Rank,Project ID,Project Title,Project Leader,Organization ID,Organization,Donors,Amount Raised (USD),Bonus (USD),Total (USD) 133,18028,Toilets & Water For School Children in Srilanka,CHANNDIMA WIJERATHNA,9959,HELPING CHILDREN,0,0,,0 133,18231,Providing safe drinking water for war affected .,Chamila Kodagoda,978,Child Rehabilitation Centre,0,0,,0 133,18198,The Youth Social Economic Empowerment Project,Asimwe Christine,9632,Allied Initiative for Community Development (AICD),0,0,,0 119,18147,Save 100 orphans in Uganda from sexual slavery,Florence Nakaayi,9166,"Joint Efforts for Youth, Uganda (JOY-Uganda)",1,100,,100 25,18239,Helping Families Break Cycles of Violence,Rocio Perez,903,Fundacion Junto Con los Ninos (JUCONI),56,"5,870",,"5,870" 133,14997,EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN THROUGH MICRO CREDITS,NGAH PATIENCE ROHKA,8810,BAMENDA WOMEN CO-OPERATIVE CREDIT UNION,0,0,,0 133,17921,Help Stop Domestic Violence And Empower Women,Cathy Russell,8698,The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust,0,0,,0 119,18092,Help orphans in India,Paula Rodriguez Sierra,8675,Prime Educational and Social Trust,2,100,,100 118,17716,Support 1 Year Children Education With $11,Joseph Joute,8396,Bible Hill Youth Club,1,114,,114 23,17959,Saving Mothers' Lives in Rural Guatemala,Andrew Herrera,7550,Curamericas Global,63,"5,900",,"5,900" 119,17837,Crisis Relief Fund for South Sudan,Thomas Gany,7047,Christian Mission for Development (CMD),1,100,,100 133,17791,Empower 40 Rural Women in Bee Keeping in Uganda,Kyobe Shadrak,6827,Empower And Care Organization (EACO) Uganda,0,0,,0 133,17998,Micro Grants for Widow and Women's Self-Support,Manavalan Muniswami,6622,Society for the Development of the Depressed (SDD),0,0,,0 133,18177,EDUCATION SUPPORT FOR 100 GIRLS IN MASAITI ZAMBIA,Thomas Beenzu,6031,Kabwata Widows & Orphans Community Society,0,0,,0 106,18150,"\"Show your support,Educate a Child now in India.\"",Jaya Singh Thomas,5725,CHAITHANYA MAHILA MANDALI(CMM),4,225,,225 133,18210,Forming Farmers Club in 10 villages in Madurai,M.Parama samy,5166,shepherd,0,0,,0 83,18172,Support for Have A Heart-Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic,Karen Menczer,4507,Animal-Kind International,8,650,,650 94,18127,Train 500 rural youths in Zambia in aquaculture,Paul Phiri,3827,PAZESA hortircultural community,8,395,,395 127,18170,"Support for the Distressed Elderly women,India",RAJENDRA RANA,3257,ALTERNATIVE FOR RURAL MOVEMENT(ARM),2,35,,35 39,17887,QualityEducation Matters to the Most Vulnerable,Sneha Mishra,25672,AAINA,48,"5,450",,"5,450" 112,18065,Help us build a Community Center for 3000 DC youth,SALADIN JERU-AHMED,25668,BETTER METHOD DEVELOPMENT CENTER,3,151,,151 133,18123,Education & Microloans for 100 trafficking victims,Rachel Maimon,25667,"Businesses Invest in Growth, Inc.",0,0,,0 111,17891,Support shelter for survivor girls in Nicaragua,Lorna Norori Gutierrez,25663,Servicio de informacion Mesoamericano sobre Agricultura Sostenible,5,172,,172 35,18186,Provide a hand "up" for 352 Ugandan children,Holly Habimana,25659,"The African SOUP, Inc.",43,"5,555",,"5,555" 29,18174,1380 children research on rurality of Colombia,Veronica Vasquez-Martinez,25654,Corporacion Centro de Ciencia y Tecnologia de Antioquia,49,"5,652",,"5,652" 124,18019,"Housing for Homeless, Pregnant D.C. Teenagers",Regine Elie,25652,"Healthy Babies Project, Inc",3,52,,52 44,18190,Life Transforming Services for Special Children,Ravi Ramamurthy,25645,Aashwasan Foundation,61,"5,206",,"5,206" 50,18016,Ending Child Sexual Violence In120 Indian Villages,Pallavi Sobtirajpal,25642,Utthan,42,"5,110",,"5,110" 97,18117,Provide Respite Services for Low Income Caregivers,Evelyn Sanders,25625,Southeastern Wake Adult Day Center,7,361,,361 48,18121,"Help educate 1,300 students in Guyana, S. America",Sharon Bollers,25624,Blossoms of Guyana,84,"5,140",,"5,140" 133,18110,Change Lives of Widows & Orphans in Sind Pakistan,Danish Jatoi,25618,Peace Education And Community Empowerment,0,0,,0 65,18036,Together for Burundi!,Martin Benjamin,25616,Kamusi Project USA,43,"1,981",,"1,981" 133,18171,Seed schools in Zambia to preserve the environment,Rachel Chininga-Francis,25614,ReScope,0,0,,0 133,17900,"Meeting felt needs of 155,617 less privilege ,",Talakawa Focus Initiative Nigeria,25602,Talakawa Focus Initiative Nigeria,0,0,,0 126,17776,"Increase Food Security in Western Lane County, OR",Norma Barton,25601,Florence Food Share,1,48,,48 113,18093,Help! Dog needs spaying & split dewclaw removal,Christi Hubbard,25597,"Animal Rescue & Veteran Support Services, Corp DBA Veteran Rescue",2,150,,150 95,17889,Education and nutrition for 530 Indian children,Mahesh Rathod,25583,Manav Sadhna,7,385,,385 133,17912,Support 200 Women SHG Micro Entrepreneurs,Anirban Basu,25580,Economic Rural Development Society,0,0,,0 52,18168,Help Harvest Home purchase our first rescue van!,Christine Morrissey,25565,Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary,53,"5,075",,"5,075" 4,18134,International Career Advancement Program (ICAP),Angana Shah,25557,International Career Advancement Association,97,"12,971",,"12,971" 133,17983,Small business to 300 rural women in DRCongo,Rosette MPARANYI,25553,ACTION DEBOUT FEMMES RURALES CONGO,0,0,,0 119,17945,HELP RECUE ABANDONED CHILDREN IN NAIROBI SLUMS.,Nyikuri Okumu,25550,Home Of Hope International,1,100,,100 133,17813,Reform Foster Care now,dorin matthews,25542,FPA-Foundation,0,0,,0 133,17934,Drugs to 1000 Victims of Boko Haram in N.E Nigeria,Joseph Sangosanya,25524,Christian Foundation for Social Justice and Equity,0,0,,0 77,17870,Send Children to School