Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Donors,Amount Raised (USD),Total (USD) 42,22753,Livelihood for 5000 Indian women by horticulture.,Durga Madhab panda,9766,"Janakalyan Pratisthan ,",0,0,0 42,24261,Give 100 Shelter Pups a Pet Bed & Toy,Tracey French,8143,Animal Rescue Aid,0,0,0 42,8094,Lighting a Billion Lives,Stephanie Lee,6743,The Energy and Resources Institute,0,0,0 42,23741,Offer Education to Children in Rural Sri Lanka,Nanda Wanninayaka,665,Horizon Lanka Foundation,0,0,0 25,24493,"Bacho Kor ( Child Home) 100 orphans, PAKISTAN",Jehanzeb Mr.,35390,Salik Development Foundation,1,150,150 42,24534,Seat and uniform to 210 pupils of Christalo Niger.,Udochukwu Njoku,35385,"Friends in Life Education Peer Club (FLEP Club, Nigeria)",0,0,0 42,24617,White Oak Savanna,Roberta Schwarz,35327,Neighbors for a Livable West Linn,0,0,0 27,24850,Sponsoring Kidney Failure Patients on Dialysis,Iffat Yazdani,35278,Welfare Society for Patient Care (WSPC),2,135,135 42,24433,(TWENDE PAMOJA) WOMEN LET'S GO TOGETHER -KAGERA,Mr Eric Samuel,35223,Social Mainstreaming for Gender Equality Organization (SMGEO),0,0,0 30,24612,"Provide 2,500 Haitians Access to Clean Water",Meg Orazio,35068,Hope for Haiti,3,100,100 2,24511,80 Khmer farmers to grow vegetables all year,Bernard KERVYN,35042,Mekong Plus,2,"3,710","3,710" 42,24488,Help the activities of school and domestic gardens,matias madoro,35022,Slowfood Rwanda,0,0,0 38,24755,help women with sewing machine and training class,sophia lawrence,34992,Society for Children and Womens Development (SCAWD),1,25,25 20,24370,Skills Acquisition/Empowerment of Youth and Widows,Kizito Akali,34946,Manzili Heritage Development Initiative,3,265,265 11,24425,Support Grassroots Peacebuilding for IDP 2016!,Diana Conan,34878,United Religions Initiative,5,600,600 42,24663,Holiday Gift Drive,Ryan Keefe,34867,"Roca, Inc.",0,0,0 28,24155,Educate Special Needs Children in South Africa,Beverley Spira,34770,Spitskop Special Needs School,1,125,125 42,24446,Child Care Home in Ghana West Africa,Dorothy Page,34730,"God's House of Refuge Child Care Home International, Inc.",0,0,0 3,24357,Helping Our Pets Cross the Rainbow Bridge at Home,Nicolina Stewart,34727,"Sugar's Gift, Inc.",21,"2,575","2,575" 42,24301,Restoring visions of 500 poor blinds in Bangladesh,Khairul Islam,34695,Deep Eye Care Foundation,0,0,0 1,24393,She Is Not Alone 1 (SINA1),Jude Ash,34694,Narlica Association for Social Solidarity and Support (Narlica Sosyal Yardmlsma ve Dayansma Dernegi),4,"9,090","9,090" 42,24474,Free tutoring centre for 350 student in india,RAMANATHAN SELVAM,34687,VISHWA SHANTHI TRUST,0,0,0 42,24332,Build school classrooms for 1250 students of Jati,Seralegin Abera,34683,God for People Relief and Development Organaization,0,0,0 42,24432,Improving the adolescent girls health status,,34680,Supporting Association for Thematic and Holistic Initiatives (SATHI),0,0,0 42,24154,"safe the life of 4,250 women from Violence",Mir Alam Shinwari,34653,Organization for Metropolitan Education and Development of Afghanistan,0,0,0 9,24419,Provide Education to AIDS Orphans in Rural Uganda,male kenneth,34650,christ hope reachout ministries uganda,8,880,880 42,24085,Housing for Severely Mentally Ill & Homeless in DC,Sheryl Kennerly,34630,"Woodley House, Inc.",0,0,0 41,24557,"Train 1,250 Chilean students through innovation",Gonzalo Varela,34627,Fundacion Sonadores,1,10,10 42,24405,"Change 3,000 vulnerable Girl-Children for success",Edyegu Stephen,34622,Agirigiroi Community Based Association (ACBA),0,0,0 42,24477,"IMPROVING ECONOMIC,FOOD SECURITY AND