pibbles,Elizabeth Jackson,Animal Rescue Fund of MS,7,$245,$8,,$252 52,11297,Give Me Shelter,Elizabeth Jackson,Animal Rescue Fund of MS,8,$125,$32,,$156 68,14374,Plethora of Puppies,Elizabeth Jackson,Animal Rescue Fund of MS,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2450,Help America's Premature Foster Care Infants !,Linda West-Conforti RN,Angels In Waiting,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2498,Help America's Special Needs & Autistic Infants,Linda West-Conforti RN,Angels In Waiting,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2519,Help America's Forsaken Foster Care Children!,Linda Conforti,Angels In Waiting,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14248,Aid for animal victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes,Jessie Salpeter,American Humane Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15107,Red Star Animal Emergency Response,Henry Kurusz,American Humane Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13339,LIFE Humane Heroes Club After-School Program,Henry Kurusz,American Humane Association,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5289,Tour de Cure Cycling Event,Lauren Bryan,American Diabetes Association - Oregon,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6022,American Diabetes Association - Oregon,Lauren Bryan,American Diabetes Association - Oregon,0,$0,$0,,$0 65,6453,Making Strides Against Breast Cancer,Tia Herrejon,American Cancer Society Great West Division,1,$20,$0,,$20 68,14539,Classroom and library project,Denice Ryan,Ambergris Caye Elementary School,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15144,Land purchase for ownership of the school,Denice Ryan,Ambergris Caye Elementary School,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9854,"6 Safe, Eco-Friendly Homes for Pine Ridge Lakota",Carol Hiltner,Altai Mir University,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14996,Help 150 survivors of domestic violence in U.S.,Alma Davis,Alma G. Davis Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 64,11211,Sponsor Shipibo Youth Permaculture Training,Paul Roberts,Alianza Arkana,1,$25,$0,,$25 68,13020,Justice After 40 years of Oil Contamination!,Matthew Watherston,Alianza Arkana,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5805,Army of Angels,Development Staff,Albertina Kerr Centers Foundation,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9428,Give Clean Water to 1000 Families in Latin America,Ulises Silva,Agua Pura Para El Pueblo,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,877,Support Sustainability for Nicaraguan Farmers,Anna Lehn,Agros International,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12134,Accelerate Women NOW,T Mdachi,Agora Partnerships,0,$0,$0,,$0 64,8831,Help Cancer Patients Pay for Travel Expenses!,Marina Ouano,Advita Fund USA,1,$25,$0,,$25 68,5695,Support 50 trainees on Social Development Projects,Daniel Adeco,Adeco Acciones para el Desarrollo Comunitario A.C.,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,7444,Educate 400 adults in rural Mexico,Daniel Adeco,Adeco Acciones para el Desarrollo Comunitario A.C.,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,6528,Help kids with facial differences become leaders,Danielle Griffin,AboutFace,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,8901,Camp for children with Type 1 Diabetes in the DR,Chris Noble,"AYUDA, Inc",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9383,Savegre Forever!,Richard Margoluis,"ASANA (Friends of Nature, Central and Southern Pacific Coast) Costa Rica",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13036,Help ASANA Conserve Costa Rica's Pacific Coast,Richard Margoluis,"ASANA (Friends of Nature, Central and Southern Pacific Coast) Costa Rica",0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13165,Give To Our HIV/AIDS Clinic,Emma Brownell,AIDS Research Alliance,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,13315,A Film Program for Adolescents with Autism,Amy Zhang,ACT Today! (Autism Care and Treatment Today!),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,2183,Trade Tools for Entrepreneurs in Haiti,Elizabeth Arsenault,A Self-Help Assistance Program (ASAP),0,$0,$0,,$0 68,5175,Free Mental Health Support for Foster Kids,Jade Hoffman,A Home Within,0,$0,$0,,$0 63,9892,Help Native American women earn an income,Elizabeth Firgeleski,A Global Friendship,3,$30,$9,,$39 68,10668,"Bring Hygiene to the Children of Ampay, Peru",Stephanie Morse,A Global Friendship,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9861,A Desktop for AGF to Serve Women Artisans,Elizabeth Firgeleski,A Global Friendship,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12205,"Help 4,000 DC Youth Find Their Voice",Areesah Mobley,826DC,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,14970,Restore Dignity to 30 Rape Warfare Survivors,"Lorrie King, MPH",50 Cents. Period.,0,$0,$0,,$0 63,7210,End Sex Trafficking in the United States,Jane Wells,3 Generations,1,$30,$0,,$30 68,5697,End of Atrocity,Jamie Brandel,3 Generations,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12085,Native American Women: Voices from the Margin,Jamie Brandel,3 Generations,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,9129,Valuing Our Veterans,Jane Wells,3 Generations,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,12539,Project: FLIGHT,Raymond John,12 PLUS,0,$0,$0,,$0 68,15059,More Than A Room,Albert Pak,12 PLUS,0,$0,$0,,$0