in Nigeria for a Year,Charles Omofomwan,25521,Noble Missions for Change Initiative,12,851,,851 122,18014,CEE Yourself Today Campaign Experience,K Smith,25520,Joy Charities Inc,4,70,,70 106,18159,Help Make Dreams Come True for Military Couples,Heidi Janson,25514,Brides Across America,4,225,,225 133,17886,Fighting Obesity (Healthy Body Healthy Minds),Doris Baquero,25511,"Young Tigers Foundation, Inc.",0,0,,0 133,18057,Give 1500 Clean Birth Kits Sierra Leone's Mothers,Aisha Desince,25508,Khadarlis Global,0,0,,0 130,17845,Help to Educate the Disadvantaged Children,Lynn Shilline,25506,African Community Fund for Education,1,20,,20 125,17881,Colony1: Sustainability Hub,Blair Butterfield,25500,Art of Cultural Evolution,2,50,,50 133,17875,From Child Labour to School,Turnstone Global,25491,Turnstone Global,0,0,,0 133,17901,STEM Education Program for Disadvantaged Children,Demeatrus Robinson Sr MA.,25488,Hunger Free America Inc.,0,0,,0 61,17899,Give Medical Care to 800 Indigent Adults in Rural,Sheri Rettew,25477,Hope Clinic,28,"2,920",,"2,920" 120,17759,"Feed The Dream" (of a job offer for job seekers),Clover Henry-Gilroy,25476,"PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING, INC.",2,75,,75 133,17794,Strengthen gross motor skills of 36 children,Victor Rivera,25473,"Brownsville Adult Literacy Council, Inc.",0,0,,0 55,17866,Shelter Home for sexually abused teenage girls,Regina Aguirre,25468,CEDRO (Centro de Educacion e Informacion para la Prevencion del Abuso de Drogas),40,"5,004",,"5,004" 133,17770,Victim's Renewal Center Restoration,Samantha Nelson,25464,The Hope of Survivors,0,0,,0 133,17827,One for One Tanzania,John Mugo,25459,MicroHealth Initiative,0,0,,0 133,18088,Agriculture for Nutritional and Health Security,Mohamed Amidu Kabba,25454,Rural Initiative for Sustainable Empowerment (RISE),0,0,,0 133,18099,Build a healthy society protecting Women's rights,Nasser Matar,25450,Nafs for Empowerment,0,0,,0 37,18015,Playgrounds for disabled children in Kyrgyzstan,Azat Israilov,25449,Kelechek Plus,74,"5,531",,"5,531" 133,17874,Vocational Training for 1800 women in Pakistan,Hena Gul,25446,Society for Appraisal & Women Empowerment In Rural Areas (SAWERA),0,0,,0 53,17778,WeOwnTV Filmmaker Fellowship,Banker White,25441,Mirabel Pictures / WeOwnTV,45,"5,018",,"5,018" 133,18120,Environmental- Education-for-30-000-pupils,MAMADOU BARRY,25433,ACTION SOLIDAIRE POUR UNE AFRIQUE NOURRICIERE,0,0,,0 26,17931,Educate 50 Kids with Disabilities in Honduras,Elly Goetz,25430,Un Mundo,47,"5,859",,"5,859" 133,17930,"Climate-smart 3000 women, youth economic strategy",Bernard Muchiri,25428,Help Self Help Centre,0,0,,0 133,17942,Rehabilitation of neglected children in India,Debabrata Dash,25427,Pragati Jubak Sangha,0,0,,0 133,18056,Water for Life for people in Simanjiro District.,ALLY HAIRI MZAVA,25418,YOUTH IN ACTION AGAINST POVERTY AND HIV/AIDS. (YAAPHA),0,0,,0 133,17812,Care and education of destitute kids in India-,THOMAS PUTHENVEEDU CHERIAN,25413,SUSI CHARITABLE TRUST,0,0,,0 30,17766,Making a Healthplan for Life for Haitian Children,Miriam Tuchman,25405,"Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti, Inc",59,"5,633",,"5,633" 133,18138,Youth Mentoring and apprenticeship project,Kabiito Justine,25403,Butema Rural Youth Education and Sports Academy,0,0,,0 21,17902,Training to augment organ donation in India,Pallavi Kumar,25400,MOHAN ( Multi Organ Harvesting Aid network ) FOUNDATION,50,"5,970",,"5,970" 130,18118,DIS IS ABILITY - employing 50 disabled Egyptians,Haitham Shoman,25396,Healthy Egyptians,1,20,,20 133,17860,transport-facility-for-distressed-childrenin India,Mala Bhandari,25384,Social and Development Research and Action Group,0,0,,0 129,18090,Prevention hiv in municipality Waspan Nicaragua,Marlin Duarte Guillén,25382,Instituto Centroamericano de Integracion Social,1,25,,25 133,17879,Nutrition and food security support,Edwin Wetoyi,25374,WORPLAH AMBASSADORS OF HOPE,0,0,,0 47,18155,Investigative Report on a Persecuted Community,John Cosenza,25372,Movement for Solidarity and Peace in Pakistan,53,"5,145",,"5,145" 133,17948,Inner Power Realization for 2000 Vulnerable Girls,Alka Vyas,25369,Jan Daksha Trust,0,0,,0 119,17952,PREVENTING MALARIA AND HEALTH INSURANCE PROJECT,Frank Korsi Gli,25364,Holy Heart Foundation,1,100,,100 22,18035,"Home for 20 domestic abuse survivors- Aizawl,India",FST Northeast,25353,Foundation for Social Transformation - enabling north east india,45,"5,927",,"5,927" 133,18094,Youth Learning & Technology Center in Topeka KS,Lazone Grays Jr,25352,"IBSA, Inc.",0,0,,0 51,18182,Empower 300 girls to become leaders in Nepal,Athena Rayburn,25347,Women LEAD,42,"5,089",,"5,089" 38,17895,"Food Security for 3,000 Women & Children in Rwanda",Barbara Borgese,25337,Glocal Forum YaLa Africa,45,"5,490",,"5,490" 133,17910,Help 30 orphans in Psychosocial support in Mzimba,Albert Chidembo Moyo,25335,Tovwirane HIV/AIDS Organisation,0,0,,0 34,18018,Young Girls Fight Against Early & Forced Marriage,Gayatri Buragohain,25334,Feminist Approach to Technology Society,47,"5,575",,"5,575" 69,17968,Education for tribal children in rural Rajasthan,Prem Kumar Luthra,25318,Unnati Sansthan,27,"1,274",,"1,274" 133,17888,Build aschool for 4000 disabled children in Uganda,MUTYABA PAUL,25316,Bugema Community Child Based Organization (BCCBO) UGANDA.,0,0,,0 133,17903,Rural agricultural to 10 youth group in Kenya.,Rebecca Aor,25304,Kanana self help group,0,0,,0 104,18046,Care and Support to 100 Flood Victim Orphans,Laxmi Parajuli,25293,Volunteers for Development Nepal (VFDN),6,235,,235 92,17932,Educate a Girl in Pakistan & Give Her a Future,Tara