HEALTH-MARPS",Andrew Auruku,34604,FRIENDS OF ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION,0,0,0 5,24172,Help us transform education system in India,Ananth Kumar MR,34603,Divya Deepa Charitable Trust,3,"1,760","1,760" 34,24026,End the Exploitation of Boys in Thailand,Maggy Elsousou,34582,Urban Light,1,50,50 38,24163,Send 30 homeless youths to school in rural Nigeria,Blessing Rogers,34573,Hope for children International Inc,1,25,25 42,24346,Save the Lives of 250 Women Isolated by Fistula,Selamu Noradie,34529,Participatory Poverty Reduction Organization /PPRO/,0,0,0 42,24140,ORPHANS ASSISTANCE PROJECT,kalungi Michael,34521,peoples Mercy Foundation,0,0,0 42,24389,Disabled Child Residential Home By SPEED TRUST,SPEED TRUST,34490,SPEED TRUST,0,0,0 30,24386,Help Feed 60 Children At Don Bosco Triavndrum,P.D Fr Thomas,34461,Trivandrum Don Bosco Veedu Society,2,100,100 16,24369,EDUCATING DISADVANTAGED GIRLS IN CENTRAL VIETNAM,Femke Veen,34458,Children's Hope In Action (CHIA),3,482,482 42,24159,Rehabilitate 10 former prostitutes in Uganda,Didas Kayiranga,34409,Help the Street Girl Uganda,0,0,0 42,24169,support OVCs with Basic needs in Uganda,Raisers orphanage,34404,Raisers Orphanage East Africa,0,0,0 36,24859,Gift of SIGHT to 1000 Blind Children in Pakistan,Bakir Sulangi,34383,Chuadhry Muhammad Hussain Natt Trust,2,33,33 25,24523,Support for 120 school children in Adentan,Gertrude Sodji,34358,BACK TO SCHOOL FOUNDATION,1,150,150 42,24661,sexuality education for 300 children in China,xuemei han,34354,Narada Foundation,0,0,0 42,24158,"Second home" Center for children and youth,Adis Arnautovic,34348,Centar za edukaciju mladih,0,0,0 35,23985,Transform the Hustle: Entrepreneurial Training,Charles Hoke,34343,"Defy Ventures, Inc",1,35,35 28,24203,Give the Gift of Sight!,Donna Price,34284,Lewis Vision Improvement Foundation,2,125,125 25,23990,Improving Maternal and Child Health in NapoEcuador,Magdalena Martinez,34206,MAP Internacional Seccion Ecuador,2,150,150 34,24400,Support 500 Brilliant Needy Students in Ghana,JAMES AMOAH,34158,United Support Services,3,50,50 42,24423,Early Education for Kids in Korogwe,ADOLPH NOYA,34149,Tanzania Livelihood Skills Development and Advocacy Foundation,0,0,0 22,24137,Rainier Valley Corps Fellowship Program,Raul Alicdan,34141,Rainier Valley Corps,1,200,200 42,23826,Surgery for 20 children born with cleft lip,Tom de Goede,34140,Tess Unlimited,0,0,0 42,24125,Sch Classroom&Dormitory Block Construction Project,wilson wanyama,34132,Child Africa,0,0,0 42,24372,Adopt a Patient for his / her Free Dialysis,Imran Riaz,34130,Rehman Foundation,0,0,0 42,24124,Help drug prevention for 5000 youth in Serbia,Fondacija Exspecto,34128,Fondacija mentalne higijene Exspecto,0,0,0 34,23908,livelyhood for 50 Rural Women kashmir,Kashmir Humanity Foundation,34095,KASHMIR HUMANITY FOUNDATION,1,50,50 40,23972,End Child Marriages in Makululu,KALIMWENGO NGOSA ESILONI,34041,HELPING HAND COMMUNICATIONS-For Education support for vulnerable children and poverty reduction,1,20,20 8,23920,SWE Scholarship Fund,Nichole Elff,34032,SOUTHWEST CENTRAL INDIANA SECTION of Society of Women Engineers,1,"1,100","1,100" 42,23686,Scholarships for At-Risk Students in Texas,`Patty Myers,34006,"STAR Sponsorship Program, Inc.",0,0,0 24,24376,280 helps people with rare diseases in Antioquia,Fundacion Fuper,33998,Fundacion Fuper,4,170,170 42,23879,Christmas Care Package for 5000 orphans of Vietnam,Theresa Tran,33875,Messengers of Love,0,0,0 42,23819,Provide safe drinking water to 15000 haitians,Juno BATAILLE,33824,FONDATION FIDEH,0,0,0 42,23635,Tears