Dawood,25283,Dawood Global Foundation - Educate a Girl,5,406,,406 67,18096,Build organic gardens for 55 women in Mexico,Alejandra Margarita Cerrillo,25281,Servicios Educativos del Bajio A.C.,28,"1,720",,"1,720" 132,17853,PROVIDE ENERGY AND WATER FOR 1315 VILLAGERS -BENIN,Fataï AINA,25266,Amis de l'Afrique Francophone-Benin (AMAF-BENIN),1,10,,10 133,17730,Rehabilate 200 Drug Abused Victims in Bangladesh,Akmal Ali,25259,Work And Rural Development (WARD),0,0,,0 3,18069,Community Based Rehabilitation,Kavithaa Narasimhan,25257,Vidya Sagar,118,"20,171","1,000","21,171" 82,17803,Give Children After-School Education in Knoxville,Nijole Vileikis,25252,Centro Hispano de East Tennessee,17,780,,780 78,18041,"SHARKS, GIRLS & SCIENCE",Cynthia Wigren,25250,Atlantic White Shark Conservancy,11,845,,845 32,17897,"Education, Nutrition, Health and Safety to 60 Kids",Deidre Farwick,25246,Mammadu Trust,57,"5,625",,"5,625" 100,18001,Give 3000 services for Lithuanian cancer patients,"St. Francis oncology centre Klaipeda, Lithuania",25245,VsI Sv. Pranciskaus onkologijos centras,3,275,,275 8,18049,Take The Challenge For Colorectal Cancer,Catherine Montaldo,25244,Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation,51,"7,310",,"7,310" 125,17829,Help Expand Academic Levels (HEAL)- Kisumu.,Benedette Atieno Otieno,25243,ST. RITA COMMUNITY BASED ORPHAN CARE,1,50,,50 18,17949,productive 500 skilled youth for young india,Vasavya Mahila Mandali,25241,VASAVYA MAHILA MANDALI,51,"6,080",,"6,080" 81,18188,Empower schoolchildren in Ethiopia with light!,Pamela OBrien,25225,New Vision Renewable Energy,11,785,,785 43,18012,Supporting Our Caregivers for TB Patients in Haiti,Ti Kay Grants,25224,"Ti Kay, Inc.",47,"5,265",,"5,265" 133,17989,Stop teenage pregnancy among 6000 girls in Uganda,Willy Kabiyamba,25217,COMMUNITY AWARENESS AND RESPONSE ON AIDS (CARA),0,0,,0 133,17966,keep 80 children in school south africa,Jasper Marisa,25206,Life Centre,0,0,,0 24,18163,Cancer Screening for 3500 poor women in India,KRISHNAN ARCOT,25203,UDHAVUM ULLANGAL PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST,45,"5,878",,"5,878" 133,17964,Rendering Quality Education to 500 rural children,Selvaraj Manickam,25201,Society of Emancipating Neo Social Education - SENSE,0,0,,0 12,18011,"Build a Classroom, Save the Amazon",Colleen Ebken,25198,YACHANA Foundation,59,"6,595",,"6,595" 133,18072,Home Care for 1500 PWDs living HIV&AIDS in Uganda,Musisi Richard,25196,Masaka Association of Disabled Persons Living with HIV&AIDS,0,0,,0 84,17977,Fighting the Poverty,Hovhannes Makaryan,25193,ARAZA BPO,25,641,,641 133,17990,HELP victims of armed conflict of Medellin-Colombi,Fundacion Sociales en Línea,25158,Fundacion Sociales en Linea- SEL,0,0,,0 91,17987,"Support for flooded Mizia, Bulgaria",Desislava Teneva,25121,Association Integra Bulgaria,8,425,,425 17,18130,Create a fund to make microloans to women,Scott Paterson,25104,"Poverty 2 Prosperity, Inc.",68,"6,120",,"6,120" 133,17993,Help 50 widow farmers open a pig farming buisness,Helen Ndikum,25088,Nest of Hope Cameroon,0,0,,0 46,18157,Build training center for 400 Brazilian adolescent,Rafael Takei,25084,IA3 INSTITUTO DE ACOLHIMENTO E APOIO AO ADOLESCENTE,59,"5,175",,"5,175" 133,18399,Educational Support to 1000 orphans in Kenya.,Bethuel Orango,25063,ALL WIN COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION,0,0,,0 68,17850,Help 250 Uganda Women Farmers attain Food Security,Noah Ssempijja,25059,Youth Initiative for Community Empowerment,11,"1,505",,"1,505" 49,18039,Kosovo Wants to Play,Kosovo Glocal,25054,Kosovo Glocal,56,"5,124",,"5,124" 133,17754,Empower 500+ Young Environmentalists in Cameroon,Ndzishepngong Ngwang,25036,Geo-Environmental Resource Association (GERAS),0,0,,0 133,17799,Physiotherapy to 200 disabled children in India,Louis Stanislas,25030,Muscular Dystrophy Foundation India,0,0,,0 85,18083,Help 350 Maasai Women Deliver Safely in Kenya,Saitoti Kipaseyia,25014,360 Village Health,7,550,,550 133,17707,Safe Drinking Water,Miguelaille Pierre,25009,Foundation to Change the Image of Haiti,0,0,,0 133,17728,SUMAYYA CHARITABLE HOSPITAL WITH (N I M S) INDIA,ATAUR RAHMAN KHAN,25002,NATIONAL WOMENS WELFARE SOCIETY,0,0,,0 31,18116,Education support to 300 Slum Children of Rayagada,Shakti Organisation,24988,"Shakti Social,Cultural and Sporting Organisation",45,"5,632",,"5,632" 133,18115,Protection and Restoration of Khebrani Island,zain daudpoto,24987,Indus Development Organization,0,0,,0 133,18167,Welfare of 27 Hill-Top Tribal families in India.,Gudipati Ramakrishna,24946,AASRA(Association For Active Service in Rural Areas),0,0,,0 129,18129,Improve the nutrition of Brazilian children,Gabriela Pen,24941,Inmed Brasil,1,25,,25 133,18195,Reaching A Million Tribal for Improved Health,Nirmalya Mukherjee,24939,MANBHUM ANANDA ASHRAM NITYANANDA TRUST,0,0,,0 13,18160,Educate HIV Orphans in Kenya,Jennifer Hughes,24933,Springs of Hope Foundation,56,"6,560",,"6,560" 16,17840,ACTS 2 Comunity outreach hiv testing and treatment,THAMSANQA NCUBE,24926,AIDS CARE TRAINING AND SUPPORT 2 CLINIC,48,"6,253",,"6,253" 125,17601,Backyard Nutrition Garden for 1000 Poor Families,Jayesh Joshi,24925,"vaagdhara (Voluntary Association of Agricultural General Development,Health and Recons.Alliance)",1,50,,50 133,17976,Deliver 2500 health babies safely in Nairobi slums,Robert David,24923,Injuries Prevention & Information CentreKenya (IPICK),0,0,,0 116,17732,JOB SKILLS FOR 30 DISABLED YOUNG BULGARIAN PEOPLE,Daria Hadjidimitrova,24921,Maria's World Foundation,4,120,,120 125,18062,Education/Healthcare for 50 Street Kids in Nigeria,Edem Edem,24911,Edem Children