Africa!! Saves Malnourished African Children,Tobias Ogu,33822,Ahiara Development Union USA Inc (aka) American Global Rescue,0,0,0 42,23942,Know your rights,KITYO MOSES,33819,GOD'S GRACE ANTI CORRUPTION ASSOCIATION,0,0,0 34,23629,Reconstruct the Mind of Rural Children & Teenagers,Ann Arinze,33779,Peace Education Development Initiative,1,50,50 7,24149,Hope For 50 Teenage Mothers In Wum (HOFTEMO),Mih Bibian Mbei,33761,BIHNDUMLEM Humanitarian Association Of Peace and Hope.,15,"1,115","1,115" 42,23927,Maria and A Guatemalan Eastern Region Blood Bank,Mary Foley,33755,Hearts in Motion,0,0,0 4,23893,Healing Home of Girls-Victims of Violence in Nepal,Nushin Asgari Nik,33731,ANGELS JOY,27,"2,447","2,447" 17,24067,Education and economic empowerment for women,Daniel Herrera Castro,33703,Fundacion Soy Social,6,340,340 35,24476,Help us Help Them!!,Guru Kalburgi,33691,Omashram Trust,1,35,35 42,23898,Create yourself " Vocational training for women",Neda Abu Zanat,33671,Sawa For Women and Child - Together,0,0,0 42,23926,Help us save our Native Language!,Pefi Kingi,33663,Vagahau Niue Trust,0,0,0 34,23683,Improving the Quality of Life in Disabled Children,Christopher Smith,33571,Noelle's Dogs Four Hope,1,50,50 42,23646,Build The Belief,Taylin Woods,33566,"Believe In Better, Inc",0,0,0 31,24552,Spread the Paralympic spirit throughout the world,Andrew Thomas,33508,Agitos Foundation,2,75,75 12,23604,"UPLIFT Reading Rooms in 5 Duazon, Liberia Schools",atema addy,33502,UPLIFT-United Peoples' Learning Initiative For Tomorrow,5,595,595 38,23658,Life Skills and Independence for 60 Adults,Maria S. Santamaria,33482,Diya Foundation,1,25,25 38,23610,Provide Care for Ebola Orphans in Sierra Leone,Kyle Donn,33476,Children of the Nations,1,25,25 42,23881,Nutritious meal to 50 under privileged children,Asheray Trust,33461,Asheray Welfare and Charitable Trust,0,0,0 42,24472,GIVE (50) AFRICAN YOUTHS ACCESS TO STEM EDUCATION,seun talabi,33441,The Tess Foundation,0,0,0 42,23668,Support 5 cows to 5 widows for livelihood,Ratikanta Nayak,33433,JANAJAGARAN KENDRA,0,0,0 42,23598,Lets Feed; The Lusubilo Way!!,Mwakasungula Kalima,33391,Small Scale Livestock and Livelihoods Programme,0,0,0 41,23824,Shammah School for Orphans and Street Children,Ferdinand Shideko,33384,TANZANIA AMAZING GRACE OUTREACH FOUNDATION,1,10,10 42,24336,Refugees Women Livelihood Project,Florence Nakato,33297,Restoration & Hope For Refugees,0,0,0 28,23717,Educate 500 needy Children in Dirakho Village,Benson Ojiambo,33269,Dirakho Community Based Organizaion,2,125,125 30,23859,Help 30 Tanzanian girls on Vocational Training,Salvatory Chaki,33259,Kilombero Group for Community Development,1,100,100 42,23868,rehabilitation of 500 disabled people of lahore,labard lahore,33235,Lahore Businessmen Association for Rehabilitation of the Disabled,0,0,0 42,25073,Financial Assistance for Holistic Cancer Therapy,Joseph Brown,33230,"The Carla Rose Foundation, Inc.",0,0,0 42,23882,Green Schools Project,Albert KUNIHIRA,33216,Greening Uganda,0,0,0 33,24271,Bring Hope and Light to Youth in Jerusalem,Asaf Percia,33187,Patrizio Paoletti Association for Communication and Development in Israel,3,60,60 10,23706,Eradicate jiggers among 500 children in Bungoma,Joseph Makokha,33131,Community Development Adventure(CoDA),7,687,687 42,23905,Magic Book House,Shurentsetseg Jamiyandorj,33095,Golden Link for Development Association,0,0,0 21,23728,"Support 1,000 Vulnerable Children in Uganda",TIWA BOB,33067,VILLAGE HOPE INTERNATIONAL,2,250,250 42,23128,Hope through music: Fukushima Youth Sinfonietta,Panos Karan,33064,Keys of Change,0,0,0 