Foundation,2,50,,50 72,18257,Quality Education and Health for Girls in Uganda,Hellen Apio,24892,Mothers and Children Support International,27,"1,115",,"1,115" 1,17782,Basketball Clinic for 500 school kids in Nigeria,Jonathan Kolo,24891,Timeout for Africa Education and Sports Foundation,502,"37,380","5,000","42,380" 48,18095,Create 50 New Jobs in Impoverished Miami areas,Pandwe Gibson,24880,EcoTech Visions,42,"5,140",,"5,140" 133,17967,Enlighten 2500 village students at Bakhar - india,Hari Kishore Bajpai,24878,NATIONAL COUNCIL OF SOCIAL WELFARE,0,0,,0 133,17995,Operate community mental health center in Pakistan,Umair Usman,24867,Friends of the Mind,0,0,,0 129,18034,"The Rural Christian Development Hospital, Noakhali",Esmerelda Quiah,24864,The Rural Christian Development Organization,1,25,,25 2,18078,AIR SUPPLY VENTILATORS FOR KIDS WHO CANNOT BREATHE,Maria Bakhtina,24863,VERA Hospice Charity Fund,435,"26,145","2,000","28,145" 101,18193,Give Solar LED Lamps for 850 Mangyan Families,Joan Castro,24861,PATH Foundation Philippines Inc.,4,270,,270 113,18213,CANTER MICHIGAN'S GOALS TO REHAB THOROUGHBREDS,Robbie Timmons Canter Michigan,24851,Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred ExRacehorses in Michigan,3,150,,150 57,17662,Grow hope for 150 Cameroon schoolkids,Patrick Chung,24847,Cameroon Association of Active Youths,46,"5,000",,"5,000" 133,18141,Saving SAM,Bradley Logan,24837,Hands4Africa Inc.,0,0,,0 130,17861,Improve the Future of Construction Worker Families,Chanthan Meas,24816,Cooperation for Social Services and Development (CSSD),1,20,,20 73,18051,Help Change the Lives of 300 Young People at Risk,Association des Ami(e)s du Père Tony ASAPT,24799,Association des Am(i)es du Pere Tony (ASAPT),9,"1,070",,"1,070" 5,17771,Educate Deaf Children in Mexico,Sharon Doherty,24795,Escuela de Educacion Especial de San Miguel de Allende AC,103,"9,190",,"9,190" 133,17884,"1,000 girls complete basic Education in Si-Leone",Ibrahim HK Shaid,24793,Talented Young People Everywhere (TYPE),0,0,,0 133,17982,School Renovation for 170 Negelle Borena Students,Fasil Asmamaw,24785,Green Initiative Ethiopia Development association (GIEDA),0,0,,0 59,17839,"FoodSecurity for 523 malnourished children,Eritrea",Francesca Moratti,24783,ALEIMAR - Voluntary Organization,29,"3,317",,"3,317" 7,18079,10-Day Photo Workshops for 50 Cambodian Children,Anne Holmes,24759,Angkor Photo,54,"7,430",,"7,430" 133,17996,Ensure Safe and Hygienic Delivery of Ugandan Moms,Okwi Frederick,24738,Uganda National Health Users'/Consumers' Organisation (UNHCO),0,0,,0 57,17907,Mentoring & Trainings for 40 Armenian Girls,Shoghik Mikayelyan,24735,Nor Luyce Mentoring Center for Youth,42,"5,000",,"5,000" 133,17677,Help 200 rape survivors for justice in India,Ashif Shaikh,24733,Jan Sahas Social Development Society,0,0,,0 105,17849,SCHOOL FILTER PROJECT - 2706 children in INDIA,Sophie Lehideux,24722,KYNAROU,2,230,,230 107,18023,School bus needed for Haitian orphans,Linley Allred,24697,Life Is Hope,2,220,,220 89,17941,The TOCO Permaculture School Garden,Shirley Menard,24690,They Often Cry Outreach,7,490,,490 133,17744,"WE CARE,WE ACT,help disabled children",Dragan Zoranovic,24678,Agency for the promotion and development of civil society Nova zora Sokolac,0,0,,0 20,17749,Save Abandoned Orphan Destitute Children in India,Sunil Arora,24668,Bal Asha Trust,45,"5,990",,"5,990" 6,18104,Balya- A home for 60+ Orphan children - Bangalore,Annapoorna Ram V,24613,Annapoorna Charitable Trust,58,"8,918",,"8,918" 113,17646,Help Give Malawians the Gift of Education,George Nedi,24608,Nancholi Youth Organisation,3,150,,150 115,17576,YGRR C.A.R.E. Program,Brian Kling,24598,Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue,2,125,,125 125,18176,Fund over 200 U.S. Diaper Banks with Micro-Grants,Hope Martin,24594,National Diaper Bank Network,1,50,,50 10,17737,Provide 300 accessible transportation in Egypt!,May Zein ElDein,24582,Alhassan Foundation for Differently Abled Inclusion,53,"7,057",,"7,057" 113,17975,Educate 25 Rural Children in Uganda,Michael Dhatemwa Mawambi,24567,The Umbrella of Hope Uganda,1,150,,150 108,18063,"Enable 1,000 girls to stay in school in Kenya",,24545,Friends of Londiani,5,210,,210 58,18233,School Supplies for the Children of Cote D'Ivoire,Priyanka Surio,24540,United Aid for Africa Foundation,37,"3,364",,"3,364" 93,18136,Education - Job Skill Training (200 Foster Youth),Tyjaye Bethea,24532,WHALER's Creation,4,400,,400 133,18037,CHILDREN AND PARENTS TOGETHER,Mariana Pisarska,24519,ALLIANCE FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH,0,0,,0 133,17947,Educate 250 Congolese to peace building in DRCongo,Brigitte NDELO,24517,PEUPLES SANS VOIX,0,0,,0 98,18131,Agriculture a business for young adults in Ghana,Tommie Brown,24503,Edenic Afrika Restoration Society,5,305,,305 27,18228,Centro Las Claras: New Opportunity for Teen Moms,Daney Ramirez,24489,Voces Vitales de Panama,50,"5,755",,"5,755" 9,18042,Higher education for indigenous women in Mexico,Kristin Lietz,24487,"Centro de Compartimiento, A.C.",48,"7,085",,"7,085" 133,18216,Business Camp 2014 for 50 Swazi Orphaned Youth,C. Bongani Dlamini,24486,Youth for Christ Swaziland,0,0,,0 133,17751,Helping struggling newborns get baby supplies...,Vital Thomas,24482,"Grant A Wish, Inc",0,0,,0 133,17623,Provide shelter for homeless children in Uganda,Michael and Esther Erwachu,24462,Revelation Childrens Ministries International,0,0,,0 103,17878,Send 250 Bangolan girls to school,Ajeh Rogers Awoh,24457,Research for Development International (R4D International),1,250,,250 133,18255,C.A.N.D.I.C.E,Neldra Glasper,24426,Helping Hands Community