15,23885,Provide free healthcare to needy in rural Cameroon,Salomon Samen,32941,Ascovime Inc,3,500,500 42,23929,Women Vocational Center,Irshad Parkash,32890,Adara Samaji Bahbood,0,0,0 34,23917,Give Sports Education for 2000 Kids in El Salvador,Patricia Ventura,32767,FESA,1,50,50 42,23843,Treatment and Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture,Md Mahbul Haque,32660,Bangladesh Centre for Human Rights and Development (BCHRD),0,0,0 42,23522,Sponsoring education for the underprivileged.,Sudeshna Bhojia,32651,Visamo Kids Foundation,0,0,0 6,23662,Rain Water is Free in Nshupu Village!,Gil Williams,32597,Precious Project Inc.,11,"1,258","1,258" 42,23212,Finally Girls Matter - Protect girls from FGM,assetou sy,32492,USA-MALI CHARITABLE ASSOC. OF NYC,0,0,0 42,23814,STEM CELLS Summer program,Barry Archer,32481,Barak Source For Learning,0,0,0 37,24307,women empowerment project in north kivu province,Mufanzara Phidias,32444,Centre d'Appui pour le Developpement Rural et Communautaire en sigle CADERCO-Savings for life Inter,1,30,30 32,24338,Help Us Get 40 Marginalized Women Into Business,Daniphord Mwajah,32225,TWIGA VISION TANZANIA,2,70,70 42,23580,AID SCHOOL COSTS FOR VULNERABLE CHILD IN TANZANIA,emmanuel john,32185,zinduka Development Initiative Forum,0,0,0 35,23838,Education for Refugee Girls in the U.S.,Emily Kane,32032,GirlForward,2,35,35 42,23582,Reduce malaria infection for 6000 children in Gh.,Nana Fred Gyansie 111,31847,Resource Link Foundation,0,0,0 42,24649,"Empowermet, Sensitization and Medical outreach Pro",SOLA OLAGUNJU,31582,SOLA OLAGUNJU FOUNDATION,0,0,0 42,22654,saving lives of women and children in Nepal,Colette Fanning,31486,Green Tara Nepal,0,0,0 42,24064,Supporting 300 Orphans Through Education,Dauda Koroma,31459,The Needy Today,0,0,0 42,23153,Help a child walk,monalisa sarkar,31301,CURE International India Trust,0,0,0 42,23681,Construct a House for Helpless Friday in Mityana,Stephen Tomusange,31073,CHILDLINE UGANDA,0,0,0 40,23736,Clean Drinking and Sanitation Water for Schools,Usman Ibrahim,30982,El-Ehsan Charitable Relief Foundation,1,20,20 42,23913,Increase protection for 2000 Albinos in Malawi.,Ruth Mkutumula,30831,DISABLED WOMEN IN AFRICA,0,0,0 42,21967,Safety Room for People with Huntington's Disease,Regina Gospodinova,30655,Bulgarian Huntington Association,0,0,0 13,25233,Changing Cultivando Sonrisas girls lives with love,Manuela Vargas,30552,Fundacion Cultivando Sonrisas,7,588,588 42,23899,Rescue and Conservation of Apastepeque Lagoon,Yanira Vanegas,30410,National Foundation for Development (FUNDE),0,0,0 25,24394,Engaging 40 Boys to speak up for Women's Safety,Harish Sadani,30249,Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA),3,150,150 31,23796,Supporting Foster Care Youth Worldwide,Tetiana Sykes,30182,International Foster Care Organisation,3,75,75 42,23722,Provide a decent Toilet for Poor (Pregnant) women,Joseph&Eunice Oladaiye Foundation,30168,Joseph & Eunice Oladaiye Foundation,0,0,0 42,24089,TB/AIDS referral forms for increase case detection,Samuel Annan,29916,Foundation for Future Christian Workers Int.,0,0,0 42,21404,Footing for Training Area for Draft Horse Rescue,Lida Mosovich,29913,Roanchar Ranch Draft Horse Rescue,0,0,0 42,23659,Support 100 Girls to Play Basketball in Belgium!,Pieter Maas,29844,Gembo BBC,0,0,0 42,23909,Help Students with Multiple Disabilities Speak,Disha Foundation,29831,Disha Foundation,0,0,0 25,23305,Mamare - home for 38 orphan children in India,Reinhilde Vanvelk,29795,Iko vzw,2,150,150 18,24508,Fifty prosthetic limbs for Low Income amputees,matthew