Outreach,0,0,,0 133,18204,Women Empowerment in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa,Rasel Madaha,24408,AGEN-USA Inc,0,0,,0 125,17723,HELP AFAR - HELP MORE - ANIMALS SMILE!,L David Farr,24400,Advocates For Animal Rights,1,50,,50 133,17708,Safe Drinking Water,Shiraz babar,24395,Deewah Development Organization,0,0,,0 19,18139,Kindergarten education for 30 children in Kosovo,elizabeth gowing,24385,The Ideas Partnership,67,"6,078",,"6,078" 133,17880,Complete Core Autism Training,Mary Kay Betz,24367,The Autism Society of Illinois,0,0,,0 70,18181,Support Youth Education Program in Maryland,Shernet Dixon-James,24366,"One Love 4 Kids, Inc.",13,"1,140",,"1,140" 133,17631,Women and Girl Empowerment Project in Wakiso (Ug),Mbarushimana Stephen,24318,Uganda Community Development Foundation(UCODEF),0,0,,0 129,18112,Provide books to Underprivileged Children in US,angela laman,24316,Adopt a Book,1,25,,25 133,18148,help us to equip our office and continue our work,Muharem Lipovaca,24269,Hand to hand,0,0,,0 120,18218,Art & communication for coastal dwellers in Brazil,Juliana Vitulskis,24265,Mater Natura- Institut of environmental studies,3,75,,75 133,17731,"Empower 3,000 Conflict Victim Widows in Nepal",Dr. Mukti Rijal,24233,Institute for Governance and Development (IGD),0,0,,0 76,17719,Improve children and teen life quality in Colombia,JULIANA URIBE,24210,FUNDACION COLOMBIANITOS INC.,11,860,,860 28,17986,400 Baloch girls get entrepreneurship training,,24184,Youth Impact,40,"5,711",,"5,711" 133,17700,"Ensure development 1,000 children in Ceara",Sulivan Mota,24164,Instituto da Primeira Infancia,0,0,,0 133,18215,"ZERO LITTERING CRUSADER SCHOOL CHILDREN, SHILLONG",PAUL LOKHO,24163,PRO RURAL,0,0,,0 133,18162,Send a Child to School in Pakistan for 1 year,Muhammad Ghazanfar,24099,Sustainable Development Association (SDA),0,0,,0 133,17904,DEVOCIAST ORPHANAGE PROJECT,EKKEH EUGENE,24098,DEVOCAIST ORPHANAGE,0,0,,0 133,17650,Feed 50 Needy Indian Children from Organic Garden,Asok Ghosh,24083,Society for Equitable Voluntary Actions,0,0,,0 129,17828,Transform lives of 300 Ugandan young mothers,JOSEPHINE NAKAKANDE,24079,Eco-Agric Uganda,1,25,,25 133,18212,Educating to tribal girl child in Jharkhand,,24057,South Vihar Welfare Society for Tribal,0,0,,0 42,17809,Empower Girls in India Through Sports,Anuradha Chatterji,24040,CREA,62,"5,280",,"5,280" 36,18026,save an abandoned baby's life with formula milk,Timothy Kimani,24032,Mogra Star Academy & Rescue Centre,44,"5,540",,"5,540" 133,18240,Improving community based tuberculosis care,Daniel Datiko,24031,HHA - TB REACH ETHIOPIA,0,0,,0 123,17960,SEND 80 BATWA CHILDREN TO SCHOOL IN RWANDA,Ntakirutimana Richard,24018,African Initiative for Mankind Progress Organization,2,60,,60 133,18224,Support 30 1st-Generation Female Students of Color,Nancy Stephan,23994,Honoring Women Worldwide,0,0,,0 102,17685,Empower 600 Rural Women and Children in Rwanda,JEAN DAMASCENE UWIZEYIMANA,23989,RWANDAN YOUTH DEVELOPMENT AND VOLUNTARY ORGANIZATION,6,260,,260 54,18085,Bienvenidos!: Unaccompanied Children's Project,Caitlin Babcock,2368,Nationalities Service Center,62,"5,010",,"5,010" 15,17992,Prevent mexican children from living in the street,Laura Alvarado,22358,"Fundacion Pro Ninos de la Calle,I.A.P.",75,"6,413",,"6,413" 62,17929,Support Traumatized Child Soldiers in Liberia!,Cecilia Öman,18808,ACTION10,41,"2,800",,"2,800" 80,18100,Free 200 girls from female circumcision in Nigeria,Margaret Onah,18786,Safehaven Development Initiative,11,800,,800 132,18009,Dalit-girls Rights for Education and Advancement,Zaman Shahid,18775,Eco Social Development Organization (ESDO),1,10,,10 40,17877,Secondary Education for 144 Girls In Tanzania,Susan Bachar,18755,Africa School Assistance Project,56,"5,410",,"5,410" 120,18004,Handicap Van and Wheelchairs,Humberto Gomes,18747,GRUPO DESPORTIVO E RECREATIVO A JOANITA,2,75,,75 133,18114,VOCATIONAL SKILLS FOR 200 SLUM YOUTHS KENYA,KANUTI MUKHABI,18746,LEVOZY SELF HELP GROUP,0,0,,0 133,17925,Ensure food security for 500 households in India,Dr Sujit Bairagi,18708,Dolphin Foundation,0,0,,0 133,17768,CONSTRUCTION OF CLASSROOMS FOR VULNERABLE BOYS,ALLAN OMOLLO,18701,BOY CHILD INITIATIVE,0,0,,0 113,18122,Let's FEED the dreams of 60 hungry MK children's,Dusko Hristov,18691,Food for ALL - Food Bank Macedonia,3,150,,150 41,18196,Ending Child Marriage in the Thar Desert,Arvind Ojha,18687,Urmul Trust,41,"5,380",,"5,380" 103,18073,Education and hygiene for students with Sp. needs.,Blind welfare Council,18686,Blind welfare council,1,250,,250 133,18032,Protect the wrights of Women,Kumara Guru,18685,SABARMATHI SOCIAL SEVA SAGAM,0,0,,0 125,17859,"Help Save Kittens, Puppies & Pregnant Moms",Catherine Edwards,18676,PetConnect Rescue Inc.,1,50,,50 133,17717,Computer Education to BPL Young Children,Himanshu Shekhar Tewary,18627,Pitambara Jan kalyan Trust,0,0,,0 56,18128,Support Social Innovation in Rural India,Gijs Spoor,18612,Auroville Unity Fund,58,"5,002",,"5,002" 133,18175,Build A Charity Hospital In Palestine,Ted Valley,18610,land of peace,0,0,,0 133,18179,Planting moringa to purify water river Bogota,YUNIOR ESCANELL,18585,Fundacion LLenos de Amor,0,0,,0 133,18161,In-School Environmental Education,Tori Sowul,18582,Recycle Utah,0,0,,0 133,18142,TWO -IN -ONE OF SUSTAINING CHILD EDUCATION CENTERS,KULANDAIVELU.M MUTHU,18569,RURAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION,0,0,,0 133,17763,Grant Wishes for Kids in the Greater Bay Area,Elsa Lundy,18518,Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area,0,0,,0 114,17938,feed me at a school,Daniel Kyaterekera,18517,Brethren care and Community Empowerment Foundation,2,140,,140 14,17784,Build A Women's Center for 150 Kenyan Grandmothers,Dale Johnson,18503,The Helen Project International Inc.,51,"6,535",,"6,535" 133,18137,Handcraft shop and restaurant for deaf people,Lutfia and Shara,18488,Upendo ZNZ,0,0,,0 133,18184,Construct of Greenhouse in 10 schools in Uganda,Mohammad Shariful Alam,18464,MMANZE CENTRE FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING-MACERUDET,0,0,,0 120,17687,Provide Housing Colony To 96 Homeless Families,Faheem Ahmed,18416,World Welfare Association,2,75,,75 133,18119,SUPPORT ACTIVE POOR WOMEN AND MEN IN GHANA,Fusheni Iddrisu,18412,SENDFiNGO,0,0,,0 133,18007,35th Anniversary Challenge - New Grand Piano,Ann Anthony,18402,The Darlington Arts Center,0,0,,0 77,18202,Helping the Mentally Distressed in Nepal,Bidya Maharjan,18387,Chhahari Nepal for Mental Health,15,851,,851 133,16732,Basic Education for the children of slum-dwellers,Ashish Lal,18358,Mercy Welfare Society,0,0,,0 133,17688,Ensure girls inclusion in education system,FRDP Pakistan,18354,Fast Rural Development Program,0,0,,0 133,17727,"study for 36,000 patients with sickle cell disease",jackson ahombo,18270,rezodrepano/ss,0,0,,0 120,18197,Nicaragua Surgical Mission to "Jinotepe",Ines Allen,18264,IMAHELPS,2,75,,75 133,18151,Sema Magazine,Kiiya JK,18202,C-Sema,0,0,,0 121,18173,disseminaion of true info on Ebola virus in Abuja,PRISCILLA NWOKENNA,18157,"GLOBAL INITIATIV 4 ORIENTATION,REHABILITATION&DEV.",2,71,,71 133,17182,support youth in the Community with Innovation,Benfred Asiimwe,18100,RACD- DUPLICATE DO NOT USE,0,0,,0 133,17909,Street-2-School-N-Secured life for Street Children,Mathew Arumai Maria Selvam,18083,Community Ailment Redressal Establishment-CARE,0,0,,0 119,18226,Access to school to 200 orphan children in Haiti,Mona LABADY,18072,REPADS,3,100,,100 133,18080,Prevent HIV/AIDS Infection among Tanzanian Youths,Emmanuel Ngazi,18069,Counseling and Family Life Organization (CAFLO),0,0,,0 45,18102,Empowering Women's with Sustainable Livelihood,Rsks India,18045,Rajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan,50,"5,185",,"5,185" 99,18126,Special Footwear for Persons affected by Leprosy,Nyjil George,18043,Amici Di Raoul Follereau (AIFO India),2,280,,280 117,17758,Help Ukrainian Premature Babies to live,Olga Golovachova,17999,Ukrainian Charity Fund 'Social partnership',4,115,,115 130,18189,"Free Education for 10,000 Girls in Pakistan",Ivan Bruce,17957,"ARK FOUNDATION, PAKISTAN",1,20,,20 133,18144,Safe and Hygiene Kitchen For our Orphanage Home,Murugan Shanmugam,17951,NOCOME TRUST,0,0,,0 125,17868,Meals on Wheels Wake County delivers 2500 lunches,Alan Winstead,17944,Meals on Wheels of Wake County,1,50,,50 110,18145,Children at Poverty Risk in Spain,Marta Fresno,17877,Fundacion Balia por la Infancia,3,175,,175 133,18047,WRITE FOR GOLD,James Edumadze,17773,Family For Organised Life Foundation,0,0,,0 88,18045,Providing Medical Aid to 4000 Osi-Ekiti villagers,Sunday Olayinka,17770,"Mercy International Mission, USA",6,500,,500 130,17779,Hands on kisima children's center narok kenya,ROBERT NYAKUNDI,17731,THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE CENTER,1,20,,20 86,18108,Soccer Field for Children in Jeremie Haiti,Ajecy Bourdeau,17620,Haitian's Harmony Corp.,7,545,,545 133,18074,Laboratory for 700 Students,Julius Mugisa,17545,New Styles of Environmental Conservation via Gender Equity,0,0,,0 119,18225,English as a Tool For Poverty Alleviation,Manoj Kumar Pattanaik,17530,Lead India Foundation,1,100,,100 133,18097,Empowering The Hearing-Impaired Through T-Skills,Bhakta Raj Ranjit,17468,Synergy Nepal,0,0,,0 130,18008,Give hope to children's education in Tehey (Ghana),Mishael Amo-Mensah,17447,Heart For Children Africa,1,20,,20 133,17920,Keep 65 children from Kampala's slums in school,Benoit BRIAND,17439,Les Ecoliers de Kampala,0,0,,0 133,17974,Uplifted health & incomes for 500 rural women,Thaddeus Sserukeera,17399,Rural Women Empowerment Initiative,0,0,,0 11,17913,Care for 20 Children 0-10 Years Old in Philippines,David Donaldson,17371,"Angel House Orphanage Foundation, Inc.",42,"6,810",,"6,810" 132,17970,Help us to send 50 orphans to Schools in Goma-DRC,Appolinaire ZAGABE,17347,PEPA/Organization (Pleaders of Children and Elderly people At risk),1,10,,10 133,17718,Support to School for Education to Tribal Children,Ameen Charles,17336,Community Development Centre,0,0,,0 33,18040,Take care about orphans in 8 Moscow hospitals,Anna Vinogradova,17331,Charitable Foundation Volunteers to Help Orphans,84,"5,595",,"5,595" 109,18180,Help disabled youth in a giant state care facility,Elizaveta Golubeva,17306,SPb BOO Perspektivy,2,200,,200 133,17781,"Arena project, it will benefit 150 people in az",Susan Stapel,17272,Susan's Place,0,0,,0 133,17836,"Addressing the effects of malnourished children",Sr.Vijili Dali,17255,The Trust of DMI,0,0,,0 133,18232,Free legal help for neglected teens in Ontario,Matt Boulos,17138,Teen Legal Helpline,0,0,,0 133,17388,Bullied to Death,Cleopatra Jones,17132,Neighbors of Seaton Place Inc.,0,0,,0 110,17818,Save Lives of 37500 Children in Tanzania,Wilbert Mwalongo,17091,Tanzania Voiceless Empowerment Organization (TAVEO),3,175,,175 133,18209,Help improve entrepreneurial education in Bulgaria,Vesislav Iliev,17068,Bauersachs Foundation,0,0,,0 109,18077,Quality Education to 40 at Risk Youth in Korogocho,Emmie Erondanga,17002,Miss Koch Kenya,1,200,,200 133,17699,Donate a Health-Center to the Philippines,Filippo Minozzi,16997,Kito Onlus,0,0,,0 106,18153,Sponsor a Puppy - Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind,Rose