pepe,29207,Bolivians Without Disabilities,5,320,320 42,23897,Educate & mainstream 600 slum children in Kolkata,Samiran Mullick,29161,MASS WELFARE SOCIETY,0,0,0 29,23860,Empower-200-children & their guardians-in-Nigeria,Triumphant Health And Development,29141,Triumphant Health and Development Initiative (THAD),3,120,120 42,24242,Ending Albino Killings in Malawi,Kenwilliams Mhango,29139,African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect,0,0,0 19,24152,Adopt a Cedar tree: help Lebanon,Shady Keyrouz,29137,The Reforest Lebanon Association,6,300,300 42,23731,Let at-risk San Francisco children simply be kids,Curt Yagi,28953,Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K.),0,0,0 14,23697,Send 2100 Children in Slums to Schools,Shahid Ahmed,28950,DoPeace,1,516,516 42,21044,Project to support schooling for 326 children,PEOPLE TO PEOPLE LIAISON,28854,PEOPLE TO PEOPLE LIAISON (PTPL asbl),0,0,0 42,23707,Empower 200 Unemployed Youth in Uganda slum,eddy balina,28659,The Non-Violence Project Uganda,0,0,0 42,24775,Give education to bangle girls,Kateja Sarwat,28057,SHELTER PARTICIPATORY ORGANIZATION (SPO),0,0,0 42,23798,Build a School for 200 Street Children in Ghana,Emmanuel Anim Adjei,27869,Ancora of Hope Organization,0,0,0 39,23934,Support 300 women and newborns in Uganda,Clara Fischer,27834,Swedish Organization for Global Health,1,24,24 42,23775,Career & Education Support to Deprived Children,PALANI KATHIR VEL R,27308,gnanadeepamtrust,0,0,0 23,24070,Syrian Refugees Health & Hygiene Emergency Support,Brian McDonell,27174,Heart to Heart International,5,175,175 42,23837,Youth Cleanup Campaign for 3 communities in Ghana,Elijah Mensah,27152,Help change Ghana,0,0,0 38,24061,Community Health Initiative,ljr trust,27127,Sree Lakshmi Jabbi Reddy Charitable Trust,1,25,25 42,24550,Education & Hope for Orphan Childrens,Hammad Qayyum Qayyum,26907,Tabeer Welfare Society,0,0,0 30,18886,Support Potential Children in Rural Kenya,Gertrude Mung'oma,26751,YOUTH EDUCATION NETWORK,1,100,100 42,24077,Provision Shelter to 100 Returnees of BARA,Raja Alamzeb Khan,26748,RABT Development Organization,0,0,0 42,24597,Send Tesha Simwera and 29 other girls to school,Peter Gondwe,26283,Life Concern (LICO),0,0,0 42,18778,"support 1000 HIV orphans, in kitale rural,",isaac lidaywa,26208,Niaever Community Based Organization,0,0,0 42,23832,Help us Harvest Rain water for 135 School Children,Richard Kent Lyakota,25590,Allied Organizaton for Rural Children Education,0,0,0 42,23883,Rural Intergrated farming,Rebecca Aor,25304,Kanana self help group,0,0,0 38,18541,Fresh Drinking water for Arsenic Affected Familes,Akmal Ali,25259,Work And Rural Development (WARD),1,25,25 42,23403,Feeding 200 starving children of Moroto in Uganda,Omali Peter,24607,Partners for Community Health and Development Organisation,0,0,0 42,24136,ARROAutism Technologies Project,Kathleen Henley,24417,Autism Research and Resources of Oregon (ARRO),0,0,0 42,24627,Sustainable Capitalism,Jen Chan,19365,"The Conference Board, Inc.",0,0,0 42,23970,Provision of Low Cost Housing Units to the Poor,Nadeem Zia,17910,Environment & Livelihood Integration Foundation,0,0,0 35,23738,"Empower 50 child brides with income generation,CMR",Electer Etali,16290,Sustain Cameroon,2,35,35 42,24129,Learning Lab for East African College Students,Whitney Childs,14888,Akilah Institute for Women,0,0,0 42,24593,Help the Somali victims of the Drought before,Mohamed Hassan,13753,HAVOYOCO,0,0,0 26,24027,Provide Education to Burmese Stateless Communities,Lydia Prongnamjai,13222,Kwah Dao (formerly The Burmese Refugee Project),4,145,145