O'Dea,16985,Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind,5,225,,225 133,17919,Providing free acess of technology to the children,miah Feroz,16954,Sustainable Development For Vulnerable Peoples in Bangladesh,0,0,,0 133,15705,Maoi Community Environmental Project,Samuel Chepkuto,16943,Maoi Community Integrated Development Programme,0,0,,0 96,17835,Help Children Access Skin Treatment!,Caroline Wamuyu,16935,Africa Psoriasis Organization,6,365,,365 133,18220,Give cleft lip child a leg-up in Myanmar Philippin,Young Mi Kim,16880,Beautifulheart,0,0,,0 133,18183,PROJECT OF DEVELOPMENT WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP,Theophile C. KPANOU,16798,ASSOCIATION DEFENSE YOUTH AND SOLIDARITY,0,0,,0 133,17644,Fun for Destitute Children,Betty Wandabwa,16772,Blessed Recreation Centre,0,0,,0 133,17965,Empower 50 Computer Illiterates in Val de Marne,NAOMI BOHAIN,16689,FEMMES DIGNES,0,0,,0 133,16651,uplift and empower the victims of patriarchy,PRABHA DESAI,16662,Sanmitra trust.,0,0,,0 133,18133,"Greening our schools in Baringo, Kenya",Edward Muguheli,16650,Greenzones of Perkera catchment Community Association,0,0,,0 133,17822,Samaritans help 40 Ugandan girls in Enterprise,Andrew Muyingo,16578,Link Rural Based Organisation,0,0,,0 133,18103,Support Youths to buy Computers for Training,joseck kuya,16406,Phanicey Charitable Foundation,0,0,,0 133,17769,Blue light for Bosnia,Bojan Radic,16397,'Svijet u slikama'iz Zenice,0,0,,0 129,18246,send 9 children to schools in bangladesh,Keranmoy Chakma,16392,Kapo Seba Sangha KSS,1,25,,25 133,18003,EDUCATE A POOR ORPHAN WITH 18 US$ A MONTH,Charles Makanga,16370,Mwangaza Africa International Mission,0,0,,0 133,17972,Adopt a Child out of 500 Children in Pakistan,,16338,ONAAR Development Organization,0,0,,0 133,17863,Support for 100 Disable Children in Sierra Leone,Harding Mac-Boima,16298,Taia Development Programme (TDP).,0,0,,0 133,18091,Hope From The Soil,Masango Sone,16287,Green Cameroon,0,0,,0 87,18154,"Feed 3,000 Poor Filipino Kids w/ Fresh Vegetables","Antonio Levy Ingles, Jr",16267,ARALPINOY.ORG INC,4,505,,505 129,18053,Skill Training for 100 poor girls in india,jagmohan singh,16238,LOK KALYAN SAMITI,1,25,,25 133,18052,Peace House in Afghanistan,Masterpeace Afghanistan,16222,MasterPeace Afghanistan Organization,0,0,,0 133,18185,Deep water wells for safe drinking water,Mir Ali Shah,16186,Participatory Development Initiative KPK,0,0,,0 75,18054,Ebola Rural Community Awearness Raising.,Alpha S Kargbo,16155,"Future In Our Hands, Sierra Leone",5,900,,900 79,18149,Be part of a change in Ghana.,Naa Ashiley Vanderpuye,16149,West Africa Aids Foundation,4,815,,815 133,17944,FEES AND SCHOLARSTIC MATERIAL PROVISION TO ORPHANS,Evalyn masereka,16127,sustainable development and livelihood foundation,0,0,,0 132,18203,Using Video Education to Avoid Getting Ebola,E. Orlind Cooper,16056,Developmental Media Incorporated,1,10,,10 133,18098,RESTORE HOPE TO 186 HIV+ WOMEN IN UGANDA - PALLISA,Muyombya John,16022,Gender Integrated Development Program (GIDP),0,0,,0 128,17896,Support to Educate 25 Christian Girls,Munib ur-Rehman,15783,Kehkashan Development Organization (KDO),1,30,,30 133,18017,Construction of Barr christian vocational center,Miriam Achola,15752,Barr christianvocational center,0,0,,0 133,17984,taking care of 352 vulnerable and orphan,tshilidzi thabo,15728,mulodi thusani drop in care centre,0,0,,0 133,18105,Aashrya- Shelter for HIV infected children at high,Mahesh Nimbalkar,15671,Ajit Foundation,0,0,,0 66,18223,"Micro business: Creating jobs for youth, by youth",William Ghirardelli,15658,Greenside Development Foundation,8,"1,840",,"1,840" 63,17922,Help Children Cancer Patients in Colombia,Paulandrea Osorio,15646,Fundacion Hogar Andrea y Vanessa,12,"2,200",,"2,200" 133,18156,Literacy for 200 Working Children in Sierra Leone,Vidal Roberts,15504,Industrial Credit Society,0,0,,0 133,17826,Youth offseason vegetable growing Project,mulonde kalele,15461,Integrated Environment Conservation and Disaster Assessment for Africa (IECDAA),0,0,,0 64,17453,Self-reliance & Resilience in Slum Women's Groups,Siddharth Agarwal,15438,Urban Health Resource Centre,21,"2,061",,"2,061" 133,17750,Fostering Citizen Participation in Local Election,Indra Prasad Dahal,15376,Nepal Rural Development and environment Protection Council.,0,0,,0 133,18081,Provide the housing to leprosy patients in India,Maria Xavier Turtius,15200,Madurai Health and Leprosy Relief Centre,0,0,,0 75,17711,Empower Women and Children in Pakistan,Faraz Javed,15144,Seeds of Hope Foundation,5,900,,900 90,17811,"Girls' Anti-FGM Education Camps in Kenya, Africa",Sayydah Garrett,15143,Pastoralist Child Foundation,13,475,,475 133,17946,Build 3 Classrooms for 300 Refugee Kids in Uganda,Zihalirwa Mushengezi,15111,Embassy of Hope,0,0,,0 133,18205,Building and settingup a Biogas Digester,Fredrick Maina,15023,Model Centre for Deaf Education and Training,0,0,,0 133,18191,TAILORING TRAINING TO 1000 POOR GIRLS IN INDIA.,R BALU,14869,BUDDHA OUTCAST SOCIAL SOCIETY - BOSS,0,0,,0 133,17401,Support liberated women from armed forced marriage,Reverend Lugendo Musobokelwa Cesar,14832,"Alternatives menages, natures et marches/households; nature and markets alternatives",0,0,,0 133,18075,Solar Lamp support for 1000 coastal families,Md. Maksudur Rahman,14763,Bangladesh Environment and Development Society (BEDS),0,0,,0 133,18221,Beekeeping for 40 disadvantage women of Isalo,RANIVOARIVELO Soazara,14666,Education-Developpement-Environnement Naturel,0,0,,0 110,17926,Expanding Humane Education in Liberian Schools,Morris Darbo,14567,Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society,3,175,,175 133,17883,support poor needy handicapped orphans,MR. PRALHAD DEVKULE,14493,APANG KALYAN V PUNARVASAN SANSTHA,0,0,,0 133,17618,Building a Library for Young People,jackson wanga,14464,One Youth Ministry,0,0,,0 132,17894,SUPPORT A GOOD LEARNING ENVIRONMENT IN TANGA,Stanslaus Ndihoreye,14410,PASADIT,1,10,,10 133,18125,Renovate and reconstruct the burnt dormitory,Lutwa Joseph,14409,St Elizabeth Girls Home,0,0,,0 133,18192,Pay fees for 50 orphans in Bamenda Cameroon,Keghah Roger Nuah,14345,CAEPA Cameroon,0,0,,0 104,18005,Youngsters' traditional real life restaurant,Juan David Gomez,14281,Fundacion Escuela Taller de Bogota,4,235,,235 119,18106,Fighting Breast Cancer in Goma/DRC,Mateus Kambale Sahani,14250,AGIR ENSEMBLE,1,100,,100 133,18208,Educate and Feeding to Poor Tribal Children,Pratap Pradhan,14237,Sahid Laxman Jubak Sangh,0,0,,0 74,17657,Care for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children,victor julius,14225,Childcare Organization,2,"1,050",,"1,050" 133,18043,"Emergency response for 200 Women Farmers, Somalia",Yusuf Daud,14224,Somali Organization for Voluntary Action (SOVA),0,0,,0 71,17806,Vehicle for healthcare in 100 villages in Uganda,George William Akora,14219,Youth and Women Empowerment (YAWE) Foundation,28,"1,128",,"1,128" 133,18055,Support education of children trafficked in Togo,Soilo Mamah idrissou,14217,ASSOCIATION AIDE GLOBALE INTERNATIONALE,0,0,,0 133,18201,Use football to help 5000 children in Cameroon,Francois georges Nyeck,14207,AIFP,0,0,,0 133,17885,The Child Protection Training in Wandegeya Kampala,Peter Kikomeko,14177,Love of the child organisation,0,0,,0 133,18071,Health and Adolescent Girls in Flood Affected Area,SAMIR KUMAR SAHU,14137,Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR),0,0,,0 133,18214,Provide Food And Education For A Child In India,Satheesh Kumar Sekar,14128,Saijyothi Charitable Trust,0,0,,0 133,18263,Support Martha to launch her writings for change,Martha Navele,14076,Global Alliance for Development Foundation,0,0,,0 131,16314,$18/month for educating underprivileged poor child,Muralidharan Vadhirajan,14058,Sevalaya,1,18,,18 133,17780,Education for all children,Martine Merzier,13978,mission kids future in Haiti,0,0,,0 133,18158,support Remedial Education for 200 Urban slum kids,Harsh Arora,13695,Sarthak Prayas,0,0,,0 133,17692,Empowering 1500 youths in Urban Slums in Zambia,Maimbolwa Muliwana,13682,GoYeTherefore (GYT) - Zambia,0,0,,0 133,17854,Need food for 200 children in Villavo- Colombia,nelly rueda,13632,FUNDACION AMOR Y VIDA PARA TODOS,0,0,,0 57,17997,To Save Severe Malnourished Children in Bihar.,Mayank Jain,13549,NIDAN,52,"5,000",,"5,000" 120,17795,Mental Health Outreach for Canadian Youth 14-24,Maria Luisa Contursi,13543,mindyourmind of Family Service Thames Valley,2,75,,75 133,18219,New Vision and New Initiating for Andhra Pradesh,Sweta Mercy,13512,Hope Ministries,0,0,,0 133,17408,literacy devpt among 40 tribal children in india,GUZZARLAMUDI. Z VARAKUMAR,13494,KANTHI SAMSTHA,0,0,,0 133,17980,Promote Children's Rights in Uganda,Kyayi Moses,1348,Luuka Youth Development Association and Advisory C,0,0,,0 133,17994,Integral Education for 100 children in Cameroon,Ngong Nkainin,13451,Integrated Rural Community Center for Agriculture,0,0,,0 133,18207,Gift Child Safety for 1000 Girl Children in India,Praveen Vempadapu,13446,Kidpower (A Welfare Society),0,0,,0 133,18143,Educate 100 ThaiVillageLeadersabout Mental Illness,Pinkaew (Pinky) Saowichit,13442,Liamsiri Mar Hill Association,0,0,,0 133,17193,Build a Playground for 300 poor children - Poland,Katarzyna Biel,13421,SOS Children's Villages,0,0,,0 122,18187,Help 10 Caribbean-American Youth get Careers,Minna LaFortune,13236,Society For The Advancement Of The Caribbean Diaspora (SACD),1,70,,70 133,17973,Sustainable Water Management for community develop,Sagar Sengupta,13177,Suti Natun Juger Pratyasha,0,0,,0 120,17816,Sponsor A Girl Child,Babanna Doddasatyappa.,13126,Action Initiative for Development (AID),2,75,,75 133,17761,Inclusive Development of Socially Excluded Childrn,Esther Dass,12966,INDIAN WOMEN AND CHILD WELFARE TRUST,0,0,,0 133,18227,"FOOD, CLOTH AND EDUCATION FOR 40 POOR CHILDREN",S.S.l Bajpai,12949,Akhil Bhartiya Gramodyog Seva Sansthan,0,0,,0 127,18234,Care and Education for Orphan Children in India,Silas Paul,12890,Smile always Foundation,1,35,,35 133,18135,Educate 20 disabled orphan girl child in Kisumu,Joseph Stephen Omondi,12850,Kisumu Disabled Selfhelp Group,0,0,,0 125,18076,Promoting Humane Education in Schools,Tom Sandi,12742,Campaign Against Cruelty to Animals in Sierra Leone(CCA-SL),1,50,,50 133,18178,Send An Orphan Back To School In Rural Cameroon,Glory Lueong,12501,Rural Women Centre for Education and development(RuWCED),0,0,,0 133,18152,"Dealing with Elderly,Parkinson and Mental Health",Haifa Al-Bashir,12231,"White Beds Society, WBS",0,0,,0 93,18064,Support Our Youth Marching Band Program in Haiti,Kim Butorac,11446,Music of the Heart Organization,2,400,,400 125,17985,Rehabilitation of Partial Disabled Cows,${application.firstName} ${application.lastName},11419,BARNAMALA EDUCATIONAL & CULTURAL SOCIETY,1,50,,50 133,16619,iMobile Learning Center,Octavia Brown,10841,A Rare View,0,0,,0 133,18194,Supporting 100 women victims of sexual violence,JONAS HABIMANA,10784,"Bureau of Informations , Trainings , Researches and Exhanges for Development",0,0,,0 60,17642,Support 300 destitute Children in India,Rucha Chudasama,10237,El Shaddai Charitable Trust,40,"3,278",,"3,278" 133,18206,Educate and feed 200 orphans in Kenya,BENARD OJWANG,10164,Devij Silver Day Educational Centre,0,0,,0